Opinion Headlines

  1. China – “Big Banks Kowtow to Beijing” 6-23-14
  2. China  “Economists Question Beijing’s Stimulus Habit” 7-17-2014
  3. China  “Xi Jinping and Mao’s Playbook”  [… doesn’t signal a new Communist Party]  7-10-14
  4. China “China’s Arrival Complicates U.S. – Led Drills”  [training with rivals in Pacific] 7-17-2014
  5. China Plays the South Korea Card [President Xi’s trip to Seoul…to isolate Japan..]   7-11-14
  6. China Tests U.S. Military Ties.  Beijing Seeks More Access to Aircraft Carriers…  7-22-14
  7. China.  “Beijing  vs. Foreign Capitalist Roaders.”  [China uses antitrust as an instrument …] 8-15-14
  8. China.  Buyers and Brands Beware in China. [The … realities behind the latest tainted food …] 7-25-14
  9. China. “Beijing Gets Ugly in Hong Kong”  [Agents raid a… supporter of local democracy.] 8-29-14
  10. China’s Reckless Military.  [Beijing is testing the U.S. resolve to remain a Pacific power.] 8-28-14
  11. China-U.S. trade.  “A Win-Win Possibility for China-U.S. Trade” [Bilateral investment treaty talks…]  7-1-14
  12. China. Book review by Jeffrey Wasserstrom of “The Gang of Seven” by Kerry Brown 9-12-14
  13. Chinese Puzzle:  Reform or Growth? [Wall Street Journal,  Page A1, 9-16-14]
  14.  China’s Unhappy Rich. [So why are the country’s elites running for the exits?] 9-17-14
  15. China. “Alibaba’s Political Risk.” [The IPO is a business triumph, but Beijin’s blessing can be fleeting.] . 9-19-14
  16. China Invites More Uighur Unrest. 9-24-14
  17. China. “Chicago Teaches Beijing a Lesson.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. […Beijing’s propaganda presence on campuses.] 9-29-14
  18. China. Hong Kong’s Democratic Awakening. [The government cracks down on peaceful student protesters.]   9-29-14
  19. China. “Heading Off a Tiananmen Massacre in Hong Kong.” By Yang Jianli and Hu Jia. [Tear gas and pepper spray hint at worse to come. The White House must issue a clear warning to Beijing.] 9-30-14
  20. China. Hong Kong. What’s at Stake in Hong Kong. [It’s people want democracy as a defense against Beijing’s values.]   10-2-2014
  21. China. “Hong Kong’s Billionaire Democrat.” [Jimmy Lai] By Hugo Restall. [Despite threats and smears from Beijing, the media owner talks about his support for student protesters and why they might succeed.]   10-4-14
  22. China. “Keep Hong Kong’s Window Open.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [Journalists covering the protests include some who have been expelled from China amid crackdowns.]   10-6-14
  23. China. “Choosing Time in Hong Kong.” [A violent crackdown will show the ugly face of Communist rule.]   10-6-14
  24. Hong Kong Pops the China Bubble. By Bret Stephens. [The protesters know that what’s hailed in the West as ‘the China dream’ is a hoax.]   10-7-14
  25. China. “The Unfinished Business of zero Hour in Hong Kong.” By David Feith. [Atj 4 a.m. no police had massed, and protesters were asleep. The end isn’t in sight, but life here has changed.]   10-8-2014
  26. China. “Lax U.S. Policy on Taiwan Invites a Face-Off With China.” By Paul Wolfowitz. [The re-emergence of cross-Strait tensions would threaten stability in East Asia in a fundamental way.] 10-10-14
  27. China. “The Number That Explains Hong Kong’s Upheaval.” By David Feith. [Off-color and packed with meaning, ‘689’ is a guide to the city’s present and future.] 10-14-14
  28. China. “Global Markets Catch the Chinese Flu.” By Ruchir Sharma. [The ill effects of Beijing’s borrowing and spending binge are rippling through the world economy.” 10-17-14
  29. China. Beijing’s Hong Kong Disinformation. By L. Gordon Crovitz. [Declassified records shop China always opposed democracy, even when Hong Kong was a colony.] 10-27-14
  30. China. “Chow Yun-Fat Beats Jackie Chan.” [Hong Kong issues…] 10-30-14
  31. China’s ‘Marshall Plan.” [Xi Jinping bids to take leadership away from the U.S.] 11-12-14.
  32. Immigration. “Obama’s Immigration Temptation.” [His executive order would make durable reform harder to pass.]   11-12-14
  33. China. “The Generations Meet to Fight for Democracy in Hong Kong.” By David Feith. [The men behind the biggest movement for Chinese self-government in 25 years.] 12-6-14
  34. China. “The U.S. Needs a Free-Trade Deal With China.” By Maurice R. Greenberg [The benefits? How about an extra $400 billion in American exports each year, and $100 billion in national income.]
  35. China. LTE. “China Trade Should Be Free-Market.” 12-29-14
  36. China. “Facebook and Beijing.” [Zuckerberg’s dilemma in dealing with Communist censors.] 1-2-15
  37. China. “The Chinese Empire’s Burning Peripheries.” By David Feith. [Crackdowns in Hong Kong and Xinjiang threaten Taiwan – and regional peace.] 1-8-15
  38. China. “Firebombing Hong Kong Democrats.” [Attacks on Jimmy Lai highlight the erosion of press freedom.] Jihadists. “French Disconnection.” [What the Paris no-show says about the Obama Administration.] 1-13-15
  39. China. “Fretting About the Yuan.” [Beijing again deserves credit for keeping its currency steady.] 2-24-15
  40. China. “ Panda Hugger Turned Slugger.” Book review by Howard W. French of “The Hundred-Year Marathon” by Michael Pillsbury. [Roe years, Pillsbury’s view fit the Washington consensus: China, with the help of the U.S., would become a peaceful power. No longer.] 2-27-15
