Climate Change

Opinion Headlines   [and see Global Warming, here]

  1. Climate Change Agenda Needs to Adapt to Reality.  By Edward  Lazear.  9-3-14
  2. Climate Change Unreason, by Nigel Lawson  8-4-14
  3. Climate change.  “Cheeseburgers Won’t Melt the Polar Ice Caps” by Jason Lusk.  8-18-14
  4. Climate change:  “A Climate Crusader’s Comeuppance” by Kimberley Stassel  8-15-14
  5. Climate Change. “People’s Climate Demarche.” [The anticarbon campaign stalls even at the United Nations.]   9-22-14
  6. Climate Change. “Google Kills Birds.” [The mercenary motives behind Eric Schmidt’s appeal to green virtue.] [[vs. American Legislative Exchange Council]]9-26-14
  7. New York. “Back to Mannahata.” [Mayor Bill de Blasio’s utopian plan to decarbonize New York.] 9-26-14
  8. Climate change. LTE. “Climate Science and Interpreting Very Complex Systems.”   9-27-14
  9. Climate change. “Google’s Climate Name-Calling.” By Holman Jenkins, Jr. 10-1-2014
  10. Climate change. LTE. “We Don’t Need Perfect Knowledge to Act on the Climate.”   10-2-2014
  11. Climate Change. “Unrealistic Green Expectations.” By Jeffrey Leonard. [I’m an alternative-energy investor, but let’s not kid ourselves: change will be gradual and needs fossil fuels.] 10-7-14
  12. Global Warming. “The Global Warming Statistical Meltdown.” By Judith Curry. [Mounting evidence suggests that basic assumptions about climate change are mistaken: The numbers don’t add up.] 10-10-14
  13. Climate Change. “The Pentagon Goes to Climate War.” [Hagel wants to retool the military to stop glaciers from melting.] 10-15-14
  14. Climate Change. LTE. “Green Environment and Lots of Our Green Tax Dollars.” 10-15-14
  15. Climate Change. LTE. “On Making Climate Science More Objectively Scientific.” 10-15-14]
  16. Climate Change. “Cheap Oil Pops the Green Policy Bubble.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. […The real motive will be bailing out the joint public-private (i.e., crony) investment in policies that don’t work…] 10-15-14
  17. Climate Change. LTE. “Electric Cars Aren’t Only About Fuel.” 10-27-14
  18. Nuclear Energy. “The Other Senate Nuclear Option.” By Glenn McCullough Fr. [The midterms might mean finally ending Harry Reid’s blockade of Yucca Mountain.] 10-27-14
  19. Climate Change. “Little Green Machine.” [Democrats make a bad investment in the climate-change lobby.] 11-7-14
  20. Climate Change. “Green Leap Forward.” [Obama trades higher U.S. energy costs now for distant Chinese promises.] 11-13-14
  21. Climate Change. “A Game-Changing Climate Agreement.” By Fred Krupp. [The U.S. and China are sending one of the most powerful market signals the world has ever seen.] 11-13-14
  22. Climate. “Obama Puts Climate on the 2016 Ballot.” By Rupert Darwall. [The president’s unilateral approach ensures that a new global carbon pact will be a campaign issue in two years.] 12-2-14
  23. Climate change. LTE. Climate Change as the Global Wedge.” 12-13-14
  24.  Climate change. “What’s GM Thinking?” by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [It s electric Chevy Bolt is about Washington games, not about making money or saving the planet.]1-14-15
  25. Climate change. “Climate Reporting’s Hot Mess.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. 1-21-15
  26. Climate Change. “The Alarming Thing About Climate Alarmism.” By Bjorn Lomborg. [Exaggerated, worst-case claims result in bad policy and they ignore a wealth of encouraging data.] 2-2-15
  27. Climate Change. “The Political Assault on Climate Skeptics.” By Richard S. Lindzen. [Members of Congress send inquisitorial letters to universities, energy companies, even think tanks.] 3-5-15
  28. Climate Change. LTE “Climate Change, Sugar, and Saturated-Fat Guidelines.”  3-6-15
