Education II (From 11-1-21)

  1. Education.  “School Choice Showdown in Michigan.”  [Gov. Whitmer stands in the schoolhouse door on options for parents.]  11-2-21
  2. Education. “The School Board Revolt.”  11-6-21
  3. Education.  “Biden Policy disrespects Both Science And Religion.”  By Jerry C. Davis.  [The Administration seeks to force our Christian college to let men live in women’s dormitories.].   11-17-21
  4. Education.  “The Crumbling Pillar of Education.”  By Andy Kessler.  [A proposed California ballot measure would make good schools a constitutional right.]   11-29-21
  5. Education.  “’Leadership’ And Dirty Tricks at Harvard.”  By Michael Cheng.  [The student council’s extreme measures to stave off a ‘vote of no confidence.’]   11-30-21
  6. Education.  “School Closures Aren’t Just for Covid Anymore.”  By Leslie Bienen.  [Remote learning turns out to be an easy fix for other problems – never mind the huge education costs.]   11-29-21
  7. Education.  “United Auto Workers of the Ivy League.” [A brawl over pay at Columbia challenges academic solidarity with the working class.]   12-18-21
  8. Education.  “Purdue Sends a Message to China.”   12-18-21
  9. Education.  “By Ditching the SAT, Harvard Hurts Minority Students.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [How do you help young people move forward without honestly assessing where they stand.]   12-22-21
  10. Education.  “What Does a Library’s ‘Diversity Auditor’ Do?”  by Faith Bottum.  [Bard College says it aims at ‘canonizing the stacks’ but that doesn’t mean removing books.]   1-20-22
  11. Education.  “A Faithful Way to Learn.”  (Bookshelf by Naomi Schaefer Riley.)  “God, Grades, and Graduation.”  By Dana M. Horwitz.  [Religious communities teach the importance of respecting authority and being cooperative.  Such lessons can boost classroom performance.]  1-25-22
  12. Education.  “Race, Harvard and the Supreme Court.”  [The Justices will get a chance to vindicate the 14th Amendment.]  1-25-22
  13. Education.  “A Chance to Remove Race From College Admissions.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [After equivocating for decades, will the Supreme Court finally declare that discrimination is illegal?]   1-26-22
  14. Education.  “Why Colleges Don’t Care About Free Speech.”  By John Hasnas.  [It’s incentives more than ideology, and there’s a simple fix.]  2-7-22
  15. Education.  “The Intolerant Shouldn’t Be Judges.”  By Phillip Hamburger.  [Law school deans, faculty and students who stifle opposing views are unfit ever to sit on the bench.]   2-10-22
  16. Education.  “San Francisco’s Political Foreshock.”  [The woke get a wake-up call as voters recall three school board members.]   2-17-22
  17. Education.  “San Francisco Schools the Left.”  By Peggy Noonan.   ‘The landslide recall of three Board of Education members will have major national repercussions.]   2-19-22
  18. Education.  “The School Shutdowns and Lost Literacy.”   2-25-22
  19. Education.  “Phil Murphy Stifles New Jersey’s Charter Schools.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [In his first term, the Democratic governor denied nearly two-thirds of requested expansions.]   3-16-22
  20. Education.  “Unpinning The Butterflies.”  (Bookshelf by Barbara Spindel.)  “The Child is the Teacher.”  By Cristina De Stefano.  [Maria Montessori’s campaign to reform early-childhood education had foundations in science.  She pursued it with religious zeal.]   3-17-22
  21. Education.  “Free Inquiry Suffers as War Fever Grips Harvard.”  By M. Todd Henderson.  [A university’s purpose isn’t to rally support.  It’s to provide a haven for debate, including dissent.]  3-17-22
  22. Education.  “The Great Pandemic Student-Loan Scam.”  3-19-22
  23. Education.  “Florida Helps Families See Behind the College Curtain.”  By Tarren Bragdon.  [A new data base makes it easier to compare majors, job outcomes, loan burdens and future earnings.]   3-19-22
  24. Education.  “Yale Law Students for Censorship.”  [Maybe those who shout down speakers shouldn’t get judicial clerkships.]  3-21-22
  25. Education.  “Mob Rule at Hastings Law School.”  By Ilya Shapiro.  [Will the students who screamed obscenities and physically confronted me face any discipline?]  3-23-22
  26. Education.  “A Case of Charter School Sabotage.”  [Biden’s regulators find another way to undermine school choice.]   3-28-22
  27. Education.  “The Biden Plan to Raise college Tuition.”  [He wants to double Pell Grants, a gift to the higher-education lobby.]   3-30-22
  28. Education.  “Test Scores Count Again at MIT.”   [The SAT and ACT can help identify disadvantaged talent.]   3-31-22
  29. Education.  “Iowa’s School Choice Opportunity.”  [The state Senate votes to empower parents, not teachers unions.]   4-4-22
  30. Education.  “MIT Leads the Way in Reinstating the SAT.”  by Jason L. Riley.  [Expect others to follow. Selective institutions that don’t use standardized tests will fall behind.]   4-6-22
  31. Education. “Student Loan Forbearance – Forever?”  [Biden extends the debt moratorium again, and more may be coming.]   4-7-22
  32. Education.  “Revolt of the Parents, vol. 3.”  [The GOP is wining local races over Covid policies and curriculum.]   4-7-22
  33. Education.  “Student-Loan Reparations.”  [Biden takes another big step toward mass debt forgiveness.]   4-22-22
  34. Education.  “Massachusetts May Take Control of Boston’s Public Schools.”  By Roger Lowenstein.  [If the city can’t improve 34 underperforming schools, the state superintendent has said he will step in.]  4-23-22
  35. Education.  “Prayer Shouldn’t Be a Firing Offense.”  4-25-22
  36. Education.  “The Biden Administration’s New Salvo Against Charter Scholls.”  By Jason L. Reilly.  [A federal study finds the regular system is failing.  The same department seeks to block alternatives.]   4-27-22
  37. Education.  “Americans for Merit-Based Admissions.”  [Poll respondents say academic achievement matters more than race.]   4-29-22
  38. Education.  “The Taxpayer Con of the Century.”  [Writing off student debt is a wealth transfer to the affluent and academia.]   4-30-22
  39. Education.  “Student Loan Truth Telling.”  [Jim Clyburn explains why Democrats are so intent on a bailout.]   5-3-22
  40. Education.  “Teachers Unions vs. Children With Autism.”  By Naomi Schaefer Riley.  [Proposed new rules from Washington would hinder charter schools like Lionsgate Academy.]   5-7-22
  41. Education.  “A Parental Victory on Free Speech.”  [An Ohio woman sued after a school board chief told her to ‘zip it.’]   5-9-22
  42. Education. “Democrats vs. Biden on Charter Schools.”  [ Senators oppose and parents rally against new limits on federal grants.]   5-11-22
  43. Education.  “Student Loan Relief should Come in Bankruptcy Court.”  By Richard J/ Shinder.  [Blanket forgiveness would be a massive and unfair transfer of wealth with perverse consequences.]   5-11-22
  44. Education.  “Slavery, Anti-Semitism and Harvard’s Missing Moral Compas.”  By Ruth R. Wisse.  [An official report and a student editorial reflect the confused state of higher education’s values.] 5-14-22
  45. Education.  “Don’t Cancel the Classics, Broaden and Diversify them.”  By Angel Adams Parham.  [Black Americans in past centuries fought for the right to be educated in Western civilization.]   5-21-22
  46. Education.  “A To-Do List for the Class of ’22.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Prize your reputation, take smart risks, be kind, don’t gossip and never be satisfied.]   5-23-22