  41. China. “Hong Kong Separation Anxiety.” [Beijing assails student democrats as revolutionaries.] 3-14-15
  42. China. LTE. “China May Be Heading for a Big Crackup, or Maybe Not.” By John Huntsman Jr. etal. 3-14-15
  43. China. “China Trounces U.S. ‘Smart Power.’ [A case study in declining American influence.] 3-21-15
  44. China. “China’s Best Bet: Doubling Down on Reform, Not Stimulus.” By Henry M. Paulson Jr. [Slowing growth isn’t a sign of disaster, but it also can’t be cured by pumping money. What’s needed is freedom.] 4-14-15
  45. China. Book review, “Eastern Approaches,” by Jeffrey Wasserstrom. “Dealing with China.” By Henry M. Paulson Jr. (Twelve, 427 pp, $32.00) [The author uses careful language that will not bother the Chinese censors unduly when they prepare the mainland edition of this book.] 4-20-15
  46. China. “Kaiser Xi’s Navy.” [China’s new military strategy is to push the U.S. out of East Asia.] 5-30-15
  47. China. “Poseidon Over the China Sea.” [The U.S. is right to resist China’s new territorial claims.] 5-23-15
  48. China. “How America Can Balance China’s Rising Power in Asia.” By Stephen Peter Rosen. [Beijing’s neighbors need about 25 years to catch up. The U.S. security umbrella will be crucial in the interim.] 6-2-15
  49. China. “The Chinese Have Your Numbers.” [The U.S. government gives up personal data secrets with barely a fight.] 6-8-15.
  50. China. “Comrade Xi’s Purge.” [“…The Zhou purge reveals how little rule of law there still is in China, and why this rising military power unconstrained by institutional checks and balances is such a potential threat to world order.”] 6-12-15
  51. China. “Blessed by Alibaba, Cursed by Beijing.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [“…news broke about Chinese cyberattacks against the U.S. government so outrageous they demand harsh retribution…”] [A giant online market for American goods. A huge cyber raid on U.S. government files.] 6-15-15
  52. China. LTE. “Rethinking Relations With a China Not in Our Image.” 6-20-15
  53. China. ‘U.S. – Dialogue Pays Dividends.” By Wang Yang. [Chinese companies’ direct U.S. investment since 2009 has increased fivefold, adding more than 80,000 jobs.] 6-22-15
  54. China. “Obama’s Cyber Meltdown.” [The Chinese attack on federal personnel files keeps getting worse.] 6-24-15
  55. China. “China’s Debt Bomb.” [“…China remains a developing economy…”] 6-29-15
  56. China. “As The Dalai Lama Turns 80, Tibet Still Suffers.” By Richard Gere and Nancy Pelosi. [The exiled leader teaches harmony, but China tries to banish his influence.] 7-6-15
  57. China. “China’s Stock Plunge Is Scarier Than Greece.” By Ruchir Sharma. [There are four basic signs of a bubble, and the Chinese stock market is on the extreme end of al four.] 7-8-15
  58. China. “Lessons of China’s Crash.” [Attempts to put a floor under prices are adding to the market panic.] 7-9-15
  59. China. Bookreview by David Feith. “They’re Just Not That Into Us.” “The China Challenge” by Thomas J. Christensen.” [China has plenty of strategic reasons to spurn liberal norms. Espionage and cybertheft are much cheaper than innovation.] 7-24-15
  60. China. “Beijing’s Crash Lessons.” [“With an unfortunate assist from government intervention, the Chinese stock-market crash in now in its fourth week…] 7-28-15
  61. China. “China’s Market-Intervention Folly.” By Burton G. Malkiel. [A retreat from economic reform is the prime obstacle to continued Chinese progress.] .] 7-28-15
  62. China. “Why China Will Still Reach Its Target Growth Rate.” By Mark A. DeWeaver. [The stock market crash won’t stop Beijing from shoveling trillions into wasteful local projects.] 7-31-15
  63. China. “What’s Chinese for TARP?” [An estimate that Beijing spent 10% of GDP to prop up stocks.] 8-7-15
  64. China. “China Wants to Dig the Nicaragua Canal.” By Mary Anastasia O’Grady. [The economics don’t add up, but the project serves both governments’ larger interests.] 8-10-15
  65. China. “China’s Devaluation Gambit.” [A move to liberalize currency controls, or a panicky bid to lift exports?] 9-12-15
  66. China. “China Declares Currency Independence.” By David Malpass. [Yuan devaluation is part of a shift away from the dollar bloc that has dominated Asia since World War II.] 8-15-15
  67. China. LTE. “U.S. Closer to China Than We Think.” 8-17-15
  68. China. “A Global Recession May Be Brewing in China.” By Ruchir Sharma. [Beijing’s desperate attempts to hit its arbitrary 7% growth target are having world-wide repercussions.] 8-17-15
  69. China. “China’s Economic Stress Test.” [Capital outflows are making it harder to sustain rapid growth.] 8-25-15
  70. China. “How My Presidency Would Deal With China.” By Marco Rubio. [Approaching Beijing on the basis of strength and example, not weakness and appeasement.] 8-28-15
  71. China. “The Usual Chinese Suspects.” [Buying shares didn’t work, so Beijing tries mass arrests.] 9-1-15
  72. China. “Beijing’s Martial Display” [China puts on a show of military power and nationalism.] 9-5-15
  73. China. LTE. “U.S. and China Must Work Out a Peaceful Cohabitation.”   9-5-15
  74. China. “Why Obama Won’t Stay at the Waldorf.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [Avoiding the Chinese owned hotel because of security concerns. Well, it’s a start.] 9-21-15
