Energy Policy

Opinion Headlines

  1. Energy policy. “Wind Power is Intermittent, But Subsidies Are Eternal.” By Tim Phillips. [There is no need to extend a program that has cost U.S. taxpayers $7.3 billion over the past seven years.] 12-1-2014
  2. Energy policy. “The Global Shakeout From Plunging Oil.” By Daniel Yergin. [New supply – rather than demand – is dominating the market, and OPEC has been caught by surprise.] 12-1-2014
  3. Energy policy. “Go Ahead, Fill ‘Er Up.” By Philip Broughton.  A Book review of “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, “ by Alex Epstein (Portfolio, 248 pp, $27.95) [Renouncing oil and its byproducts would plunge civilization into a pre-industrial hell – a fact developing countries keenly realize.] 12-2-14
  4. Energy. “Who’s Afraid of Cheap Oil?”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  12-3-14
  5. Energy policy. “ ‘Peak Oil’ Debunked, Again.” [The world relearns that supply responds to necessity and price.] 12-5-14.nergy policy. “The Oilman to Thank at Your Next Fill-up” by Joseph Rago. [The ‘accidental CEO’ says even he underestimated the shale revolution, which will continue despite lower prices.] [‘There’s been a million frack jobs’ in the U.S. ‘with zero documented cases of damage to the drinking –water table.’] 12-6-14
  6. Energy. LTE. “The Peak of ‘Peak Oil’ Has Been Postponed Yet again.” 12-11-14
  7. Energy policy. “The Myth of the Carbon Investment ‘Bubble.’ “ by Nancy Meyer [Bad news for alarmists: Global integrated oil and gas companies since 2008 have traded at a 30% discount.] 1-12-15
  8. Energy Policy. “Oil Export Myths.” [Lifting the ban will increase U.S. supply and energy security.] 1-17-15
  9. Alaska. “Obama’s Trans-Alaska Oil Assault.” [He’s slowly starving the current pipeline so it will have to shut down.] 1-27-15
  10. Energy Policy. “LTE. “Export Oil for Lower Domestic Price..” 1-28-15
  11. Energy Policy. “The Feel-Good Folly of Fossil-Fuel Divestment.” By Daniel R. Fischel. [The only ones to suffer will be colleges that earn less money for research, services and student scholarships.] 2-10-15
  12. Energy policy. “Oil Export Folly.” [The U.S. ban is harming the oil patch and raising gasoline prices.] 3-14-15
  13. Energy Policy. LTE. “Time to Repeal the Oil Export Ban and the Jones Act?” 3-17-15
  14. Energy policy. LTE. “Fossil Fuels Have Their Place, but That Must Diminish.” 3-21-15
  15. Energy policy. LTE. “Adam Smith, Energy Independence and Oil Export Ban.” 3-21-15
  16. Energy Policy. LTE. “The Arctic Wildlife Refuge and U.S. Oil Independence.” 3-26-15
  17. Energy Policy. “Fossil Fuel Free Is No Country for the Poor.” By Donald J. Boudreaux. 3-28-15
  18. Energy Policy. “The Oil Export Ban: A Relic of the 1970s.” by John Hess. 4-25-15
  19. Energy Policy. “Rethinking the U.S. Surrender on Nuclear Power.” By Eric McFarland. [Russia and China are racing to profit from an energy source developed – and overregulated – in the West.] 4-28-15
  20. Energy policy. LTE. “No Premature Closure of Nuke Plants.” 4-30-15
  21. Energy policy. “Carbon Taxes in Revenue Fantasyland.” By Oren Cass. [There’s nothing neutral about plans for offsetting the added expenses. Let’s take a look at Yale’s new green brainstorm.] 5-1-2015.
  22. Energy Policy. LTE. “Don’t Surrender on Nuclear Power.” 5-8-15
  23. Energy. “Shell’s Arctic Drill Bit.” [It only took six years and $6 billion to get oil leases honored.] 5-16-15
  24. Energy Policy. “The Oil-Export Ban Harms National Security.” By Leon E. Panetta [The U.S. is willfully denying itself a tool that could prove vital in dealing with threats from Russia, Iran and others.] 5-20-15
  25. Energy Policy. “Fixing a Power Failure In the Shale Boom. “ by Robert Zubrin. [‘Flaring natural gas by burning it off is a big waste and needless pollutant. Time to harness that energy.] 5-29-15
  26. Energy Policy. “The Shale Boom Shifts Into Higher Gear.” By Donald L. Luskin [Oil production is becoming a modern manufacturing process, with frackers using the ‘just –in-time’ approach.] 6-1-15
  27. Energy policy. “Dirty Rotten Ethanol Scoundrels.” [The feds admit defeat on the mandate but pile on a new subsidy.] 6-8-15.
  28. Energy Policy. “America’s Self-Punishing Oil Export Ban.” By Harold Hamm. [More than 126,000 workers have lost their jobs, and that will double is the ban isn’t lifted.] 6-22-15
  29. Energy policy. “Obama’s Renewable-Energy Fantasy.” By Rupert Darwall. [Bill Gates recently noted that the cost of decarbonization using today’s technology is ‘beyond astronomical.’] 7-6-15
  30. Energy Policy. “States Are Unplugging Their Renewable-Energy Mandates.” By Donald Bryson and Jeff Gendening. [North Carolina and Kansas are the latest to suffer sticker shock from the price of politicians’ green dreams.] 7-11-15
  31. Energy. “What’s Giving the World Oil Market the Jitters.” By Daniel Yergin. [Topping the list are Greece, Iran, China – and, strand as it may seem, the U.S.] 7-11-15
  32. Energy. “Mexico’s Big Energy Breakthrough.” By Mary Anastasia O’Grady. [ Wednesday’s auction will break a state monopoly that has held back the economy for decades.] 7-13-15
  33. Energy. LTE. Renewable-Energy Mandates Should be Nonpartisan. 7-13-15
  34. Calif. “Sky-High California Gas Prices Have a Green Additive.” By Allysia Finley. [The national average is $2.76 a gallon, while Golden State drivers pay $3.88, Eco-virtue is expensive.] 7-18-15
  35. Energy Policy. LTE. “Wind Turbines as Electricity Source Aren’t Reliable.” 7-21-15
  36. Energy Policy. “Electric Car-Acid Test.” [Forcing poor rate-payers to subsidize green autos for the rich.] 8-11-15
