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Opinion Headlines

  1. PC Cowardice. “Sexual Predators and Politically Correct Cowardice.” By Brendan O’Neill 9-3-14
  2. PC. “How to Survive – and Maybe Enjoy – PC University” by Bari Weiss 8-27-14
  3. P.C. “It Isn’t Free Speech When Relevant Words Are Forbidden.” LTE. 11-14-14
  4. “Return of the Speech Police.” [In 2012 it was the IRS. This election watch the Justice Department.] 6-9-15
  5. LTE. “Speech Police, the First Amendment and ‘Dark’ Money” 6-17-15
  6. LTE. “Repeating Mistakes of History Without Knowing Them.” 6-18-15
  7. PC “The Central Inclusiveness Agency.” By Gabirel Schoenfeld. [CIA Director John Brennan says America’s top spies are not diverse enough, and he’s doing something about it.] [“…at a time when … is it really a good idea to ask the CIA to concentrate on achieving a 30% minority quota in the agency’s leadership ranks?…”] 7-3-15
  8. LTE. “Emotional Sensitivity Is Clearly Getting Out of Hand.” 7-1-15
  9. P.C. “The Crime of Disagreement.” [The herd of independent academics panics over Heather MacDonald.] 7-17-15
  10. P.C. “Goodbye, Speech Police.” [Wisconsin’s campaign finance regulator is headed for extinction.] 11-20-15
  11. P.C. “Paris Climate of Conformity.” [It pays to be skeptical of politicians who claim to be saving the planet.] 12-14-15
  12. P.C. ISIS. “Denying the Obvious About Islamist Terror.” By Dorothy Rabinowitz. [After another ISIS-inspired shooting, Philadelphia’s mayor joins the chorus: It’s not about religion, no sir.] 1-12-16
  13. P.C. LTE. “The PC Orcs Lay Siege to Our Civilization.”   1-14-16
  14. P.C. LTE. “Islamist Terror, PC and Protecting Innocents.” 1-19-16
  15. P.C. “Obama’s Transgender ‘Guidance.” [The White House starts another culture war to drive liberal turnout.]  5-17-16
  16. P.C.  LTE. “Obama’s Big Transgender Restroom Diversion.” 5-21-16
  17. P.C.“Why We’re Suing Over Obama’s Transgender Power Play.” By Scott Pruitt. [Is your nontransgender young daughter made to feel unsafe?  The president says:  Too bad, get used to it.]  6-1-16
  18. P.C. LTE. “Do We Want to Regulate Personal Pronouns?” 9-27-16
  19. P.C. “The P.C. Police Outlaw Make-Believe.”  By Bari Weiss.  [“…delivered the ultimate macroaggression…She spoke the truth…”]  10-3-16
  20. P.C. “Hey, What’s With the White Cane?”  by Jim Knipfel.  [Honest depictions of disabled people have vanished from popular culture.]  10-12-16
  21. P.C. “How a Gawker-Affiliated Website Made ESPN Politically Correct.”  By Jason Whitlock.  [Deadspin ended the sports network’s frat-boy culture, but also infused it with a deadening ideology.]  5-8-17
  22. PC.  “Memo to a Google Engineer.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Hey, shut up, Google is fighting the diversity furies and you’re not helping.]  8-9-17
  23. PC.  “Google’s Diversity Problems.”  [Progressive cultural taboos have migrated from campus to business.]  8-9-17
  24. PC.  “The Diversity Paradox:” 8-10-17.  “Notable & Quotable: The ‘Diversity Paradox”  (Evolutionary psychologist Geofrey Miller in “The Google Memo:  Four Scientists Respond,” Quillette.com, Aug.7):  “For what it‘s worth, I think that almost all of the Google memo’s empirical claims are scientifically accurate. Moreover, they are stated quite carefully and dispassionately.  Its key claims about sex differences are especially well-supported by large volumes of research across species, cultures, and history… Here, I just want to take a step back from the memo controversy, to highlight a paradox at the heart to  the ‘equality and diversity’ dogma that dominates American corporate life.  The memo didn’t address this paradox directly, but I think it’s implicit in the author’s critique of Google’s diversity programs.  This dogma relies on two core assumptions:  > The human sexes and races have exactly the same minds, with precisely identical distribution of traits, aptitudes, interests, and motivations;  therefore , any inequalities of outcome in hiring and promotion must be due to systemic sexism and racism;  > The human sexes and races have such radically different minds, backgrounds, perspectives, and insight, that companies must increase their demographic diversity in order to be competitive;  any lack of demographic diversity must be due to short-sighted management that favors groupthink.  The obvious problem is that these two core assumptions are diametrically opposed.