  47. Education.  “Princeton Fed Me to the Cancel Culture Mob.”  By Joshua Katz.  [The university claims it fired me for a long-past offense but the truth should worry everyone.]   5-25-22
  48. Education.  “Chiefly Illiterate in San Francisco Schools.”  [The district pulls ‘chief’ from its CFO’s title as a gesture to Natives.]   5-27-22
  49. Education.  “Colleges Need Merit-Based Admissions.”  By Alan M. Dershowitz.  6-2-22
  50. Education.  “A Reading From Kamala to the Corinthians.”  [The Veep helped kill the colleges and is sticking taxpayers with the debt.]   6-3-22
  51. Education.  “The Georgetown Law Purge.”   [“…underscores again that American academia is dominated by the censoring left…”]  6-7-22
  52. Education.  “Why I Quit Georgetown.”  By Ilya Shapiro.  [The university didn’t fire me, but it abandoned free speech and created a hostile environment.]  6-7-22
  53. Education.  “The Parental Revolt Continues.”  [Ballotopedia finds voters delivered a school board shake up in April.]   6-8-22
  54. Education.  “Student Debt Forgiveness Makes My Grandson a Chump.”  By Blake Hurst.  [He’s 18 and working two jobs to help pay for college.  He could have taken out loans at taxpayer expense.]   6-9-22
  55. Education.  “Texas A&M’s Unreported Foreign Funding.”  By Neetu Arnold.  [Why the school says $100 million from Russia and Qatar is exempt from reporting requirements.]  6-18-22
  56. Education.  “A School Choice Shake-Up in Iowa.” [Reform candidates backed by Gov. Reynold sweep to victory.]   6-18-22
  57. Education.  “Religion, Schools and the Supreme Court.”  [The Justices say Maine’s tuition program can’t exclude the faithful.]   6-22-22
  58. Education.  “Betsy DeVos Is on a Mission to rescue Teachers Unions’ ‘Hostages.’  By Jason L. riley.  [In an interview, the former education secretary says she thinks the pandemic was an inflection point.]    6-22-22
  59. Education.  “Apprenticeships, Not College, Can help Reduce Unemployment.”  By Paul Winfree and Rachel Greszler.  [A flexible, industry-driven alternative for workforce education has a proven record of success.]   6-22-22
  60. Education.  “Money for Children, Not Schools.”  by Jeff Yass.  [It’s time to stop writing blank checks for a failing system and reimagine the way we pay for education.]  6-23-22
  61. Education.  “Biden Renews Obama’s Attack on Campus Due Process.” By Joe Cohn.  [New Title IX regulations would eliminate cross-examination, live hearings another basic rights.]   6-24-22
  62. Education.  “Back to the Title IX Legal Steamroller..”  6-25-22
  63. Education.  “The Justices Give Education a Prayer.”  By Max Raskin.  [They scrap the Lemon test just as Americans discover a need for religious schools.]   6-28-22
  64. Education.  “A Coach’s Prayer Is Constitutional.”  [Another touchdown for religious liberty from the Supreme Court.]   6-28-22
  65. Education.  “School Choice Blooms in the Desert.”  [A bill in Arizona opens scholarship accounts to all students statewide.]  6-28-22
  66. Education.  “Student Loan Forgiveness is a Political Bribe.”  By Phil Gramm and Mike Solon.  [Buying votes is the only possible justification for such an unfair giveaway of taxpayer money.]   6-30-22
  67. Education.  “The Hard Truths of American History.”  By William J. Bennett.  [Teaching all aspects of the U.S.’s story will help depoliticize education and foster democracy.]   7-1-22
  68. Education. “Virginia Breaks the School-Choice Barrier.”  [Gov. Youngkin gets funds for new schools in a state that restricts charters.]   7-5-22
  69. Education.  “Build a School, Get Sued by the Union.”  (The Weekend Interview with Ian Rowe and Joyanet Mangual by Tunku Varadarajan.]   [A charter is set to open next month on the old Blessed Sacrament campus in the Bronx.  Its founders are confident they’ll beat back the legal challenge.]  7-9-22
  70. Education.  “The LSAT and Other Standardized Tests Are Good for Diversity.”  By Fred Sracic.  [Objective measures of ability give my working-class students a shot at going to a top law school.]   7-25-22
  71. Education.  “Medical Education Goes Woke.”  [Future doctors will learn how health relates to ‘systems of oppression.’]   7-27-22
  72. Education.  “Stop Classroom Learning, Lose Students.”  [School shutdowns cost public schools dearly, as enrollment plunged.]   8-1-22
  73. Education.  “Republican Censors Go for Woke.”  By Michael R. Bloomberg.  [Ron DeSantis’s efforts to control educational and corporate speech are no better than the left’s.]   8-16-22
  74. Education.  “Woke Activism Is Flooding American Classrooms.”  By Daniel Buck.  [Wisconsin education schools openly embrace a Marxist program called ‘critical pedagogy.’]   8-20-22
  75. Education.  “Harvard’s Invidious Racial Boxes.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Not only preferences but the Categories that colleges use are unconstitutional.]   8-23-22
  76. Education.  “Censorship at a Top College for Free Speech.”  By Christopher Nadon.  [Claremont McKenna threatened to bar me from teaching required classes for quoting ‘Huck Finn.’]   8-23-22
  77. Education.  “The Chautauqua Institution Isn’t What It Used to Be.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Once a haven for open inquiry and civil debate, the New York resort has become predictably woke.]   8-24-22
  78. Education.  “A School Board Revolt in Florida.”  8-25-22
  79. Education.  “Student Loan Reform Is Now Urgent.”  By Preston Cooper.  [Biden has set in motion a cycle of escalating costs, more worthless degrees, and repeated forgiveness.]   8-25-22
  80. Education.  “Colleges Love Loan Forgiveness.”  [Academia has profited from subsidies as tuition costs keep climbing.]   8-26-22
  81. Education.  “The Unmaking of American History.”  By Dominic Green.  [Scholars increasingly abandon the past to focus on present-day politics.]   8-27-22
  82. Education.  “Biden’s Other Title IX Outrage.”  By Kendall Tietz.  [Bureaucrats target girls’ and women’s sports by redefining ‘sex’ discrimination.]  8-30-22
  83. Education.  “Campus Wokeness Harms America Globally.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [Promoting liberal values world-wide was long central to higher education’s mission.]   8-30-22
  84. Education.  “’Popular’ Historians Are No Longer Alone in Being Lured by Politics.”  By Elliot Kaufman.  [A common theme unites Doris Kearns Goodwin’s Praise of Bien and the hounding of James Sweet.]   8-30-22
  85. Education.  “Way More Than $10,000 in Debt Forgiveness.”  By Wm A. Galston.  [An accompanying change in repayment policy will have an even greater effect.]   8-31-22
  86. Education.  “Why I Quit teaching at Oberlin.”  By Abraham Socher.  [The deans’ oppression extends even to the town beyond campus.]  9-2-22
  87. Education.  “Randi Weingarten Flunks the Pandemic.”  [National test results reveal the damage from school closures.]   9-2-22
  88. Education.  “Student Loans and the National Debt.”  By Mitch Daniels.  [Purdue students learn to be responsible while their peers get bailouts.  There will be a reckoning.]   9-2-22
  89. Education.  “When Connoisseurs. Yield to Commissars.”  By Eric Gibson.  [Woke ideologues are taking over American art museums.  The result is as ugly as you’d expect.]   9-3-22
  90. Education.  CRT.  “How Teachers Are Secretly Taught Critical Race Theory.”   By Nicole Ault and Megan Keller.  [A Pennsylvania father’s determined effort to find out what’s being taught to his kids’ instructors.]   9-3-22