  37. Energy Policy. “A Crude Victory.” [Banning America from exporting oil while allowing Iran to do it.] 8-15-15
  38. Energy Policy. LTE. “Selling Abroad Would Help Oil Jobs.” 8-15-15
  39. Energy Policy. “Obama’s Wind-Energy Lobby Gets Blown Away.” By Robert Bryce. [A California judge rules in favor of bald eagles and against 30-year permits to shred them.] 8-19-15
  40. Energy Policy. “Tom Steyer’s Stimulus,” [A California green scheme fails to create jobs or save energy.] 8-19-15
  41. Energy policy. “Political Target: Natural Gas.” [The methane rule is part of a regulatory wave to raise drilling costs.] 8-24-15
  42. Energy Policy. “In the Race for Arctic Energy, the U.S. and Russia Are Polar Opposites.” 8-26-15
  43. Energy Policy. Hillary. “Clinton’s Drilling Chill.” [[Arctic drilling, opinion]] 8-27-15
  44. Energy Policy. “Wind Towers Are Bad for Eagles and Other Flying Beasts.” 8-28-15
  45. Energy policy. LTE. “Skilled Workers Are in Short Supply.” 8-29-15
  46. Energy policy. LTE. “Green, ‘Alternative’ Energy Is Moving to the Big Time.” 8-29-15
  47. Energy Policy. “Big Solar’s Subsidy Bubble.” [Companies cash in on tax credits and ‘net-metering’ schemes.] .”] 8-31-15
  48. Energy Policy. “Consumer Reports Spends Its Juice, Badly.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [The product reviewer raves that a new Tesla ‘broke’ its rating system, but the real culprit is in the mirror.] 8-29-15
  49. Energy Policy. LTE. “Tighter Methane Regulations Won’t Kill Gas Drilling.” 8-31-15
  50. Energy. “Oil Export Momentum.” [A federal study says repealing a ban won’t raise gasoline prices.] 9-2-15
  51. Energy. “The Saudis Gambled and Texas Won.” [Energy innovators across the U.S. will always beat those who bet against capitalism.] 9-1-15
  52. Energy Policy. Bureaucrats. “The Coldest Regulatory Climate on Earth.” [Shell abandons offshore Alaska after spending $7 billion since 2007.] 9-29-15
  53. Energy Policy.   LTE. “Reducing Carbon Without Reducing Quality.” 10-6-15
  54. Energy. LTE. “Much Alternate Energy Isn’t All That Green.” 10-7-15
  55. Big Govt. “The Feds Go Turbo.” [A new study shows how Energy rules raise costs for consumers.] 10-9-15
  56. Energy. LTE. “It’s Harder to Reach Carbon Goals With Pilgrim Closure.” 10-23-15
  57. Energy. LTE. “Solar Power Has a Role in Helping the Poor.” 10-30-15
  58. Energy Policy. “Big Oil’s Windfall Losses.” [As prices fall and layoffs rise, politicians aren’t blaming ‘speculators.’] 11-6-15
  59. Energy Policy. LTE. “Gasoline Prices and Pricing By Supply and Demand.” 11-7-15
  60. Energy. “Keystone Is a Fake Green Victory.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [If abundant fossil fuels is what affords such victories, well, you see the paradox.] 11-11-15
  61. Energy.  Obama. “Obama’s Appalachian Tragedy.” By Paul H. Tice. [The president’s anti-coal policies have devastated West Virginia. Since 2009, 332 mines have closed.] 12-1-15
  62. Energy. LTE. “The Good and Less Good of Ethanol Mandate.” 11-21-15
  63. Energy. “How Wind Farms Blow Away Rights on Real Farms.” By Blake Hurst. [One company wants to put a 140-foot power pole in my friend’s yard – by force, using eminent domain.] 12-5-15
  64. Energy. “The Oil-Patch Bust.” [The jobs and company carnage is growing as Congress dawdles over the export ban.] 12-11-2015
  65. Energy.   LTE “Windmills Have Direct Benefits for Farmers.” 12-15-15
  66. Energy. “The Global Battle for Oil Market Share.” By Daniel Yergin. [Iran and its rivals vie for advantage amid low prices, oversupply and the likely end of the U.S. export ban.] 12-16-15
  67. Energy. LTE. “It Will Be Pure, but How Will Vermont Foot the Bill?” 12-22-15
  68. Energy. LTE. “Solar Energy Is the Future: You Can’t Stop It.” 1-4-16
  69. Energy. “The Corn-Fed Albatross Called Ethanol.” By Merrill Matthews. [“…Replacing the 18 billion gallons of ethanol under the EPA’s 2016 RFS with roughly 18 billion gallons of gasoline would reduce the oil glut and improve the nation’s carbon footprint…”] 1-6-16
  70. Energy. “Don’t Blame Oil for Global Chaos.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Cheap energy is a symptom, not a cause, of the world’s geopolitical mess.] 1-6-16
  71. Energy policy. “Keystone No, Kenya Pipeline Yes.” [The U.S. says it wants to help finance an oil pipeline in Africa.] 1-11-16
  72. Energy Policy. “Why We’re Suing Obama Over Keystone.” By Kristine Delkus. [The president canceled the pipeline in a purely political move that violated the law and the U.S. Constitution.] 1-14-16
  73. Energy. “After the Carnage, Shale Will Rise Again.” By Mark P. Mills. [Vast swaths of shale will be profitable with oil at about $40 a barrel, and the nimble industry is ready.] 1-19-16
  74. Energy policy. “Fixing the Methane Leaks That Deflate Natural-Gas Gains.” By Fred Krupp. [The Aliso Canyon disaster does as much climate damage daily as four coal-fired power plants.] 2-4-16
  75. Energy. “Pulling the Plug on Obama’s Power Plan.” By David B. Rivkin Jr., and Andrew M. Grossman. [The Supreme Court sent a clear message: Your clean-energy strong-arming campaign must stop.] 2-11-16
  76. Energy. LTE. “Methane Leaks: Major Distraction, Minor Ill.” 2-16-16
  77. Energy. LTE. “Two Well-Intentioned Aims and Laws Collide.” [wind turbines vs. birds]. 2-16-16
  78. Energy. LTE. “Renewables, Regulations and Old King Coal.” 3-7-16
  79. Energy.  Fracking.  Hillary. “Clinton Against American Energy.” [The Democrat says she would regulate fracking out of existence.] 3-8-16