  25. PC.  LTE.  “Was Google Being Evil in Firing Mr. Damore?” 8-12-17
  26. PC. “Don’t Even Think About Being Evil.” By Heather Mac Donald. [Corporate America has managed to make higher education look like an open marketplace of ideas.] 8-15-17
  27. PC. “Is There a ‘Hispanic Perspective’ on Historical Banana Cultivation?” by Charles L. Geshekter.   [Diverse classrooms are livelier, we’re told, but most students don’t know enough for it to matter.] 8-22-17
  28. PC. “The Boy-Girl Scouts of America.” [The Scouts open their ranks to girls without going gender neutral.] 10-12-17
  29. PC. “Hail to the …Manager?” by Michael Taube. [An English Canadian ban on the French-derived word ‘chief.’]  10-20-17
  30. PC. LTE. “The boy Scouts Move Their Camp Over Gender.” 10-20-17
  31. PC. “There’s No Virtue in Joining an Angry Mob.” By Paula Marantz Cohen. [Harvey Weinstein’s actions were egregious.  But high-minded outrage poses dangers of its own.]  10-20-17
  32. PC.  “Don’t Let Your Girls Become Boy Scouts.” By Davia Temin.  [The BSA’s new co-ed policy isn’t an advance – it’s an attempt at a hostile takeover.]  10-25-17
  33. PC.  “A Million-Dollar Mistake.” [A defensive GOP flirts with raising the top income-tax rate.] 10-28-17
  34. PC.  “The PC Police Can’t Ruin Thanksgiving.” By Melanie Kirkpatrick. [One professor suggests a new ‘Day of Atonement’ instead.  But that’ll never happen – thankfully.]  11-22-17
  35. P.C. “California’s Political Fires.”  [The state’s wildfires are overwhelming its anticarbon pieties.”  12-23-17
  36. PC.  “’White-Informed Civility’ Is the Latest Targe in the Campus Wars.” By Steve Salerno.  [The rules of collegiate debate are also coming under attack as racist and patriarchal.]  1-3-18
  37. “OK Google, You’ve Been Served.” By Allysia Finley. [The company may find its political monoculture hard to defend under California labor law.] 1-16-18
  38. “Of Furries and Fascism.” By Holman W. Jenkins. [Google lets politics in the door and discovers it only breeds intolerance.” 1-17-18
  39. “New York’s Columbus Escapes a Toppling.” By Jakki Kerubo. [My native Kenya tore down colonial statures. It was a mistake.] 1-17-18
  40. “A Brief History of Idol-Smashers, From Moses to de Blasio.” By James Panero. [“…in our hyperdigital present, public monuments stand as a tangible connection to the ideas of the past”] 1-20-18
  41. P.C. “Churchill Wasn’t ‘Over the Hill’ in 1940.” By Paul Irving . [His example should prompt us to question ageist assumptions.] 3-5-18
  42. P.C. “White Privilege for White Coats.” [Australia’s nurses and midwives get a new PC code of conduct.] 3-31-18
  43. P.C. “The Pitchforks Are Out for McKinley.” By Karl Rove. [Even though the first modern president fought against racial and religious bigotry.] 4-5-18
  44. P.C. Globalism. “The Haves And Have-Nots.” [Bookshelf by Howard W. French.] “Us vs. Them.” By Ian Bremmer. [Spurred by the backlash against globalization, a foreign-affairs commentator offers a dark prognosis for the world and the future.] 4-24-18
  45. PC  “Andrew Cuomo’s Wind Farm Won’t Fly Without Fracking.” By Robert Bryce [New York’s governor touts turbines while closing a nuclear plant. To fill the gap? Natural gas.] 5-19-18
  46. PC. “Suffer the Little Children.” [Philadelphia sacrifices Catholic foster services to identity politics.] 5-23-18 (“…Philadelphia is penalizing Catholic Social Service because its beliefs about marriage don’t mesh with progressive cultural values…] 5-23-18