  91. Education.  “Student-Loan Forgiveness Raises a Basic Question About College.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Are too many young people attending to begin with?  Degrees have benefits for many, but not for all.]   9-7-22
  92. Education.  “Higher Ed Can Rediscover its Purpose.”  By Allen C.  Guelzo and Scott L. Wyatt.  [Colleges and universities have become stupefied by their ‘brands’ and forgotten their students.]   9-8-22
  93. Education.  “A Betting Man With a Plan to Save America.”  (The Weekend Interview with Jeff Yass by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.)  [Susquehanna’s co-founder explains his support for school choice and how he’d use prediction markets o solve our biggest problems.]   9-10-22
  94. Education.  “A White House Student Loan Whopper.”  [You won’t believe the explanation for why the write-off is all ‘paid for.’]   9-10-22
  95. Education.  “CBO Rebuts the White House.”  [The budget gnomes explain why student loans aren’t ‘paid for.’]   9-12-22
  96. Education.  “We’re All Jews Now.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Every American has a stake in upholding Yeshiva University’s right to free exercise.]  9-13-22
  97. Education.  “What Rights Do Hasidic Schools Have?”  by Wm. A. Galston.  [Government can impose some limits on religion when there’s a compelling reason.]   9-14-22
  98. Education.  “A Democrat Defects on School Choice.”  By Corey DeAngelis.  [Pennsylvania’s Josh Shapiro put parents over teachers unions.]   9-20-22
  99. Education.  “No Student Loan Borrower Left Behind.”  [Now Democratic Senators want to forgive parental loan debt.]   9-21-22
  100. Education.  “I committed Journalism, and Princeton Told Me Not to Communicate.”  By Danielle Shapiro.  [The university transforms a shield against sexual harassment into a sword against the student press.]   9-24-22
  101. Education.  “Hooray, a Student Loan Plaintiff.”  [A man hurt by Bien’s illegal forgiveness sues to block it.]   9-28-22
  102. Education.  “The College Board’s Racial Pandering.” By Jason L. Riley.  [Rather than directing help at struggling students, it establishes a new course in African-American studies.]   9-28-22
  103. Education.  “Arizona School-Choice Opponents Admit Defeat.”  By Corey DeAngelis.  9-29-22
  104. Education.  “Biden’s Student Loan Admission.”  [The White House restricts some write-offs after six states sue.]   10-3-22
  105. Education.  “What Role should Race Play in Admissions?”  by Wm A. Galston.  [“Holistic’ policies put Asian-Americans at a disadvantage, and they’re fighting back.]   10-5-22
  106. Education.  Is College Worth It?  Not for Everyone.”  By Larry Hogan.  [A degree should signify an education, not only a credential.]   10-5-22
  107. Education.  “Illinois’s Shocking Report Card.”   [“…contradiction shows the system is corrupt as well as incompetent.”]  10-5-22
  108. Education.  “Racial Preferences Harm Their Beneficiaries, Too.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Favored minorities struggle when they might have thrived at less-selective schools.]   10-5-22
  109. Education.  “Stanford Apologizes to Jews.”  10-14-22
  110. Education.  “If Stanford Owes You an Apology, Get in Line.”  By Elliot Kaufman.  [Jews could make a list, starting with confiscatory tuition, anti-Israel fixation and racial preferences.]   10-20-22
  111. Education.  “The Legal Fight Over Student Loans.”  [Biden wins in lower court, but the states have a strong case.]   10-24-22
  112. Education.  “How to End the Epidemic of Failure in America’s Schools.”  By Jeb Bush.  [Lockdowns exacerbate the problem and shouldn’t become an excuse for refusing to address it.]   10-24-22
  113. Education.  “The Dumbing Down of America.”  [ACT test scores for college admission fall for the fifth year in a row.]   10-26-22
  114. Education.  “Amid the Pandemic, Progress in Catholic Schools.”  By Kathleen Porter-Magee.  [Enrollment and student achievement are rising, thanks in part to parents.]   10-28-22
  115. Education.  “Michigan’s Education Failure.”  ‘Gov. Whitmer is having to defend the damage from school closures.]   10-31-22
  116. Education.  “Race Has No Place in College Admissions.”  By Edward Blum.  [Why should some students have advantages over others simply because of the color of their skin?]   10-31-22
  117. Education.  “Why Randi Weingarten Supports Harvard’s Discrimination.:  by Allysia Finley.  [Racial preferences help offset the inequities in K-12 education that teachers unions have created.]   10-31-22
  118. Education.  “Hillsdale College Will Never Discriminate.”  By Larry P. Arnn.  [We stopped taking federal money when Washington demanded we count our students by race.]   11-7-22
  119. “The School-Choice Election Wave.”  By Corey DeAngelis.  [Even Democrats are adapting to new political realities.]   11-11-22
  120. Education.  “Teachers Unions Buy Themselves a ‘Millionaires Tax’ in Massachusetts.”  By Steven Malanga.  [For a measly outlay of $23 million, unions secured $1 billion in new annual education funding.]   11-12-22
  121. Education.  “Biden’s Loan Write-Off Loses Again.”  [An appellate court orders an injunction on student forgiveness.]   11-15-22
  122. Education.  “Yale and Harvard Law Unrank Themselves.”  [The schools may be adapting ahead of a Supreme Court ruling.]   11-18-22
  123. Education.  “A Conservative Magazine Returns to Harvard.”  By Ruth R. Wisse.  [The Salient’s new issue on motherhood and feminism is reflective, confident and affirmative.]   11-19-22
  124. Education.  “School Choice Made Big Gains During the Covid Pandemic.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Nearly 6 in 10 parents preferred learning pods to remote learning and traditional public schools.]  11-23-22
  125. Education.  “America’s School Districts Are Too Big.”  By Andy Smarick.  [Communities feel they’ve lost the ability to influence bloated bureaucracies.  Time to break them up.]   12-1-22
  126. Education.  “The ‘Suicide’ of the Liberal Arts.”  (The Weekend Interview with John Agresto by Naomi Schaefer Riley.)  [Relativism gets a bum rap, this veteran academic says.  The pursuit of credentials and specialization was a lot more harmful.]   12-3-22
  127. Education.  “Charter Schools’ Success Makes Them a Political Target.”  By Jason L. riley.  [An educational innovation that once had bipartisan support faces adversity I Washington and the courts.]   12-14–22
  128. Education.  “The Little Red Schoolhouse Could Do With a Little Competition.”   By Corey DeAngello.  [Choice hurts rural schools:  The Teachers unions promote another easily debunked myth.]  12-17-22
  129. Education.  “Brown University Discriminates Against South Asians.”  By Suhag A. Shukla.  [Its prohibition of ‘caste oppression’ creates a new offense of which only one ethnic group can be guilty.]   12-22-23
  130. Education.  “A Federal Court Ruling Imperils the Charter-School Movement.”  By Baker A. Mitchell and Robert P. Spencer.]  The Fourth Circuit holds our school is a ‘state actor,’ even though the law makes its independence clear.]   1-4-23
  131. Education.  “Florida’s Education model Spreads.”  [Gov-elect Sanders recruits a DeSantis administration reformer.]   1-6-23
  132. Education.  “Biden’s Student Loan Write-Off, Part II.”  [A Plan B to cancel debt in case his $400 billion write-off loses in court.]   1-11-23
  133. Education.  “Racial Preferences and the Fainthearted Court.”  By John B. Daukas.  [For 45 years, the justices have tried to set strict limits and colleges have ignored them.  It’s time for a bight-line ruling that discrimination is unlawful.]  1-14-23