  29. Climate Change. “Climate Free Speech.” [Dissenters push back against political intimidation.] 3-17-15
  30. Climate Change. “The Campus Climate Crusade.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [“…Disclosure is becoming the left’s new weapon. And it’s shutting down debatre across the country.”] 3-27-15
  31. Climate Change. “Calling Obama’s Bluff on Climate Change.” [The president is threatening to bypass Congress and sign an international treaty. Here’s how to box him in.] 4-7-15
  32. Climate Change. “The Pope, the Poor and Climate Change.” By Wm. McGurn. [Man is the despoiler in the Church of St. Green, but Genesis says we are here to work the earth.] 4-21-15
  33. Climate Change. LTE. Carefully Consider a Carbon Tax’s Many Consequences.” 5-11-15
  34. Climate Change. “The Honor of Being Mugged by Climate Censors.” By Bjorn Lomborg. [I believe in global warming but also in responsible policies to address it. That can get you in trouble.] 5-14-15
  35. Climate Change. “The Hole in the Rooftop Solar-Panel Craze.” By Brian H. Potts. [Large-scale plants make sense, but panels for houses simply transfer wealth from average electric customers.] 5-18-15
  36. Climate Change. LTE. “Home Solar-Panel Systems Increasingly Make Sense.” 5-22-15
  37. Climate Change. “Schoolroom Climate Change Indoctrination.” By Paul H. Tice. [In one assignment, students measure the size of their family’s carbon footprint and suggest ways to shrink it.] 5-28-15
  38. Climate Change. LTE. “Science Standards and Good Science.” 6-6-15
  39. Climate Change. “Scenes From a Young Papacy.” By Peggy Noonan. [What kind of a pope is Francis? Charismatic, enigmatic, mysterious? It’s complicated.] 6-13-15
  40. Climate Change. “The Pope’s Solution for Warming: Pray.” By Homan W. Jenkins, Jr. [Spiritual transformation is to be hoped for, but technology and the competitive search for efficiency might help too.] 6-20-15
  41. Climate change. “Schumer’s Carbon Tax Prediction.” [The future Senate Democratic leader floats a 2017 idea.] 6-25-15
  42. Climate Change. “Realistic Goals for the Paris Climate Conference.” By Michael R. Bloomberg. [The trend is moving in the right direction, and if the U.N. gathering in the fall speeds it up, that’s success.] 6-29-15
  43. Climate Change. LTE. “Carbon Tax a Plus for Mrs. Clinton?” 6-30-15
  44. Climate Change. LTE. “Realistic Climate Goals, More Jobs and Lower Taxes.” 7-9-15
  45. Climate Change. LTE. “America Doesn’t Need a Carbon Tax.” 7-9-15
  46. Climate Change. “The Unsettling, Anti-Science Certitude on Global Warming.” By John Steele Gordon. [Climate-change ‘deniers’ are accused of heresy by true believers. That doesn’t sound like science to me.] 7-31-15
  47. Climate Change. “Climate-Change Putsch.” [States should refuse to comply with Obama’s lawless power rule.] 8-4-15
  48. Climate Change. “The Religion of Climate Change.” By Nicholas G. Hahn III. [Lending the power of the pulpit to the cause of environmental politics.] 8-7-15
  49. Climate change. “Obama’s Half-Baked Alaska.” By Patrick Morre. [Yes, the glacier of Glacier Bay is receding – as it has from time to time for centuries.] 9-4-15
  50. Climate change. “Powering Up for the Future in a Climate of Uncertainty.” 9-5-15
  51. Climate Change. “California’s Climate Change Revolt.” [Democrats reject green schemes that raise energy costs for the non-rich.] 9-12-15
  52. Climate Change. “Carbon, Wind And Fire.” [California’s wildfires undo Jerry Brown’s anticarbon planning.] 9-17-15
  53. Climate change. “How To Lower U.S. Living Standards.” By Robert Bryce. [The drastic ’80 by 50’ goal would reduce the energy use of Californians to that of North Koreans today.] 9-22-15
