Opinion Headlines

  1. Israel.   “Presbyterians Join the Anti-Israel Choir 6-23-14
  2. Israel.  Hamas.  “The U.N. Handmaiden of Hamas” by Claudia Rosett   8-8-14
  3. Israel.  Palestinians. “LTE.  “Hard  See Israel and the Palestinians Making Peace.”   8-9-14
  4. Israel.  “Moving Targets in Israel” by Diana Bletter [Are sirens and bomb drills the new normal?] 7-31-14
  5. Israel.  Let Israel Decide.  7-23-14
  6. Israel.  LTE. “Our Allies Shouldn’t Have to Outflank the White House.”  8-22-14
  7. Israel.  The Moral Chasm Between Israel and Hamas.  By Gen.  James T. Conway  7-25-14
  8. Israel’s Gaza Offensive.  [The country had little choice after Hamas rejected a ceasefire.]  7-18-14
  9. Israel. “The Parliament of Palestine.” [British MPs show the extent of their anti-Israel leanings.] 10-18-14
  10. Israel. “Bibi and Barack on the Rocks.” By Bret Stephens. 10-28-14
  11. Israel. “Obama Belittles Israel.” [The latest snubs and sneers won’t help U.S. interests in the Mideast. ] 10-31-14
  12. Israel. “Is Jerusalem in Israel? Ask the Supreme Court.” By Akiva Shapiro. [The State Department says no, Congress says yes. Now the justices will decide a case involving a boy’s passport.] 11-1-14
  13. Israel. “Let the President Decide on Jerusalem.” [The Supreme Court is asked t weigh in on the matter of a child’s birthplace, a passport and U.S. Policy on Israel.] 11-7-14
  14. Israel. “The War on the Israeli Home Front.” By Yossi Klein Halevi. [Tuesday’s massacre and other recent Palestinian attacks in Jerusalem have been intimate, the terrorism of neighbors. 11-19-14
  15. Jihad in Jerusalem. [Palestinians can’t murder their way to a self-governing state.] 11-19-14
  16. Israel. “From an Era of Refugee Millions, Only Palestinians Remain.” By Andrew Roberts. 11-22-14
  17. Israel. LTE. “Jihad in Jerusalem Has Nothing to Do With Statehood.” 11-26-2014
  18. Israel. LTE.   “Arab Denial of Israel Means there Will Never Be Peace.” 12-1-2014
  19. Israel. “You Need a Law to Affirm Israel’s Jewish Identity?” by David Ellenson et. al. [The proposed bill may inflame Israel’s Arab citizens and provide fodder for its critics.] 12-2-14
  20. Israel. “Rinsing Israel Out of Europe: The Zionistfrei Movement.” By Brendan O’Neill. [In Britain, France, Spain, and Beyond, a drive to ban products from the Jewish state is picking up speed.] 12-10-14
  21. Israel. “Behind Israel’s Jewish ‘State” Uproar. By Joel H. Golovensky. [Many democracies also explicitly embrace their ethnic identity. The U.S. is unusual in not doing it.] 12-16-14
  22. Israel. “The Dream Palace of the Arab.” By Bret Stephens. […the question of Palestinian statehood ranked very low…]   1-6-15
  23. Israel’s Minister Without Apologies. By Bret Stephens. [A rising conservative star says the old formulas for pursuing peace with the Palestinians are obsolete. The two-state solution? Not anytime soon.] 1-10-15
  24. Israel. LTE. “Bennett’s Tough Stand Doesn’t Address Old Grievances.” 1-14-15
  25. Israel. “A Speech Netanyahu Must Give.” By Bret Stephens. 2-3-15
  26. Israel. “Netanyahu’s Capitol Hill Debacle.” By William Galson. [The Israeli leader and House speaker are risking a rupture in U.S.-Israel relations.] 2-18-15
  27. Israel. “Speech of the Year.” [Team Obama turns the Netanyahu address into a global event.” 2-27-15
  28. Israel. LTE. “Mr. Netanyahu’s Visit: Trying to Contain Israel or Iran?” 2-25-15
