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  1. Jihad war on West.  “Inside  the Mind of the Western Jihadist.”  By Shiraz Maher 8-30-14
  2. Jihadists.  Steven Sotloff.  [The jihadists killed him because of who he was.]  9-4-14
  3. Jihadists. “Britain Finally Faces Up to Its Homegrown Jihadist Problem.” By Rob’t Leiken. 9-8-14
  4. Jihadists. “Terror in Ottawa.” [No Western city is safe from gunmen with murderous intent.] 10-23-14
  5. Jihad. “The Homegrown Jihadist Threat Grows.” By Loseph Lieberman et. al. [ISIS’s online recruitment is reaching into North America, yet the Obama Administration still has no strategy to fight it.] 10-24-14
  6. Jihadists. “A Noble Rescue Attempt.” [Though Luke Somers died, Jihadists know they are targets if they kidnap Americans.] 12-8-14
  7. Jihadists. “Terror Comes and Goes, Again.” By Daniel Henninger. [It is hard not to be cynical about what will come after the Charlie Hebdo massacre.] 1-8-15
  8. Jihadists. “Islamist Terror in Paris.” [The jihadists target Western principles of free speech and religious pluralism.] 1-8-15
  9. Jihadists. “France and the New Charismatic Jihad.” By Reuel Marc Gerecht. [Worries about autonomous jihadist cells appear to have been realized in Paris.] 1-8-15
  10. Jihadists. “A France United Against Radical Islam.” By Bernard-Henri Levy. [It’s time to break, finally, from Leninist reasoning about the sociology of poverty and frustration behind terrorism.] 1-9-15
  11. Jihadists. “The Next Islamist Rampage.” [The West has to reinforce its terror defenses, including surveillance.] 1-10-15
  12. Jihadists. “Salman Rushdie, Meet Charlie Hebdo.” By Peggie Noonan. [Free Speech is more than a tradition. It’s the basis of civilization.] 1-10-15
  13. Jihadists. “We Can Protect Ourselves.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [The Charlie Hebdo attack and the Boston Marathon bombings point to the solution: Better surveillance.] 1-10-15
  14. Jihadists. “French Disconnection.” [What the Paris no-show says about the Obama Administration.] 1-13-15
  15. Jihadists. LTE. “’Je Suis Charlie’ Simply Is Not an Adequate Response.”   1-13-15
  16. Jihadists. “Charlie’s Moment: Use It or Lose It.” By Daniel Henninger. 1-15-15
  17. Jihadists. “Anti-Semitism Is Never Solely About the Jews.” By Ruth R. Wisse. [Radical Islamists attack Jews as the handiest target in a campaign to destroy the free societies that Jihadists abhor.] 1-16-15
  18. Jihadists. “The Spreading Menace of Boko Haram.” By Emad Mostaque. [The jihadist group in Nigeria killed 11,245 people last year. Now the rampage is widening, threatening nearby nations.] 1-27-15
  19. Jihadists. “An Administration Adrift on Denial.” By Peggy Noonan. [Why won’t the president think clearly about the nature of the Islamic State.?] 2-21-15
  20. Jihadists. “Our Plan for Countering Violent Extremism.” By John Kerry. [Show the world the power of peaceful communities, and tackle bad governance that breeds frustration.] (cf. the state department spokeswoman who proclaimed the need for a jobs program to combat Islamic terrorism.) 2-19-15
  21. Jihad. “The Menace From Disintegrating Yemen.” By Simon Henderson. [The U.S. suffers a major setback in the war on terror as a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia looms.] 3-24-15
  22. Jihad. “America’s Academies for Jihad.” By Ayaan Hirsi Ali. [A radical imam threatened me with death – and was later hired to preach in U.S. prisons. I was surprised, but I shouldn’t have been.] 4-1-15
  23. Jihad. “Terrorists and Their Quranic Delusions.” By Shawki Allam. [Egypt’s grand mufti on ugly distortions of Islam masking a hunger for power and bloodshed. 4-10-15
  24. Jihad. “Death by Drone.” [Jihadists are to blame for the deaths of two Western hostages.] 4-24-15
  25. Jihadists. “Separating Fact From Seymour Hersh’s Fiction About bin Laden.” By Michael Morell [former deputy director of the CIA] [Osama’s body was chopped up and dropped from a helicopter? That’s odd. I saw video of his burial at sea.] 5-16-15
  26. Jihad. “The Horror of Boko Haram.” [The West should increase its help for Nigeria’s military.] 5-23-15
  27. Jihad. “Call Islamic Terrorism by Its Name.” By Rudolph ‘W. Giuliani. [Why ignoring the religious beliefs behind the threat is foolish – an dangerous.] 12-11-15