  80. Energy. “’Keep It in the Ground.’” [Obama reneges on his offshore oil lease off the Atlantic coast.] 3-16-16
  81. Energy. LTE. “ Be Glad About Diverse Alternate-Fuel Vehicles.” 3-22-16.
  82. Energy. “Kicking the Oil Business When It’s Down.” By Paul H. Tice. [Rising regulatory scrutiny of banks that lend to energy companies is tightening the screws on fossil fuels.] 4-5-16
  83. Energy. “Rocky Mountain Sense.” [A fracking decision in Colorado is a win for good public policy.] 5-3-16
  84. Energy. LTE. “History of Energy Forecasts Leaves Room For Humility.”   5-11-16
  85. Energy. “An Ill Wind: Open Season on Bald Eagles.” By Robert Bryce. [Sacrificing 4,200 of the birds a year for green energy sounds fine to regulators.] 5-16-16
  86. Energy. LTE. “The Market May Crowd Out the OPEC Cartel.” 5-24-16
  87. Energy Policy. “TransCanada Sues Obama on Keystone.”  [Strung along for seven years, the company wants its money back.] 7-1-16
  88. Energy. LTE.  “Natural-Gas Vehicles Will Lower Emissions.”  7-27-16
  89. Energy. “Democrats Used to Like Natural-Gas Energy.  Not Anymore.”  By Karen Alderman Harbert.  [Clinton helped rewrite the Democratic platform on energy in ways that make Obama look moderate.]  7-27-16
  90. Energy. “The Trans-Alaska Pipeline Will Dry Up without New Oil.”  By Thomas Barrett.  [New drill sites are needed to replace mature ones.  But that requires Obama administration approval.]  7-30-16
  91. Energy. “Another Gusher in Cowboyistan.” [Apache’s ‘Alpine High’ oil field shows the power of unplanned markets.] 9-9-16
  92. Energy. “Chief Obama and the Dakota Pipeline.”  [A case study in why the U.S. doesn’t build more infrastructure.]  9-14-16
  93. Energy. LTE.  “Dakota Access Followed the Permitting Rules.”  9-23-16
  94. Energy. “It’s Time for the Feds to Get Out of Indian Country.” By Terry L. Anderson and Shawn Regan.  [A permit to develop energy resources requires 49 steps on tribal lands and just four steps off reservations.]  10-8-16
  95. Energy Policy. LTE “Time to Ditch the BIA, Move to Real Progress.” 10-14-16
  96. Energy. “Trimming Oil Output Won’t Keep OPEC States Afloat.”  By Gary Sernovitz.  [American frackers have put petrostates like Saudi Arabia under serious pressure, making reform – or revolution – more likely.]  10-18-16
  97. Energy. LTE.  “Don’t’ Bet Against Saudis In Oil Market-Share War.” 10-22-16
  98. Energy policy. “Green Elites Face Trump Threat.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [A chance to clean up rampant cronyism in the energy sector won’t soon return.]  11-9-16
  99. Energy. “A Trump U.S. Energy Boom.”  [He can open Arctic and Atlantic drilling that Obama has shut down.]  11-26-16
  100. Energy. “Obama’s Last Stand.”  [The White House tries to kill another pipeline for U.S. oil.]  12-6-16
  101. Energy policy. “What the Dakota Pipeline Is Really About.”  By Kevin Cramer.  [The standoff isn’t about tribal rights or water, but a White House that ignores the rule of law.]  12-7-16
  102. Energy. “High-Energy Rick Perry.”  [Revive Yucca Mt.’s nuclear waste site, then close Energy down.]  12-15-16Energy. “Obama’s ‘Permanent’ Drilling Freeze.”  [He claims his latest executive order can’t be repealed- ever.]  12-22-16
  103. Energy. (Bookshelf by R. Tyler Priest)  “Wanted: Swing Producer.”  “Crude Volatility by Robert McNally.”  [Volatility in the price of the world’s most essential commodity – oil – is perilous.  Buckle up for our new boom and bust era.]  1-26-17
  104. Energy. “Saudi Arabia Puts U.S. Energy Producers to a Test – and They Ace It.” By Mark P. Mills. [It’s entirely feasible for America to become a far bigger oil exporter, even one of the biggest.] 3-28-17
  105. Energy. “Trump’s Energy Progress.” [A new executive order stops Obama’s war on fossil fuels.] 3-29-17
  106. Energy policy. “Icahn’t Believe It’s an Ethics Conflict.” [Democrats lambaste Carl Icahn for agreeing with them.] 4-1-17 [Re: EPA, “RINs” prices, ethanol, energy policy]
  107. Energy. “Thanks for Giving Me Your Tax Money.” By Robert Bryce. [“…I’m opposed to all energy subsidies – unless, of course, I’m the one collecting them…”] 4-19-17
  108. Energy. “Offshore Drilling Blowout Preventer.” [A new rule would damage Trump’s plans for more U.S. energy.] 4-19-17
  109. Energy. “Springtime Out of Paris.”  [Staying in Obama’s climate accord risks Trump’s energy plans.]  4-27-17
  110. Energy. “The Struggle Behind Oil’s Ups and Downs”  by Daniel Yergin.  [We likely won’t see $100 a barrel again. The industry has been recalibrated to a lower price level.]  5-17-17
  111. Energy. “West Coast Natural Gas Coup.”  [Oregon voters reject a ban on an LNG export terminal.]  FBI.  “The Special Counsel Mistake.”  [Rosenstein bends to political pressure, and here we go again.] 5-18-17
  112. Energy. “Lessons of the Energy Export Boom.” [Steve Bannon owes Paul Ryan an apology on the oil-export ban.] 6-16-17
  113. Energy. “An Environment of Destruction.”  By Jillian Kay Melchior. [Criminal tactics have become a regular feature of pipeline protests over the past year.]  8-11-2017
  114. Energy. “Why Georgia Sticks With Nuclear Power.”  By Tim Echols.  [It’s a hedge against a low-carbon future – and much more.]  8-18-17
  115. Energy. “Cuomo’s Natural Gas Blockade.” [New York’s Governor is raising energy costs for millions of Americans.] 8-24-17 (With graph: Natural gas production in four eastern states 1995-2016)
  116. Energy Policy. “Pruitt’s Clean Power Break.”  [Dismantling Obama’s regulatory attempt to kill fossil fuels.]  10-9-17
  117. Energy. “The Clean Power Plan’s Counterfeit Benefits.”  By Steve Milloy.  [The Obama EPA claimed its regulation would have a $55 billion payout.  You’ll never believe how.]  10-16-17
  118. Energy. “Trump Caves on Ethanol.”  [The biofuels lobby overwhelms a core campaign promise.]  10-23-17
  119. Energy Policy. “My Kingdom for a Renewable Energy Source.”  By Lee E. Ohanian and Ted Temzelides.  [What the 19th-century British horses teach us about free markets.]  11-13-17
  120. Energy. “How Local Utilities Gamed the Natural-Gas Market.”  By Fred Krupp.  [They booked large orders and then canceled at the last minute, which pushed electric prices up by 20%]  11-17-17
  121. Energy. “Germany’s Green Energy Meltdown.”  [Voters promised a revolution get coal and high prices instead.]  11-18-17