  47. PC. “Would You Like Some Strife With Your Meal?” by Andy Ngo. [Portland, Ore., was foodie paradise. Then the social-justice warriors ruined it.] 6-1-18
  48. PC. “Conversion Therapy Isn’t the Cure for ‘Toxic Masculinity.’” [Doctors once regarded homosexuality and ‘female problems’ as diseases. The reverse is no better.] 6-2-18
  49. PC. “Quotas for Male Democrats.” [“…the Democratic State committee’s gender-equity rule functioned as an affirmative-action program, working to the benefit of weaker male candidates…”] 6-5-18
  50. PC. “Discrimination Law Isn’t Supposed to ‘Punish the Wicked.’” By Ryan T. Anderson. [The antireligious ‘animus’ Justice Kenney rejected is common among culture warriors of the left.] 6-7-18
  51. PC.  “Jack Dorsey Chickens Out.” [The Twitter CEO regrets eating a politically incorrect sandwich.] 6-12-18
  52. PC.  “Canada Attacks Religious Freedom.” By Bob Kuhn. [We tried to open a law school that upholds Christian values. That’s not allowed.] 6-22-18
  53. PC.  “’Little House’ Has Been Condemned.” By Michael Taube. [A library association erases Laura Ingalls Wilder from history.] 7-5-18
  54. PC.  “Intersectional Bookstore Comes to a Dead End.” [Portland’s In Other Words attributes its own demise to ‘patriarchy,’ ‘capitalism’ and ‘white supremacy.’] 7-6-18
  55. PC.  “A Social-Justice Mob Takes Montreal.” By Elliot Kaufman. [A theater yields to the philistines and shuts down a critically acclaimed musical about slavery.] 7-7-18
  56. PC.  “An Online Mob’s Faulty Transmission.”  By Andy Ngo.  [Total Performance Torque Converters didn’t depict Trump being beheaded.]  7-24-18
  57. PC.  “Toppling a Statue North Of the Border.”  By Elliot Kaufman.  [The City of Victoria takes down a monument to John A. Macdonald, Canada’s George Washington.]  8-14-18
  58. PC.  “The Transgender Language War.”  By Abigail Shrier.  [California threatens to jail health workers who refuse to use ‘preferred’ pronouns.]  8-30-18
  59. PC.  “Megyn Kelly, Elizabeth Warren and PC Power.”  By Holman W Jenkins, Jr. [Why playing race and gender ‘gotcha’ is mostly a preoccupation of educated, affluent whites.]  10-27-18
  60. P.C. “How to Read ‘Body” Language.”  By Matthew Hennessey.  [The left adopts an odd dysphemism for human beings.]  11-16-18
  61. P.C.  “The Speech Police Come for Tucker Carlson.”  By Bubba Clem.  [Like Lenny Bruce the Fox News host is the target of an organized effort at suppression.]  3-14-19
  62. PC.  “Who Watches the ‘Hate’ Watchers?”  [The Southern Poverty Law Center’s recent turmoil is a sad irony.]  3-28-19
  63. P.C.  “The Canadians Who didn’t Say ‘Sorry.’”  [The Indigenous Music Awards stand up to social-justice critics.]  4-13-19
  64. PC.  “Embarrassment of the Yankees.” [So now even Kate Smith’s ‘God bless America’ is offensive.]  4-20-19
  65. PC.  “God Bless Kate Smith.”  By Danny Heitman.  [She wasn’t perfect but shouldn’t be declared persona non grata.]  4-23-19
  66. PC.  “How to Weaponize an Existential Threat.”  By Joseph Epstein.  [I have problems – not ‘issues’ – with the vogue words of today.]  4-29-19
  67. PC.  Big Govt.  “Racial Spoils in Washington State.” [“…Washington State legislators…voting to restore racial and gender preferences in state government.]  5-6-19
  68. P.C.  “Would You Like Guilt With Your Latte?”  by Allysia Finley  [You can feel good about drinking $5 coffee as long as you feel bad about it.]  5-28-19
  69. P.C. “Sign of the Sexist Apocalypse.”  [The U.N. finds that Siri and Alexa are tools of male oppression.]  5-30-19
  70. P.C. “A Connecticut Girl Challenges Male Domination of Female Sports.” By Madeleine Kearns. [Selina Soule, 16, says letting boys compete as girls violates Title IX’s ban on discrimination.] 7-12-19