  29. Israel. LTE. “Netanyahu, U.S. Diplomacy and Stopping Iran’s Nukes.” 2-27-15
  30. Israel and the Democrats. By Bret Stephens. [“…As for Israel, at least it will be able to say that it gave fair warning to the Democrats of the historic betrayal in which they are being asked by the president to participate…] 3-3-15
  31. Israel. “Netanyahu’s Challenge.” [The Israeli Prime Minister takes apart the looming Iran deal.] 3-4-15
  32. Israel. “How the White House Botched Bibi’s Speech.” By Karl Rove. [The public-relations assault on an ally gave the address far more attention and import.] 3-5-15
  33. Israel. “Pelosi’s Netanyahu Complaint.” [The Democratic leader wasn’t ‘near tears’ when she courted Assad.] 3-5-15
  34. Israel. “Israel’s Election Cliffhanger.” [A Netanyahu victory would be better news for President Obama.] 3-18-15
  35. Israel. “After Netanyahu’s Victory.” [U.S. Diplomacy needs to understand the shift in Israeli politics.] 3-19-15
  36. Israel. “Obama’s Israel Tantrum.” [The leader of the free world take revenge on an ally.] 3-25-15
  37. Israel. “The Capitulationist.” [President Obama’s Dec. 7, 2013 interview with billionaire Haim Saban.] by Bret Stephens. 3-31-15
  38. Israel. “The Great Political Reversal on Israel.” By William McGurn. [The Buchananites have vanished from the GOP, while the left turns against the Jewish state.] 3-31-15
  39. Israel. LTE. “Nonenforcement of Resolution 1701.” 4-17-15
  40. Israel. “Israel Alone.” By Bret Stephens. [“…the president is marching us past the point of no return on a nuclear Iran…”] 4-21-15
  41. Israel. “Congress Can Fight the Boycott Israel Movement.” By Peter J. Roskam. [Trade-promotion legislation should discourage Europe from its economic attacks on the Jewish state.] 5-26-15
  42. Israel. LTE. “American Law and Boycotting Israel.” 6-2-15
  43. Israel. “How Obama Abandoned Israel.” By Michael B. Oren. [Netanyahu and the president both made mistakes, but only one purposely damaged U.S.-Israel relations.] 6-16-15
  44. Israel. LTE. “What Do Changes Between Israel and the U.S. Portend?” 6-20-15
  45. Israel. “The U.N.‘s Israel Inquisition.” [Another skewed report that blames the Jewish state for war crimes.] 6-25-15
  46. Israel. “Israel’s Choice: Conventional War Now, or Nuclear War Later.” By Norman Podhoretz. [There was no ‘better deal’ with Iran to be had. Now this calamitous one offers Tehran two paths to the bomb.] 7-29-15
  47. Israel. “Palestine: The Psychotic Stage.” By Bret Stephens. [The truth about why Palesinians have been seized by their present blood lust.] 10-13-15
  48. Israel. “The Knives of Jerusalem.” [The cause and meaning of the new wave of Palestinian terror.] 10-16-15
  49. Israel. “Abbas: ‘We Welcome Every Drop of Blood Spilled in Jerusalem.’” By Tzipi Hotovely. [Palestinian leaders have created a culture of death that is motivating the latest violent terrorism.] 10-19-15
  50. Israel. LTE. “Hate-Inspired Violence and Double Standards.” 10-20-15
  51. Israel. LTE. “Hold Abbas to Account for His Terror Appeal.” 10-22-15
  52. Israel. LTE. “More Cowardly Murders Will Not Bring Peace.” 10-26-15
  53. Israel. “A Boy’s Discovery Rebuts Temple Mount Revisionism.” [Palestinians deny Jewish roots at the holy site, but a newly unearthed artifact confirms historical truths.] 10-26-15
  54. Israel. “The Quakers, No Friends of Israel.” By Alexander Joffe and Asaf Romirowsky. [A benign reputation masks a tough campaign to boycott the Jewish state.] 11-6-15