  122. Energy. LTE.  “The Hidden Costs of Wind-Power Subsidies.”  11-22-17   (see “Taxes”  Nov. 11 here   )
  123. Energy. “America’s New Energy Diplomacy.”  [Liquefied natural gas exports weaken Russia’s regional influence.]  11-28-17
  124. Energy. LTE.  “Some Inconvenient Truths of Wind and Solar.”  12-8-17 [“…Yet the 52,000 U.S. wind turbines (The Cuisinarts of the air) grind up protected and unprotected birds and bats…”]  12-8-17
  125. Energy. “Ethanol Hostages on Capitol Hill.”  [Energy policy favoritism imperils Trump’s nominees – again.]  12-9-17
  126. Energy. “North Dakota’s Pipeline Payoff.”  [Six months later, the Dakota Access Pipeline proves its value.]  12-30-17
  127. Energy. “Free Trade Has Been a Boon for Energy Independence”  by Merrill Matthews.  [NAFTA delivers a triple win for the U.S., Canadian and Mexican oil and natural-gas industries.]  1-2-18
  128. Energy. “Trump’s Offshore Energy Opening.” [No other developed nation has comparable offshore drilling limits.] 1-5-18
  129. Energy. “Drilling in Alaska Is Good for the Earth.” By Thomas Landstreet. [It’s greener than fracking and less risky than deep-water rigs.] 1-11-18
  130. Energy. “A Biofuels Bankruptcy.” [The renewable fuel standards suffocate a Philadelphia refiner.] 1-25-18
  131. Energy. “Drilled, Baby, Drilled.” [A decade ago Barack Obama mocked Sarah Palin. Who was right?]   2-2-18
  132. Energy. “The Governor and Louisiana Lawyers Plot an Energy Shakedown.” By Allysia Finley. [Their demand: Fork over billions to restore the eroding coastline or brave a drawn-out battle.] 3-3-18
  133. Energy. LTE. “Boston Gets Russian Gas Amid U.S. Boom.” 3-20-18
  134. Energy. “How Tariffs Dampen the Energy Boom.” By Rupert Darwall. [A trade war would prevent American manufacturers from taking advantage of abundant hydrocarbons.] 3-22-18
  135. Energy. “Fossil-Fuel Divestment Is Futile.” By Paul H. Tice. [If climate activists have their way, oil prices will rise – and so will stocks in energy companies.] 5-30-18
  136. Energy.  “Rick Perry’s Obama Imitation.”  [His intrusion to save coal and nuclear plants is as bad as renewable subsidies.]  6-6-18
  137. Energy Policy.  “The Social Benefits of Fossil Fuels Far Outweigh the Costs.”  By Joseph L. Bast and Peter Ferrara.  [In expensive power enables technological marvels, and even global warming has positive effects.]  6-14-18
  138. Energy. “Half a Cheer for Trump’s Coal Order.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Critics have better fixes for grid stability, but try getting them past NIMBYs.] 6-20-18
  139. Energy. “A California Billionaire Sets Michigan’s Energy Policy.” By Jason Hayes. [Tom Steyer cuts a deal with utilities to promote alternative fuels, obviating the need for voter input.] 6-23-18
  140. Energy.  “Pipeline Builders Abuse Eminent Domain.”  By Robert McNamara and David Bookbinder.  [How FERC denies landowners the right to meaningful appeal.]  7-20-18
  141. Energy.  “Standing Rock Redux.”  [Green activists oppose a pipeline that would reduce oil spills.]  7-23-18
  142. Energy.  “Trump Is right on Nord Stream 2]  by David B. Rivkin Jr. and Miomir Zuzul.  [An all-out effort to block the pipeline offers an opportunity to restore credibility after Helsinki.]  7-23-18
  143. Energy.  “Trump Gives Farmers a Jolt of Fuel.”  By Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst.  [The administration scraps an anti-ethanol mandate.] 10-17-18
  144. Energy.  “Peak Embarrassment in War on Oil.”  [New York’s AG claims that Exxon Mobil has been lying to itself.]  10-26-18
  145. Energy.  Keystone Pipeline. “A Judicial Keystone Kop.”  [The anti-Trump legal resistance expands to the oil pipeline.]  11-14-18
  146. Energy.  “A Green Logrolling Classic.”  [Offshore wind for 78 cents a kilowatt-hour.  On the open market:  3 cents.]  11-19-18
  147. Energy.  “How American Fracking Changes the World.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [Low energy prices enhance U.S. power at the expense of Moscow and Tehran.]  11-27-18
  148. Energy.  “How America Broke OPEC.”  [Lessons from the U.S. rise to be the world’s largest oil producer.]  12-15-18
  149. Energy.  “Ryan Zinke’s Parting Gift.” (ANWR drilling) 12-26-18
  150. Energy.  “Cuomo’s cold Weather Tax.”  [His natural-gas blockade is raising costs across the Northeast.]  2-6-19
  151. Energy.  “The Nuclear Option Is The Real Green Deal.”  By John Rie and Alan Emery.  [A coal plant produces about as much toxic waste in an hour as a nuclear plant produces in a year.] 2-26-19
  152. Energy.  “Hickenlooper Up the Middle.”  [The Coloradan won’t ban fossil fuels.  Can he persuade Democrats?]  3-5-19
  153. Energy.  “When There’s Too Much Sun and Wind.”  By Rupert Darwall.  [The biggest danger of renewable energy is overproduction.]  3-11-19
  154. Energy Policy.  “Entrenching the Obama Presidency.”  [A federal judge rules that Trump can’t revoke Obama’s oil drilling ban.]  4-6-19
  155. Energy Policy.  “A Goal for Iran’s Oil Exports:  Aero.”  [American frackers can reduce the impact of higher crude prices.]  4-23-19
  156. Energy.  “Germany’s Dirty Green Cars.  [“…a popular electric car releases more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than a comparable diesel engine…]  4-24-19
  157. Energy.  “What if Green Energy Isn’t the Future?”  by Mark P. Mills.  [There’s reason Warren Buffett decided to bet $10 billion on the future of oil and natural gas.]  5-20-19
  158. Energy. “Offshore Oil Is Crucial for U.S. Security. By Jim Webb and Jim Nicholson. 7-16-19
  159. Energy. “If You Want ‘Renewable Energy,” Get Ready to Dig.” By Mark P. Mills. [Building one wind turbine requires 900 tons of steel, 2,500 tones of concrete and 45 tons of plastic.] 8-6-19
  160. Energy. “Long Live the Incandescent Bulb.” [The energy Department will now allow you to choose your lighting.] 9-7-19
  161. Energy. “Unlocking Arctic Energy Is Vital for Alaska – and America.” By Lisa Murkowski, Dan Sullivan and Don Young. [Congress should proceed with its plan to allow careful oil exploration on the Last Frontier’s coast.] 9-12-19
  162. Energy. “Don’t Panic Over the Saudi Attack and the Oil Supply.” By Donald L. Luskin and Michael Warren. [OPEC would have had to cut out put anyway, given the dramatic increase in American production.] 9-18-19