  54. Climate Change. “The Hole in Tapper’s Ozone Tale.” [The Montreal Protocol is not a model for climate-change policy.] 10-3-15
  55. Climate Change. “Climate Change at the Bank of England.” By Bill White. 10-16-15
  56. Climate Change. “This Child Doesn’t Need a Solar Panel.” By Bjorn Lomborg. [Spending billions of dollars on climate-related aid in countries that need help with tuberculosis, malaria and malnutrition.] 10-22-15
  57. Climate change. “It’s Always Exxon’s Fault.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Why climate warriors keep returning to the same shipping boy.] 10-28-15
  58. Climate change. “The Next Climate Scandal?” by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [House Republicans hunt for evidence that temperature records are politicized.] 11-4-15
  59. Climate change. “In Exxon War, Bamboozled by Greenies.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Journalists discover (and misrepresent) what the oil giant has been trying to tell them for years.] 11-7-15
  60. Climate Change. “The Tombstone Pipeline.” [Obama kills thousands of jobs for climate -change symbolism.] 11-7-15
  61. Climate Change. “Prosecuting Climate Dissent.” [Progressives target Exxon for punishment over its research.] 11-9-15
  62. Climate Change. “The Climate Agenda Behind the Bacon Scare.” By Julie Kelly and Jeff Stier. [The widely publicized warning about meat isn’t about health. It’s about fighting global warming.] 11-10-15
  63. Climate Change. “Letting the Market Cut Carbon.” By Jack Gerard. 11-13-15
  64. Climate Change. LTE. “We Seek the Facts on Exxon’s Climate Studies.” 11-14-15
  65. Climate Change. “Gambling the World Economy on Climate.” By Bjorn Lomborg. [The emission-cut pledges will cost $1 trillion a year and avert warming of less than one degree by 2100.] 11-17-15
  66. Climate change. LTE. “Exxon’s Research on Climate Is Transparent.” 11-24-15
  67. Climate change. “Congress Can Cool Off Obama’s Climate Plans.” By John Barrasso. [At the Paris talks next week, the U.S. may make harmful commitments on spending and carbon.] 11-25-15
  68. Climate. “Your Complete Guide to the Climate debate.” By Matt Ridley and Benny Peiser. [As the Paris conference, expect an agreement that is sufficiently vague and noncommittal for all countries to claim victory.] 11-28-15
  69. Climate Change. “A Nuclear Paradign Shift?” by Homan W. Jenkins, Jr. [U.S. Regulators may radically revise safety assumptions about atomic radiation.] 12-2-15
  70. Climate Change. “We’ll Always Have the Illusions of Paris.” [The climate talks will have zero impact on global temperatures.] 12-2-15
  71. Climate Change. LTE. “Armageddon Redux at Paris Climate Debate.” 12-3-15
  72. Climate Change. LTE. “’Warming’ Science Is Anything But Settled.” 12-7-15
  73. Climate Change. “Bernie’s Climate Honesty.” [The Senator’s energy plan shows where Democrats want to go.] 12-9-15
  74. Climate Change. “Your Temperature May Vary.” [A strong El Nino explains the unusual winter weather.] 12-28-15
  75. Climate change. Energy policy. “Keystone No, Kenya Pipeline Yes.” [The U.S. says it wants to help finance an oil pipeline in Africa.] 1-11-16
  76. Climate Change. “Obama vs. the Manatees.” [Evading the Endangered Species Act to impose new climate rules.] 1-25-16
  77. Climate Change. “The Climate Snow Job.” By Patrick J. Michaels. [A Blizzard! The hottest year ever! More signs that global warming and its extreme effects are beyond debate, right? Not even close.] 1-25-16
  78. Climate Change. LTE. “Honest Climate Debate Is Almost Impossible.” 2-9-16
  79. Climate Change. “How Utilities Team Up With Greens Against Consumers.” [Oregonians are learning that electric companies like renewables because costlier systems increase profits.] 2-27-16.
