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  1. NFL. “Blitzing the NFL With Moral Preening.” By Joseph Epstein. [Politicians and the media huddle up to see who can score the most points for virtuous outrage.] 9-22-14
  2. NFL. “How an NFL Commissioner Needs to Think.” By Fay Vincent. [Lost in the furor is much discussion about the considerations that go into punishing off-field behavior.] 9-16-14
  3. NFL. “Way Beyond the NFL’s Competence.” By Holman Jenkins, Jr.   9-24-14
  4.  NFL and the Larger Furor Over Domestic Violence. LTE. 9-24-14
  5. NFL. “A Better Way to Reduce Domestic Violence in the NFL.” By Richard Gelles. [Sports leagues can benefit from the experience of the military, which faced a similar problem in the 1990s.] 9-26-14
  6. NFL. Learning From Roger Goodell. By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Why anybody who works for the NFL would ever trust him again is an open question.] 12-6-14
  7. NFL. “The NFL Needs Distance From Its Brain-Injury Funding.” By Roger Pieke Jr. [By all means, keep funding concussion studies, but step back and let independent science take its course.] 2-22-16
  8. NFL. “Blocking the NFL Concussion Settlement.” By Arthur R. Miller. 5-4-16
  9. NFL. “The NFL’s Pink Publicity Stunt Isn’t About Fighting Cancer.”  [The football league seems more interested in winning female fans than actually helping to find a cure.]  9-30-16
  10. NFL. LTE.  “NFL’s Breast-Cancer Program Does Real Good.”  10-15-16
  11. NFL.   LTE.  “More Fans Team Up to Sack The Mighty NFL’s Ratings.”  10-18-16
  12. NFL. “NFL Problem – or TV Problem?”  by Homan W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Everything you love about the NFL without 100 commercials.] 10-22-16
  13. NFL. “The Politicization of Everything.”  [Everybody loses in the Trump-NFL brawl over the national anthem.]  9-25-17
  14. NFL. “Trump Helps Kaepernick Drag the NFL Into Politics.”  By Jason Whitlock.  [The league will no longer be allowed to present football as an escape from America’s divisions.]  9-26-17
  15. NFL. LTE.  “The Football Protest, Free Speech and Wisdom.”  9-29-17  [12 letters to the editor]
  16. NFL. “Trump Bullies the NFL Because It’s Easy.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. 9-30-17
  17. NFL. “Close Calls for big-League Leaders.”  By Fay Vincent.  [Sports have always had a political dimension, and commissioners often face difficult decisions.]  10-2-17
  18. NFL. “Rules for the NFL’s Radicals.”  By Mike Gecan.  [You have the public’s attention.  Now do something with it.]  10-10-17
  19. NFL. “What Football Needs Is Another Teddy Roosevelt.”  By Robert Blecker.  [After 18 players died in 1905, TR pushed rule changes.  What a contrast to Trump.]  10-14-17
  20. NFL. “The NFL vs. the New York Times.”  By Wm.  McGurn.  [The paper says pro football players have speech rights it denies to its own reporters.]  10-17-17
  21. NFL. “Is Roger Goodell Deliberately Pushing the NFL Leftward?  By Jason Whitlock.  [A year ago he hired a Democratic operative, Joe Lockhart, as his top communication exec.]  11-6-17
  22. NFL. “What the NFL Teaches Corporate America.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [A taited CEO’s troubles quickly become the tail that wags every dog.]  11-25-17
  23. NFL. “How to Save Football Players’ Brains.” By Paul S. Auerbach. [One simple rule change would solve much of the problem: Require the linemen to stand up.] 1-20-18
  24. NFL. “A Dubious Narrative Contributed to the NFL Protests.” By Jillian Kay Melchior. [An exhaustive search of public records finds no evidence of the racial crimes alleged at Missouri.] 2-2-18
  25. NFL. “The NFL Stops Indulging a Dangerous Narrative.” By Jason L. Riley. [The new national anthem policy will help put to rest the myth that America is awash in police murders.] 5-30-18
  26. NFL.  “Are You Ready for Some Political Football?”  by Jason L. Riley.  [The NFL penalizes itself for unnecessary roughness against Colin Kaepernick with a social-justice blitz.]   9-9-20
  27. NFL.  “NFL, Beeple See a Far-Off Future.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The technological possibilities are limitless until you try to implement them.]    3-24-21


Issue Headlines

NFL. The Daily Caller.  9-22-17

It’s Shocking How Empty The Stadium Was For Thursday Night Football

The Number Of Chargers Fans At Inaugural Los Angeles Game Is Pathetic


NFL Drudgereport 9-25-17

NFL Owners ‘Unity’ with Players Might Be Short-Lived… 

ESPN Becomes CNN… 


Major sponsors tiptoe around controversy… 

Car Dealer Pulls Ads Featuring BRONCOS Star… 

Player Accused Of Spitting On Fan…

  Stadium worker quits… 

PATRIOTS ‘sorry’ for charging $4.50 for tap water… 

WSJ: The Politicization of Everything…




NFL.  11-12-17

3 players kneel for anthem on Veteran’s Day weekend…

Bears Packers Game HALF EMPTY at Soldier Field… 

Goodell Demanding $49.5M Salary, Lifetime Private Jet Use?


NFL.  Drudgereport Headlines  9-10-20


Players In Joint ‘Unity’ Demonstration…

Fans boo…


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