  75. China. “Welcome, President Xi.” By Jeffrey Herbst. [This week our building will showcase China’s growing crackdown on religion, the press and human rights.] 9-21-15
  76. China. “Xi’s Tech Battle in Seattle.” [Beijing is squeezing U.S. firms to turn over their intellectual property.] 9-22-15
  77. China. “China Must Stick to the Path of Economic Reform.” By Jacob J. Lew. [President Xi Jinping’s visit to the U.S. this week is the right time to reaffirm his country’s commitments.] 9-22-15
  78. China. America. “America for One Day.” By Bret Stephens. [What China’s beleaguered president could learn from his visit to the U.S.] 9-22-15
  79. China. “Beijing’s New World Order.” [China’s aggression requires a more forceful American response.] 9-25-15
  80. China. “The Obama-Xi Cyber Mirage.” [A digital arms deal that is full of promises but no enforcement.] 9-28-15
  81. China. LTE. Beware of Those Chinese ‘Great Leaps’ in Science.” 10-3-15
  82. China. “A 12-Mile South China Sea Test.” [The U.S. should begin joint patrols to challenge false Chinese claims.] 10-10-12
  83. China. “What Lies in the South China Sea.” By David Feith. [China’s claims rely on historical fiction and face an imminent challenge from the U.S. Navy.] 10-15-15
  84. China. “China’s New Two-Child Policy and the Fatal Conceit.” By Nicholas Eberstadt. [Even facing decline, the Communist Party enforces police-state birth control.] 10-30-15
  85. China. “The Graying of China.” [Facing a demographic crisis, Beijing abandons its one-child policy.] 10-30-15
  86. China. “China Censors Your Internet.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [Beijing thinks Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ is code for Tiananmen Square and must be blocked.]   11-2-15
  87. China. “China’s ‘Soft’ Power Exposed. By L. Gordon Crovitz. [More than a dozen U.S. radio stations turn out to be Beijing mouthpieces.] 11-9-15
  88. China. “Ending China’s Currency Manipulation.” By Donald J. Trump. [China’s de facto tariff on imported goods has cost the U.S. billions of dollars and millions of jobs.] 11-10-15
  89. China. LTE. “Now May Be a Bad Time for Convertible Yuan.” 11-13-15
  90. China. LTE. “Future of Taiwan and the People’s Republic.” 11-20-15
  91. China. “The Yuan and Chinese Reform.” [A freely traded currency would make the economy more competitive.] 12-1-15
  92. China. “China’s Climate Calculation.” [It uses the Paris talks to get credit for what it would do anyway.] 12-8-15
  93. China. “Alibaba Bets Big on Hong Kong.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [Buying the newspaper is one thing, staying free of Beijing’s influence another.] 12-14-15
  94. China. “Beijing Frees a Lawyer.” [A sign that foreign pressure can help political prisoners.] 12-23-15
  95. China. “China’s Man-Made Disasters.” [Only democratic accountability can reduce the death toll.] 12-31-15
  96. China. “The China Panic.” [Policy disarray is leading to fears of a deeper economic slide.] 1-8-16
  97. China. “The Myths of China’s Currency Manipulation.” By Matthew J. Slaughter. [Movements in the yuan’s nominal exchange rate do not affect long-term trade flows or jobs in the U.S.] 1-9-16
  98. China. “China Disappears Information.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [There is a connection between Beijing’s repression and last week’s market shocks.] 1-11-16
  99. China. “Xi Jinping, Supply-Sider?” [The debate about how to revive China’s slowing economy.] 1-12-16
  100. China. “Beijing’s Overseas Kidnapping.” [A bookseller taken in Thailand ‘confesses’ on Chinese state television.] 1-19-16
  101. China. “Countering China: Back to the Philippines. By Daniel . Katz.   [“…Re-establishing fighter forces in the Philippines would be a good start.] 1-20-16
  102. China. “Hope for Chinese Stocks.” [Letting Prices find a natural bottom may be a sign of coming reform.] 1-27-16
  103. China. “China’s Economic Hinge Point.” By Andy Kessler. [Look beyond the unsettling news out of Beijing lately and behold the stirring of the Chinese consumer.] 2-2-16
  104. China. “China’s New Crackdown on Christians.” By Jillian Kay Melchior. [Xi Jinping attacks the ‘patriotic’ church that has long co-existed with the government.] 2-5-16
  105. China. “China’s Overseas Abductions.” [Beijing’s message to critics: Our agents will snatch you anywhere.] 2-5-16
  106. China. “China’s North Korean Backfire.” [Seoul deploys new U.S. defenses as Beijing won’t stop its client.] 2-8-16
  107. China. “China’s Biotech Play.” [The deal for Syngenta could help Beijing’s IP protections.] 2-12-16
  108. China. “A Prosperous China Benefits the World.” By Cui Tiankai. [My country is working to improve growth. Accusations of currency manipulation are false.] 2-17-16
  109. China. “Outsourced to North Korea.”   [How a foreign supply chain went through China to Pyongyang.] 2-23-16
  110. China. “A China Sanctions Warning.” [“After a four-year investigation, the U.S. has decided to sanction Chinese telecom giant ZTE for trade violations with Iran…] 3-9-16
  111. China. “China’s Looming Currency Crisis.” By Anne Stevenson-Yang and Kevin Dougherty. [Mass capital outflows continue despite Beijing’s efforts to boost the economy.] 3-16-16