  80. Climate Change. “The Climate Change 1%.” [“Remember the university professor who wanted the government to use the RICO law…as a tool against global warming dissenters?]   3-3-16.
  81. Climate Change. “Plenty of Climate $hange.” [Sen. Whitehouse used to pretend he opposed jailing dissenters.] 3-16-16
  82. Climate Change. LTE. “The Justice Department and Scientific Study.” [by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D. R.I.]. 3-21-16
  83. Climate Change. “Punishing Climate Change-Change Skeptics.” By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Andrew M. Grossman. [Some in Washington want to unleash government to harass heretics who don’t accept the ‘consensus.’] 3-24-16
  84. Climate Change. LTE. “Certainty, Climate Change, church and State.” 3-31-16
  85. Climate Change. “’Standing Up to the WSJ.’” [Senator Whitehouse features us in an email to his donors.] 4-2-16
  86. Climate change. LTE. “Standing Up to the Journal Because I’m Right.” By Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D. R.I.) 4-7-16
  87. Climate Change. “An Overheated Climate Alarm.” By Bjorn Lomborg. [The White House launches a scary campaign about deadly heat. Guess what: Cold kills more people.] 4-7-16
  88. Climate Change. LTE. “The Good Senator Is Threatening His Critics.” 4-12-16
  89. Climate Change. “History of a Climate Con.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Al Gore had a revelation: Energy taxes would be a loser for Obama.] 4-13-16
  90. Climate Change. “How is a Wolverine Like a Spotted Owl? By Terry L. Anderson. [“…The Montana court ruling adds to other nonscience-based administrative interpretations of the Endangered Species Act…”] 4-13-16
  91. Climate Change. LTE. “Climate Change: More Losers Than Winners.” 4-14-16
  92. Climate Change. “Climate Crowd Ignores a Scientific Fraud.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [A defective radiation-risk standard holds back our most important low-carbon energy source.] 4-16-16
  93. Climate Change.   “Notable & Quotable: Climate Change and War.” [“From April 13 testimony… by Robert H. Scales, a retired Army major general…regarding the Obama administration’s linking of climate change and national security.] 4-19-16
  94. Climate Change. LTE. “An Unwarranted Fear of Low-Level Radiation.” 4-22-16
  95. Climate Change. “The Green Unreality Show.” By Homan W. Jenkins, Jr.   [Politicians from 175 countries agree to keep doing whatever they intended to do anyway.] 4-23-16
  96. Climate change. “The Climate Police Escalate.” [A subpoena hits a think tank that resists progressive orthodoxy.] 5-1-16
  97. Climate Change. “A Climate Courtroom Crusade Scorches Due Process.” By Philip Hamburger. [Attorneys general demand Exxon’s files without first asking a judge – a case of the fox guarding the hens.] 5-12-16
