Opinion Headlines

  1. EPA “Miners Struggle With a Federal Cave-In” by Daniel McFroarty   [EPA regulations] 7-25-14
  2. EPA – “What Is the EPA Hiding From the Public? 6-24-14
  3. EPA’s Latest Threat to Economic Growth, by Jay Timmons [… new ozone standard …cost] 8-14-14
  4. EPA. “Double Trouble Carbon Regulation.” [The D.C. Circuit will hear an importanrt challenge to EPA abuse.” 10-1-2014
  5. EPA. “Let’s Find Out How Much ‘Clean Power’ the Feds Really Have.” By Brian H. Potts, et.al., [The EPA should ask for a court ruling before states and utilities spend billions in compliance costs.]   10-2-2014
  6. EPA. “Professor Tribe Takes Obama to School.” [The liberal lion blasts the EPA’s climate rule as an illegal power grab.] 12-6-14
  7. EPA. “Watch Out for That Puddle, Soon It Could Be Federally Regulated.” By M. Reed Hopper et. al. [The EPA wants to redefine ‘the waters of the United States’ to mean virtually any wet spot in the country. 12-8-14
  8. EPA. LTE. “Prof. Tribe May Not Get Very Far on His EPA Brief.” 12-13-14
  9. EPA. “The Clean Power Plan Is Unconstitutional.” By Laurence H. Tribe. [The EPA acts as though it has the legislative authority to re-engineer the nation’s electric generating system and power grid. It does not.] 12-23-14
  10. EPA. “The EPA Annexes Sweden.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Volvo is challenging the U.S. agency’s authority to regulate diesel-engine pollution across borders.]   2-11-15
  11. EPA. “ ‘Offensively Unapologetic’ at the EPA” [A judge finds the agency withheld documents and then lied about it.] 3-4-15
  12. EPA. “Mercurial Regulators Making Fishy Calculations.” By Brian Potts. [On Wednesday, the Supreme Court will hear a challenge to a costly EPA rule limiting power-plant emissions.] 3-24-15
  13. EPA. LTE. “New EPA Mercury Rules Make Sense.” 3-26-15
  14. EPA. LTE. “New EPA Mercury Rules Are Inconsistent and Illogical.” 4-4-15
  15. EPA. “The State Electricity Revolt.” [A promising way to resist Obama’s federal climate coercion.] 4-10-15
  16. EPA. LTE. “States Should Pre-empt Federal Control of EPA’s CPP.” 4-30-15
  17. EPA. “The Greens’ Back Door at the EPA.” By Kimberley A. strassel.   [“…If the EPA’s Pebble action becomes a model for the agency, it would become the effective zoner of every piece of land in the country…”] 5-15-15
  18. EPA. “The EPA’s Pebble Blame Game.” By Kimberley A. Strassel.   […The EPA has a problem: its preemptive veto of the Pebble Mine, a proposed project in southwest Alaska…] 5-22-15
  19. EPA. LTE. “The EPA is Right to be Careful About Pebble Mine Plan.” [by Dennis McLerran, EPA Region 10 Administrator, Seattle.] 5-22-15
  20. EPA. “EPA’s Amphibious Attack.” [An expansive new rule lets Washington regulate any creek or pothole.] 5-28-15
  21. EPA. “The EPA’s Fracking Miracle.” [Andrew Cuomo’s ban on drilling is exposed as a fraud.” 6-5-15
  22. EPA. “The EPA’s ‘Clean Power’ Mess.” By Benjamin Zycher. [The plan will ensure that power plants operate like cars in stop-and-go traffic, cutting efficiency.] 6-8-15.
  23. EPA. LTE. “Clean Water is Good but Bureaucratic Overreach Is Bad.” 6-8-15.
  24. EPA. LTE. “Biofuels, the RFS Law and the EPA.” 6-13-15
  25. EPA. LTE. “EPA Consulted Many to Develop Its Clean Power Plan.” 6-12-15
  26. EPA. LTE. “There is Little Good Reason for New Truck Standards.” 6-25-15
  27. EPA. “The Mercurial Court.” [The Supremes rebuke the EPA but decline to rein in its abuses.] 6-30-15
  28. EPA. “Stopping EPA Uber Alles.” [Even when states win in court, they lose. Here is one legal remedy.] 7-7-15
  29. EPA. LTE. “EPA is Fulfilling the Clean Air Act.” 7-15-15
  30. EPA. LTE. “Questionable Data, Secret Science.” 7-21-15
  31. EPA. “States Should Shun the EPA;s New Power Mandate.” By Hal Quinn and Peter Glaser. [The agency has failed to properly weigh the costs, even though the Supreme Court says it must.] 8-3-15