  71. PC. “Identity Politics and ‘The Little Mermaid.’” [For once, the PC police discover that artistic talent trumps race] 7-16-19
  72. PC. “What Were Robespierre’s Pronouns?” by Peggy Noonan. [The French Revolution was led by sociopaths who politicized language, much like today’s Jacobins.] 7-27-19
  73. PC. “What Would We Do without the Word ‘Racism.’?” By Joseph Epstein. [The term became pervasive only after discrimination was banned and blacks made significant progress.] 8-3-19
  74. PC. “The Stakeholder’ CEOs.” [Executives who abandon shareholders won’t appease the socialists.] 8-20-19
  75. PC. “Milton Friedman on CEOs.” [“…Nearly 50 years ago, Friedman anticipated the CEOs of the Business Roundtable.”] 8-21-19
  76. PC. “Political Correctness Is Bad for Kids.” By Erica Komisar. [Liberals deny that traditional marriage is ideal for children.] 10-17-19
  77. PC. “Ken Fisher, Joe Biden and the Merciless Young.” By Abigail Shrier. [Sexism is only a pretext that allows one competitor to damage another while playing the hero.] 10-24-19
  78. PC.  “Political Correctness Claims a Tough Guy.” By Elliot Kaufman. [Hockey legend Don Cherry is fired, and Canadian elites cheer.] 11-13-19
  79. PC.  “Chick-fil-A Concedes.” [Under political pressure, the chicken chain cuts off the Salvation Army.] 11-20-19
  80. PC. “A Holiday Micro-Aggression.” [Nowadays a spin-bike ad is sexist exploitation.] 12-5-19
  81. PC “Achieving Quantum Wokeness.” [Political correctness barges into a computer science breakthrough.] 12-17-19
  82. PC ‘People of Color’ Came Out of the Blue.” By Jonathan Kolatch. [The ‘Latinos’ of Uruguay and Argentina are almost as white as the Democratic presidential debate.] 12-19-19
  83. PC  “’Hate Crime’ Is Only a Step Away From Thoughtcrime.” By Myron Magnet. [Punishing people, even criminals, for ideas is inimical to the American tradition of free speech.]   1-2-20
  84. PC  “’Cancel Culture’ Comes to Science.” By Peter W. Wood. [A scholar with an agenda targets as ‘dangerous’ our conference on filtering out faulty research.] 1-11-20
  85. PC.  “Judicial Political Mischief.” [A Codes of Conduct committee may bar judges from the Federalist Society.] 1-22-20
  86. PC. “Time to Stop the ‘Doomsday Clock.’” By Lawrence M. Krauss. [‘Atomic scientists’ have no special authority when they opine on politics or military strategy.] 1-23-20
  87. PC “More Judicial political mischief.” [A tale of two legal groups on court nominees and politics.] 1-24-20
  88. PC. “Goldman Sachs to Native Alaskans: Drop Dead.” [The bank claims to value ‘stakeholder engagement’ but dropped Arctic drilling without consulting us. ] 1-25-20
  89. PC. “Goldman Sachs Gets Half Woke.” “The firm will boycott companies with all-male boards – in some places.] 1-25-20
  90. PC.  “Happy Chinese New Year – Now Please Appropriate My Culture.” [by Helen Raleigh. [ So-called progressives demand we freeze our lives at an arbitrary moment in historical time.] 1-25-20
  91. PC. “Shut Up, They Advised.” By David R. Rivkin Jr. and Andrew M. Grossman. [A committee on judicial standards ignores the Constitution to rule against the Federalist Society.] 2-4-20
  92. PC.  “Drain the Swamp of Ugly Architecture.” By Myron Magnet. [Trump plans a welcome executive order requiring federal buildings to be built in the classical style.] 2-7-20
  93. PC.  “Prada and the New Fashion Police.” [A legal settlement threatens designers’ artistic expression.] 2-8-20
  94. PC.  “The Dangerous Denial of Sex.” By Colin M Wright and Emma N. Hilton. [Transgender ideology harms women, gays – and especially feminine boys and masculine girls.] 2-14-20
  95. PC.  “George Washington’s Birthday and the Battle for History.” By Michael Pillsberry. [Rangers giving tours go off script about the American Revolution. Time to rein in the Park Service.] 2-15-20
  96. PC.  “Democrats Make Bloomberg Their PC Punching Bag.” By Joseph Epstein. [But it seems a dubious way of getting votes. How many American voters subscribe to political correctness?”]   2-26-20