  55. Israel. “The Palestinian People Ask: Where Is Israel’s F.W. de Klerk?” by Saeb Erekat. [If a two-state solution fades away, Israel will consolidate apartheid across all of Palestine.] 11-7-15
  56. Israel. “Palestinian State of Denial.” By Bret Stephens. [You do not make peace with enemies. You make peace with former enemies.] 11-10-15
  57. Israel. LTE. “The AFSC Explains Its Views on Palestine.” 11-11-15
  58. Israel. LTE. “Palestinians Must Confront Self-Inflicted Ills.”  11-14-15
  59. Israel. “Those Israel Boycotts Are Illegal.” By Eugene Kontorovich and Steven Davidoff Solomon. [In many cases, educational associations that shun Israel may be sued for violating their charters.] 12-2-15
  60. Israel. LTE. “Fashionable Boycotts Can Be Very One-sided.” 12-12-15
  61. Israel. “Facebook and Israel: What’s Not to ‘Like’? Lots, It Seems.” By Sheila Kugel. [An experiment: Make one anti-Israel page and one anti-Palestinian page. See what happens.
  62. Israel. “Where Does All That Aid for Palestinians Go?” by Tzipi Hotovely.  [An outsize share of per capita international aid, even as the Palestinian Authority funds terrorists.] 1-25-16
  63. Israel. “Pushback for Anti-Israel Academics.” By Cary Nelson. [The American Historical Association recognized that its own credibility was on the line in a recent vote.] 1-29-16
  64. Israel. “Israel Looks Beyond America.” By Bret Stephens. [How many allies does President Obama think the U.S. can afford to squander?] 2-16-16
  65. Israel. LTE. “Israel as Pariah State and the False Narrative.” 3-5-16
  66. Israel. “Divesting of Campus Outrage.” [Columbia professors resist an anti-Israel smear campaign.] 3-22-16.
  67. Israel. “March Madness, the Anti-Semite B racket.” By Ruth R. Wisse. [Israeli Apartheid Week may be coming to a campus near you. An antidote, not complicity, is needed.] 3-24-16
  68. Israel. LTE. “Many See the BDS Movement as Anti-Semitic.” 4-7-16
  69. Israel. “The Anti-Israel Money Trail.” By Bret Stephens. [Pro-Palestinian campus activists have some ‘very smelly’ financial supporters.] 4-26-16
  70. Israel. “The Improbable Happiness of Israelis.” By Avinoam Bar-Yosef. [Global surveys find Israel high on happiness and life-satisfaction rankings – despite threats all around.] 5-10-16
  71. Israel. “The Anti-Israel Poisoning Starts Young.” By Micah Lakin Avni. [Palestinian schools honor the killers of my father, a teacher. This would break his heart.] 5-18-16
  72. Israel. LTE. “For Any Lasting Peace, Stop the Hatemongers.” 5-23-16
  73. Israel. “Netanyahu Against the Generals.” [A case pits Israel’s faith in democracy against the views of its military brass.] 5-24-16
  74. Israel. LTE. “Netanyahu Supports IDF’s Full, Fair Probe.” 5-27-16
  75. Israel. “Democrats vs. Israel.” [Sanders puts two hostile voices on the party’s platform committee.] 5-28-16
  76. Israel. “A Political Earthquake in Israel.” By Wm. A. Galston.  [Netanyahu now face his most serious challenge since taking office in 2009.  6-8-16
  77. Israel. “Guess Which Country the U.N. decries Now” by Janice Halpern.  (W.H.O.)  6-15-16
  78. Israel. “At the U.N., Only Israel Is an ‘Occupying Power.”  By Eugene Kontorovich and Penny Grunseid.  [What about Russia in Crimea, Armenia in parts of Azerbaijan, or what Vietnam did in Cambodia.]  9-14-16
  79. Israel. “Obama’s Israel Sequester.”  [He arm-twists an ally to do an end-run around Congress.]  9-16-16