  112. China. LTE. “China’s Land-Ownership Law Makes Trouble.” 3-18-16
  113. China. “The Trump-Sanders China Syndrome.” By Benn Stell and Emma Smith. [The charge of currency manipulation was always off-base, but now it’s starting to look ludicrous.] .] 3-30-16
  114. China. “A Hong Kong Judge’s Warning.” [China is reneging on another promise: an independent judiciary.] 4-22-16
  115. China. “Harry Wu’s Legacy.” [A former political prisoner exposed the abuses of China’s gulag.] 5-1-16
  116. China. “Xi Jinping’s Politics in Command.” [China’s leader wants absolute control over information.] 5-7-16
  117. China. “Obama Front-Runs Trump on China.” [The new 522% steel tariff will hurt U.S. companies. Worse may be coming.] 5-20-16
  118. China. “China’s Taiwan Squeeze.” [Beijing is already trying to pressure the island’s new president.] 5-23-16
  119. China. LTE.   “U.S. Continues Its Support For Democratic Taiwan.” 5-26-16
  120. China. “Impasse in Shangri-La.”  [China vows to ignore a verdict against its South China Sea land grabs.]  6-7-16
  121. China. “China’s ‘Unsafe Intercept.’”  [Beijing welcomes US officials with a reckless military act.]  6-9-16
  122. China. “Kidnapped by China.”  [A bookseller describes eight months in Beijing’s illegal custody.] 6-18-16
  123. China. “Beijing bits Apple.”  [China increases its harassment of the U.S. tech giant.] 6-20-16
  124. China. LTE.  “Don’t Blame Cheating on Chinese Culture.”  6-24-16
  125. China. “Mergers and Suspicions: China in the U.S.”  by Hernan Cristerna.  6-27-16
  126. China. “The Xi Jinping Ascendancy.”  [A winner -takes -all political struggle continues in China.]  7-6-16
  127. China. “South China Sea Verdict.”  [A U.N. ruling means nothing if free nations won’t enforce it.]  7-13-16
  128. China. “The Year China Inc. Bet Big on the U.S.”  by Derek Scissors. 7-15-16
  129. China. “Why China Hacks.”  By L. Gordon Crovitz.  [Now we can see how Beijing wants to use the information it has been swiping.]  7-18-16
  130. China. LTE.  “The South China Sea Verdict Ignores Taiwan.”  7-23-16
  131. China. “Uber’s China Exit.”  [Another U.S. Tech innovator bows to Beijing’s nationalism.]  8-2-2016
  132. China. “A Pacific Admiral Takes China’s Measure.”  (The Weekend Interview with Adm. Harry Harris by David Feith) [The U.S. can show support for the U.N.’s ruling on the South china Sea by ‘flying, sailing and operating everywhere international law allows.’]  8-6-16
  133. China. LTE.  “The Problem Isn’t China, It’s U.S. Multinationals.”  8-18-16
  134. China. “A Battle Over Money in Beijing.”  [Economic policy is a flashpoint in the political succession fight.]  8-19-16
  135. China. “Hong Kong’s Young Democrats.” [An election shows a majority supports more local autonomy.] 9-6-16
  136. China. “Seeing China With Fresh Eyes.”  (Bookshelf by Howard W. French.)  “The Perfect Dictatorship. By Stein Ringen.”  [The hard work and enterprise of China’s people – not Communist Party policies – have lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty.]  10-12-16
  137. China. LTE.  “Taiwan Must Not Needlessly Provoke China”  10-13-16
  138. China. “Red Stars Over Hollywood.”  [Chinese investment in U.S. movies isn’t a security threat.]  10-17-16
  139. China. LTE.  “China Has Failed to Keep Its Overcapacity Promise.”  10-19-16
  140. China. LTE.  “Taiwan Wants Peace and Is Not at All Provoking China.”  “New York Tries to Kill Airbnb.”  [Too many owners were making too many renters happy.]  10-22-16
  141. China. “The Vatican’s Illusions About Communism.”  By David Feith.  [Cardinal Joseph Zen says that the Holy See misunderstands how repressive China is.] 11-4-16
  142. China. “U.S. Solidarity for Hong Kong.”  [Congress moves to sanction officials who suppress the city’s rights.]  11-19-16
  143. China. “China Picks Up the U.S. Trade Fumble.”  [Beijing advances a deal to draw 15 countries further into its orbit.]   11-21-16
  144. China. “America’s Dangerous Drift on Taiwan.”  By Rupert Hammond-Chambers.  [Trump seems to understand that U.S. neglect of Taiwan has emboldened China.]  12-5-16
  145. China. “Trump’s Taiwan Play.”  [The phone call with the island’s president looks like a calculated move.]  12-5-16
  146. China. “ Beauty Queen Trump should Meet.”  By David Feith.  [At ‘Miss World’ this weekend is an activist China would silence.] 12-15-16
  147. China. “China Arms Its Great Wall of Sand.”  [New Spratly bases are equipped to take on a superpower adversary.]  12-16-16
  148. China. “Alibaba’s ‘Notorious’ Brand.”  [The Chinese tech giant has a woeful record on counterfeit goods.]  1-6-17
  149. China. “Clash of the Titans.”  (Bookshelf/by Tony Abbott:  “The End of the Asian Century.”  by Michael R. Auslin.)  [Competition between China and America, two immensely proud nations, is inevitable.  The challenge is staving off global catastrophe.]  1-9-17
  150. China. “Revisit the ‘One-China Policy.”  By John Bolton.  [A closer U.S. military relationship with Taiwan would help counter Beijing’s belligerence.]  1-17-17
  151. China. “China’s Industrial Leap:  Ballpoint Pens.”  By David Feith.  1-18-17
  152. China. (Bookshelf by Howard W. French.)  “Deng’s Great Leap.”  “Unlikely Partners.  By Julian Gewirtz”  [In 1985, renowned economists from around the world took a cruise together down the Yangtze River.  China would never be the same. ]  1-20-17