  98. Climate Change. LTE. “What About the Inaccurate Data on the Other Side? 5-17-16 (See # 97, here.)
  99. Climate Change. “Exxon Is Big Tobacco? Tell Me Another.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [The corrupt Medicaid deal propped up tobacco stocks and government revenue.] 5-18-16
  100. Climate Change. “The Climate Police Blink.”  [The AG’s prosecuting dissent run up against the First Amendment.]  6-16-16
  101. Climate Change. “Two Can Play at Climate ‘Fraud.” “If Exxon can be sued, why can’t Al Gore for exaggerations that help his investments?]  6-20-16
  102. Climate Change. LTE. “Attorneys General Are Right To Pursue Exxon Mobil.”  6-25-16  (See #101, here, “Climate Police…”)
  103. Climate Change. “Climate Denial Finally Pays Off.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [A series of Journal editorial page-bashing ads shows the climate cause in mid-crackup.]  6-29-16
  104. Climate Change. LTE.  “Trofim Lysenko’s Shameful Shadow Endures.”  6-29-16
  105. Climate Change. “Obama’s Climate Policy Is a Hot Mess.”  By Bjorn Lomborg.  [The president hails the Paris Agreement again – even though it will solve nothing and cost trillions.]  7-1-16
  106. Climate Change. “The Climate Police Crack-Up.”  [Those Exxon Mobil subpoenas?  Never mind.]  7-8-16
  107. Climate Change. LTE.  “Mission Accomplished for Climate Activists.”  7-13-16
  108. Climate Change. LTE. “Farmers Get a Bad Rap on Climate Change.”  7-22-16 
  109. Climate Change. “California’s Cow Police.” [Progressives find a new climate-change villain to regulate.]  8-13-16
  110. Climate Change. LTE.  “Enlist the Market in the Climate-Change Fight.”  By Brian Deese and Jeff Zients.  [Standardized disclosure of climate risk will help secure long-term value for investors and taxpayers.]  8-19-16
  111. Climate Change. “The Climate Prosecutors Can’t Dodge Congress Forever.” [The state officials who subpoenaed Exxon face questions from the House – and they have to answer.] 8-22-16
  112. Climate Change. LTE. “Market Incentives to Promote Climate Change.” 8-23-16
  113. Climate Change. LTE. “State AGs Want a Double Standard on Climate.” 8-27-16
  114. Climate Change. “How the Exxon Case Unraveled.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [It becomes clear that investigators simply don’t know what a climate model is.] 8-31-16
  115. Climate Change. “Schneiderman’s Climate Secrets.” [What is New York’s Attorney General trying to hide?] 8-31-16
  116. Climate Change. “The ‘Clean Power’ Putsch.”  [A watershed case about democratic consent and the separation of powers.]  9-26-16
  117. Climate Change. “’Clean Power’ Plays and the Last Stand for Federalism.” By David B. Rivkin, Jr and Andrew M. Grossman.  [What will be left of our constitutional order if the EPA’s plan passes judicial muster?]  9-26-16
  118. Climate Change. LTE.  “The Push for Revenue Poisons Bipartisanship.”  10-5-16
  119. Climate Change. “About Those Non-Disappearing Pacific Islands.”  By Bjorn Lomborg.  [Residents are leaving the Marshall Islands, but not because of Climate change.  Hype and exaggeration serve no one.]  10-14-16
  120. Climate change. “Green Elites, Trumped.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [The planet will benefit if the climate movement is purged of its rottenness.]  11-16-16
  121. Climate Change. “Shoreline Gentry Are Fake Climate Victims.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [A reduction in federal subsidies is behind lower coastal home values.]  11-26-16
  122. Climate Change. “My Unhappy Life as a Climate Heretic.”  By Roger Pielke Jr.  [My research was attacked by thought police in journalism, activist groups funded by billionaires and even the White House.]  12-3-16
  123. Climate Change. “Not So Risky Climate Business.” [A new study dismantles the logic of oil and gas ‘systemic risk.’]  12-9-16
  124. Climate Change. “As Al Gore told Donald Trump.”  By Homan W Jenkins, Jr.  [Forget climate change, Green handouts have become a political end in themselves.]  12-10-16
  125. Climate Change. “Climateers Can’t Handle the Truth.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Lee Raymond’s 1997 climate speech in China is looking better than ever.] 12-28-16