  97. PC.  “Conformity Rebranded.” (Bookshelf by Barton Swaim.) “On Diversity.” By Russell Jacoby. [Are we becoming more and more like one another? If so. We need a clearer idea of what we mean by ‘diversity.’] 3-3-20
  98. PC.  “Notable & Quotable: Dr. King.”  [From Martin Luther King  Jr.’s “Letter From a Birmingham Jail,” April 16, 1963.  This month, the UCLA Political Science Department referred lecturer W. Ajax Peris to the university’s Discrimination Prevention Office after he read the letter, in which Dr. King referred twice to the n-word, in class.]   6-25-20
  99. PC.  “I Cited Their Study, So They Disavowed It.” By Heather MacDonald. [“…Political consensus will drive scholarship, and not the reverse…”  7-9-20
  100. PC.  “The Goya Paranoia.” [A CEO refuses to apologize for his words at the White House.]   7-13-20
  101. PC.  “The Ideological Corruption of Science.” By Lawrence Krauss.  [In American laboratories and universities, the spirit of Trofim Lysenko has suddenly been woke.]   7-13-20
  102. PC.  “Democracy Dies in Darkness, but Don’t Blame Trump.” By Gerald Baker.  [His enemies warned there would be an all-out assault on freedom of speech.  Then they launched one.]  7-14-20
  103. PC.  “’Hamilton’ Loses Its Snob Appeal.” By rob Henderson.  [Political correctness is a barrier to keep the working class from becoming upwardly mobile.]   7-15-20
  104. PC.“Oh Yes, Ban the Redskins.” By Daniel Henninger.  [I give up.  It’s time to ditch a lot of really terrible sports-team names.  I have a list.]  7-16-20
  105. PC.  “Some Students Want Me Fired for a Thought Experiment.” By Walter E. Block.  [Civilization’s progress depends on the freedom to express eccentric and provocative ideas.]   7-16-20
  106. PC.  “Self-Cancel Culture.” [An author withdraws her novel.  A trade magazine withdraws its report.]   7-18-20
  107. PC.  “Say it Ain’t So, Trader Joe’s.” [“…an online petition demanding that the grocer cancel its ethnic brands…”]   7-23-20
  108. PC. Education.  “The Price of Admission.”  (Bookshelf by Naomi Schacter Riley.)  “Who Gets In and Why.” By Jeffrey Selingo.  [Applicants are assigned numbers for their test scores, activities, levels of hardship, race, gender and much else.  The Calculation is complicated.]  9-16-20
  109. PC.  “Woke Science Is an Experiment Certain to Fail.” By Heather Mac Donald.  [Advancing knowledge, not imposing diversity, should be the goal of federal research funding.]   9-25-20
  110. PC. “The Cancel Mob Comes Back for More.” By Bruce Gilley.  [“Anticolonial’ ideologues bully another publisher into nixing one of my research projects.]  10-8-20
  111. PC. “The Silence of Pope Francis.” By Wm. McGurn.  [Hong Kong’s Jimmy Lai goes to jail – and his shepherd is missing in action.]   12-8-20
  112. PC.  “Science Eats its Own.” [A top journal retracts a study following a political outcry.]   12-24-20
  113. PC.  “Gender-Neutral Language Is More Than a Word Game.” By Jason L. Riley.  [Democratic speech police demand not only tolerance but endorsement of the progressive agenda.]   1-6-21
  114. PC.  “If Corporate Diversity works, Show Me the Money.”  By Arthur Levitt Jr.  [Nasdaq wants to mandate wider representation on its companies’ boards but has little proof of the benefits.]   1-21-21
  115. PC.  “Joe Biden’s First Day Began the End of Girls’ Sports.” By Abigail Shrier.  [An executive order rigs competition by requiring that biological boys be allowed to compete.]   1-23-21
  116. PC.  “America, It’s Time for ‘Unity’ – or Else.”  By Gerard Baker.  [If you were an enthusiastic Donald Trump supporter, are you ready to enter a re-education program?]   1-26-21P.C.  “The Next Cancellation Target:  Dr. Seuss.”  By Michael Saltsman.  [Public schools have increasingly ‘moved away’ from the storied children’s author.]   3-2-21