  163. Energy. “Trump Hasn’t Solved the Pipeline Crisis.” By Paul H. Tice. [Climate-change politics threaten American energy independence and could produce fuel shortages.] 10-9-19
  164. Energy. “Make Dishwashers That Clean Again.” ‘The Energy Department wants to give consumers an appliance choice.] 10-14-19
  165. Energy. “Greens Against Solar Power.” 1-4-20
  166. Energy. “The Best-Laid Energy Plans.” [The feds bet $737 million on a salt tower for solar power. You’ll never guess the result.] 1-17-20
  167. Energy. “Better Pipes for Safer Oil Transport.” [Minnesota regulators a[p[prove a greener way to move fossil fuels.] 2-11-20
  168. Energy. “Let Putin and MBS Both Lose.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [The American shale industry will almost certainly outlive either man’s rule.] 3-11-20
  169. Energy. “The Fossil Fuel-Virus Nexus.” Not. [Biden embraces a flawed study to attack oil and gas production.] 5-5-20
  170. Energy. “Who Needs Oil When Even OPEC Telecommutes?” [Changes wrought by the pandemic could dampen global demand for years and kill American shale.] 5-11-20
  171. Energy. “Will Canada Send Oil and Gas Packing?” by Mary Anastasia O’Grady. [Prices have stabilized but recovery in energy requires a signal of support from Ottawa.]   6-1-20
  172. Energy.  “Banks’ Energy Boycott Is an Antitrust Problem.”  By c.  Boyden Gray.  [Radical groups organize an effort to starve oil and gas companies of capital.  That raises prices for consumers.]   7-15-20
  173. Energy.  “Why Putin Loves America’s Greens.  [Europe fast-tracks Nord Stream 2 as the left blocks U.S. pipelines.]   7-15-20
  174. Energy.  “An Alaska Oil Opening, at Last.”  [Interior opens ANWR for oil leases, after only 30 years of trying.]   8-18-20
  175. Energy.  “California’s Blackout Warning.”  [“…The Sacramento Democrats want to take this policy nationwide via Joe Biden, so prepare for hot summer nights.”]   8-17-20
  176. Energy Policy.  “That Old Black Magic.”  (Bookshelf by Mark P. Mills.)  “Oilcraft.”  By Robert Vitalis. [How the myths of scarcity and security haunt U.S. energy policy and keep it tied to the puppet strings of the House of Saud.]  8-24-20
  177. Energy.  “Clean Power, No thanks to Al Gore.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Nuclear energy took a leap toward being cost-effective.  Yet the green lobby hasn’t noticed.] 9-21-20
  178. Energy.  “Nevada Does a California.”  [A steep renewable energy mandate would mean higher electricity costs and shortages..]   10-27-20
  179. Energy.  “Biden’s First Fracking Test.”  [Will he allow a proposed port for LNG to go through as planned?]   1-11-21
  180. Energy.  “A Deep Green Freeze.”  [“…The Biden Administration’s plan to banish fossil fuels is a greater existential threat to Americans than climate change.”]  2-16-21
  181. Energy. “Texas Spins Into the Wind.”  [An electricity grid that relies on renewables also needs nuclear or coal.]  2-18-21
  182. Energy.  “Biden Rescues Texas With … Oil.”  [The feds dispatch diesel generators to ease the Lone Star deep freeze.]   2-20-21
  183. Energy.  “Texas-Style Blackouts Are the Future.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The grid is designed to shut down, and we’re designing it to shut down more often.]   2-20-21
  184. Energy.  “More Green Blackouts Ahead.”  [Biden’s regulators are ignoring the electrical grid’s vulnerability.]    2-24-21
  185. Energy.  “Texas Power Crisis Points to Wider Dangers.”  By L.R. Sridhar.  [Regulations forbid utilities from building energy resiliency.]   2-25-21
  186. Energy.  “Big Oil ‘Friends’ the Carbon Tax.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [In the dance of the decades, one good result from greens losing their minds.]   3-3-21
  187. Energy Policy.  “Texas’ Blackouts Blew In on the Wind.”  By Wayne Christian.  [The grid nearly failed because of an energy mix weighted toward unreliable sources of power.]   3-20-21
  188. Energy.  “Railing Against the Wind.”  [Biden cancels offshore projects amid local political opposition.]   4-21-21
  189. Energy.  “Rural America Gets Bad Vibrations From Big Wind.”  By Robert Bryce.  [Turbines are popular so long as no one has to see their giant blades or hear the awful noise they make.]   5-6-21
  190. Energy.  “Biden’s Not-So-Clean Energy Transition.”  By Mark P. Mills.  [The International Energy Agency exposes the hidden environmental costs and infeasibility of going green.]   5-12-21
  191. Energy.  “The Ethanol Gasoline Tax.”  [The policy that is raising pump prices about 30 nets a gallon.]   5-15-21
  192. Energy.  “Pipeline Politics Threatens Energy Up North.”  By David Jacobson and Gary Dorer.  [Michigan’s Whitmer tries to shut down a fuel artery to Canada.]   5-18-21
  193. Energy.  “The Proxy Coup at Exxon.”  [Two board challengers win, but fossil fuels aren’t going away.]   5-27-21
  194. Energy.  “The Climate Yawns at Exxon ‘Coup.’”  by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [An activist fund wants an oil giant to stop producing oil – except if it’s profitable.]  6-2-21
  195. Energy.  “America’s Energy Gift to Dictators.”  [China, Russia and Iran will exploit the U.S. retreat on fossil fuels.]  6-10-21
  196. Energy.  “The California and Texas Greenouts.”  [Renewables show again that they aren’t reliable to power the grid.]   6-17-21
  197. Energy.  “The ‘Transition’ From Oil.”  (Bookshelf by Mark P. Mills.)  “Energy’s Digital Future.”   By Amy Myers Jaffe.   [Transnational elites and American politicos want society to rearrange the energy market.  For ‘society’ read ‘government.’]   6-23-21
  198. Energy.  “Biden’s Prairie Chicken Fillet.”  [The feds use the Endangered Species Act to block fossil fuels.]  6-23-21
  199. Energy.  “’Drill, Baby, Drill’ Is the Future.” By Andy Kessler.  [Fracking techniques could be used to generate energy with no carbon emissions.]  6-28-21
  200. Energy.  “OPEC, Biden and Gas Prices.”  [The President wants the cartel to pump more oil, but the U.S. to pump less.]   7-7-21
  201. Energy.  The Keystone XL Goes to Court.”  [The pipeline’s owner wants $15 billion to redress Biden’s arbitrary permit withdrawal.]   7-9-21
  202. Energy.  “Deb Haaland’s Oil and Gas Stall.”  [The Interior Secretary ignores a federal judge on drilling leases.]    7-24-21
  203. Energy.  “Joe Biden Wants OPEC to Drill.”  [The White House pleads for more foreign oil.  In the US.?  Not so much.]   8-12-21