  134. Education.  “Katie Hobbs Wants to Turn Back the Clock.”  By Jason Bedrick and Corey DeAngelis.  [Arizona’s governor would repeal a 2022 school choice law.]   1-17-23
  135. Education.  “Ph.D. Students fo the World, Unite.”  [Northwestern grad students join the radio and machine workers.]   1-17-23
  136. Education.  “State Lawmakers Can Reform Higher Ed.”  By Ilya Shapiro and Christopher F. Rufo.  [The vast majority of college students attend state schools.]  1-18-23
  137. Education. “Biden Gives a Boost to Schoolyard Bullies.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [As student misbehavior rises, he urges a return to Obama-era policies that encourage lax discipline.]   1-18-23
  138. Education.  “Iowa’s School Choice Comeback.”  [Gov. Reynolds’ political bet may pay off in greatly expanded ESAs.]  1-23-23
  139. Education.  “Eric Adams Fails a Charter-School Test.”  [A vote on three new sites for charters has been canceled.   1-24-23]
  140. Education.  “The Numbers Show that MIT Has a Free-Speech Problem.”  By Daryl Morey.  [At this world-leading research institution, 40% of faculty say they self-sensor more than in 2020.]  1-24-23
  141. Education.  “DeSantis Does an Education Two-Step.”  [The governor offers teachers a pay raise with protection from unions.]   1-26-23
  142. Education.  “UNC vs. the Echo Chamber.”  [A public university is trying to create a true marketplace for ideas.]   1-27-23
  143. Education.  “Are You There, M.B.A.?  It’s Me, Industry.”  By Suzy Welch.  [Business-school graduates usually go into consulting, finance or tech.  But there’s a whole world of other opportunities out there.]  1-28-23
  144. Education.  “The School Choice Drive Accelerates.”   1-28-23
  145. Education.  “Medical Schools Bail on Academic Merit and Intellectual Rigor.”  By Ira Stoll.  [Some refuse to be ranked by U.S. News, which weighs test scores and grades rather than diversity.]   1-30-23
  146. Education.  “The Echo Chamber Fights Back.”  [The UNC faculty is outraged that trustees take their job seriously.]   2-1-23
  147. Education.  “Ron DeSantis Schools the College Board.”  [The new AP course in African-American Studies cuts the CRT.]   2-2-23
  148. Education.  “College Doesn’t Need to Take Four years.”  By Scott L. Wyatt and Allen C. Guelzo.  [For many students, the standard bachelor’s degree program has become a costly straitjacket.]   2-3-23
  149. Education.  “School Choice Is Sweeping the Nation From Florida to Utah.”  By Jeb Bush.  [States are dramatically expanding the power of parents to control their children’s educations.]   2-4-23
  150. Education.  “Socrates Never Wrote a Term Paper.”  By Jeromy Tate.  [Active participation trumps essays in classical education.]   2-6-23
  151. Education.  “Florida Shows How to Combat Woke Indoctrination on Campus.”  By Joshua Rauh.  [Advocates are kidding themselves if they think free speech is enough to ensure academic freedom.]   2-9-23
  152. Education.  “Make Yale Democratic Again.”   [Students want to open up trustee elections to non-appointed alumni.]   2-10-23
  153. Education.  “DEI Spells Death for the Idea of a University.”  By Matthew Spalding.  [Wherever this agenda is allowed to take root, free expression and academic integrity are doomed.]   2-11-23
  154. Education. “The UNC Fight Escalates.”  [The school’s accreditor puts the university trustees on notice.]   2-13-23
  155. Education.  “Medical Schools Stage a Mutiny.”  By Fritz Francois and Ghenga Ogedegbe.  [By stepping away from the U.S. News rankings, they imply that diversity and excellence are at odds.]   2-16-23
  156. Education.  “No School on President’s Day, and Vice B Versa.”  By Jay P. Greene and Ian Kingsbury.  [Kids lose something when schools aren’t named after Lincoln or Washington.]   2-17-23
  157. Education.  “UNC’s Plans, Revealed.”    2-17-23
  158. Education.  “Summer School Can Remedy Pandemic Learning Loss.”  By Michael r. Bloomberg.  [A philanthropist -funded program in New York showed that students got back on track quickly.]   2-24-23
  159. Education.  “Why We’re Challenging Biden’s Student-Debt Power Grab.”  By Mike Hilgers.  [The president flouted the law and used the pandemic as a pretext to claim breathtaking authority.]   2-28-23
  160. Education.  “Why Elite Schools Can’t Stand U.S. News.”  By Eric J. Gertler.  [We provide students vital, accurate data.  Schools don’t like to be held accountable.]   3-1-23
  161. Education.  “Major Questions in the Student Loan Case.”  [SG Prelogar tries to rewrite a landmark ruling from last year.]   3-1-23
  162. Education.  “How the NIH Pushes DEI On Scientists.”  By John Sailer.  [The Institutes are spending $241 million to push ideological litmus test for faculty hiring.]  3-2-23
  163. Education.  “College Should Be More Like Prison.”  By Brooke Allen.  [The inmates I teach are serious, disciplined, hard-working students, eager to engage with ideas.]   3-6-23
  164. Education. “Virginia’s Teachers Union and CRT.”  [A toolkit pushes radical ideology on children despite Youngkin’s ban.]  3-9-23
  165. Education. “’Tar,’ a Breath of Fresh Air, Deserves the Oscar for Best Picture.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [The film’s dramatization of campus cancel culture gives the subject the treatment it deserves.]   3-8-23
  166. Education.  “2023 Is Already a Record Year for School Choice.”  By Corey DeAngelis.  [Nebraska and North Dakota, both longtime laggards, have made progress in recent days.]   3-11-23
  167. Education.  “Where’s Brian Kemp on School Choice?  [The Georgia Governor is missing in action as reform stalls in Atlanta.]   3-17-23
  168. Education. “Who Owens the University?”  by Richard Vedder.  [As state-run schools push extreme ideologies, some lawmakers and governors have begun to puh back.]   3-17-23
  169. Education.  “My Struggle Session at Stanford Law School.”  By Stuart Kyle Duncan. [A dean voices pride that students are being taught to stage tantrums rather than make a reasoned case.]   3-18-23
  170. Education.  “School Choice on the Florida-Georgia Line.”  [Tallahassee expands its ESA options, but a vote will be close in Atlanta.]   3-25-23
  171. Education.  “You Can’t Cancel Me, I Quit.”   By Mary Eberstadt.  [I was supposed to speak at Furman University.  I decided to beg off rather than indulge an angry mob.]   3-27-23
  172. Education.  “Tell the NCAA to Buzz Off.”  By Wm.  McGurn.  [Oh, for the days when universities regarded academic standards as their own business.]   3-28-23
  173. Education.  “Students Flee, but the Money Keeps Coming.”  By Jeanne Alien.  [An argument against educational choice falls apart when you follow where the funding goes.]  3-30-23
  174. Education.  “Milton Friedman’s Revolution.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Biden may write him off, but his idea for school choice is more popular than ever.]   4-4-23
  175. Education.  “Snitches Get Sheepskins as Colleges Train Student Informants.”  By Ivan Marinovic and John Ellis.  [DEI meets East Germany:  U.S. universities urge students to report one another for ‘bias.’]   4-7-23
  176. Education.  “Education Freedom in North Carolina.”  By Corey DeAngelis. [“…It isn’t certain all House Republicans in North Carolina will vote for universal school choice this year…”]   4-10-23
  177. Education.  “Phil Murphy Puts Strikers Over Students.”   4-12-23
