See Dodd-Frank index here for CFPB info.

  1. CFPB. “Richard Cordray’s Surprising Admission.”  By Darren McKinney.  [Many banks haven’t been requiring arbitration clauses.]  10-26-17
  2. CFPB. “McConnell 1, Cordray 0.”  10-26-17
  3. Dodd Frank. CFPB.  “Adios, Richard Cordray.”  [The next director will have to rein in a rogue progressive bureaucracy.]  11-16-17
  4. Dodd-Frank. CFPB.  “What Went Wrong With the CFPB?”  by Dennis Shaul.  [I was an aide to Barney Frank.  I’ve learned it’s a mistake to create an unaccountable agency.]  11-20-17
  5. CFPB. LTE.  “Kill, Don’t Try to Reform, the Unaccountable CFPB.  11-27-17
  6. CFPB. “Mick Mulvaney Is the True Pope.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Once again, naked progressive overreach sets Donald Trump up for a win.]  11-28-17
  7. CFPB. “Leandra Costanza.”  [Democrats pretend that the CFPB is its own branch of government.]  11-28-17
  8. CFPB. “Seven Days in November.”  By Holman w Jenkins, Jr.  [After 241 years, the United States experiences its first coup attempt.] (“It would be hard to exaggerate the absurdity of events now overtaking the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – and if they weren’t so laughable, their dangerousness…”) 11-29-17
  9. CFPB. “A Drama Queen Loses Her Head.”  [The woman who put the acting in acting director is deposed.]  (“More hilarity ensued in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s game of thrones Tuesday when the acting, acting, director …got her head handed to her by a federal judge…”)  11-29-17
  10. CFPB. “Mulvaney Can Undo Cordray’s Legacy.”  By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Andrew M. Grossman.  [Put on his OMB hat, use the Paperwork Reduction Act, and save the short term lending industry.]  12-1-17
  11. CFPB. LTE. “Put a Spike Through the CFPB’s Heart Now.”  12-4-17
  12. CFPB. “Mick Mulvaney’s Makeover” by Kimberley A. Strassel. [‘This letter is to inform you that …the Bureau is requesting $0.’] 1-19-18
  13. CFPB.  “The Zero That Makes Mulvaney a Hero.”  By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Andrew M. Grossman.  [By Democrats’ design, the CFPB director has vast power.  He can use it to shrink the bureau.]  1-22-18
  14. CFPB. “The CFPB Has Pushed Its Last Envelope.” By Mick Mulvaney. [We will exercise our power with humility and prudence to enforce the law faithfully.] 1-24-18
  15. CFPB. “A Case Ripe for the Supreme Court.” [The D.C. Circuit tees up the CFPB for constitutional review.] 2-1-18
  16. CFPB.   “Wells Fargo’s Political Penalty.” [Janet Yellen offers a Fed parting gift to Elizabeth Warren.] 2-7-18
  17. CFPB. “The CFPB Could Be a Force for Good.” By Todd Zywicki. [Its goals are worthy: consumer protection, fair markets and a stable financial system.] 2-20-18
  18. CFPB. “Elizabeth Warren’s Boomerang.” [She designed the CFPB to be unaccountable. Now she’s upset about it.]   3-17-18
  19. CFPB. “Republicans Remain Silent as Mulvaney’s CFPB Ducks Oversight.” By Elizabeth Warren (Democrat Senator from Massachusetts) [The acting director has undermined the bureau’s work defending the public.] 3-29-18
  20. CFPB. LTE. “Mick Mulvaney Replies to Elizabeth Warren.”   4-4-18
  21. CFPB. “Racial-Profiling Rule Reversal.” [Only one Senate Democrat voted to repeal a car dealer con.] 4-21-18
  22. CFPB. “Cleaning Up After Cordray.” [The CFPB assault on Navient crumbles under discovery.] 5-2-18
  23. CFPB. “Kathy Kraninger’s Credentials.” [A nominee to take long-term control over a rogue regulator.] 6-20-18
  24. CFPB. “Leandra English Clocks Out.” 7-9-18
  25. CFPB.  “A Partial Payday Reprieve.”  [The CFPB moves to help people get cash in a pinch.]  2-21-19
  26. CFPB. “The Ghost of Richard Cordray.” [The CFPB sues Citizens Bank five years after lapses were fixed.] 2-4-20
  27. CFPB.  “The Court’s Missed Opportunity.”  [The President can fire the CFPB director, but the agency survives.]   6-30-20
  28. CFPB.  “Payday Lending Survives.”  [The CFPB reverses an Obama-era ruse to stamp out small lenders.]   7-8-20
  29. CFPB.  “CFPB Funding Is Unconstitutional.”  [The Fifth circuit says the bureau’s funding scheme is illegal.”  10-21-22
  30. CFPB.  “The CFPB Engages in Legal Deception.”  By Adam J. White.  [The bureau’s Supreme Court petition contradicts its own repeated claims about its funding structure.]   12-5-22
  31. CFPB.  “The Justices Take On the CFPB.”  2-28-23
  32. CFPB.  “The CFPB Becomes a Censor.”  By John Bolton and Stone Washington.  [A small mortgage company is hauled to court for comments about Chicago crime on a radio show.]   4-20-23
  33. CFPB.  “High Noon for the CFPB at the High Court.”  [Congress tried to insulate the bureau from political accountability.]   10-2–23
  34. CFPB.  “A Ruling Against the CFPB Wouldn’t Harm the Fed.”  By Adam J. White.  [But a ruling for the bureau’s finding scheme would endanger the central bank’s independence.]  10-3-23
  35. CFPB.  “The CFPB Targets an Antiterror Tool.”  By Stewart Whitson.  [The FBI stopped an ISIS attack in 2015 using data the bureau wants to restrict.]   11-29-23


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“Trump Seeks to Rein In CFPB”