(See Jihadists, here.)

  1. Terrorism.  “Lessons of an Antiterror Success.”  [Good thing Trump didn’t go through with pulling out of Syria..]   2-4-22
  2. Terrorists.  “Al Qaeda’s Lenin Is Finally Gone.”  By Richard Miniter.  [America’s killing of Ayman al-Zawahiri is its biggest antiterror victory in years.]   8-4-22
  3. Terrorists.  “Dostoevsky Knew:  It Can Happen Here.:  by Gary Saul Morson.  [Some people who cheer atrocities would surely be capable of committing them given an opportunity.]   10-19-23
  4. Terrorists.  “Blocking The Road Is Civil Terrorism.” [Terrorism and disruptive protests prey on law-abiding citizens to achieve their political goals.]   1-11-24
  5. Terrorists.  “The bitter Choices in Fighting Terrorism.”  By  Walter Russell Mead.  [Leaders must measure the demands of compassion against the needs of strategy.]   3-26-24
  6. Terrorists.  “A Homeland Warning About ISIS-K.”  4-1-24
  7. Terrorists.  ‘A Terrorist Warning From the FBI.” [Director Wray says multiple security risks are hitting at once.]   4-12-24