  126. Climate Change. “The Climate Intelligence Agency.”  [Democratic CO2 obsessions reach new comic heights.] 1-14-17Climate Change. “How Using Less Oil Helps the Economy.”  By Brian Deese and Jeff Zients.  1-17-17
  127. Climate Change. “Keeping Cool About Hot Temperatures.”  [Last year was warmer by 0.04 Celsius, but it was also an El Nino Year.]  1-20-17
  128. Climate Change. “Change Would Be Healthy at U.S. Climate Agencies.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [In the Obama era, it was routine for press releases to avoid mentioning any margin of error.] 2-4-17
  129. Climate Change. “A Conservative Answer to Climate Change.” By George F. Shultz and James A Baker III. [Enacting a carbon tax would free up private firms to find the most efficient ways to cut emissions.] 2-8-17
  130. Climate Change. “Don’t Wimp Out on Climate.” By Kimberley Strassel. [If Trump doesn’t dump the Paris accord, his economic agenda is in jeopardy.] 2-17-17
  131. Climate Change. “Getting to the Bottom of a Climate Crusade.” By Lamar Smith. 3-9-17
  132. Climate Change. LTE. “We Thought We Would Hit Your Sweet Spot.” By George Schultz and James Baker. 3-10-17
  133. Climate Change. “We Shouldn’t Always Have Paris.” [The case for pulling out of Obama’s global climate accord.] 3-11-17
  134. Climate Change. LTE. “Carbon Tax: Solution to Nonexistent Problem.” 3-20-17
  135. Climate Change. “Trump’s Next Step on Climate Change.” By Paul H. Tice. [Reconsider the EPA’s labeling of carbon dioxide as a pollutant, based on now-outdated science.] 3-29-17
  136. Climate Change. “The Climate Yawns.” [Donald Trump is no more a planet wrecker than Barack Obama (as measured to the third decimal)] 4-1-17
  137. Climate Change. “A ‘Red Team’ Exercise Would Strengthen Climate Science.” By Steven Koonin. [Put the ‘consensus’ to a test, and improve public understanding, through an open, adversarial process.] 4-21-17
  138. Climate Change. “A Climate Hysteric’s Fake Enemies List.”  By Steven J. Allen.  4-28-17
  139. Climate Change. “Climate Editors Have a Meltdown.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [How did science reporting get so detached from the underlying science?]  5-3-17
  140. Climate Change. “We’ll Always Have Paris, Unless the Senate Has its Say.”  [Is the climate accord binding even without Congress’s approval?  Why risk finding out?]  5-5-17
  141. Climate Change. “Remake the Paris Climate Deal to Promote U.S. Energy.”  By Kevin Cramer. [A place at the table would let Trump counter Chinese predation and European unrealism.]  5-8-17
  142. Climate Change. “The ‘Business Case’ for Paris Is Bunk.” By Cliff Forrest.  “The climate accord is a boon – yet pulling out would be unfair?]  5-30-17
  143. Climate Change. “Paris Climate Discord.”  [U.S. emissions targets could trap Trump if he stays in the accord.]  6-1-17
  144. Climate Change. “Trump Skips Climate Church.”  By Homan W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Paris exists to provide an imprimatur to what pols would do anyway.]  6-3-17
  145. Climate Change. LTE.  “Leaving Paris:  Good Move or Terrible Error?”  6-7-17
  146. Climate change. “Al Gore’s Climate Sequel Misses a Few Inconvenient Facts.”  By Bjorn Lomborg.  [Eleven years after his first climate-change film, he’s still trying to scare you into saving the world.]  7-28-17
  147. Climate Change. “Climate Change Isn’t the End of the World.”  By David R. Henderson and John H. Cochrane.  [Even if world temperatures rise, the appropriate policy response is still an open queston.]  7-31-17
  148. Climate Change. “The Hurricane Lull Couldn’t Last.” [The U.S. hadn’t been hit by a Category 3 or stronger storm since Katrina in 2005.  We were overdue.]  9-1-17
  149. Climate Change. “Climate Change Hype Doesn’t Help.”  By Ryan Maue.  [The bigger issue than global warming is that more people are choosing to live in coastal areas.] 9-18-17
  150. Climate Change. “Climate Alarmists Use the Acid-Rain Playbook.”  By Rupert Darwall.  [The parallels between the two environmental frenzies are many, but the stakes are much higher now.]  10-26-17