  28. Jihad. LTE. “Face the Terror Problem Honestly and Firmly.” 12-14-15
  29. Jihad. LTE. “The Fourth Amendment and TIA Algorithms.” 12-17-15 (See 12-9-15, here)
  30. Jihad. LTE. “No Party Can Appear Weak Facing Terrorism.” 12-21-15
  31. Jihad. “Sharing Fingerprints and DNA in the Antiterror Fight.” By John D. Woodward Jr. [Biometrics can play an vital role in stopping attacks, but the U.S. and its allies need better cooperation.] 1-13-16
  32. Jihad. “The Terrorists Freed by Obama.” By Stephen F. Hayes and Thomas Joscelyn. [The president has mislead the American people about the detainees released from Guantanamo: Dozens are jihadists ready to kill.] 1-16-16
  33. Jihad. “The Missionary Killed by Islamist Terror.” By Thomas S. Kidd. [Helping orphans in Burkina Faso, but then al Qaeda struck.] 1-22-16
  34. Jihad. “The Bolivia-Jihadist Axis of Cocaine.” By Mary Anastasia O’Grady. [Evo Morales denies running a narco state. Mounting evidence suggests otherwise.] 2-8-16
  35. Jihad. “Africa’s Terror Crescent.” [A spate of attacks shows jihad’s long reach on the Continent.] 2-18-16
  36. Jihad. “The FBI vs. Apple.” [The White House should have avoided this legal and security showdown.] 2-19-16
  37. Jihadists. “Guantanamo at Bay.” [American’s won’t close a terror prison when the terror threat is rising.]. 2-24-16
  38. Jihad. LTE. “Encryption, Privacy, Apple and Terrorism.” 2-26-16
  39. Jihad. “Apple’s Rotten Core.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [CEO Tim Cook’s case for not aiding the FBI’s antiterror effort looks worse than ever.] 2-29-16
  40. Jihad. LTE. “The Guantanamo Bay Prison Has Done the Job.” 3-1-16
  41. Jihadists. “An Average Terror Sunday.” [Few days go by without attacks on innocents somewhere in the world.] 3-14-16
  42. Jihad. “An Inordinate Fear of Terrorism?” [Obama wants you to keep cool about jihadist mass murder.] 3-23-16
  43. Jihad. “Global Jihad’s Deadly Calendar.” By Sohrab Ahmari. [There’s not a day that goes by without an Islamist attack somewhere.] 3-23-16
  44. Jihad. “Belgium’s Tragic Terror Lessons.” [Why Brussels has become ground zero for European jihad.] 3-25-16
  45. Jihad. “Unite to Defeat Radical Jihadism.” By Peggy Noonan. [It will require Western elites to form an alliance with the citizens they’ve long disrespected.] 3-26-16
  46. Jihad. “A Taliban Easter.” [The casualties will be worse when jihadists acquire WMD.] “Why Americans Hate Government.” [The regulators who destroyed Decker College have never been held accountable.] 3-28-16
  47. Jihad. LTE. “Phobias, Isms and the Reality of Islamic Terror.” 3-28-16
  48. Jihad. LTE “Presidential Candidates and Antiterrorism.”   4-4-16
  49. Jihad. “Alex, Sascha and the Toll of Islamist Terror.” By James P. Cain. [Our son-in-law and his sister were among the dead in Brussels. Will the West take the fight to ISIS and will the U.S. lead the way?] 4-11-16
  50. Jihad. “Jihad in Orlando.”  [Islamic State appears to have struck the U.S. homeland again.]  6-13-16
  51. Jihadist. “Orlando Isn’t About Gun Control.”  By Ashley H. Lukis.  [“…The solution to terrorism is not to pass imperfect laws…Nor is the solution to look inward, to make speeches, to tweet about your grief or start a hashtag…] 6-16-16
  52. Jihad. LTE.  “On Preventing the Evil of Future Massacres.”  6-16-16
  53. Jihadists. LTE.  “Confronting Terrorism Wisely and Seriously.”  6-22-16
  54. Jihad. “Jihad in Istanbul.”  [Turkey pays a price for the slow campaign against Islamic State.] 6-30-16
  55. Jihad. “The Terrorism Fight Needs Silicon Valley.”  By Michael Bloomberg.  [Tech executives are dangerously wrong in resisting the government’s requests for their help.]  6-30-16
  56. Jihad. “On the Unity of Terror.”  By Bret Stephens. [Orlando, Istanbul, Dhaka Bagdad – and a 13-year-old girl murdered in her sleep.]  7-5-16
  57. Jihad. LTE.  “Bloomberg, Back Doors, Freedom and Terror.”  7-7-16
  58. Jihadists. Europe.  “Europe’s Terror Subsidies.”  [The Continent’s jihadists plot attacks while on the dole.]  8-6-16
  59. Jihadists. LTE.  “The Media Should Shame, Not Publicize, Terrorists.”  8-12-16
  60. Jihad. LTE. “Fighting Adversaries Outside the Law of War.”  8-18-16
