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  1. Marijuana as a Therapeutic Agent LTE   7-12-14
  2. Marijuana. “Legal Pot Is a Public Health Menace” by Wm. Bennett and Robt. White   8-14-14
  3. Marijuana. “New York Does Medical Marijuana Right” by Steven Patierno 7-8-14
  4. Marijuana. LTE. “Pot Is Becoming Legal, but Watch Those Evil Cupcakes.” 8-9-14
  5. Marijuana. “Federal Antidrug Law Goes Up in Smoke.” By David R. Rivkin Jr., et. al. [Irate about harmful spillover from Colorado’s marijuana legalization, two neighboring states sue to overturn it.] 12-29-14
  6. Marijuana. LTE. “The Feds, the States and the Controlled Substances Act.” 1-12-15
  7. Marijuana. LTE. “The Other Feds and Marijuana Use.” 1-20-15
  8. Marijuana. LTE. “No Wonder Federal Courts Have Such a Massive Backlog.” 4-24-15
  9. Marijuana. LTE “War on Drugs Harder Than Fighting Tobacco.” 2-17-16
  10. Marijuana. “California’s Affirmative Action for ‘Marijuana Entrepreneurs.’” By Jason L. Riley. [Los Angeles, Oakland and other cities create ‘equity programs’ to help minority ex-cons get into legal pot.] 1-10-18
  11. Marijuana. “The Other Green Revolution.” (Bookshelf: by Bryan Burrough) “Grass Roots.” By Emily Dufton. [After Oregon became the first state to decriminalize pot, others quickly followed suit. But then came the ‘Just say No’ movement.] 1-11-18

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