  117. PC.  LTE. “Who’ll Be Left After the Seuss Cancellation?”   3-9-21
  118. PC.  “Submission Is on Exhibit at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.” By Daniel Lee.  [A progressive cultural institution issues a groveling mea culpa for a poorly worded job posting.]  3-13-21
  119. PC.  “Dr. Seuss, Meet the Sanitized Sleuths Known as the Hardy Boys.” By Marilyn Greenwald.  [The detective novels got a rewrite in 1959.  Was it a needed scrubbing or a sign of cancel culture?]   3-13-21
  120. P.C. “Cancelling the Comics.”  By Michael Taube.  [“…to banish the Mallard Fillmore strip… (a character said:) “For too long, segregation sullied women’s sports…They were restricted to women…”]   3-18-21
  121. PC.  “Nasdaq’s Wish Is the U.K.’s Command.” (Re: corporate board diversity.) 3-20-21
  122. PC.  “Deconstruction Identity and the Dying Art of Criticism.” By James Campbell.  [Understanding literature was once a common cultural pursuit.  Now it’s about political power.]   3-20-21
  123. PC.  “The Equality Act Is at War With Reality.” By Margaret Harper McCarthy.  [Every child knows the difference between mom and dad.  Congress seeks to outlaw the distinction.]  3-31-21
  124. PC.   “NASDAQ’s Boardroom Diversity Push Isn’t Evidence-Based.” By C. Boyden Gray and Jonathan Berry.  [The stock exchange cherry-picks studies to show a positive effect on firm performance.]   4-30-21
  125. PC.   “Mass Hysteria for $2,000.” ]What is the reaction to a Jeopardy! Contestant’s innocent hand gesture?]   5-3-21
  126. PC.   “Male Inmates in Women’s Prisons.” By Abigail Shrier.  [If Congress passes the Equality Act, California’s dangerous policy would go nationwide.]   6-1-21
  127. P.C.  “The NIH’s Diversity Obsession Subverts Science.”  By Heather MacDonald. [A project to understand the brain becomes a futile effort to make up for educational disparities.]   7-1-21
  128. P.C.  “Cleveland Drops the Ball.”  [[Cleveland Indians baseball team changes its name to Cleveland Guardians.]]   7-26-21
  129. P.C.  “Great Art Doesn’t Care About Fairness, Equality or Identity.”  By James Campbell.  [On or about October 2015, human character changed.  Inclusion trumped quality.]  9-25-21
  130. P.C.  “Let’s Table the Word ‘Server.’”  By Gregg Opelka.  [For decades we called them waiters and waitresses.  Then one day it all changed]  9-28-21
  131. P.C. “The ACLU Decides ‘Woman’ Is a Bad Word.”  By Nicole Ault.  [The group bowdlerizes a Ruth Bader Ginsburg quote to refer to a ‘person’s’ pregnancy.]   10-4-21
  132. P.C.  “The Word ‘Beggar’ Gets a Bum Rap.”  By Stephen Miller.  [Friends wrote me to say ‘panhandler’ is the preferred term.]   10-12-21
  133. P.C.  “Let’s Turn Off the Olympics.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Political correctness is alive in Xi’s China, but is losing support in the United States.]   2-10-22
  134. P.C.  “The Pentagon’s Political Priorities.”  [Sleep well tonight.  The U.S. Army has plans to defeat climate change.]  2-12-22P.C.  “The Law firm that got Tired of Winng.”  By Paul Clement and Erin Murphy.  [After our Supreme Court victory, we were told to ditch our clients or leave.]   6-25-22
  135. P.C. “How Your Retirement Account Got Politicized.”  (The Weekend Interview with Vivek Ramaswamy by James Taranto.  [BlackRock and other giant firms use your money to advance ideas you may not agree with, even if you own index funds.  An alternative has arrived on the market.]   8-13-22
  136. P.C.  “When Accurate Data Are ‘Bad Pr.”  By Robert Bryce  [BP considers ending its statistical review because it makes greens look bad.]  12-7-22
  137. P.C.   “The Stanford Guide to Acceptable Words.”  [Behold the school’s Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative.]   12-20-22
  138. “Virginia Tech’s Bias Response Team.” [A Fourth Circuit dissent is a signal flare for the Supreme Court.]      6-12-23

