Opinion Headlines

  1. FBI. “The Conflicts of J. Edgar Comey.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [The FBI chief refuses to tell Congress who requested to ‘unmask’ Mike Flynn’s name.] 4-7-17
  2. FBI. “Comey’s Deserved Dismissal.”  [The FBI chief forfeited his credibility with his 2016 interventions.]  5-10-17
  3. FBI. “The James Comey Show.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [He becomes the latest to disappear into the Clintons’ personal Bermuda Triangle.]  5-10-17
  4. FBI. “Rod Rosenstein’s Justice.”  [The Deputy AG had good reasons for Trump to fire James Comey.]  5-10-17
  5. FBI. “Why James Comey Had to Go.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [The FBI head’s sense of perfect virtue led him to ignore his own enormous conflicts.] 5-12-17
  6. FBI. “Rosenstein’s Compelling Case Against Comey.”  By Kenneth W. Starr.  [Demands for a special prosecutor are way off base.  The guardrails of our republic are secure.]  5-15-17
  7. FBI. Trump Administration. “Obstruction of the Executive.”  [Democrats peddle an absurd standard of FBI accountability.] 5-15-17
  8. FBI. LTE.  “Was Trump Right to Fire Director Jim Comey?”  5-17-17
  9. FBI. “Release the Comey Tapes.” [Why didn’t the former FBI director resign in February.?]  5-18-17
  10. FBI. “The Special Counsel Mistake.”  [Rosenstein bends to political pressure, and here we go again.] 5-18-17
  11. FBI. “The Mueller Caveat.”  By Kimberley a. Strassel.  [His integrity is unquestioned.  But can he be objective toward Comey?] 5-19-17
  12. FBI. “The ‘Private’ Jim Comey.  [Some good questions the former FBI chief prefers not to answer.]  6-7-17
  13. FBI. “The ‘Independent’ Mr. Comey.”  [His prepared testimony shows why he deserved to be fired.]  6-8-17
  14. FBI. “All About James Comey.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [What his Thursday testimony made clear is how much he has damaged the country.]  6-9-17
  15. FBI. “James Comey’s Passion Play.”  [The former FBI director should have resigned if he believes what he now says.]  6-9-17
  16. FBI. “Expect a Coverup.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Russia may have indeed affected the election, through the farcical Mr. Comey.]  6-28-17
  17. FBI. “James Comey Is Maxwell Smart.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [How Comey’s botched mission to safeguard a Hillary presidency elected Trump.]  7-26-17
  18. FBI. “Comey’s Secret Power.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [here’s a question:  What if the FBI had a lot to do with that fake Trump ‘dossier’?]  9-8-17
  19. FBI. “All Mr. Comey’s  Wiretaps.”  [Congress needs to learn how the FBI meddled in the 2016 campaign.]  9-20-17
  20. FBI. “About That Trump Dossier ‘Wall.’  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [Did Russia plant wild allegations?  Questions from Congress are blocked at every turn.]  10-6-17
  21. FBI. “Comey and Mueller Imperil the Rule of Law.” By Peter Berkowitz.  [The former FBI directors tend to investigate Republicans far more zealously than Democrats.]  10-24-17
  22. FBI.  “The FBI’s Political Meddling.”  By Homan W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Mueller is the wrong sleuth when his ex-agency is so tangled up with Russia.]  10-25-17
  23. FBI. “Democrats, Russians and the FBI.”  [Did the bureau use disinformation to trigger its Trump probe?]  10-26-17
  24. FBI. “Bob Mueller’s Sideshow.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Nune’s Intelligence Committee plods on with the real Russia investigation.]  10-31-17
  25. FBI. “The Manafort Indictment.”  [Mueller’s charges relate to money-laundering cash from Ukraine.]  10-31-17
  26. FBI. “Christopher Wray’s FBI Stonewall.”  [The new director hides behind a phony excuse for refusing to answer Congress’s questions.]  12-11-17
  27. FBI. “Secrets the FBI Shouldn’t Keep.”  By Kimberley a. Strassel.  (“…In the specific case of its 2016 election behavior, the FBI is misusing its secrecy powers to withhold information whose disclosure is in the public interest….”)  [ Sen Ron Johnson demands answers about the bureau’s political biases.]  12-15-17
  28. FBI. “Wanted: An Honest FBI.” By Wm. McGurn. [The bureau’s handling of the Trump and Clinton probes dispirits a veteran.] 1-16-18