  204. Energy.  “Hurricane Ida’s Resilience Lesson.”  [Spending to protect against extreme weather beats green boondoggles.]   8-31-21
  205. Energy.  “Get Ready for the Blackouts.”  By Robert Bryce.  [Mismanagement and the push for renewables are degrading the reliability of the U.S. electrical grid.]   9-8-21
  206. Energy.  “How Much Radiation Is Too Much?”  by Robert Hargraves.  [Regulators have set exposure limits way too low, inspiring irrational fear of a cheap, clean energy source.]   9-22-21
  207. Energy.  “Biden’s Energy Price Shock.”  [His policies are already contributing to global oil supply shortages.]   9-30-21
  208. Energy.  “Deregulation and U.S. Energy Independence.”  By Paul M. Dabbar.  [Fracking and an end to the oil-export ban turned America into a global powerhouse.]   10-6-21
  209. Energy.  “Oil Prices and Bad Policy.”  [A Biden ban on oil exports would make the supply shortage worse.]   10-12-21
  210. Elections.  “Two States Find Ballot Mischief.”   10-13-21
  211. Elections.  “Obama’s Gerrymander Fable.”  By Karl Rove.  [When he and Holder say they want ‘fair’ maps, they mean maps that favor Democrats.]   10-14-21
  212. Energy.  “Biden’s Power Over Energy.”  By Tristan Abbey.  [Will ‘bold’ action against climate change include abuse of his national-security authority?]   10-18-21
  213. Energy.  “Energy Crisis Hobbles Biden’s Green Agenda.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [His climate policy would yield a windfall for Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia.]   10-19-21
  214. Energy.  “Solar and Wind Force Poverty on Africa.”  By Yoweri K. Museveni.   10-25-21
  215. Energy.  “Democrats Threaten to Send Winter Shivers Through Michigan.”  By Jason Hayes.  [Shutting down a vital pipeline would endanger the environment and cause energy prices to rise.”  11-14-21
  216. Energy.  “’Net Zero’ will Make Wall Street Richer at Main Street’s Expense.”  By Joshua Rauh and Mels de Zeeuw.  [Follow the money and note who benefits from creating an artificial demand for renewable energy.]  11-14-21
  217. Energy.  LTE.  “Who falls for Biden’s Gas-Price Blame Game?”   11-23-21
  218. Energy.  “Strategic Political Oil Reserve.”  [“…Mr. Biden’s SPR withdrawal is intended to give the appearance of doing something about prices while actually doing nothing.”]   11-24-21
  219. Energy.  “Stupid Inflation Tricks, Round 2.”  [An energy executive instructs Sen. Warren on natural gas prices and CO2 emissions.]  12-9-21
  220. Energy. “Biden Raises the Ethanol Gas Tax.”  [Higher renewable fuel mandates may put refiners out of business.]  12-16-21
  221. Energy.  “John Kerry’s Financial Crusade Against Oil and Gas.”  By Andy Puzder.  [Public officials have told the climate envoy to stop trying to raise energy costs for U.S. consumers.]  12-16-21
  222. Energy.  “The Electric-Vehicle Push Empowers China.”  By Robert Bryce.  [Instead of using its own energy reserves, the U.S. is betting on its rival’s rare earths.]  12-24-21
  223. Energy.  “Today’s Soaring Energy Prices Are Only the Beginning.”  By Bjorn Lomborg.  [Current ‘net zero’ plans will cost many trillions while doing little to slow global warming.]  1-6-22
  224. Energy.  “If You Want Clean Power, Go Fission.”  By Robert Hargraves.  [Nuclear accidents happen, but the risk of harm is minimal.]  1-27-22
  225. Energy.  “Congrats, You’ve Won a Higher Electric Bill!”  by James Hanley.  [Yonkers, N.Y., pulls a green-energy fast one on residents.]   1-31-22
  226. Energy.  “Should We Grow Up About Energy.”  By Holman w. Jenkins, Jr.  [Joe Biden, Europe’s fracking failures, and scientist who don’t want to know about aerosols.]   2-26-22
  227. Energy.  “A Lesson in Energy Masochism.”  [Here’s how Europe made itself vulnerable to Putin’s gas blackmail.]  3-2-22
  228. Energy.  “Let Alaska Sell American Energy to the World.”  By Harry Brower Jr. and Josiah Patkotak.  [Biden’s limits on North Slope drilling have made the Ukraine war much costlier to Europe and U.S.]  3-5-22
  229. Energy.  “Biden’s Fossil-Fuel Blockade.”  [His administration still refuses to hold onshore drilling lease sales.]  3-5-22
  230. Energy.  “ESG May Be an Antitrust Violation.”  By Mark Brnovich.  [I’m investigating a coordinated effort to allocate markets.]   3-7-22
  231. Energy.  “Biden’s Bizarre Oil Diplomacy.”  [He courts Venezuela and the Saudis, but not U.S. or Canadian producers.]   3-8-22
  232. Energy.  “Biden’s U.S. Oil Embargo.’  [His assault on domestic energy works against his ban on Russian imports.]  3-9-22
  233. Energy. “Democrats for Higher Gas Prices.”  [Senators propose a windfall-profits tax to reduce oil production.]   3-12-22
  234. Energy.  “Biden Eyes Venezuelan Oil.”  By Mary Anastasia O’Grady.  [The administration seeks engagement with Maduro’s criminal regime.]   3-14-22
  235. Energy.  “Biden’s War on Oil Hits Consumers.”  By Harold Hamm.  [The American energy industry is ready to help if Washington stops trying to put us out of business.]   3-14-22
  236. Energy.  “A Question for President Biden.”   3-15-22
  237. Energy.  “Why U.S. Producers Aren’t Solving the Energy Crisis.”  By Paul H. Tice.  [The crash of 2020 and the pressure of climate politics led them to reconsider their business models.]   3-16-22
  238. Energy.  “Biden’s Vast Oil Conspiracy.”   3-17-22
  239. Energy.  “Mugged by Energy Reality.”  [FERC reverses itself on a climate rule for approving gas pipelines.]   3-25-22
  240. Energy.  “Biden’s Great Energy Contradiction.”  [He wants more gas from Europe from U.S. companies he wants to put out of business.]  3-26-22
  241. Energy.  “A Strategic Political Petroleum Release.”  [Biden tries everything to cut gas prices, except what would work.]  4-1-22
  242. Energy.  “You’ll Miss Fossil Fuels When They’re Gone.”  By Allysia Finley.  [Progressives may loathe oil and gas, but modern life doesn’t work without them.]   4-5-22
  243. Energy.  “Biden’s Ethanol Gas Price Trick.”   4-13-22
  244. Energy.  “Biden’s Blame Game Will Raise Oil Prices.”  By James W. Coleman.  [Democrats’ bluster about ‘corporate greed’ is scaring away the investors needed to expand energy supplies.]   4-14-22
  245. Energy.  “An Oil Leasing Fig Leaf.”  [“…The Administration as usual is restricting oil and gas development while pretending that’s not what it’s doing.”]  4-18-22