  153. China.  “Beijing Breaks Lawyers.”  [A jailed lawyer gives a detailed account of how he was tortured.]  1-24-17
  154. China. Environment.  “A ‘Green Leap forward’ in China?  What a Load of Biomass.”  By Bjorn Lomborg.  [Beijing talks a big game about renewable energy but it will remain reliant on coal for decades.]  2-3-17
  155. China. LTE. “Getting It Right With China and Taiwan.” 2-7-17
  156. China. “The Hungry Dragon.” (Bookshelf by Benjamin Shull) “China’s Asian Dream,” by Tom Miller. China recently completed a railway service to Tehran that delivers goods via Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. Such projects abound.] 2-27-17
  157. China. “China’s North Korea Feint.” [Beijing isn’t cutting economic support to its nuclear client state.] 3-6-17
  158. China. “The Trump-Xi Summit.” 3-14-17
  159. China. “Hong Kong’s New Boss.” [More trouble is ahead if Carrie Lam won’t defend local autonomy.] 3-27-17
  160. China. “The Truth About the China Trade Shock.” [New evidence shows that imports made firms and workers more competitive.] 4-3-17
  161. China. “Remaking Our World Order.” (Bookshelf by Michael Auslin) “’Easternization’ by Gideon Rachman.” [When Xi Jinping sits down with Trump this week at Mar-a-Lago, he’ll be looking to finally overcome China’s ‘century of humiliation.” 4-5-17
  162. China. “Mr. Trump Meets Mr. Xi.” [China’s strongman will be taking the measure of the new President.] 4-5-17
  163. China. “The Challenge at Mar-a-Lago: Wooing china to Drop Its Tariffs.” [Beijing joined the WTO in 2001 on terms that no longer make sense for an industrial powerhouse.] 4-5-17
  164. China. “A Resolute Message for China.” By John Bolton. [From Taiwan to North Korea, Trump can make clear to Xi that America is no longer in retreat.] 4-6-17
  165. China. “Trump Shouldn’t Let China Off the Hook for Human Rights.” By Marco Rubio. [History teaches that when a government tramples its people, it won’t be a responsible global citizen.] 4-7-17
  166. China. “Trump’s Art of the China Deal.” [Will Xi Jinping really help the U.S. contain North Korea?]  4-17-17
  167. China. “Testing China on North Korea.”  [Tougher sanctions would show if Beijing wants to restrain its client.] 4-26-17
  168. China. “China’s Case for Trump’s Tax Cuts.”  [Chinese leaders fret that business may move to the U.S.]  5-2-17
  169. China. Trump Administration.  “Trump’s Pretty Good China Deal.”  [Modest trade benefits for both sides, even if they were overhyped.]  5-15-17
  170. China. “How China Managed to Muffle the Voice of America.”  By Sasha gong.  [The Foreign Ministry warned VOA’s Beijing correspondent against ‘interference.’] 5-24-17
  171. China. (Bookshelf by Robert D. Kaplan.)  “Collision Course, Destined for War” by Graham Allison.  [A U.S. war with China would be judged by history as perfectly normal:  how to deal with a rising power is a classic problem for a dominant state.] 5-30-17
  172. China. “South Korea’s Defense Blunder.”  [The new President bows to Chinese pressure on missile defense.]  6-13-17
  173. China. “Hong Kong’s Anxious Anniversary.”  [Twenty years after the handover, China has reneged on its promises.]  7-1-17
  174. China. “Trump’s Signals to China.”  [Arms for Taiwan and sanctions on Chinese dealing with Pyongyang.] 7-3-17
  175. China. “How to Squeeze China.”  By Wm McGurn.  [Force ruling elites to choose between North Korea and American colleges for their kids.] 7-11-17
  176. China. “Why Xi Jinping Fears Liu Xiaobo.”  [China bars his treatment overseas for cancer lest we hear his story.]  7-12-17
  177. China. “Trump Gives Beijing a Lesson in the Art of the Deal.”  By Michael Auslin.  [The president’s moves are neither capricious nor naïve, though they lack a certain diplomatic finesse.]  7-13-17
  178. China. “China’s Empty Nobel Chair.”  [“…That fear of one man’s courage testifies to the illegitimacy of their power…”]  7-14-17
  179. China. “Where is Liu Xiaobo’s Widow?”   by Jared Genser.  [Beijing claims Liu Xia is ‘free.’  It’s clear she’s detained illegally.]  8-4-17
  180. China. “China’s Dissident Chatbots.”  8-4-17  [“…This week the chatbots were sent off to digital re-education camps…”]  8-4-17
  181. China. “Second Thoughts on Trade With China.”  By William A. Galston.  [Inviting Beijing into the WTO seemed like a win-win.  It didn’t turn out that way.]  8-9-17
  182. China. “Trump’s China Trade Sally.”  [Beijing steals U.S. business IP, but tariffs could backfire.]  8-15-17
  183. China. “How to Take On China Without Starting a Trade War.”  By James Bacchus.  [On intellectual property, Washington has a strong case against Beijing at the World Trade Organization.]  8-18-17
  184. China. “Hong Kong’s Political Prisoners.”  [China forces local judges to send democratic activists to jail.]  8-19-17
  185. China. “Playing Chicken With China.”  By Graham T. Allison.  [Trump’s North Korea brinkmanship may seem scary, but it’s not that unusual.]  8-21-17
  186. China. LTE.   “Why Would China Help Us With Pakistan, N. Korea?”  9-2-17
  187. China. “The Lattice Warning to China.”  “The U.S. blocks the purchase of a firm with sensitive technology.”  9-16-17