  32. EPA. “Mine Busters at the EPA.” [Who you gonna call when the green police unleash a toxic river?] 8-12-15
  33. EPA. “Obama’s Climate Plan and Poverty.” [The EPA’s new anti-carbon rule is full of redistribution to offset its harm to the poor.] 8-13-15
  34. EPA. LTE. “EPA’s Plan: Little Gain for High Legal, Economic Cost.” 8-13-15
  35. EPA. LTE. “Closer Look at the Likely Effects of the EPS’s Grid Plan.” 8-17-15
  36. EPA. LTE. “The Perpetraors Should Pay for the EPA-Yellow River.” 8-19-15
  37. EPA. “Why Is the EPA Cleaning Up Mines?” by Rhett Larson. 8-22-15
  38. EPA. LTE. “EPA, Not Miners, Trashed the River.” 8-25-15
  39. EPA. “The EPA’s Own Email Problem.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. 8-28-15.
  40. EPA. “The EPA’s Next Big Economic Chokehold.” By Tony Cox. [Lowering ozone – from cars, trucks, factories and power plants – in the name of an imaginary health benefit.] 9-2-15
  41. EPA. “The EPA’s Water Woes.” [What a toxic mine dump and a legal rebuke have in common.] 9-4-15
  42. EPA. “Salvaging a Lesson From the Animas River Spill.” By Bill Wehrum. [The EPA employees at fault won’t face criminal charges. Neither should companies that make similar mistakes.] 9-10-15
  43. EPA. LTE. “The EPA Helped Alaskans on Pebble.” 9-12-15
  44. EPA. “The VW Emission Bug.” [Why would the company install a defeat device’ on its U.S. cars?] 9-24-15
  45. EPA. “More Proof on Pebble.” [A new report takes apart the EPA’s veto of a mining project.] 10-6-15
  46. EPA. LTE   “Clearing the Air About Reagan and Ozone.” 10-9-15
  47. EPA. LTE   “EPA’s New Ozone Standard Is Science-Based.” 10-9-15
  48. EPA. “The EPA’s Water Rule Is Plugged.” [A federal court enjoins the agency’s ‘whirlwind of confusion.’] 10-10-15
  49. EPA. “The EPA Deserves a Stay.” [The agency tries to run out the clock on its ‘Clean Power’ diktat.] 10-30-15
  50. EPA. LTE. “The Government Is Ready to Track Radiation.” 11-2-15
  51. EPA. LTE. “ Saving Our Planet and Executive Overreach.” 11-6-15
  52. EPA. “The EPA’s Secret Staff.” [Emails show the agency took dictation from green lobbies in possible violation of the law.] 12-19-15
  53. EPA. “Brushing Back a Lawless EPA.” [Congress crimps its budget and forces two Obama vetoes.] 12-23-15
  54. EPA. LTE. “EPA Private Emails Violate Advisory Committee Act.” 12-28-15
  55. EPA. LTE. “The EPA Cleaned Up Our River, Created Jobs.” 1-6-16
  56. EPA. “The EPA’s Politics in the Raw.” By A.J. Kritikos. [“…The way to take politics out of administrative agencies is simple; Take from them the power to make policy.”] 1-14-16EPA. “An Animas River Accounting.” [“…New evidence suggest the government isn’t coming clean about what happened….”] 2-17-16
  57. EPA. “Downstream From a Slippery EPA.” By Ryan Flynn. [In the aftermath of the Gold King spill, the agency is holding itself to a lower standard than polluters.]. 3-1-16
  58. EPA. LTE. “EPA Holds Everyone but itself Accountable.” 3-8-16
  59. EPA. “EPA Is Actively Responding to Mine Spills.” 3-10-16
  60. EPA. LTE. “Whom Did the EPA Fire Because of Massive Spill?” 3-17-16
  61. EPA. “The EPA’s Flint Abdication.” [The agency tries to rewrite its history in the lead-water debacle.] 3-18-16
  62. EPA. LTE. “Finger=Pointing Over Flint’s Water Debacle Doesn’t Help.” 3-22-16.
  63. EPA. LTE. “Getting Our Environmental Regulation Right.” 5-6-16
  64. EPA. LTE.  “It’s Time to Start Hoarding Before the TSCA Kicks In.”  6-16-16
  65. EPA. “The VW-Tesla Redistribution.”  [The feds turn an emissions settlement into a green payoff.]  7-1-16
  66. EPA. “Trump Can Ax the Clean Power Plan by Executive Order.”  By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Andrew M. Grosman. [The aggressive legal positions in Obama’s most controversial rules makes them easier to rescind.]  11-21-16