  29. FBI. “Transparency for Fusion and the FBI.” [Democrats vote to keep documents secret but Congress will see them.] 1-19-18 (“…The FBI played an extraordinary and troubling role in the 2016 election, and access to the facts of what happened shouldn’t be limited to FBI leakers, their media protectors and partisans in Congress.) 1-19-18
  30. FBI. “The FBI’s Missing Emails.” [More reasons to question the bureau’s 2016 election actions.] 1-24-18
  31. FBI. “Cleaning Up Comey’s FBI.” [Director Wray needs to restore the bureau’s fallen reputation.] 1-30-18
  32. FBI. “What the FBI Fight Is About.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [ A reckoning is inevitable when electorate and elite are so out of sync.] 1-31-2018
  33. FBI. “The House Memo, The FBI and FISA.” [Progressives suddenly don’t care about wiretap applications.] 1-31-2018
  34. FBI. “An Unaccountable FBI.” [“The Federal Bureau of Investigation is making a last-ditch effort to block the release of a House Intelligence Committee memo detailing the bureau’s behavior during the 2016 election. This is all the more reason to let Americans see it…the FBI knows what’s in the memo because it has long known what the House committee was seeking to examine. For months it (FBI) refused to provide access to those documents until…faced a contempt of Congress vote… Perhaps this is what the FBI really doesn’t want the public to see, but Americans need to know if the country’s premier law enforcement agency abused its power to influence a presidential election.”] 2-1-18
  35. FBI. “A Reckoning for the FBI.” [The House memo reveals disturbing facts about the misuse of FISA.] 2-3-18
  36. FBI. “Did Steel Really Snooker the FBI?” by Kimberley A. Strassel. [The bureau should have known he was talking to the press – but it told the FISA court he wasn’t.] 2-5-18
  37. FBI. “The FBI Was Desperate for Somebody to Spy On.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [The Steele dossier served up an implausible tale about Carter Page, but it would have to do.] 2-10-18
  38. FBI. “How Not to Fix the FBI.” By Wm. McGurn. [A second special counsel would only undermine the good work of Congress.] 2-13-18
  39. FBI. “The FBI’s Parkland Fail.” By Daniel Henninger. [The list of fatal mistakes by federal agencies in recent years is staggering.] 2-22-18
  40. FBI. “Andrew McCabe and Consequences.” 3-16-18
  41. FBI. “What Went Wrong At the FBI.” By Thomas J. Baker. [After 9/11, the bureau lost its law-enforcement ethos as it tried to become more of an intelligence agency.] 3-20-18
  42. FBI. “The FBI Was Dangerous When It Was Independent.” By Justin Walker. [J. Edgar Hoover’s tenure was a catastrophe for civil liberties, precisely because he was unaccountable.] 3-26-18
  43. FBI. “G-Men Under Subpoena.” [Christopher Wray promises a more cooperative FBI.] 3-29-18
  44. FBI. “What Is the FBI Hiding?” by Kimberley A. Strassel. [The bureau still won’t comply with an eight-moth-old subpoena from Congress.] 4-6-18
  45. FBI. “A Broken FBI Promise.” [ A week after the bureau promised cooperation, it’s back to obstruction.] 4-7-18
  46. FBI. “Clinton Supporters Have Some Questions for Comey.” By Lanny J. Davis. [Why did the FBI wait almost four weeks before examining the emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop?] 4-10-18
  47. FBI / Mueller. “The Michael Cohen Raid.” [The Mueller probe now stretches to include the Stormy payment.] 4-11-18
  48. FBI. “’Trust but Verify’ Applies to the FBI.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [We refute tyranny when we hold law enforcement accountable.] 4-14-18
  49. FBI. “McCabe, the New ‘Deep Throat.” By Wm. McGurn. [Another top bureau official who leaked, lied and blamed other FBI agents.] 4-17-18
  50. FBI. “ Higher Sanctimony.” [Comey’s memoir shows he is more like Trump than he cares to admit.] 4-18-18
  51. FBI. “War of the Roses at the FBI.” [Andrew McCabe and James Comey accuse each other of lying.] 4-20-18
  52. FBI. “James Comey’s Judgment Days.” By Daniel Henninger. [A Government officer shouldn’t see his duty as doing battle with the seven deadly sins.] 5-3-15
  53. FBI.  “About That FBI Source.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [Did the bureau engage in outright spying against the 2016 Trump campaign?] 5-11-18
  54. FBI.  “The FBI’s Shocking Disrespect for Congress.”  By Thomas J. Baker.  [When I was at the bureau, lawmakers’ request for information got prompt responses.]  5-11-18