  188. China. “The Meaning of ‘Xi Jinping Thought.’”  [China’s leader bids to consolidate his power at the Party Congress.]  9-29-17
  189. China. “China and Russia’s Dangerous Entente.”  By Alexander Gabuev. [They have developed a good-cop/bad-cop routine that will frustrate efforts against North Korea.]  10-5-17
  190. China. “China’s Reform Canary.”  [The central bank governor calls for an end to capital controls.]  10-13-17
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  504. China.  “An ‘Economic Article 5’ to Counter China.”  [An attack on wines from Australia is an attack on democracy.]   2-12-21
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  514. China.  “Hong Kong’s Illusionist.”  [Financial Secretary Paul Chan invokes a system that no longer exists.]   3-11-21
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  554. China.  “How Do You Stop Beijing From Bullying?  Take Its Prada Bags.”  By Elisabeth Braw.  [China punished Ericsson for Sweden’s exclusion of Huawei.  The West can strike back if it unites.]  8-11-21
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  556. China.  “Xi’s Dictatorship Threatens the Chinese State.”  By George Soros.  [In his quest for personal power, he’s rejected Deng Xiaoping’s economic reform path and turned the Communist Party into an assemblage of yes-men.]   8-14-21
  557. China.  “China’s Afghanistan Taunt.”  8-18-21
  558. China.  “China Plays the Climate Card.”  [John Kerry’s pleading with Beijing collides with great-power rivalry.]   9-3-21
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  584. China.  “The Coddling of American Children Is a Boon to Beijing.”  By Habi Zhang. [In China, my son had to study hard.  Here in the U.S., he just needs to bring a ‘healthy snack’ to school.]   11-22-21
  585. China.  “China’s ‘Missing’ Tennis Star.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Peng Shuai accused top ‘Communist of sexual assault.  Beijing can’t deal with it.]   11-23-21
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  587. China.  “Jamie Dimon’s Joke Is on JPMorgan’s ‘Stakeholders.’”  By Gerard Baker.  [His kowtow to China shows that investor value is still paramount – and maybe in this case it shouldn’t be.]   11-30-21
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  594. China.  “No Democracy Should Participate in the 2022 Beijing Olympics.”  By Chen Guangcheng.  [The Chinese Communist Party tries to whitewash its image in preparation for the Winter Games.”  12-30-21
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  623. China.  “Now Is he Time to Expose Chinese Corruption.”  By Nate Sibley.  [A steady stream of graft scandals could help erode the Communist Party’s domestic legitimacy.]   6-27-22
  624. China.  “The Hong Kong Handover at 25.”  By Benedict Rogers.  [One of Asia’s freest cities has become a grim police state.]   7-1-22
  625. China.  “Biden Has to Choose:  Climate Change or Human Rights in China.”  By Wm. Schneider Jr.  [Electric-car batteries and solar panels rely on raw materials produced with forced and child labor.]   7-5-22
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  630. China.  “TikTok Is Fun and Games Until China Wants Your Info.”  By Joel Thayer. [The app could be stealing your fingerprints or turning your smartphone into a listening device.]   7-22-22
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  639. China.  The Chinese Communist Party Needs Its Bourgeoisie.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [Beijing’s world-wide clout depends on its massive population’s buying power, which Xi is undermining.]   8-12-22
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  644. China.  “China Risks Losing Its European Linchpin.”  by Tom Rogan.  [PLA participation in Russia’s military exercises should spark outrage in the EU.]  8-23-22
  645. China.  “Through the Taiwan Strait.”  [An important show of resolve by the U.S. Navy despite Chinese threats.]   8-29-22
  646. China.  “The Unwisdom of the Solomons.”  [Beijing gets its money’s worth from a strategic pact in the Pacific.]  8-31-22
  647. China.  “The Horrors of Xinjiang.”  [A U.N. report on the Uyghurs should force a debate and vote.]   9-2-22
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  649. China.  “The Chinese Are Buying the Farm.”  By Lars Eric Schonander and Geoffrey Cain.  [State-owned companies have bought many acres near U.S. military bases.  What is Beijing up to?]   9-9-22
  650. China.  “How to Beat China in the New Space Race.” By Arthur Herman.  [It’s about more than money.  The U.S. needs a strategy to harness private innovation.]   9-12-22
  651. China.  “The Pope Abandons His Own.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [As Hong Kong puts Cardinal Joseph Zen on trial, Francis still offers no support.]   9-20-22
  652. China.  “China Hit Some Bumps on Its Road to Semiconductor Dominance.” By Rick Switzer and David Feith.  [But the history of solar power and shipbuilding shows why the U.S. can’t afford to be complacent.]   9-21-22
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  654. China.  “Security, Not Growth, Is Xi’s Focus.”  By Kevin Rudd.  [He is likely to rebalance Beijing’s strategic priorities at next week’s 20th Party Congress.]   10-13-22