  80. Israel. LTE. “The Outrage of BDS Is Suspiciously Selective.”  9-17-16
  81. Israel. LTE.  “Israel Did Very Well to Get $3.8 Billion in Annual Aid.”  9-27-16
  82. Israel. “Shimon Peres:  Israel’s Last Founding Father.”  By Bret Stephens.  9-29-16
  83. Israel. LTE.  “Remember That Shimon Peres Strove for Peace.”  10-6-16
  84. Israel. “Rewriting the History of Jerusalem.”  By Victoria C. Gardner Coates.  [For Unesco and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Israel’s capital is anything but Jewish.]  10-10-15
  85. Israel. LTE.  “Curating Jerusalem in Our Contentious Times.”  10-19-16
  86. Israel. “Obama’s Israel Surprise?”  [Fears grow of a final days presidential ambush at the U.N.]  11-1-16
  87. Israel. “Why diplomats Are Agog at Trump’s Ambassador to Israel.”  By Vivian Bercovici. [The foreign service resents any outsiders who leapfrog to the top – no matter their skills and qualifications.]  12-20-16
  88. Israel. “Trump’s Capital Idea.”  [A U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem won’t hurt the chances for peace.]. 12-21-16
  89. Israel. “Obama’s Parting Betrayal of Israel.”  By John Bolton.  [Trump must ensure there are consequences for supporting U.S. Security Council Resolution 2334.]  12-27-16
  90. Israel. “Kerry’s Rage Against Israel.”  [The Secretary doesn’t understand why his peace talks failed.]  policy, an isolationist mood is no surprise.]  12-29-16
  91. Israel. “The War on Israel Never Ends.”  By Douglas J. Feith.  [Settlements aren’t the issue.  Many of the Jewish state’s enemies don’t even believe in its right to exist.]  12-29-16
  92. Israel. “On Palestinian Statehood.”  By Bret Stephens.  [The heretical views of Trump’s ambassador to Israel recommend hi for the job.]  1-10-17
  93. Israel. “The U.N. Can find Balance in the Middle East.”  By Einat Wilf and Adi Schwartz.  [After its censure of Israel, the security council needs to send a similar warning to Palestinian maximalists.]  1-13-17
  94. Israel. “Stop American Aid to the Palestinians Until the Terror Ceases.”  By David Aufhauser and Sander Gerber.  [Trump halted an 11th hour transfer of $221 million.  But more can be done to end pensions for killers.]  1-28-17
  95. Israel. “Democrats Turn Against Israel.” By Andrew Stein and Douglas Schoen. [In 1972 ours was the first party to back moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.] 3-20-17
  96. Israel. “Good Schools Aren’t the Secret to Israel’s High-Tech Boom.” By Naftali Bennett. [How did a country so small become a technology hub? By inculcating an ethos of entrepreneurship.] 3-21-17
  97. Israel. “Pay for Slay in Palestine.” [U.S. aid becomes a transfer payment for terrorists.] 3-28-17
  98. Israel. “Why is J Street Calling Israel an ‘Occupier’?” by Alan Clemmons. 4-4-17
  99. Israel. “Scientists Take a Stand Against Academic Boycotts of Israel.” By Ruth R. Wisse. [How can scholars reconcile opposition to the Trump travel ban with blacklists aimed at the Jewish state?] 4-20-17
  100. Israel. “Russia Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital.  Why Can’t the U.S.?” by Eugene Kontorovich. [Trump must soon decide whether to move the embassy.  Doing so would help promote peace.]  5-15-17
  101. Israel. “Trump Wavers on Jerusalem.” [He reneges on a promise to recognize the city as Israel’s capital.]  5-20-17
  102. Israel. “Israelis and Palestinians as Co-Workers.”  By Oded Revivi.  [Opportunity, not separation, is the key to peace.]  5-22-17