  61. Jihad. “Countering the Pontiff of Terror. By Yasser Reda. [The U.N. Has resolutions targeting the financing of terror. Why not go after those who incite violence.?] 8-24-16
  62. Jihadists. “Looted Art Helps Fund Jihadists in Europe.” By Deborah Lehr and Tess Davis. [Belgium is poorly prepared to combat the illicit trade in antiquities from Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.] 8-26-16
  63. Jihad. “The Folly of Fighting Terrorism by Lawsuit.” By John R. Bolton and Michael B. Mukasey. [The House should kill a dangerous bill that would lift sovereign immunity in some terror cases.] 9-6-16
  64. Jihad. (Terror) “Another Terror Weekend.”  [Three attacks remind Americans of the clear and present danger.]  9-19-16
  65. Jihad . “Cops and Islamists.”  [A federal judge makes it harder for the NYPD to deal with terror.]  11-3-16
  66. Jihad. “A Banner Terrorist Weekend.”  [ISIS retakes Palmyra in Syria and jihadists strike four other cities.]  12-12-16
  67. Jihadists. “The Midnight Push to Empty Out Guantanamo.”  By Ed Royce.  [Nearly a third of the 693 detainees who have been released are believed to have returned to terrorism.]  12-27-16
  68. Jihad. “How Algorithms Can Help Beat Islamic State.” (The Weekend Interview with Hany Farid by Joseph Rago.) [He ‘changed the world’ by combating child porn. Now his software could suppress terrorists online.] 3-11-17
  69. Jihad. “The Westminster Jihadist.” [The victims include a Utah man sight-seeing with his wife.] 3-24-17
  70. Jihad. Mideast.  “The Two Faces of Qatar, a Dubious Mideast Ally.”  By Charles Wald and Michael Makovsky.  [Doha undermines U.S. security by sponsoring Islamic radicalism.]  4-25-17
  71. Jihad. “Jihad in Manchester.”  [Muslim integration is central to Europe’s counterterror agenda.]  5-24-17
  72. Jihad. “Jihad Returns to Britain.”  [The U.K. is waking up to the ideological nature of the Islamist threat.]  6-5-17
  73. Jihad. “The Danger of a Jihadist Pakistan.”   By John Bolton.  [Careless U.S. pressure could push the country’s nukes in the hands of Islamic fundamentalists.  China can be helpful.]  8-29-17
  74. Jihad. “Prepare Yourself for Jihad 3.0.”  By Husain Haqqani.  [Radical Islamic terrorists will revive their movement.  The U.S. needs to focus on defeating the ideology.]  11-3-17
  75. Jihad. “New York Get Lucky Again.”  [Three homegrown jihadists have struck the city in 14 months.]  12-12-17
  76. Jihad. “Bangladesh Exports a New Generation of Jihadists.”  By Sadanand Dhume.  [A botched New York bombing was only the latest in a series of attacks from Dhaka to London.]  12-29-17
  77. Jihad. “Justice Delayed at Guantanamo Bay.” By Nicholas M. Gallagher. [Paralyzed by endless litigation over procedure, the 9/11 war-crimes commission grinds on.] 1-22-18
  78. Jihad.  “A Bloody Month of Jihad.”  [Politicians may want to look away, but al Qaeda and ISIS aren’t done.”]  1-18-19
  79. Jihad.  “Trump Doubles Down on Failed Counterterror Policy.”  By Katherine Zimmerman.  [The U.S. and allies need to deal with local grievances, which give Salafi-jihadi groups their opening.]  2-19-19
  80. Jihad.  “I Invented the Jihadist Journal.”  By Jesse Morton.  [I deradicalized after 3 ½ years in prison.  Now I’m reclaiming the medium to combat violent extremism.]  6-4-19
  81. Jihad.  “Acquitting Daniel Pearl’s Killer Is Part of Pakistan’s Dance With Jihadism.”  By Husain Haqqani.  [Leaders have promised for decades to defund terrorist groups, but sympathy for radicals remains strong.]   1-29-21
  82. Jihadists. “The Amess Assassination.”  [Was the killer of a Tory MP motivated by radical Islamic sympathies?]   10-18-21
  83. Terrorists.  “Yemen’s Houthis Belong on h Terror List.”  By Jonathan Schauzer and Matthew Zweig.  [The Biden administration removed them in an effort to appease Iran.]  1-26-22
  84. Terrorists.  “Deploy Tough Sanctions and Diplomacy to Isolate the Houthis.”  By Yousef Al Otaiba and Lana Zaki Nusseibeh.  [The radicals and their backers are attacking a new vision of a peaceful future for the Middle East.]   2-1-22

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Jihad. “The Resurgent Threat of al Qaeda.” Wall Street Journal.  4-22-17 P. C3  By. Ali Soufan. [The West’s response must include effective action in the arena of ideology.]

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