  178. Education.  “Harvard Has a Free Speech Moment.”  [Fifty professors form an alliance on academic freedom.]   4-13-23
  179. Education.  “Leave the Yeshivas Alone.”   By Wm. McGurn.  [Hasidic Jews don’t need the New York Times’s input on how to educate their kids.]  4-18-23
  180. Education.  “Technically Advanced.”  (Bookshelf by Johnathan Marks.)  “Shortchanged” by Annie Abrams.  [ Originally intended to promote a liberal education, today’s advanced Placement program is far removed from that goal.]   4-20-23
  181. Education.   “Randi Weingarten’s Privilege.”   [“…unions object only when co-location is for a school that unions don’t control…”]  4-22-23
  182. Education.  “The College Board’s Secret Apology.”  [Private emails show it wasn’t honest about Ron DeSantis and African-American Studies.]   4-27-23
  183. Education.  “On Randi Weingarten’s Waterfront.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Power has blinded the union boss to the gifts she’s giving the cause of school choice.]   5-2-23
  184. Education.  “Indiana Sets the School Voucher Pace.”  [the Goosier State expands choice to nearly all K-12 Students.]  5-5-23
  185. Education.  “Ohio May Start a Free Speech School.”  5-8-23
  186. Education.  “DEI Brings Kafka to My Law School.”  By Scott Gerber.  [Ohio Northern University is trying to banish me for lack of ‘collegiality’ but won’t say what I’ve done.]   5-10-23
  187. Education.  “The Education Department Helps Us Combat Woke Discrimination.”  By Stanley Goldfarb and Mark J. Perry.  [The Office for Civil Rights has pressed several med schools to ditch illegal race-based policies.]  5-12-23
  188. Education.  “Vanderbilt’s Bold Stand for ‘Neutrality.”  By Lamar Alexander.   5-16-23
  189. Education.  “AI’s Education Revolution.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Khan Academy is using ChatGPT to bring one-on-one teaching to scale.]   5-22-23
  190. Education.  Critical Race Theory. (Notable and Quotable) from the Spring issue of City Journal. [“…more than 80% of [Americans] who claimed to have heard of CRT either did not know that color-blindness is not aligned to CRT or were wrong and thought that it was…”]  5-24-23
  191. Education.  “The Draft, Student Loans and College Privilege.”  By Mihael Toth.  [Debates over deferments and forgiveness raise similar questions about education and democracy.]   5-25-23
  192. Education.  “The Empire Strikes Back.”  By Wm McGurn.  [Even if the Supreme Court rules against racial preferences, some plan to ignore it.]   5-30-23
  193. Education.  “Racial Preferences Won’t Go Easily.”  By Brian t. Fitzpatrick.  [Colleges will seek sneaky ways of filling quotas..  But they’ll have trouble defending them in court.]   6-1-23
  194. Education.  “The School-Choice Century.”  By Michael Bindas.”  [The key Supreme Court decision dates back to June 4, 1923.]   6-2-23
  195. Education.  “An Officer and a Gentleman – and a High-School Student.”  By Carine Hajjar.  [The Philadelphia Military Academy offers a chance for career development and upward mobility.]   6-3-23
  196. Education.  “Voting Down Biden’s Loan Forgiveness.”  [Majorities in both houses of Congress reject his write-off.]   6-2-23
  197. Education.  “Kids and the Power of the Spoken Word.”  By Mark Bauerlein and David Mikics.  [New standards in Georgia and Arkansas will require students to recite great poems or speeches.]   6-15-23
  198. Education.  “Religious Charters Are OK in Oklahoma.”  By Nicole Stelle Garnett.  [St. Isidore’s approval is a win for authentic educational pluralism and faithful practice.]   6-16-23
  199. Education.  “Charter Schools:  The Latest Evidence.”  [A nationwide study shows huge learning gains over union schools.]   6-16-23
  200. Education.  “Religious Charters Are OK in Oklahoma.”  By Nicole Stelle Garnett.  [St. Isidore’s approval is a win for authentic educational pluralism and faithful practice.]   6-16-23
  201. Education.  “Charter Schools:  The Latest Evidence.”  [A nationwide study shows huge learning gains over union schools.]   6-16-23
  202. Education.  “I paid for Free Speech at Arizona State.”  By Ann Atkinson.  [The university is firing me for organizing an event featuring Charlie Kirk and Dennis Prager.]   6-20-23
  203. Education.  “Another NAEP Score Disappointment.”  [Learning loss for 13-year olds has become entrenched.]  6-23-23
  204. Education.  “Phonics Finally Gets Its Due in New York.”  By Eva Moskowitz.  [It took the city’s education bureaucracy 20 years to recognize that the Success Academy approach works.]   6-24-23
  205. Education.  “Josh Shapiro’s Voucher Test.”  [A Democratic governor fights for school choice in Pennsylvania.]  6-28-23
  206. Education.   “Randi Weingarten and Racial Disparities.”   7-1-23
  207. Education.  “End College Legacy Preferences.”  By Wm.  A. Galston.  [Favoring students for family connections is as at least as unfair as affirmative action.]   7-5-23
  208. Education.  “A Josh Shapiro Sellout on School Choice.”  [The Pennsylvania Governor sides with unions over poor kids.]   7-7-23
  209. Education.  “Harvard’s Stages of Grief Ovr Affirmative Action.”  By Ruth R. Wisse.  [Today is a hard day,’ the university’s president said.  Tomorrow the topic will finally be open to debate.]   7-7-23
  210. Education. “Josh Shapiro Chooses Teachers Unions Over Students.”  By Charles Mitchell.  [After backing the Lifeline Scholarship program, Pennsylvania’s governor now says he’ll veto it.]   7-8-23
  211. Education.  “A Teachers Union Has Odd Taste in Books.”  By Dave Seminara.  [The NEA’s ‘2023 Summary Reading List’ may make you regret that you ever learned to read.]   7-10-23
  212. Education.  “Harvard Discriminates Against Middle-Class Kids.”   By Allysia Finley.  [Legacy preferences hurt the less well-off but aid what really matters to the university:  its endowment.]   7-10-23
  213. Education.  “Racial Preferences Bred 50 Years of ‘Mismatch.’”  By Heather Mac Donald.  [Thinking elite schools are the only path to success for students is a form of intellectual snobbery.]   7-11-23
  214. Education.  “Politicians Should Pay for Ignoring America’s Education Crisis.”  By Michael R. Bloomberg.  [both parties focus on votes instead of solutions such as tutoring, summer school and accountability.]   7-14-23
  215. Education.  “Colleges Must Recruit Scholars.”  By Daniel Piamko and Matthew Rascoff.  [Online dual enrollment courses could help low-income students and schools find a good fit.]   7-15-23
  216. Education.  “More Dollars Follow Ohio Students.”  [The buckeye State makes vouchers universal and boosts charter schools.]   7-17-23
  217. Education.  “America’s Largest Teachers Union Isn’t Beyond Reform.”  By Scott Fitzgerald and Aaron Withe.  [Washington can make the NEA less political and more accountable by revising its federal charter.]  7-19-23
  218. Education.  “The Case for Legacy Admissions.”  By James Hankins.  [Institutional trust depends on loyalty and personal relationships\, but loyalty needs to run both ways.]   7-20-23
  219. Education.  “The Post-Pandemic Teaching Loss.”  7-21-23
  220. Education.  “’Antiracists’ vs. Academic Freedom.”  [A California professor sues over new DELA performance reviews.]   7-22-23
  221. Education.  “The Student Loan ‘Payment Shock.’”  [Many borrowers took on other debt during Biden’s forbearance.]   7-22-23
  222. Education.  “The Rising Demand for School Choice.”  [Several states report big increases in voucher or ESA applications.]   7-31-23