  103. Israel. “The Trump Jerusalem Waiver.”  [The President made the embassy move a test of U.S. credibility.]  6-2-17
  104. Israel. “The Paradoxical Peril of Easy U.S.-Israel Relations.” By Daniel Pipes.  [A little tension is what keeps Jerusalem from acceding to Washington’s typically poor judgment.]  6-2-17
  105. Israel. Terrorists.  “Hezbollah in the Bronx.”  [The feds say the Iran-backed militia recruited agents in the U.S.]  6-12-17
  106. Israel. “Why Israel Removed the Metal Detectors.”  By Daniel Pipes.  [The security services will do anything to prevent another intifada, including prop up Mahmoud Abbas.]  7-26-17
  107. Israel. “From Negotiator to Autocrat.”  (Bookshelf by Adam Rubenstein)  “The Last Palestinian”  by Grant Rumley and Amir Tibon. [Mahmoud Abbas is nothing if not a shrewd politician.  One does not enter the 12th year of a four-year term by being a political neophyte.]  8-2-17
  108. Israel. “Hezbollah Is Running Rings Around U.N. Monitors in Lebanon.”  By Danny Danon.  [The Security Council should expand the force’s mandate – and make sure they do their jobs.]  8-21-17
  109. Israel. “How Do Palestinians Define ‘Terrorism’?”  by Jonathan Schanzer and Grant Rumley.  [As the U.S. moves to cut aid, setting out a clear legal meaning would be a good step.] 9-12-17
  110. Israel.  “Move the Embassy to Jerusalem and Promote Peace.”  By Daniel B. Shapiro.  [Such a move would make clear that the U.S. supports Israel’s claim to the city’s western part.]  10-25-17
  111. Israel. “A Plan to Start Disentangling Israel and the Palestinians.”  By Peter Berkowitz.  [Comprehensive solutions to the conflict are probably out of reach.  Incremental improvements aren’t.]  12-1-17
  112. Israel. “Anti-Israel Activists Subvert a Scholarly Group.”  By Jesse M. Fried and Eugene Kontorovich.  [The American Studies Association boycotted the Jewish state.  It wasn’t by popular demand.]  12-4-17
  113. Israel. “The Zionist Case Against an Embassy Move.”  By Eliora Katz.  [The symbolism isn’t worth the risk to life and stability.]  12-6-17
  114. Israel. “The Reality of Jerusalem.”  [Trump honors a campaign pledge on the Israeli capital.] 12-7-17
  115. Israel. “Trump Recognizes That Humiliating Israel Didn’t Bring Peace.”  By Yoram Hazony.  [The president withstands the howling dismay of the world’s nations to abandon a failed 70-year-old policy.]  12-8-17
  116. Israel. “Pence Visits Israel’s Capital.” By Meir Solveichik. [Multitudes of gentiles are also Zionists. That has no precedent in the Jews’ millennia-long history.] 1-24-18
  117. Israel. “The IRS Campaign Against Israel – and Us.” By Lori Lowenthal Marcus. [It took seven years for Z Street to learn the truth about why our tax-exempt status was delayed.] 2-2-18
  118. Israel. “The U.N. Hates Israel.” [Why does the U.S. still belong to Turtle Bay’s Human Rights Council.?] 3-26-18
  119. Israel. “The Iran-Israel Shadow War.” [The 2015 nuclear deal has financed Iran’s Syria military buildup.] 5-1-18
  120. Israel. “Israel and Its Neighbors Need an Iran Deal Overhaul.” By Danny Danon. [Give inspectors full access to nuclear sites, and stop money and arms flowing to Hezbollah and Hamas.] 5-1-18
  121. Israel.  “America Recognizes One Jerusalem.”  By Eugene Kontorovich.  [The new U.S. Embassy straddles the ‘Green Line,’ refusing to dignify claims of Israeli ‘occupation.’]  5-14-18
