Opinion Headlines

  1. Coal industry. “Memo to Anti-Coal Warriors: Make Nuclear Peace” by Wm. Tucker 7-1-14
  2. Coal, Obama: “Pushing Back Against Obama’s War on Coal […dozen states filed suit…] 8-4-14
  3. Coal. LTE. “On the Unseemly Rush to Bury Coal as an Energy Source” 8-18-14
  4. Coal. LTE. “ Let’s Face It, Coal Has Had Its Day.” 8-12-14
  5. Coal. “Washington’s ‘Beyond Coal’ Blackout.” [Michael Bloomberg’s campaign left little spare electric capacity.] 4-13-15
  6. Coal. “The Dirty Secret of Obama’s Carbon Plan.” By Warner Baxter. [Taking one-third of U.S. coal-fired power plants off the grid by 2020 simply isn’t workable. Workable. Here’s why.] 4-13-15
  7. Coal. “Blackout Tale of Po.” [Debating Mike Bloomberg on a coal plant shutdown.] 4-18-15
  8. Coal. LTE. “Lack of a Coal-Fired Plant Doesn’t explain the Blackout.” 4-18-15
  9. Coal. “Clinton’s Coal Reparations.” [First put miners out of work. Then put them on the taxpayer dime.] 11-14-15.
  10. Coal.  Obama. “Obama’s Appalachian Tragedy.” By Paul H. Tice. [The president’s anti-coal policies have devastated West Virginia. Since 2009, 332 mines have closed.] 12-1-15
  11. Coal. LTE. “Ohio Power Contest and the New vs. the Old.” 11-25-15
  12. Coal. LTE. “Market and Ideology Hurt Older Coal Mines.” 12-8-15
  13. Coal. LTE. “The Decline of Old King Coal Is Long Overdue.” 1-20-16
  14. Coal. “Obama’s Coal Last Rites.” [A new lease moratorium targets profitable Western coal country.] 1-23-16
  15. Coal. LTE. “The President’s Coal Policy Follows Precedent, Is Smart.” (by Bill Corcoran, Sierra Club) 2-1-16
  16. Coal. LTE. “There Is a Big Free-Market Demand for Coal.” 2-5-16
  17. Coal. LTE. “Coal or No, Our Waterways Are Infrastructure.” 2-19-16
  18. Coal. “Reviving America’s Obama-Devastated Coal Country.” By Julia Crigler and Jason Huffman. [With thousands pushed into unemployment, right-to-work laws can help Kentucky and West Virginia make a comeback.] 2-25-16
  19. Coal. “Hillary’s Appalachian Trial.” [She tries to mollify the coal miners she said she’d put out of work.] 5-4-16
  20. Coal. “To California’s Insurance Regulator, Green is Job One.”  By Holman W Jenkins, Jr.  [Aiming for higher office, Dave Jones misuses his authority to ban insurer’s coal investments.]  6-11-16
  21. Coal. LTE.  “Feds Winning Their War on Coal, at a Cost.”  9-21-16
  22. Coal. “Coal in Trump’s Stocking.”  [A last-minute Obama regulation sets Donald up for a big win.]  12-21-16
  23. Coal.  “Coal Makes a Comeback.”  [Trump’s policies and exports to Europe are helping the industry.]  8-17-17
  24. Coal. “The Serfs of Appalachia.”  (Bookshelf by Beth Macy)  “Ramp Hollow.”  By Steven Stoll.  [The author’s culprits for the plight of coal-country residents include local politicians, absentee landlords and Alexander Hamilton.  12-21-17
  25. Coal.  “Trump’s Half=-Measures Won’t Save the Coal Industry.”  [The EPA is granting more power to states, but most already have committed to quitting fossil fuels.]  9-17-18

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Coal. 4-13-16 Largest U.S. coal company files for bankruptcy…


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