  223. Education.  “’Public Schools That Aren’t Public.”  By Keri D. Ingraham.  [Far from being open to all, admission is restricted by arbitrary district lines.]   8-9-23
  224. Education.  “Can Harvard Discriminate With Essays?”  by Steven McGuire.  [The University of North Carolina, meanwhile, has eagerly embraced the Supreme Court’s decision.]   8-12-23
  225. Education.  “A Reprieve for Charters in New York.”   8-12-23
  226. Education.  “I’ll Pass on the Student-Loan Relief.”  By Holly Wetzel.  [My employer is suing to stop Biden’s lawless action, and I’m glad.]   8-15-23
  227. Education.  “The Inequity of Public School. Funding.”   8-17-23
  228. Education.  “Florida’s Education Triumph.”  By Scott Yenor and Anna Miller.  [The state has established new standards that emphasize traditional learning in schools.]   8-17-23
  229. Education.  “California’s Weapons of Math Destruction.”  By Faith Bottum.  “The State’s new teaching framework tries to ‘combat inequities and pushes ‘social justice work.’]   8-19-23
  230. Education.  “How the Student-Loan Payment Pause Hurt Borrowers.”  By Allysia Finley.   [Many used the long Trump-Biden moratorium to pile on credit-card mortgage and other debt.]   8-21-23
  231. Education.  “Florida’s Catholic School Promise.”   [Enrollment grows in the Sunshine State, thanks to school choice.]   8-23-23
  232. Education.  “Socialism Sinks Venezuela’s Schools.”  By Mary Anastasia O’Grady.  [Raging inflation destroys the salaries of teachers, who have stopped showing up.]  8-28-23
  233. Education. ‘How Schools flout the Court.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [A Virginia high school uses race proxies to lower the number of Asian-Americans.]   8-29-23
  234. Education.  “Biden’s Revisionist School History.”   [“…Schools would have opened much sooner had Mr. Biden used his bully pulpit and leveraged federal money…”]   8-29-23
  235. Education.  “The Pennsylvania School Stakes.”  By Jeff Yass.  [The furious resistance by unions to more education money for poor children is about political control.]   8-29-23
  236. Education.  “Glenn Youngkin’s Good Pardon.”  [Scott Smith was charged for loudly protesting an assault on his daughter.]   9-11-23
  237. Education. “It’s Still 2020 for the class of ’27.”  By Leslie Bienen and Margery Smelkinson.  [The pandemic is over, but administrators at some schools are slow to get the word.]   9-12-23
  238. Education. “Indoctrination Has No Place in Education.”  By Wm.  Galston.  [The way to make good democratic citizens is to teach students to think for themselves.]   9-13-23Education.  “Jimmy Buffett Didn’t Need a Music Degree.”  By Shad White.  [Mississippi taxpayers shouldn’t subsidize useless majors.]   9-19-23
  239. Education.  “The Price of Flourishing.”  (Bookshelf by Jennifer A. Frey.)  “The Liberating Arts.”  Edited by Jeffrey Bilbro [Does it make more sense to pursue liberal learning in one’s leisure tie rather than bother with an expensive four-year degree?]   9-19-23
  240. Education.  “KIPP Gets Children Into College.”  [More evidence that charter schools lift student performance.]   9-23-23
  241. Education.  “School Choice the Easy Way.”  By Coey DeAngelis.  [Texas lawmakers can pass a bill during the special session – or face the voters later.]  9-25-23
  242. Education.  “The Children Win in North Carolina.”  [“…North Carolina on Friday became the tenth state to approve universal school choice…”]   9-25-23
  243. Education.  “Florida Takes the Classic Learning Test.”  [“Florida state university system will now accept the Classic Learning Test in college admissions…”]   9-25-23
  244. Education.  “How Ibram X. Kendi Broke Boston University.”  By David Decosimo.  [The entire institution committed itself to his ideology.  It hasn’t backed off despite the scandal.]   9-29-23
  245. Education.  “A Glimmer of Hope in Higher Education.”  By Susan J. Crawford and Kenneth G. Langone.  [A new organization that champions free speech is thriving.]   10-4-23
  246. Education.  “Texas at the School-Choice Crossroads.”  [Gov. Greg Abbott is putting his political capital behind ESAs.]   10-9-23
  247. Education.  “Ben Sasse’s Letter to Jewish Gators.”  [A model of moral clarity, compared with the mush from the Ivy League.]   10-13-23
  248. Education.  “Don’t Hire My Anti-Semitic Law Students.”  By Steven Daviidoff Solomon.  [Would your clients want an attorney who condones hatred and monstrous crimes?}  10-16-23
  249. Education.  “Hamas War Shows Us What American Universities Stand For.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Some students celebrate and many presidents equivocate.  No wonder trust in higher ed is down.]   10-18-23
  250. Education.  “School Choice Is Coming to Louisiana.”  By Cory DeAngelis.  [Once a pioneer, the state is about to catch up under Jeff Landry, its new governor.]   10-19-23
  251. Education.  “There’s More to Education Than Free Speech.”  By Larry P. Arnn.  [FIRE slaps Hillsdale with a ‘warning’ for insisting on civility in academic debate.]   10-20-23
  252. Education.  “How Campus Politicization Fed Today’s Hated.”  By Danielle Shapiro and Yonah Berenson.  [Enforcing orthodoxy and suppressing speech and thought taught students to be cowardly and foolish.]   10-24-23
  253. Education.  “Weaponizing Student Loan Forgiveness.”  [Team Biden punishes the plaintiff that won at the Supreme Court.]   10-31-23
  254. Education.  “A Warning to Law Schools.”  [“The recent outbreak of open anti-Semitism on U.S. college campuses has been shocking, and it speaks to the anti-Western indoctrination that has been cultivated for decades at American universities…”]  11-3-23
  255. Education.  “Why Stanford’s Leaders Tolerate Anti-Semitism.  By Allysia Finley.   [Recall how Marc Tessler-Lavigne was ousted as president after bucking leftist orthodoxies.]   11-6-23
  256. Education.  “Biden Regulators Fine a Christian College.”  11-7-23
  257. Education.  “Jewish Students Meet Hostility at Yale.”  By Sahar Tartak and Netanel Crispe.  [A university-backed event promotes denial and justifications of Hamas’s atrocities.]   11-8-23
  258. Education.  “Campus Anti-Semitism in 1970.”  By Jonathan Kellerman.  [An encounter with fringe lunatics then gave a foretaste of today’s bitter hatred.]  11-9-23
  259. Education.  “Illinois’s Invest in Kids’ Hall of Shame.”  [Democrats in Congress want to kill scholarships for low-income kids.]   11-9-23
  260. Education.  “New College Is a Haven For Harvard Refugees.” By Richard Corcoran.  [We protect free speech, don’t make excuses for violence, and abolished our DEI bureaucracy.]   11-9-23
  261. Education.  “School Choice Dies in Illinois.”  [The union machine kills scholarships for 9,600 children.]   11-13-23
  262. Education.  “America’s Universities Need Serious Regulation.:  by Arthur Levitt.  [If you want real change in large organization, focus on governance and personal accountability..]   11-13-23
  263. Education.  “America Needs Real School Choice.”  By Roland Fryer.  [Half-measures have failed to foster the competition that would improve education in the U.S.]   11-14-23
  264. Education.  “Hamas’s Barbarity Heightens the Crisis in Higher Education.”  By Michael R. Bloomberg. [Jewish students bear the brunt of college’s culture of intolerance, conformity and ‘safe spaces.’]   11-18-23
  265. Education.  “My School Doesn’t Tolerate Anti-Semitism.”  By James s Robbins.  [And we are happy to work with donors who are tired of giving to colleges that do.]   11-21-23  (Mr. Robbins is dean of academics at the Institute of World Politics.)