  55. FBI. Corruption. “The Informant Who Wasn’t Spying.” [A secret FBI source insinuated himself with Trump campaign officials. Ho hum.] 5-21-18 (“…This is bigger than blowing a source whose identity Justice leakers have already blown. This is about public trust in the FBI and Justice.”)
  56. FBI.  “The FBI’s Watergate.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [What did the bureau know, when did it know it, and how did it learn it?]  6-5-18
  57. FBI.  “The FBI’s Document Blackouts.”  [The bureau is redacting documents without credible justification.]  6-14-18
  58. FBI.  “Insubordination and Bias at FBI.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [The inspector general report is careful in its conclusions, but damning on the facts.]  6-15-18
  59. FBI.  “The Disgrace of Comey’s FBI.”  [The damning IG report shows the urgent need to restore public trust.]  6-15-18
  60. FBI. “After the Strzok Stonewall.” [Here’s what Trump should declassify if he wants the truth known.] 7-14-18
  61. FBI.  “Strzok and Consequences.”  [The FBI fires a Comey ally who tarnished the bureau’s reputation.]  8-15-16
  62. FBI.  “How to Restore the FBI’s Culture.”  By Thomas J. Baker.  [Decentralize management of cases, improve relations with Congress, and focus on the constitution.]  8-28-18
  63. FBI.  LTE.  “Needed FBI Changes Require Accountability.” 9-4-18
  64. FBI.  “Politicizing the FBI.”  [Democrats want to turn agents into judges of nominee character.]  9-20-18
  65. FBI.  “Kavanaugh’s Foes Politicize the FBI.”  By David B. Rivlin Jr., and Kristi Remington.  [Their demands amount to a criminal probe.  That would destroy the judicial confirmation process.]  10-2-18
  66. FBI.  “Who Is Michael Sussman?”  by Kimberley A. Strassel.  [The FBI’s general counsel met with a Clinton lawyer in September 2016.]  10-12-18
  67. FBI.  “What Bruce Ohr Told the FBI.” By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [The Justice official’s testimony raises new doubts about the bureau’s honesty.]  1-18-19
  68. FBI.  “What if the FBI Had Probed Obama?”  by Lee Smith.  [By the bureau’s Trump standard, he looked like an agent of Iran.]  1-24-19
  69. FBI.  Corruption.  “What FBI’s Counsel Told Congress.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [Baker’s testimony shows Comey wasn’t being fully candid about the dossier.]  3-22-19
  70. FBI. Corruption.  “After the Mueller Report.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Keep in mind the story that isn’t being told: the FBI mucking around in the 2016 election.]  3-23-19
  71. FBI.  “The FBI Needs a Grand Jury.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Only the threat of indictment will get Bill Barr to the truth – and reform the bureau.]  4-16-19
  72. FBI.   “When G-Men Ru Amok.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [The FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation should have raised red flags.]  4-30-19
  73. FBI. “The FBI’s Obstruction Probe Had No Basis.” By Thomas J. Baker. [McCabe ordered it because Trump fired Comey, which he had every right to do.] 7-24-19
  74. FBI. “The FBI Is Lucky To Have William Barr.” By Thomas J. Baker. [Agents in the field during his first stint as attorney general had nothing but praise: ‘He knows no fear.’] 10-8-19
  75. FBI. “A Trail of FBI Abuse.” [The Horowitz report confirms that the bureau deceived FISA judges with the Steele dossier.] 12-10-19
  76. FBI. “FBI Spying Ruined My Good Name.” by Carter Page. [FISA has failed to protect American citizens from abusive surveillance.] 12-11-19
  77. FBI. “The FBI’s Fusion Fiasco.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [Christopher Stele has little credibility left after the inspector general’s report.] 12-13-19Issue Headlines
  78. FBI. “Cleaning Up After Comey.” 1-24-20
  79. FBI.  “Religious Freedom and the FBI.”  [Three Muslim men win at the Supreme Court under RFRA.]   12-14-20
  80. FBI.  “The FBI Goes Postal.”  [A fishy news leak that the bureau is probing Louis DeJoy for campaign violations.]   6-5-21
  81. FBI.  “Abolish the FBI.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [How much more do we need to learn about 2016 to realize the agency is a disaster?]   9-22-21
  82. FBI.  “The FBI’s Other Warrant Abuses.”   10-6-21
  83. FBI.  “The FBI Needs a Wray of Courage.”   By Thomas J. Baker.  [Stand against Merrick Garland’s effort to intimidate parents.]   10-18-21