  246. Energy.  “The Coming Green-Energy Inflation.”  By Mark P. Mills.  [Demand for metals and other commodities will keep skyrocketing unless mandates are reversed.]  4-18-22
  247. Energy.  “A Bipartisan Emery Deal.?”  [Overriding Biden’s NEPA rules blockade is essential.]  5-3-22
  248. Energy.  “New York Leads America off an Energy Cliff.  By Claudia Tenney.  [Biden is following Andrew Cuomo’s example, with predictable results.]   5-12-22
  249. Energy.  “Biden’s Green-Energy Industrial Policy.  [The President has two words to save the world:  solar power.]   6-7-22
  250. Energy.  “Why Energy Companies Won’t Produce.”  By Wayne Stoltenberg and Merrill Matthews.  [They expect the war on fossil fuels to resume when the current crisis ends.]   6-9-22
  251. Energy.  “How the U.S. Turned the Tables on OPEC.”  By Paul M. Abbar.  [Our energy dominance came from innovation, pro-supply policies, and private investment.]   6-10-22
  252. Energy.  “The Costly Contradictions of Biden’s Crusade for Green Energy.”  By Thomas j. Duesterberg.  [The assault on fossil fuels distorts or undermines many other domestic and international priorities.]   6-13-22
  253. Energy.  Energy Panic Only Serves Putin.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Adaptability needs to be the rediscovered strength of the West’s market economies.]   6-22-22
  254. Energy.  “Biden Got the Energy Market He Wanted.”  By Karl Rove.  [Since day one, he’s tried to limit fossil-fuel supplies, and we’re all paying for it.]   6-23-22
  255. Energy.  “The Global Search for Energy Security.”  By Daneiel Yergin.  [As inflaton soars, the West is finally getting serious about a goal it abandoned years ago.]   7-7-22
  256. Energy.  “Is a Carbon Tax the Only Way to Stop the Greens?”  by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [America’s energy crisis is really an infrastructure crisis, and activist maumauing is to blame.]   7-9-22
  257. Energy.  “GOP Gambit Could Build U.S. Energy Back Better.”  [Republicans can use budget reconciliation to force politically difficult votes on energy policy.]  7-12-22
  258. Energy.  “Nuclear Power Could Heat Your Home.”  By Robert Hargraives.  [Generating steam via ‘cogeneration’ is a promising alternative.]   7-14-22
  259. Energy.  “Biden, Iran, and the Crown Prince.”  [The President wouldn’t have to seek Saudi oil if he unleashed America’s.]   7-15-22
  260. Energy.  “#CaliforniaPowerProblems Hit Texas.”  [Another state where unreliable renewables lead to power outages.]   7-16-22
  261. Energy.  “The Global Nuclear Comeback.”  By Christopher Barnard.  7-19-22
  262. Energy.  “Export Ban Would Mean Higher U.S. Gas Prices.”  By Kyle Isakower.  [Restricting refined-product exports could force American allies to make friends with Russia.]  7-28-22
  263. Energy.  “West Virginia vs. Political Banks.”  [The state won’t do business with firms that blacklist fossil fuels.]   7-30-22
  264. Energy.  “Manchin’s Mountain Valley Dream.”  [The Senator pitches reforms that won’t stop anti-fossil fuel lawsuits.]   8-3-22
  265. Energy.  Energy.  “Fewer Cures, Costlier Energy.”  By Stephen Moore and Tomas J. Philipson.  [The so-called Inflation Reduction Act has at its heart the most foolish trade-off imaginable.]  8-8-22
  266. Energy.  “Capito vs. Manchin on Coal.”  [The GOP Senator kills language that might have killed the industry.]   8-11-22
  267. Energy.  “The Spinning of Virginia’s Wind Farm.”  [If the weather doesn’t cooperate, Dominion wants consumers to pay.]   8-22-22
  268. Energy.  “No Fun in the California Sun.”  [The state says don’t charge the EVs we’ll soon force you to buy.]   9-1-22
  269. Energy.  “Our Friendly Neighborhood Nuclear Reactor.”  By Ark Naida. [Monroe, Mich, wasn’t fazed by a partial meltdown in 1965.]   9-13-22
  270. Energy.  “Biden Freezes Oil and Gas Leases.”  [Interior uses ‘sue and settle’ to suspend Trump-era approvals.]   9-14-22
  271. Energy.  “Where’s the Permitting Bill, Joe?”  [Everyone is still waiting as the Sept. 30 deadline looms.]   9-20-22
  272. Energy.  “Biden’s America Is Running on Empty.”  By Alexander Zemek.  [U.S. petroleum reserves haven’t been this low since 1984.]   9-23-22
  273. Energy.  “Manchin’s Permitting Bust.”  [He gets the Mountain Valley Pipeline, but not much for everyone else.]  9-24-22
  274. Energy.  “Obama Led Germany Into Putin’s Energy Trap.”   By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [America’s exciting new president inspired the world to junk carbon taxes in favor of green pork.]   9-24-22
  275. Energy.  “Both Parties Should Support My Permitting-Reform Bill.”  By Joe Manchin.  [It will help secure our energy future by slashing the time it takes to build critical infrastructure.]   9-26-22
  276. Energy.  “The Permitting Bill’s Poison Pill.”  [Manchin would let the feds socialize the cost of renewables on states.]   9-27-22
  277. Energy.   “You Can’t Eat Without Natural Gas.“  by Heidi Heitkamp.  [The U.S. has the world’s largest proven reserves, but a lack of infrastructure is hindering production.]  9-29-22
  278. Energy.  “OPEC’s October Surprise.”  [Gasoline prices will rise again if the Saudis slash production.]   10-4-22
  279. Energy.  “The Best Defense Against the Energy Weapon:  Big Oil.”  By Wm. J. Magnuson.  [In the 1973-74 embargo, corporations stepped up to coordinate supply and minimize disruption.]   10-5-22
  280. Energy.  “Biden and the Oil Dictators.”  [This Administration wants more oil anywhere except in America.]   10-7-22
  281. Energy.  “Will Biden Embargo U.S. Oil?”  [The White House is considering a self-defeating ban on exports.]   10-8-22
  282. Energy.  “Biden Scapegoats the Saudis for an Energy Crisis He Created.”  By Mohammed Alyahya.  [There’s an easy way for America to prevent another shock in world markets:  Produce more oil.]   10-14-22
  283. Energy.  “Get Ready for the Big Chill.”  [The price of heating fuel is soaring, thanks to climate policies.]   10-19-22
  284. Energy.  “The U.S.-Saudi Rift Over Oil Prices Is Déjà vu All Over Again.”  By Karen Elliot House.  [Biden repeats some of Nixon’s mistakes in dealing with Riyadh and Tehran and makes some new ones.]   10-20-22
  285. Energy.  “Western World’s Energy Folly in a New York Nutshell.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Why should Europe have all the fun?  The Empire State tries to sabotage its grid with renewables.]   10-22-22