  266. Education.  “Inside Ohio State’s DEI Factory.”  By John Sailer.  [I obtained 800 pages of ‘Diversity Faculty Recruitment Reports.’  Here’s what I found.]   11-21-23
  267. Education.  “Harvard’s Hamas Confusion.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [An elite college degree is the fastest way to disabuse a student of the idea of truth.]   11-28-23
  268. Education.  “Osama bin Laden, Big Man on Campus.”  By Christopher Nadon.  [His 2002 ‘Letter to America’ is consistent with what students have been taught.]   12-1-23
  269. Education.  “Teachers Unions Spend Big on GOP State lawmakers.”  By John Tillman.  [Southern states lag in establishing school-choice programs, and that’s probably no coincidence.]   12-1-23
  270. Education.  “Title IX and the Assault on Hillsdale College.”  By Tunku Varadarajan.  [The school gets no federal money, but a lawsuit seeks to rope it in because it’s a tax-exempt nonprofit.]   12-2-23
  271. Education.  “Higher Ed Has Become a Threat to America.”  By John Ellis.  [Our corrupt, radical universities feed every scourge from censorship and crime to antisemitism.]  12-5-23
  272. Education.  “From which River to Which Sea?”  by Ron E. Hassner.  [College students don’t know, yet they agree with the slogan.]   12-6-23
  273. Education.  “Texas and the Politics of School Choice.”   12-8-23
  274. Education.  “Harvard Bans ‘Cisheterosexism’ but Shrugs at Antisemitism.”  [College presidents are directly responsible for the hatred that has flourished on campus since Oct. 7.]   12-8-23
  275. Education.  “The Ivy League Mask Falls.”  [antisemitism is one example of a much deeper rot on campus.]   12-11-23
  276. Education.  “Higher Education’s Slide From ‘Veritas’ to ‘My Truth.’”  By Gerard Baker.  [On free speech, university leaders suddenly sound like Voltaire.   But they’ve long operated like Lenin.]   12-11-23
  277. Education.  “America Gets a Harvard Education.”  [Claudine Gay survives thanks to the school’s double standard.]   12-13-23
  278. Education.  “Liz Magill Is Out at Penn.  It’s a Start.”  By Clifford S. Asness.  [Elite universities have longstanding problem with free speech – and with telling right from wrong.]   12-13-23
  279. Education.  “University Presidents Flunk Out.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [What six-syllable word describes the testimony of Claudine Gay and Liz Magill?]  12-14-23
  280. Education.  “A Legal Strategy Against Campus Antisemitism.”  By Gil Mandelzis.  [Under Title VI, Jewish students can hold schools accountable for creating a hostile environment.]   12-15-23
  281. Education.  “An Antisemitic Occupation of Harvard’s Widener Library.”  By Dan Sullivan.  [Claudine Gay promised to prevent ‘disruptions of the classroom experience.’  How’s that working out?]   12-16-23
  282. Education.  “What Universities Have Done to Themselves.:  by Peggy Noonan.  [They ‘have gone from being centers of excellence to institutions pushing political agendas.’]  12-16-23
  283. Education.  “Claudine Gay and My Scholarship.”  By Carol M. Swain.  [She failed to credit me for sections of my book, ‘Black Faces, Black Interests.’”]  12-18-23
  284. Education.  “Harvard Is Big Business at Its Worst.”  By Allysia Finley.  [With large, tax-insulated endowments, Ivy League schools act like companies without market pressure.]  12-18-23
  285. Education.  “The Equality of Failure in Chicago.”  [The city’s school board wants to cancel selective enrollment schools.]   12-19-23
  286. Education.  “The Young Woke Will Outgrow It.”  By Michael Segal.  [‘Intersectionality’ has thrived on campus, but it won’t survive now that it’s being exposed to sunlight.]  12-19-23
  287. Education.  “Hope for School Choice in Pennsylvania.”  12-20-23
  288. Education.  “Why Harvard Can’t Fire Claudine Gay.”  By Jason Riley.  [To admit she has performed poorly is to raise basic questions about the entire ‘diversity’ enterprise.]  12-20-23
  289. Education.  “Why Is the Press Attacking Home Schoolers?”  by Matthew Hennessey.  [The pandemic sold many parents on the practice, and the teachers unions decided enough is enough.]   12-21-23
  290. Education.  “A Haven From the Ivy League’s Madness.”  By Greg Weimer.  [Catholic schools like Assumption offer the education Jewish tradition prizes.]   12-22-23
  291. Education.  “Congress’s Financial Aid Fiasco.” [The revised student aid form means middle-class parents pay more.]   12-22-23
  292. Education.  “Harvard Should Pay Its Fair Share.”  By Richard Vedder.  12-23-23
  293. Education.  “Charter Schools Gained, Union Schools Lose.”  [Enrollment is up 9% in four years, as Hispanics in particular sign up.]   12-26-23Education.  “2023’s Silver Linings.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [This year deserves to be swept into the dustbin of history.  With two exceptions.]   12-28-23
  294. Education.  “Claudine Gay and Why Academic Honesty Matters.”  By James Hankins.  [Politization and lower standards jeopardize Harvard’s standings as a great research institution.]  12-28-23
  295. Education.  “A Teachers Union Showdown in Florida.”  [United Teachers of Dade falls short of its required members in Miami-Dade.]   12-29-23
  296. Education.  “President Gay Falls at Harvard.”  [Her resignation offers a chance for an education reset.]   1-3-24
  297. Education.  “Claudine Gay and America’s Institutions.”  [Her defense reveals why elite educators have lost so much public respect.]   1-5-24
  298. Education.  “Alan Sokal’s Joke Is on Us as Postmodernism comes to Science.” By Lawrence Krauss.  [Articles in hard-science journals increasingly read like the 1996 hoax, and dissenters are suppressed.]   1-6-24
  299. Education.  “The Education of Bill Ackman.”  By Tunku Varadarajan.  [He earned a B.A. and an M.B.A. at Harvard.  They didn’t prepare him for what he learned Oct. 8.]   1-8-24
  300. Education.  “Claudine Gay and the Cheating Crisis on Campus.”  By Allysia Finley.  [Academic dishonesty and crime are alike:  No one will prosecute them if justice is hard to come by.]   1-8-24
  301. Education.  “Gay’s Ouster May Prove a Pyrrhic Victory.”  By James Spencer.  [Changing the culture needs a measured, persistent approach.]   1-9-24
  302. Education.  “Genocide in My Classroom.”  By Timothy William Waters.  [Incitement is a crime, but I teach my students that there’s a clear distinction between ideas and violence.]   1-9-24
  303. Education.  “Who’s Holding Up the Ivory Tower?”  by Harvey C. Mansfield.  [Liberals want academia to reflect society, while conservatives know it has to rise above society.]   1-12-24
  304. Education.  “Georgia’s School-Choice Mulligan.”  [Gov. Kemp is making an ESA bill that failed last year a 2024 priority.]   1-13-24
  305. Education.  “The Harvard of the Unwoke.”  (The Weekend Interview with Ben Sasse by James Taranto.)  [The University of Florida president has a theory of how higher ed succumbed to execrable ideas – and thoughts on reforming it.]   1-20-24
  306. Education.  “J.B. Pritzker vs. Catholic Schools.”   1-20-24
  307. Education.  “Harvard’s ‘Apartheid’ Prof Is on the Case.”  [Guess who the university picked to investigate antisemitism on campus?]   1-24-24
  308. Education.  “No Task Force Can Save Harvard.”  By Dominic Green.   [What hope is there for an institution where nobody can be fired for promoting stupid and wicked ideas?]   1-26-24
  309. Education.  “Follow the Left’s Example to Reform Higher Ed.”  By Benjamin Storey and Jenna Silber Storey.  [Identify areas, like civics, that are inadequately studied and create new programs around them.]   1-27-24
  310. Education.  LTE.  “The Core Problem on Campus.”   “You can add all the majors and courses you want (“Follow the Left’s Example to Reform Higher Ed: by Benjamin Storey and Jenna Silber Storey, op-ed, Jan. 27) but if they are taught by faculty who are hired, tenured and promoted by left-wing faculty, it won’t make any difference.”  Charles D. Foust.