  122. Israel.  “From Washington to Jerusalem.”  [Trump fulfilled a campaign promise that others wouldn’t.]  5-15-18
  123. Israel. “The Fracturing of the Jewish People.’ By Wm. A. Galston.   [Israel has become a red state while U.S. Jews remain blue. ] 6-13-18
  124. Israel. “Expose the Palestinian ‘Refugee’ Scam.” By Richard Goldberg and Jonathan Schanzer. [Obama concealed a myth-smashing report. Trump can reveal it to the world.] 7-6-18
  125. Israel.  “Get Over It – Israel Is the Jewish State.”  [Jerusalem come sunder fire for its new Basic Law, which is similar to many European constitutions7-20-18
  126. Israel.  “World Socialism’s Anti-Israel Turn.”  By Elliot Kaufman.  [Shimon Peres could once be the honorary president.  No more.]  7-23-18
  127. Israel.  “Advice for a Palestinian ‘Icon’.  By Daniel J. Arbeas.  [Ahmed Tamini, 17, and her peers shouldn’t be content as the next generation of cannon fodder.]  8-15-16
  128. Israel.  “Palestinians, You Don’t Have to Live Like a Refugee.”  By Alex Joffe and Asaf Romirowsky.  [Trump is right to defund Unwra, whose anti-Israel propaganda undermines efforts to make peace.]  9-7-18
  129. Israel.  ‘Shutting Down the PLO.”  [The U.S. stops indulging Palestinian hostility to Israel.} 9-11-18
  130. Israel.  “The Many Faces of Jew-Hatred.”  By Ruth Wisse.  [Anti-Semitism is a politics of misdirected blame.  Today its most frequent target is the state of Israel.]  11-1-18
  131. Israel.  “Israel Is Making Arab Friends.”  By Joshua s. Block.  [‘Hatikva” plays in Abu Dhabi, Netanyahu visits Oman, and the ‘cold peace’ with Egypt gets warmer.]  11-5-18
  132. Israel.  “Airbnb’s Anti-Israel Hypocrisy.”  By Eugene Kontorovich.  [The tech company will operate anywhere and serve anyone – except Jews in the West Bank.]  11-26-18
  133. Israel.  “Refute Palestinian Lies to Promote Mideast Peace.”  By Max Singer.  [There’ no ‘occupied’ territory, and the Jews have been in Israel for thousands of years.]  12-7-18
  134. Israel.  “The True-State Solution.”  By Daniel J. Arbess.  [Follow the map the British drew in 1922 which put Arab and Jewish Palestine across the Jordan River.]  1-3-19
  135. Israel.  “Will Netanyahu Go to Riyadh?”  by Karen Elliott House.  [A meeting between Israel’s prime minister and Saudi Arabia’s crown prince would make sense.]  1-7-19
  136. Israel.  “Israel’s Dangerous Dalliance With China.”  By Ilan Berman.  [The Jewish state needs an agency to review foreign investments in sensitive areas of its economy.]  1-14-19Israel.  “Trump’s Mideast ‘Deal of the Century’ May Be a Raw One for Israel.”  By Daniel Pipes.  [His plan is a closely held secret, but the signals look worrying for supporters of the Jewish state.]  1-24-19
  137. Israel.  “Trump’s Mideast ‘Deal of the Century’ May Be a Raw One for Israel.”  By Daniel Pipes.  [His plan is a closely held secret, but the signals look worrying for supporters of the Jewish state.]  1-24-19
  138. Israel.  “The Education of Ilhan Omar.”  [Democratic leaders rebuke their anti-Israel freshman colleague.]  2-12-19
  139. Israel.  “For the ACLU, Antipathy to Israel Trumps Antidiscrimination.”  By Eugene Kontorovich.  [Laws against boycotting the Jewish state are patterned after those that protect gays and lesbians.]  2-12-19
  140. Israel.  “Why Do Americans Care About Israel?”  [To understand look to Aipac’s Policy Conference.]  3-22-19
  141. Israel.  “Israel’s Golan Heights.”  [U.S. recognition of Israeli sovereignty sees the Middle East as it is.]  3-22-19