  286. Energy.  “An Energy Education for Democrats.”  [Biden’s climate policies have raised prices, and he’s mad as hell about it.]   10-31-22
  287. Energy.  “Energy Policy for Dummies.”  [Biden goes from bad to worse with a windfall profits tax on oil.]   11-2-22
  288. Energy.  “Biden Embarrasses Joe Manchin.”  [The Senator is upset the president told the truth about killing coal plants.]   11-7-22
  289. Energy.   “A Supply-Side Defense Against Putin.”  By Thomas J. Duesterberg and David Asher.  [The most urgent policy shift is to promote energy production domestically and by reliable partners.]   11-7-22
  290. Energy.  “One Man’s Trash Is Another’s Clean Fuel.”  By Nick Stork and Joe Malchow.  [Engineers are making renewable natural gas from methane.]   11-21-22
  291. Energy.  “Biden’s Dirty Oil Deal With Venezuela.”  By Mary Anastasia O’Grady.  [Caracas gets reprieve while the U.S. vetoes a loan to Guyana a rare U.S. ally in the region.]  11-28-22
  292. Energy.  “Hold the Fusion Hype.”  [The breakthrough is exciting but its practical use may be decades away.]   12-14–22
  293. Energy.  “Biden Turns the U.S. Into a Shadow Member of OPEC.” By Tomas J. Philipson.  [Deliberately constraining U.S. supply helps the cartel keep oil prices high and profits up.]   12-14-22
  294. Energy.  “The Subsidy Tango of Gates and Manchin.”  [The Senator and the billionaire score a windfall in the IRA.]   12-23-22
  295. Energy.  “A Quiet Refutation of ‘Net Zero.’   by Steve Milloy.  [Two energy reports show that U.S. is burdening and dismantling its grid to achieve an impossible goal.]   12-29-22
  296. Energy.  “Indiana’s Cornfields Could Be Gone with the Wind Farm.”  By Daniel Lee.  [Most Hoosiers would prefer not to shiver through the winter in the dark.  They may not have a choice.]   1-28-23
  297. Energy.  “Biden’s Green-Energy Mineral Lockup.”  [The feds block mining that is essential for making EV batteries.]   1-30-23
  298. Energy.  “Joe Biden’s Big Oil Profits.”  [Exxon’s shareholders can thank him for his limits on U.S. supply.]   2-1-23
  299. Energy.  “The Willow Oil Test for Biden.”  [The biggest pending U.S. project awaits Administration approval.]  3-2-23
  300. Energy.   “Biden Says Yes to Willow.”  (“…President Biden on Monday approved the Willow oil drilling project on Alaska’s North Slope…”)  3-14-23
  301. Energy.  “An Oil Price Warning for Democrats.”  [Making themselves hostage to the Saudi Crown prince is unwise.]   4-4-23
  302. Energy.  “Joe Manchin Gets Another Blow.”  [A federal court strikes down another Mountain Valley Pipeline permit.]   4-5-23
  303. Energy.  “A Death Sentence for Fossil-Fuel Power.”  [The EPS’s new rule means the end of natural gas-fueled electricity.]  5-12-23
  304. Energy.  “Your Coming Summer of Blackouts.”  [The grid monitors say two-thirds of the U.S. risks electricity outages.]   5-27-23
  305. Energy.  “Joe Manchin’s Energy Sanity Has Its Day – in Britain. By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [Democrats won’t temper climate radicalism, but for Labour it has become an electoral necessity.]  6-30-23
  306. Energy.  “Schumer’s $2.4 Trillion Tax Increase.”  [He lobbies FERC to socialize green-energy costs onto red states.]   7-27-23
  307. Energy.  “The Politics and Science of Jet Fuel.”  By Fred Krupp.  [No, planes won’t run on fruit compost, but they can be made more sustainable.]   8-7-23
  308. Energy.  “Washington Has Energy Production All Wrong.”  By Harold Hamm.  [Biden was wrong to back a 1978 law mandating the use of coal, and he’s wrong to push solar and wind now.]   8-7-23
  309. Energy.  “Shocking Candor on Fuel Standards.”  By Michael Buschbacher and James Conde.  [Bureaucrats admit that ‘net benefits for passenger cars remain negative.’]   8-24-23
  310. Energy.  “Biden Freezes U.S. Arctic Oil.”  [Haaland relies on ‘Indigenous Knowledge’ as a legal justification.]  9-8-23
  311. Energy.  “A Law That Isn’t Red or Blue – and Sure Isn’t Green.”  By Joe Manchin.  [Both parties misrepresent the Inflation Reduction Act to Americans to score political points.]  9-23-23
  312. Energy.  “Exxon’s Pioneer Shale Play.”  [The oil and gas giant protects itself from Biden leasing rules.]  10-12-23
  313. Energy.  “Chevron Bets on Peak Green Energy.”  [The oil giant invests $53 billion to acquire Hess’s oil and gas assets.]   10-24-23
  314. Energy.  “The Global Toll of Beden’s Green Enthusiasm.”  By Walter Russel Mead.  [The energy shift will drive inflation and affect living standards around the world.]   11-14-23
  315. Energy.  “All Is Quiet in Oil Markets – for Now.”  By Daniel Vergin.  [That would change if the war were to spread, but Iran and China have a stake in keeping it contained.]   11-16-23
  316. Energy.  “The Biden Energy Slush Fund.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [A $400 billion pile of cash dwarfing most private green investment vehicles.]  11-24-23
  317. Energy.  “Keith Ellison Wants to Run Energy Policy From Minnesota.”  By Wm. P. Barr and Adam J. white.  [The Supreme Court should take up an appeal of his case, which belongs in federal, not state, court.]   11-30-23
  318. Energy.  “An LNG Export Ban Is Bad politics for Biden.”  By Jeffrey Kupfer.  [His efforts to appease environmentalists could harm the economy and U.S. national security.]   1-25-24
  319. Energy.  “I’ll Fight Back Against Biden’s LNG Pause.”  By John Kennedy.  [I plan to block every State and Energy department nominee until he relents.]   1-30-24
  320. Energy.  “Biden’s Worst Energy Decision.”  [His LNG export permit ban looks worse the more you examine it.]   2-5-24
  321. Energy.  “Biden’s Worst Energy Decision.”  [His LNG export permit ban looks worse the more you examine it.]   2-5-24
  322. Internet / Big Tech.  “Power Corrupts, Absolutely.”   By Andy Kessler.  [A global government to monitor AI?  That sounds great to those obsessed with control.]  2-5-24
  323. “Green Shareholders Try to Sabotage America’s Energy Industry.”  By Michael Toth.  [A wave of destructive proposals began after a 2020 briefing to the Biden transition team.]   4-1-24
  324. Energy.  “Texas Gets A Spring Energy Scare.”   4-16-24
  325. Energy.  “Biden’s Plan for Unaffordable Housing.”  [A new HUD energy rule will raise the cost of home construction.]   4-30-24





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