  84. FBI.  “Durham Jury Convicts the FBI.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [In the Russiagate case, it seems the agency wanted to be lied to.]   6-1-22
  85. FBI.  “Third Try A Charm for FBI Meddling.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [DOJ plays with fire (again) with its Trump and Hunter Biden investigations.]   8-10-22
  86. FBI.  “The FBI’s Dangerous Trump Search.”  [Merrick Garland is taking the U.S. down a perilous path.]  8-10-22
  87. FBI.  “Whistles Start to Blow At the FBI.”  By Thomas J. Baker.  [The Trump search made Monday a dark day for the bureau.  But lawmakers are shining a hopeful light.]   8-10-22
  88. FBI.  “The Swamp’s Trump Obsession.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [An FBI raid against a former president should never happen.  End of discussion.]   8-11-22
  89. FBI.  “The Trump Warrant Had No Legal Basis.”  By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A Casey.  [A former president’s rights under the Presidential Records Act trump the statutes the FBI cited.]   8-23-22
  90. FBI.  “Wray’s FBI:  Comey Redux?” by Kimberley A. Strassel.”  [The bureau still faces serious questions about politicized agents and probes.]   9-2-22
  91. FBI.  “How Robert Mueller Shredded the FBI’s Credibility.”  By Thomas J. Baker.  [His post-9/11 attempts to change the culture led to politicized investigations like Crossfire Hurricane.]   9-15-22
  92. FBI.  “The FBI’s Million-Dollar Dossier.”  [That‘s what the bureau offered Steele to prove his trump claims.  He couldn’t cash in.]   10-13-22
  93. FBI.  “How the FBI Lets Its Informants Mislead It.”  By Thomas J. Baker. [The Russia-collusion hoax resulted from post-9/11 centralization, which upended safeguards.]  10-13-22
  94. FBI.  “Durham’s FBI Indictment.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [His prosecutions put the bureau on trial for partisan ship and incompetence.]   10-14-22
  95. FBI.  “Let an FBI Agent Lead the FBI.”  By Wm.  McGurn.  [The bureau’s culture has been corrupted by a leadership class with no field experience.]   1-3-23
  96. FBI. “How FBI Took an Innocent Woman’s Savings.”  By Robert Frommer. [Linda Martin stands accused of no crime. The Bureau seized her money anyway.]   3-8-23
  97. FBI.  “Why the Durham Report Matters.”  [It is a damning account of the corruption of the FBI and its accomplices.]  5-17-23
  98. FBI.  “The Durham Report Finds Bad Apples Have Spoiled the FBI.”  By Thomas J. Baker.  [The special counsel’s inquiry reveals a bureau divorced from its mission of strict fidelity to the law.]   5-18-23
  99. FBI.  “Durham on Comey’s Culpability.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [The report shows FBI headquarters ignored all the rules in the Trump-Russia probe.]   5-19-23
  100. Corruption.  “Durham Exposes Mueller’s Failure.”   [His new report shows how the original Russia probe covered up the FBI’s offenses.]   5-20-23
  101. FBI.  “How FISA Shields FBI Abuses.”  [The secret court helps the bureau duck political accountability.]  5-24-23
  102. FBI.  “Finally, Can We Ask Who Really Colluded With Russia?”  by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [If the crime is promoting distrust in institutions, the evidence is strongest against the FBI and media.]  5-27-23
  103. FBI.  “It’s a Shame About Wray.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel. [The FBI director seems oblivious to the source of the bureau’s damaged reputation.]   7-14-23
  104. FBI.  “The FBI Loses the Public.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [A recent poll shows Republican support for the bureau is only 17%.  That is not good.]  7-20-23
  105. FBI.  “The Wrong Way to Punish the FBI.”  [Killing Section 702 wiretaps would remove a vital antiterror too.]   8-5-23
  106. FBI.  “A Spanking for the FBI.”  [“…the government can’t go on a fishing expedition that snares the innocent with the guilty.”]   2-8-24
  107. FBI.  “Sifting the FBI’s Garbage.”  By Kimberley A Strassel.  [Alexander Smirnov’s indictment tells us nothing good about the bureau.]   2-23-24
  108. FBI.  Defense.  “A Surveillance Compromise Worth Passing.”  [Sensible reforms can protect Americans from ISIS and FBI abuses.]   4-10-24
  109. FBI.  “Why Did My Father Have an FBI File?”  by Tevi Troy.   5-9-24