  67. EPA. “The Tax Man Demands a Rain Check – Er … Stormwater Fee.”  [An EPA mandate to reduce runoff is inspiring a new levy on precipitation in my Virginia town.]  11-26-16
  68. EPA. “The EPA’s Auto Outsourcing Act.”  [The agency breaks the law to rush out new fuel mileage mandates.]  12-3-16
  69. EPA. “A  Lawyer for a Lawless EPA.”  [Scott Pruitt can restore respect for the states in environmental policy.]  12-8-16
  70. EPA. “Trump’s Federalist Revival.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [The president-elect’s EPA pick will restore balance to the federal-state relationship.]  12-9-16
  71. EPA. “The EPA’s Science Deniers.”  [The agency changes its view on fracking and water without evidence.]  12-19-16
  72. EPA. “Scott Pruitt’s Chick-fil-EPA.”  [Allow us to clean up the facts about liberal tales of chicken waste.]  1-18-17
  73. EPA. “A Veto for Scott Pruitt.”  [Reversing the lawless Pebble Mine veto would end a good message.]  1-24-17
  74. EPA. “A Back-To-Basics Agenda for the EPA.” (The Weekend Interview with Scott Pruitt by Kimberley A. Strassel) [The new administrator plans to follow his statutory mandate – clean air and water – and to respect states’ rights.] 2-18-17
  75. EPA. “Trump’s Clean Watershed.” [He orders the EPA to review Obama’s illegal waterways regulation.] 3-1-17
  76. EPA.  Climate Change. “Trump’s Next Step on Climate Change.” By Paul H. Tice. [Reconsider the EPA’s labeling of carbon dioxide as a pollutant, based on now-outdated science.] 3-29-17
  77. EPA. “Icahn’t Believe It’s an Ethics Conflict.” [Democrats lambaste Carl Icahn for agreeing with them.] 4-1-17 [Re: EPA, “RINs” prices, ethanol, energy policy]
  78. EPA. LTE.  “Maybe it’s Time to Review the EPA’s Finding.”  4-27-17
  79. EPA. “The Pebble Mine Victory.”  [EPA settles a lawless, pre-emptive veto of an Alaska project.]  5-17-17
  80. EPA. “Board of Scientific Conformity.”  [Join an EPA advisory panel and get an EPA grant.]  5-23-17
  81. EPA. “Anatomy of a Deep State.”  By Kimberley A. Stassel.  [The EPA’s ‘Science Integrity Official’ is plotting to undermine Trump’s agenda.] 5-26-17
  82. EPA. “Pruitt’s Clean Water Break.”  [Obama’s legacy of rule by decree is rapidly being undone.] 7-3-17
  83. EPA. “The D.C. Circuit vs. Deregulation.”  [Two judges day the EPA can’t stay its own rule pending review.]  7-17-17
  84. EPA. “EPA Resignation Facts.”  [The rest of the story behind those loud civil-servant protests.]  8-8-17
  85. EPA. “Stopping ue and Settle.”  [The EPA moves to limit extortion by environmental lawsuit.] 10-19-17
  86. EPA. “Keeping Scott Pruitt Safe.”  [“…Mr. Pruitt has received more than five times as many threats as his predecessor…”]  11-2-17
  87. EPA. “EPA Bureaucrats Go Rogue on ‘glider Truck’ Emissions.” By Steve Milloy. [If you put a rebuilt engine in a fresh chassis, does it become a ‘new’ vehicle subject to tighter rules?] 1-13-18
  88. EPA. “Pruitt’s Bad Pebble Precedent.” [The Trump EPA ratifies a pre-emptive Obama veto on projects.] (“…no position on the merits of the Pebble mine, but regulatory due process matters. We thought Mr. Pruitt believed in it too.) 1-31-2018
  89. EPA. “You RIN some, You Lose Some.” [Flawed ethanol credits bankrupt a refinery and put steel jobs at risk.] 3-13-18
  90. EPA. “The EPA Cleans Up Its Science.” [Now Congress should act to lock in place data transparency.] 3-27-18
  91. EPA. “Trump’s Pruitt Test.” [The President needs to show some loyalty to his leading reformer.] 4-6-18
  92. EPA. “Cost-Benefit Reform at the EPA.” [Under Obama, the EPA juked the numbers to justify costly regulation.] 6-7-18
  93. EPA. “Pruitt Leaves a Proud Legacy at the EPA.” By George Meloan. [His political offense wasn’t ethics but his forthright challenge to the myth of renewable energy.] 7-12-18