  142. Israel.  “40 Years of Peace Between Israel and Egypt.”  By Dennis Ross and David Makovsky.  [Sadat and Begin gambled everything, and the bet paid off.]  3-26-19
  143. Israel.  “Trump’s Golan Decision Is Moral and Strategic.”  By Lindsey Graham. [The vicious regime in Syria shouldn’t be rewarded for trying to conquer Israel in 1967.]  3-26-19
  144. Israel.  “Netanyahu’s Triumph.”  4-11-19
  145. Israel.  “Netanyahu and Jewish Destiny.”  By Jonathan Kolatch.  [Israel’s prime minister was once a moderate.  Will he now lead the right to the Promised Land.]  5-9-19
  146. Israel.  “International Law Backs The Trump Golan Policy.”  By Michael R. Pompeo and David Friedman.  [For decades Syria has defied a U.N. mandate to negotiate with Israel.]  5-15-19
  147. Israel.  “Palestinians Need to Get Real About Israel.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [The focus should be on prosperity and good government, not perpetual resistance.]  5-21-19
  148. Israel.  “What’s Beijing Doing in Haifa?”  by Wm. A. Galston.  [Chinese investment across the Holy Land threatens the U.S.-Israel relationship.]  5-29-19
  149. Israel.  “Israel’s Election Do-Over.”  “Netanyahu falls victim to his own political success.”  5-31-19
  150. Israel.  “The Culture War Behind Israel’s Political Crisis.”  By Jason Willick.  [An ultra-Orthodox rabbi explains the Jewish schism over traditionalism.] 6-7-19
  151. Israel.  “Take the Palestinians’ ‘No’ for an Answer.” By Eugene Kontorovich.  [They’ve rejected every peace initiative.  Their no-show this week in Bahrain should be the last.]  6-24-19
  152. Israel. “Trump Can’t Make Peace by Wishing the Palestinians Away.” By Raghida Dergham. [If he wants to broker the ‘deal of the century,’ he has to oppose Israeli plans to annex the West Bank.] 7-18-19
  153. Israel. “Thelma and Louise Go to Israel.” By Wm. McGurn. [Prepare for a bumpy ride. Tlaib and Omar are in the Democratic Party driver’s seat.] (“…Their trip to Israel will give them a global stage that practically guarantees incendiary language on the “occupation…”) 7-23-19
  154. Israel. “The U.N. Agency for Palestinians is Even Worse Than You Imagine.” By Alex Joffe and Asaf Romirowsky. [A report alleges sexual misconduct, nepotism and retaliation by several Unrwa officials.] 8-7-19
  155. Israel’s Election Is Full of Wild Cards.” By Jonathan Kolatch. [The result could help bridge the religious-secular divide. Or it could end the Netanyahu era.] 9-17-19
  156. Israel. “Netanyahu Holds On” [Three lessons from Israel’s stalemated politics.] 9-27-19
  157. Israel. “Proceed With Caution on a Defense Pact With Israel.” By Douglas J. Feith. [A treaty looks attractive to both Washington and Jerusalem, but potential pitfalls remain.] 9-27-19
  158. Israel. “Iran Opens a Second Front Along Israel’s Border.” By Jonathan Spyer. [The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and its proxies control Syrian land near the Golan Heights.] 10-3-19
  159. Israel. “Art of the Deal, Palestine Version.” [Trump’s unconventional diplomacy is on display in Israel and the Balkans.] 1-29-20
  160. Israel. “Tromp Tries ‘Constructive Resignation’ in the Mideast.” [by Douglas J. Feith. [It may not work, but trying to give Palestinian Arabs what they want has failed for a century.] 1-30-20
  161. Israel. “Israel’s Conservative Consensus.” [Netanyahu beats expectations in the country’s third election.] 3-4-20