  655. China.  “Of Catholics and Communists.”  [The Vatican renews its bad deal with Beijing that ignores abuses.]   10-24-22
  656. China.  “Biden’s Strategy Is Undone by Fantasy.”  By Nadia Schadlow.  [It acknowledges the threat from China, then makes wholly unrealistic pledges of cooperation.]   10-24-22
  657. China.  “How China Abuses U.S. Diplomats.”  [Emails and diplomatic cables show how Beijing uses Covid to harass and monitor Americans.]   10-26-22
  658. China.  “The ‘Anti-Navy’ the U.S. Needs Against China.”  By Mike Gallagher.  [The U.S. military is set to be weakest when the People’s Liberation Army aims to be strongest.]   10-26-22
  659. China.  “The Middle Kingdom Is About to Fall Into the Middle-Income Trap.”  By Mickey D. Levy.  [By turning away from free enterprise, Xi Jinping ensures that China’s economy will stop growing.]   10-27-22
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  661. China.  “Wall Street’s Hong Kong Kowtow.”  [U.S. financial exes lend their credibility to Beijing’s chief enforcer.]   11-4-22
  662. China.  “Business Is Far From Usual in Hong Kong.”  By L. Gordon Crovitz and Mark L. Clifford.  [The vague terms in Beijing’s National Security Law mean no business in Hong Kong is safe.]  11-16-22
  663. China.  “Meet the Post-Covid China, Same as the Pre-Covid China.” By Anastasia Lin.  [There’s no such thing as business as usual when you’re dealing with a communist regime.]   11-18-22
  664. China.  “In Taiwan, a Shaky Status Quo Prevails.” By Walter Russell Mead.  [The people here have little desire either to yield to Beijing or to provoke a war.]   11-22-22
  665. China.  “China’s Zero-Covid Reckoning.”  [Record infections and new lockdowns lead to growing frustration.]   11-25-22
  666. China.  ‘Stability Maintenance” Means Repressing the Chinese People’s Spirit.”  By Chen Guangeheng.  [A massive web of agencies work to stamp out the smallest inklings of political discontent.”  11-26-22
  667. China.  “China’s Revolt Against Zero- Covid.”  [Protests across the country reveal deep anger and frustration.]   11-28-22
  668. China.  “The Innocence of Jimmy Lai.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [y pleading not guilty, he is forcing Hong Kong officials to own their lies.]   11-29-22
  669. China.  “Taiwan and the U.S. Need Statesmanship, Not Partisanship.”  By John Bolton.  [Without a comprehensive strategy, the island and the West will face a mounting peril from Beijing.]   11-29-22
  670. China.  “Xi Jinping’s Deal With the Devil.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [China’s zero-Covid strategy was aimed at helping a new Mao consolidate power.]   11-30-22
  671. China.  “China’s Failed Vaccine nationalism.”  [Beijing rejected foreign mRNA shots, putting its citizens at greater risk.]   11-30-22
  672. China.  “Jimmy Lai Faces communist Justice.”  By Paul A. Gigot.  “For those of us who are free, our job is to keep his story alive – to ensure that the world never forgets.]  11-30-22
  673. China.  “Don’t Bet Against the Hong Kong Dollar.”  By John Greenwood and Steve H. Hanke.  [Currency boards are always a graveyard for speculators.]   12-2-22
  674. China.  “Xi Jining Approaches Multiple Points of No Return.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  Beijing assumes it can change course if policies fail.  Zero-Covid shows this is no longer the case.]   12-2-22
  675. China.  “Xi Jinping’s Great Covid ‘Reopening.’”  [A tactical retreat still leaves public-health and economic uncertainty.]   12-8-22
  676. China.  “Does China Really Pick Winners?”  [A new paper says China’s state subsidies don’t lift productivity.]   12-15-22
  677. China.  “The Chinese Stand Up Against the Regime.”  By Chen Guangcheng.  [Those bland pages carry a message of discontent that goes far beyond oppressive zero-covid policies.]   12-15-22
  678. China.  “The Trials of Jimmy Lai.”  [Hong Kong keeps changing rules to block his choice of lawyer.]   12-16-22
  679. China.  “China Won’t Be Number One.”   [A Japanese report says China’s GDP won’t soon exceed America’s.]   12-20-22
  680. China.  “China’s Useful Covid Lesson.”  By Holman w. Jenkins, Jr.  [Someday Western societies may face a virus a lot deadlier than this one.]   12-21-23
  681. China.  “Is China Running Out of Money.”  By Simone Gao.  [The end of zero Covid may be the result of falling revenue and the high cost of nucleic-acid testing.]   12-21-23
  682. China.  “Protecting Biden From Chinese Covid.”  [The testing mandate for Chinese travelers won’t stop a new variant.]  ]   12-29-22
  683. China.  “Western Medicine to China’s Rescue.”   12-29-22
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  766. China.  “Xi Jinping Stars as King Canute.”   [Beijing may try to rescue Chinese stocks with $e280 billion.]   1-24-24
  767. China.  “Welcome, Warily, the EU Getting serious on China.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.   [Europe takes an interest in the security implications of trade and investment, but it’s only a start.]    1-26-24
  768. China.  “Beijing’s Passive-Aggressive Middle East Policy.”  By Michael Singh.  [China doesn’t aspire to lead the world, much less to establish peace, but only to undermine the U.S.]  1-29-24
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Issue Headlines