FBI. Drudgereport.com   4-11-17

CONFIRMED: FBI Spied on Trump Aide…


FBI. Drudgereport.com 5-9-17

Comey learned of firing as he addressed FBI employees in LA. TV screens in background flashed news…

FBI Drudgereport.com 5-11-17

NYT PAGE ONE FRIDAY: In Private Dinner, Trump Demanded Loyalty. Comey Demurred… 

UPDATE: President Planned to Fire Regardless of Recommendation… 

Acting FBI director contradicts White House… 

FBI.  Drudgereport.com 5-16-17




FBI. Drudgereport.com 5-25-17

Secret memos: FBI leaked spy intercepts on Americans to outside parties…

FBI, Drudgereport.com 9-14-17

Mueller work for Flynn-linked company not listed on ethics disclosure…

FBI. Pressure builds on Mueller to recuse… Drudgereport.com 10-25-17


FBI 1-23-18 Drudgereport.com

More messages turned over from FBI agent taken off Mueller team; Others go missing…
Could Form Basis of Motion to Dismiss by Trump Team…
Greenwald war on Russia investigation, MSNBC…

FBI 1-24-18 Drudgereport.com

GOODWIN: Evidence suggests massive scandal brewing at FBI…
Knives Out for Bureau… 

FBI. FBI BOTCHED CRUZ CASE… Drudgereport.com 2-17-18

FBI admits it didn’t investigate tip on alleged school shooter last month

By Ruth Brown

February 16, 2018 |


FBI: U.S.   Wall Street Journal. 2-17-18 p. A1

  • FBI Didn’t Follow Up on Tip From Person Close to Teenager Charged in Shooting Updated Feb. 16, 2018 7:53 p.m. ET

On Jan. 5, caller said Nikolas Cruz owned guns and engaged in ‘erratic behavior’

By  Del Quentin Wilber, Arian Campo-Flores and Joseph De Avila

The Federal Bureau of Investigation failed to investigate a credible and specific tip that it received about the teenager who has admitted to storming into a South Florida high school and killing 17 people.

On Jan. 5, the FBI received a call on a tip line from a person close to Nikolas Cruz, …

FBI. 3-26-18 Drudgereport.com

REVEALED: PULSE gunman father was FBI informant…

FBI.  Drudgereport.com  5-3-18


FBI.   Drudgereport.com 6-21-18

FBI counterspies under fire after disclosures of politicization…

Congress investigating agents for evidence tampering in Russia case…

FBI Corruption. Drudgereport.com 7-15-18

Strzok arrogance ‘product of corrupt FBI’…


FBI. Drudgereport.com 7-18-18

Comey urges voters to support Dems in fall… 


Campaign Consideration

FBI. “Transparency for Fusion and the FBI.” [Democrats vote to keep documents secret but Congress will see them.] 1-19-18 (“…The FBI played an extraordinary and troubling role in the 2016 election, and access to the facts of what happened shouldn’t be limited to FBI leakers, their media protectors and partisans in Congress.) 1-19-18  Wall Street Journal editorial

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