  94. EPA.  “Not the climate Apocalypse.”  [The EPA’s power rule won’t save coal and won’t poison the planet.]  8-22-18
  95. EPA.  Regulation.  “Trump’s Regulatory Dredging.”  [A new EPA rule would limit regulation to ‘navigable’ waters.]  12-12-18
  96. EPA.  “A Navy Veteran Went to Prison for Digging Ponds in the Mountains.”  By Ethan Blevins.  [The Supreme Court can remedy the injustice done by the EPA’s unclear ‘navigable waters’ rule.]  4-27-19
  97. EPA. “Explaining the Methane Rule Panic.” [When Big Oil agrees with the green lobby, inspect the details.] 8-31-19
  98. EPA. “A Scientific Roundup.” [The EPA intervenes against California’s rogue cancer regulation.] 9-4-19
  99. EPA.  “Why We’re Ending the EPA’s Reliance on Secret Science.”  By Andrew Wheeler.  [The agency has long made decisions without allowing the public to scrutinize our underlying data.]   1-5-21
  100. EPA.  “An Anti-Development Water Rule.”  [Biden’s EPA is back with a rule that won’t help build infrastructure.]   6-12-21
  101. EPA.  “Breaking norms at the Biden EPA.”  [The purge of advisory boards is now going to federal court.]  12-29-21
  102. EPA.  “The EPA’s Mileage Standards Are a Stealth Electric-Vehicle Mandate.”  By Jonathan Lesser.  [How else can auto makers meet the requirement of a 55 mpg fleetwide average by model year 2026?]  12-29-21
  103. EPA.  “The Canary in the Pebble Mine.”  [A textbook example of why the U.S. is vulnerable to China.]   5-31-22
  104. EPA.  “The EPA’s Supply-chain Disruption.”  By Andy Rose.  [A ban on cylinders for air-conditioning coolant will cost U.S. jobs and help China.]   6-29-22
  105. EPA.  “Behind Biden’s EPA Power Grab.”  By Mario Loyola and Eric Groten.  [A pen and phone are no substitute for a statute duly passed by Congress.]   7-1-22
  106. EPA.  “The EPA Threatens to Turn Out the Lights.”  By Wm. S. Scherman.  [Its proposed regulation would close power plants, destabilize the energy grid and end reliable electricity.]   5-19-23
  107. EPA.  “Fight Fire With Fire (If EPA Allows).”  By Shawn Regan.  [Federal pollution laws create perverse incentives that subject Americans to more hazardous smoke.]   6-23-23
  108. EPA.  “The EPA Defies the Supreme Court.”  By Chris Horner.  [The agency imposes a ‘suite’ of climate policies and doesn’t even try to hide its own lawlessness.]   8-18-23
  109. EPA.  “Is Disparate-Impact Theory Constitutional?”  by Graham.  Hillard.  [Louisiana’s case against the EPA could eventually reduce the number of jobs requiring college degrees.]   8-24-23
  110. EPA.  “EPA Pulls Back a Pesticide Overreach.”  By Sierra Dawn McClain.  2-2-24
  111. EPA.  “EPA’s Climate Deception Won’t Stand in Court.”  By Chris Horner.  [If the major-questions doctrine doesn’t kill it, the ‘rule against pretext’ will.]   5-2-24

Issue Headlines

1. EPA. Drudgereport.com 8-9-15

MESS: EPA crew accidentally turns river in Colorado — orange!

Emergency declared…

Waste 3x original estimate…

2. EPA. News. “Colorado Spill Impact Widens.” Wall Street Journal, 8-10-15, p. A2 [“…botched clean up by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency…”]

3. EPA. News. “Industry, States Set To Fight EPA Rules.” Wall Street Journal, 8-10-15, p. A14.

4.  EPA. Drudgereport.com 8-11-15:

EPA NIGHTMARE: Anger Rises Over Estimate of Colorado Toxic Water Spill…

Agency’s credibility threatened…

Towns downstream contaminated with arsenic, lead fear long-term threats…

Waste creeps through US southwest…

EPA: ‘We were very careful’…


EPA Drudgereport.com 10-22-15  >> 

INVESTIGATORS: EPA to blame in Colorado river spill…

‘Could have been prevented’…  

EPA. Drudgereport.com 2-23-16           >>>>

EPA Workers Claim Atrocious Air Quality — At Their Own Building!

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