Issue Headlines

PC.   Education. Wall Street Journal, 5-7-16, p. A3 “Harvard Will Restrict Club Members’ Duties.” [“…The policy barring students from holding leadership positions in official groups while being members of what the school calls “unrecognized, single-gender social organizations: also applies to fraternities and sororities. Students also won’t receive the dean’s endorsements for elite scholarships and fellowships if they are found to be members of the groups…”]

PC.  Race. “Hard Truths about Race on Campus. Wall Street Journal, 5-7-16, “Review Section:”  [After recent protests, universities are scrambling to expand diversity programs that will only heighten tensions. There are better paths to racial justice in higher education.]

PC.  Bathrooms. Wall Street Journal, 5-10-16, p.A1: “State-Federal Battle Over Bathroom Law.” [“…whether the 1964 Civil Rights Act protects transgender people…”]

P.C. “Federal Moves Fuel Transgender Debate.” Subhead: Extension of antibias protections comes amid fight over North Carolina bathroom law. Photo caption: “Two people walk past an ‘all gender’ bathroom sign at San Diego International airport in California last month.” Wall Street Journal, Saturday, May 14, 2016, p.A3

P.C. Drudgereport.com 5-9-17

Oregon On Track To Have No Gender on Driver’s Licenses…


P.C. Drudgereport.com 5-24-17

Villains in New Video Game White Christian Right-Wing Extremists…


P.C. Drudgereport.com 6-2-17

Bill Maher’s N-Word Draws Outrage: ‘I’m a House N—er’…


Drudgereport.com 8-23-17

ESPN president defends pulling ‘Robert Lee’ from football coverage…



P.C.  Drudgereport.com.  8-30-17

Los Angeles replaces Columbus Day on calendar…



P.C.   Drudgereport.com.  8-30-17

Los Angeles replaces Columbus Day on calendar…




PC Drudgereport.com 11-4-17

College Paper Fires Writer Who Called White DNA ‘An Abomination’…


P.C.  Drudgereport.com 11-30-17

University highlights 14 ways ‘whiteness’ oppresses society…


PC   Anchorage voters first in the nation to reject bathroom bill… Drudgereport.com 4-12-18

Voters in Alaska’s largest city have become the first in the U.S. to defeat a so-called bathroom bill referendum that asked them to require people to use public bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender at birth.



PC  Drudgereport.com  5-9-18

Christian fury at Met Gala’s ‘blasphemous’ Catholic theme…

Cardinal Dolan Loaned Rihanna Pope Hat…

Flesh-flashing celebs mock religion…


PC.  Drudgereport.com 5-16-18

No-whites-allowed ‘Day of Absence’ lives on despite uproar at college…



PC.  Drudgereport.com 6-1-18

Tommy Robinson Drew Attention to ‘Grooming Gangs.’ Britain Has Persecuted Him…

Tommy Robinson Drew Attention to ‘Grooming Gangs.’ Britain Has Persecuted Him.


PC California. Drudgereport.com 7-19-18

Masked Protesters Hurl Feces At Pro-Trump Coffee Shop…





Nasdaq’s Board-Diversity Proposal Wins SEC Approval

Alexander Osipovich

August 6, 2021 03:48 pm ET

Nasdaq’s push for greater diversity in corporate boards cleared a key hurdle, as regulators approved the exchange operator’s proposal to include gender and race in its listing rules.

Appeared in the Aug 07, 2021 , print edition as ‘SEC Permits New Nasdaq Listing Rule On Diversity’


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