  162. Israel. “Israel’s New Diplomatic Moment. By Jonathan Spyer. [Trump’s peace plan calls attention to Palestinian division and the collapse of the Arab political order.] 3-4-20
  163. Israel. “A Divided Israel’s Unity Government.” [Netanyahu will stay on for 18 months and then give way to Gantz.] 3-28-20
  164. Israel. “The Palestinians Need to Make Bold Moves.” By Walter Russell Mead. [Facing crisis, they should follow Arafat’s example by agreeing to negotiations.] 5-19-20
  165. Israel.  “Don’t Buy the ‘Annexation’ Hype.”  By Eugene Kontorovich.  [Applying Israeli civilian law to West Bank settlements wouldn’t preclude peace or violate Palestinian rights.]    6-24-20
  166. Israel.  “Netanyahu Needs to Slice the Annexation Salami.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [His base is more useful to him hungry, and Israel’s neighbors and allies can’t stomach a full meal of it.]   7-2-20
  167. Israel.  “More Arab-Israeli Harmony.”  [Bahrain follows the U.A.E. in recognizing the Jewish state.]    9-12-20
  168. Israel.  “The Long Road to Israel’s Very Good Month.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [The Jewish state has become too valuable to the Arab world to be treated as a pariah.]   9-15-20
  169. Israel.  “How Rabin’s Assassination Gave New Life to Oslo.”  By Natan Sharansky and Gil Troy.  [The murder of the Israeli prime minister should be remembered as a blow not to peace but to democracy.]   11-4-20
  170. Israel.  “Coexistence Comes to an Israeli Soccer Field.”  By Benny Avni.  [Beltar Jerusalem fans once shouted, ‘Death to the Arabs!’  Now one owns half the team.]   12-14-20
  171. Israel.  “Biden, Bibi and Bhutan.”  [Another diplomatic normalization shows Israel’s greater clout.]   12-15-20
  172. Israel.  “Islamabad Warily Weighs Establishing Ties With Israel.”  By Sadanand Dhume.  [As Arab nations warm toward Jerusalem, the prime minister says they’re putting ‘pressure’ on him.]   1-8-21
  173. Israel.  “Only Netanyahu Can Go to Nazareth.”  By Shahar Azani.  [Will it be this prime minister, of all people, who finally woos Arab Israelis off the political sidelines?]   3-4-21
  174. Israel.  “The Abbas Who Is Shaking Up Israeli Politics.” By Elliot Kaufman.  [The head of the Arab Ra’am Party may be pivotal to the Netanyahu government’s survival.]  4-6-21
  175. Israel.  “Appropriating ‘Apartheid’ to Bash Israel.”  By Warren Goldstein.  [Human Rights Watch traduces the scared memories of South African victims.]   5-11-21
  176. Israel.  “Hamas Tests Israel – and Biden.”  [Iran’s Palestinian ally reignites its conflict with the Jewish state.]   5-12-21
  177. Israel.  “A Third Intifada Is Unlikely, but Hamas Is Trying to Start One.”  By Jonathan Spyer.  [Jerusalem is a powder keg, but the shift of the focus to Gaza reduces the prospects of unity against Israel.]   5-12-21
  178. Israel.  “Israel’s Iron Dome Advantage.”  [Missile defense again shows its military and diplomatic benefits.]   5-14-21
  179. Israel.  “Almost Nothing You’ve Heard About Evictions in Jerusalem Is True.”  By Avi Bell and Eugene Kontorovich.  [Neutral application of property law becomes an international incident because a landlord is a Jew]  5-15-21
  180. Israel.   “Biden, the Democrats an Israel..  [The left demands an Israel-Hamas cease-fire, but on whose terms?]   5-19-21
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