China. Wall Street Journal 6-13-15 Review, p. C1: “The China Rethink.” By Andrew Browne. [As tensions with China rise, U.S. foreign policy thinkers are dusting off ideas from the Cold War and starting to reconsider the decades-long consensus behind ‘constructive engagement’ with Beijing.] [China and the U.S. have started to view each other not as partners, competitors or rivals but as adversaries.]

China. [News] “Breached Network’s Security is Criticized.” Wall Street Journal, 6-24-15, Page. A1: [“A federal security system that failed…is largely unable to stop the most sophisticated attacks, current and former U.S. officials said…”]

China. (News) “Officials Masked Severity of Hack.” Wall Street Journal, 6-25-15 p. A1. [“…The Obama Administration for more than a week avoided disclosing the severity of an intrusion into federal computers…has frustrated lawmakers as they probe …one of the biggest-ever thefts of government records. …suspect China……whether up to 18 million unique Social Security numbers were stolen…]

 China. 7-10-15:

SENATOR: Massive spy recruitment scheme by Chinese…

‘Act of war’…

China’s President Faces Rare Backlash…

Credibility Slips Along With Markets…


Rich seek shelter from storm in foreign property…

China. “The China Rethink.” Wall Street Journal  “Review Section” C1, Saturday, 6-13-15 [As tensions with China rise, U.S. foreign policy thinkers are dusting off ideas from the Cold War and starting to reconsider the decades-long consensus behind ‘constructive engagement’ with Beijing.] [“China and the U.S. have started to view each other not as partners, competitors or rivals but as adversaries.”]

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“China’s Economy on Bubble Watch.” ,Wall Street Journal, 3-7-16, p. A1.

China. “Mao Now: The cultural Revolution is no longer just an ugly chapter in China’s past. Its brutal legacy forms a key part of President Xi Jinping’s ‘China dream.’” [Mao has become Mr. Xi’s best – and perhaps last – hope for rescuing his party from extinction.] [“…On Mr. Xi’s watch…the East remains in the grip of communist ideas with a logic and power of their own. The Cultural Revolution lives on.”] Wall Street Journal, Saturday, May 14, 2016, Review, p.C1

Campaign Consideration:

China. 3-26-18   How to Meet the Strategic Challenge Posed by China

March 2018 • Volume 47, Number 3 • David P. Goldman

China. 10-4-18

Chinese spy chips said to be found in hardware used by APPLE, AMAZON…

Stealing secrets…

China. 10-9-18

New Evidence of Hacked Supermicro Hardware Found in U.S. Telecom…

Talking Points:

China. Wall Street Journal.  3-4-17, Section C.  “Asia’s Precarious Rise.” [The Region’s many problems have dashed hopes for an ‘Asian century’ of global prominence and influence.  Will Asia’s woes now damage the rest of the world?}