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  1. France. “The Gallic Shrug on an Epic Scale.” [Reform won’t happen if the French keep electing status-quo candidates.] by John Vinocur. 9-24-14
  2. France. “Notaries Public to the Barricades.” […but the status quo…can’t persist. overprotecting, we end up protecting nothing.] 12-13-14
  3. France. “Packing Time for France’s Jews.” By Bret Stephens. [The Fifth Republic has been a good home for Jews. A Sixth Republic may not be so hospitable.] 1-20-15
  4. France. LTE. “French National Front Is No Answer.” 1-24-15
  5. France. LTE. “Time for France’s Jews to Flee or Stay and Persevere?” 1-27-15
  6. France. NATO. “France Leads From the Front.” [The U..S. should support Hollande if he triggers NATO Article 5.] 11-19-15
  7. France. LTE. “Paris Attacks and Response to Islamist Terror.”  11-19-15
  8. France. “The Attack in France.” [Islamic State claims responsibility three days before an election.] 4-21-17
  9. France. “France’s Stark Choice.” [Macron vs. Le Pen reveals the French nationalist divide.] 4-24-17
  10. France. “Macron Is Mightier Than Le Pen, but Will His Reforms Stick?”  by Joseph C. Sternberg.  [There’s an elite consensus for change.  Like Thatcher and Reagan, he’ll have to forge a popular one.]  4-28-17
  11. France. “Macron’s Pyrrhic Win?”  by Francesco Ronchi.  [An inward-looking France looks set to elect a new pro-globalist president.]  5-4-17
  12. France. “Le Pen, Melenchon and the French Illusions That Die Hard.  By Sohrab Ahmari.  [Free markets and ‘globalists’ didn’t wreck France’s economy.  The political class did.]  5-5-17
  13. France. “Europe’s French Reprieve.”  [Macron beats Le Pen, but without growth the extremes will be back.]  5-8-17
  14. France. “Taking Liberties with France.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Macron inherits a nation lacking in both religious and economic freedom.]  5-9-17
  15. France. “France Is Ripe for Rebirth.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The liberal national-state is history’s best model.  Can Trump and Macron revive it?]  5-10-17
  16. France. “Where Has All the French Talent Gone?”  by Philip Delves Broughton.  [The young decamped to London, as brain drain helped clear the way for Macron’s rise to power.]  5-12-17
  17. France. “Has France Found Its Ronald Reagan?” by Walter Russell Mead.  [Emmanuel Macron will have to take on a reform-resistant French economy.]  6-6-2017
  18. France. “Macron’s Test for France.” [If he can’t fix the economy, can anyone? Do voters want him to ?] 8-25-17
  19. France. “French Labor Liberation Day.”  [Macron has seized the initiative on reform.  Can he persevere?]  9-2-17
  20. France. “Macron’s Polling Revival.” [Could free-market reform actually be popular in France?]  12-12-17
  21. France. “Macron’s Biggest Reform Test.” [“…Mr. Macron has taken an enormous political risk by choosing to tackle the railways now…”] 3-23-18
  22. France. “Macron’s Next Good Fight.” [Now he’s moving to shift France’s attitude to welfare and work.] 6-22-18
  23. France.  “The March of Macron.”  (Bookshelf by Philip Delves Broughton.)  “Revolution Francaise.”  By Sophie Pedder.  [In the span of one year, Macron created his own political party, took out his rivals on the left an the right, and became president of France.]  8-13-18
  24. France.  “Macron’s Faux Pas on Nationalism.”  By Walter Russell Mead. [Western Europe mistakes its lessons from World War I for universal truths.]  11-13-18
  25. France.  “Macron and the Yellow Vests.”  [A fuel tax increase is eroding his popularity and jeopardizing reform.]  11-20-18
  26. France.  “Vive Le Nationalisme!”  by Walter Russell Mead.  [macron’s ambitious agenda clashes with Germany’s pursuit of its own self-interest.]  12-4-18
  27. France.  “Macron’s Climate Plan B.”  [Donald Trump’s warning to the Frenchman is looking prescient.]  12-5-18
  28. France.  “All the Taxes in France.”  [Even before the fuel tax, France had the highest burden in the West.]  12-8-18
  29. France. “Macron’s Salvage Operation.”  [The French President admits his mistake and tries a populist touch.]  12-12-18
  30. France. “Why Macron Wants to Tax America first.” By Joseph C. Sternberg. [He targets U.S. companies because he’s already taken as much as he can from the French middle class.] 7-19-19
  31. France.  “Emmanuel Macron’s French Squeeze.”  [Marine Le Pen’s surge raises the stakes for Europe’s Russia Policy.]   4-11-22
  32. France.  “Macron, the Establishment’s Savior, Suddenly Looks Vulnerable.”  By Gerard Baker.  [Five years ago, he was the antidote to Brexit and Trump.  Now he’s running even with Marine Le Pen.]   4-12-22
  33. France.  “Has France’s Populist Moment Arrived?”  by Adam O’Neal.  [Probably not, although nationalist Marine Le Pen has never been so close to winning the presidency.]   4-21-22
  34. France.  “Emmanuel Macron’s Second chance.:” [Will he tack to the left or listen to his economic liberalizing instincts?]   4-25-22
  35. France.  “France’s Center Holds  – for Now.”  By Wm A. Galston. [Despite Macron’s win, the political fringes made huge gains in the 2022 election.]   4-27-22

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France. Wall Street Journal.  4-22-17 P. C1:  “Le Divorce.” By Christopher Caldwell.  [Frexit looms over a tight race.]

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