  311. Education.  “Dartmouth Sees the Value of the SAT.”   2-6-24
  312. Education.  “Legacy Admissions May Not Be at Odds With Diversity.  [Selective colleges have a lot of minority alumni after half a century of affirmative action.]   2-7-24
  313. Education.  “A Maine Lobster Town Sees Its Future in Shop Class.”  By Sierra Dawn McClain.  [St. George broke away from the regional district so its kids could learn skilled trades in school.]  2-17-24
  314. Education.  “How Dartmouth Keeps is Cool.”  By Emma Osman.  [Its president has a commitment to free speech and dialogue.]   2-20-24
  315. Education.  “History, From Ukraine to Utah.”  By Peter W. Wood.  [A new state law may equip students to resist lies like the ones Vladimir Putin has been purveying.]  2-23-24
  316. Education.  “The Supreme Court ‘Didn’t Stop Me.’”  [Biden ignores the law again as he forgives more student debt.]   2-24-24
  317. Education.  “The Problems on Campus.”  (Bookshelf by Leslie Lenkowsky.)  “Attacking the Elites” by Derek Bok;  City of Intellect” by Nicholas B. Dirks.  [Amid today’s uncertainty and agitation, two former college leaders reflect on the state of higher education in America.]   2-28-24
  318. Education.  “Berkeley Lets Loose an Antisemitic Mob.”  [Rioters attack Jewish students, and leaders claim to be helpless.]   2-29-24
  319. Education.  “Rural Republicans Shouldn’t Frear School Choice.”  By Tom Newell.  [No one wants to weaken local schools, but giving families options improves the whole system.]   3-2-24
  320. Education.  “The School Choice Showdown in Texas.”  [Gov. Greg Abbott goes all-in to defeat GOP holdouts in primaries.]   3-2-24
  321. Education.  “A Bias Response Team Evades Justice.”  [“…For now, at least, overbroad college bias teams at schools not named Virginia Tech can go about their creepy business.]   3-6-24
  322. Education.  “School Choice for All in Alabama.”  3-11-24
  323. Education.  “Rural Republicans Embrace School Choice.”  By Corey DeAngelis.  [Advances in Wyoming and Alabama show a turning of the tide.]   3-12-24
  324. Education.  “The SAT’s Comeback Is Good News for Minority Students.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Standardized tests have proved especially good at predicting performance of black college applicants.]   3-13-24
  325. Education.  “Ban DEI Quackery in Medical Schools.”  By Greg Murphy and Stanley Goldfarb.  [A new bill would deny money to institutions that engage in the worst practices.]   3-19-24
  326. Education.  “Harlem Lessons in Elementary Education.”  3-22-24
  327. Education.  “Student Aid March Madness.”  [Biden’s Fafsa rewrite keeps getting worse, if that’s possible.]   3-25-24
  328. Education. “Biden’s Free Lunch for Rich Kids.”  By Sam Adolphsen and Paige Terryberry.  [The USDA prepares to feed more schoolchildren year-round, even if their parents make six figures.]   3-27-24
  329. Education.  “Roosevelt Elementary Delenda Est.”  by Molly Macek.  [A Michigan district would rather bulldoze a school building to the ground than see it house a charter.]   3-30-24
  330. Education.  “Free Speech Is Alive and Well at Vanderbilt University.”  By Daniel Diermeier.  [Students are free to engage in protests and required to follow the rules and respect civil discourse.]   4-3-24
  331. Education.  “Trump Is Best for School Choice, Even if I Won’t Donate to Him.”  By Jeff Yass.  [Obama was open to education alternatives, but Biden is the worst president ever for choice.]   4-9-24
  332. Education.  “Biden’s Student Loan Howlers.  [It takes a White House economist to come up with these beauties.]  4-10-24
  333. Education.  “A Campaign Against School Choice Prompts Criminal Charges.”  By Corey DeAngelis and Dean McGee.  [Texas school-district officials are charged with unlawfully using public funds for electioneering.]   4-13-24
  334. Education.  “Dartmouth Will Oppose Its Basketball Team Union.”  By Sian L. Bellock.  [Our athletes are students first.  Paying them in play would undermine our academic mission.]  4-13-24
  335. Education.  “Why I’m Leaving Clark University.”  By Mary Jane Rein.  [As a Jew and a scholar, I have received a warmer welcome at Assumption, a Catholic institution.]   4-15-24
  336. Education.  “The Big Bank Elizabeth Warren Loves.”  By Allysia Finley.   4-15-24  [“…Never has there been a bigger tax-payer scam than the federal student-loan program…”]   4-15-24
  337. Education.  “Progressives and the Protesters.”  [Columbia finally calls in the cops against the anti-Israel disrupters.]  4-20-24
  338. Education.  “Columbia Fails to Protect Its Jewish Community.“  by Michael Oren.  [A toothless task force and other measures haven’t stopped antisemitism from flourishing on campus.]   4-20-24
  339. Education.  “Protests Turn Violent at Yale.”  By Gabriel Diamond.  [Administrators sit on their hands as a Jewish student is poked in the eye with a flagpole and hospitalized.]   4-22-24
  340. Education.  “If You Give A College Student a Cookie…”  by Allysia Finley.  [The children’s book series helps explain the dangers of indulging unreasonable requests around the world.]   4-22-24
  341. Education.  “Defining Free Speech Down on Campus.”  [Progressives invoke a First Amendment they don’t understand.]   4-24-24
  342. Education.   “Antisemitism At Columbia University Is a Disgrace.”  By Andrew M. Cuomo.  [Imagine if in the wake of 9/11, pro-al-Qaeda protesters chased New Yorkers out of the city.]   4-26-24
  343. Education.  “Richard Cordray Has No Regrets.”  [The federal student aid chief leaves after an historic run of failure.]   4-29-24
  344. Education.  “At Columbia, Israel Backers Are Outside Looking In.”  by Emma Osman   [An ignorant mob occupies the campus.  On the street nearby, a diverse crowd stands for humanity.]   4-29-24
  345. Education.  “On Columbia University and Coach Handbags.”  By Allysia Finlay.  [A degree’s value, in both money and status, depends on the reputation of the institution’s brand.]   4-29-24
  346. Education.  “Columbia Elects an Israeli Student.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Maya Platck calls for dialogue at a school overrun by an angry and defiant mob.]  4-30-24
  347. Education.  “The Stakes at Columbia.”  [Democrats can see the protests may harm their election prospects.]   4-30-24
  348. Education.  “A Tale of Three Universities.”  [“A governance divide is emerging on college campuses…”]  5-1-24
  349. Education.  “Harvard’s Protesters Aren’t as Obstinate as You Might Expect.”  By Michael Segal.  [I spoke with 10 of them for an hour.  They weren’t confrontational and they were intellectually timid.]   5-1-24
  350. Education.  “Cookie-Cutter Campus Protests.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Columbia’s encampment invaded Hamilton Hall this week via Instagram.]   5-2-24
  351. Education.  “The ‘Outside Agitators’ on Campus.”   5-2-24
  352. Education.  “Rules for Campus Radicals, 2024.”  [A website reveals the planning and strategy behind the current college mayhem.]   5-3-24
  353. Education.  “Illinois’s Plan to Fund Public Universities on the Basis of Race.”   By Neetu Arnold.  [Schools with abysmal graduation rates would get more money simply for enrolling minorities.]   5-4-24
  354. Education.  “What I Saw at Columbia’s Demonstration.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [The protesters wear masks, avoid eye contact, and seem uninterested in engagement or progress.]   5-4-24
  355. Education.  “The Adults Are Still in Charge at the University of Florida.”  By Ben Sasse.  [Higher education isn’t daycare.  Here are the rules we follow on free speech and public protests.]   5-4-24
  356. Education.  “Free Palestine! Free Pizza!”  by Wm. McGurn.  [If the protesters have lost ‘Saturday Night Live,’ they’ve lost Middle America.]   5-7-24
  357. Education.  “The Post-Covid Truancy Epidemic.”  By Wm. A. Galston.  [Schools closed, then reopened, but many students still don’t attend regularly.]   5-8-24
  358. Education.  “Why I Ended the University of Chicago Protest Encampment.”  By Paul Anivisatos.  [Students demanded that we side against Israel, violating the core principle of institutional neutrality.]   5-8-24
  359. Education.  “Why I won’t Hire Law Clerks from Columbia.”  By Matthew Solomson.  [The reputational costs from our boycott ought to provoke some soul-searching at the school.]   5-9-24
  360. Education.  “The Columbia Protest Could Go to Court.”  [The custodians mobbed at Hamilton Hall might get a union lawsuit.]   5-10-24
  361. Education.  “Anti-Israel Protest and the ‘Signaling’ Problem.”  By Roland Fryer.  [The economic theory that explains the powerlessness and confusion of university administrators.]   5-10-24
  362. Education.  “Campus Protesters, Unmasked.”  [Anti-KKK laws are relevant against today’s antisemites.]  5-13-24



Issue Headlines

Jan. 2022 “Exposing and Stopping Critical Race Theory:  A Judicial Watch Special Report.”