  151. Climate Change. “A Deceptive New Report on Climate.”  By Steven E. Koonin.  [True, the U.S. has had more heat waves in recent years – but no more than a century ago.]  11-3-17
  152. Climate Change. “A Litigious Climate Threatens Scientific Norms.”  By Roger Pielke Jr.  [An energy researcher sues another over a critical paper.  It’s the wrong way to resolve such disputes.]  11-16-17
  153. Climate Change. “California’s Political Fires.”  [The state’s wildfires are overwhelming its anticarbon pieties.”  12-23-17
  154. Climate Change. “Washington’s Carbon Overreach.”  [Another rebuke to climate change rule by executive diktat.]  12-28-17
  155. Climate Change. “Climate-Change Policies Can Be Punishing for the Poor.” By Bjorn Lomborg. [America should learn from Europe’s failure to protect the needy while reducing carbon emissions.] 1-5-18
  156. Climate Change. “The Marrakesh Climate Express.” [A Governor’s green policy adviser has a giant carbon footprint.] 1-6-18
  157. Climate Change. “Climate of Unaccountability.” [Are foundations running state energy policy without transparency?] 1-12-18
  158. Climate Change. “Climate Change Is the Liberal Non-Agenda.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [For New York’s Bill de Blasio, suing big oil is a placeholder for the purpose he hasn’t found.] 1-20-18
  159. Climate Change. “Good Climate News Isn’t Told.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Reporting scientific progress would require admitting uncertainties.] 2-28-18
  160. Climate Change. “Doomsday Climate Scenarios Are a Joke.” By Oren Cass. [One study says world GDP will drop 20% by 2100, but Iceland and Mongolia will be rich beyond imagining.] 3-12-18
  161. Climate Change. “Biofuel Mandates Are a Bad Idea Whose Time May Be Up.” By Thomas Landstreet. [There’s bipartisan support for relaxing the 2005-07 mandate. It’ll have to get past Iowa’s GOP senators.] 3-12-18
  162. Climate Change. “Climate Alarmists May Inherit the Wind.” By Phelim McAleer. [They likened a courtroom ‘tutorial’ to the Scopes Monkey Trial. But their side got schooled.] 4-2-18
  163. Climate Change. “Climate Activists Are Lousy Salesmen.” By Stewart Easterby. [From turgid battle cries to hypocritical spokesmen, it’s no wonder they turn so many Americans off.] 4-26-18
  164. Climate Change. “The Sea Is Rising, But Not Because of Climate Change.” by Fred Singer. [There is nothing we can do about it, except to build dikes and sea walls a little bit higher.] 5-16-18
  165. Climate Change.  “Climate Change Has Run its Course.”  [Its descent into social-justice identity politics is the last gasp of a cause that has lost its vitality.]  6-5-18
  166. Climate Change. “The Climate-Change Tort Racket.” [Liberal cities join the contingency-fee bar to shake down oil firms.] 6-9-18
  167. Climate Change. “A Hot Sumer on Capitol Hill.” By Pat Michaels and Ryan Maue. [James Hansen issued dire warnings in June 1988. Today earth is only modestly warmer.] 6-22-18
  168. Climate Change. “A Climate Shakedown Flops” [A federal judge tosses the left coast’s suit against fossil fuels.] 6-30-18
  169. Climate Change.  “Capitalism Will Solve the Climate Problem.”  By Fred Krupp.  [Skeptics try to deny the evidence of global warming, but businesses already are betting on clean energy.]  7-23-18
  170. Climate Change.  “Fuel-Mileage Rules Are No Help to the Climate.”  By Holman w. Jenkins, Jr.  [When journalists go searching for ‘missed opportunities,’ they should question green tactics.]  8-4-18
  171. Climate Change.  “On Climate, Listen to the Nobel.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [And not the media’s hysterical response to the latest IPCC report.]  10-10-18
  172. Climate Change.  “U.N. Ignores Economics of Climate.”  By Bjorn Lomborg.  [New Nobel laureate William Nordhaus says the costs of proposed CO2 cuts aren’t worth it.]  10-10-18
  173. Climate Change.  “Harness the Market to Manage the Climate.”  By Fred Krupp.  [The problem is dire, but the solution isn’t command and control.]  10-16-18
  174. Climate Change.  “The U.N.’s Doomsday Climate Clock.”  [Maybe predicting the apocalypse isn’t the best political strategy.]  10-16-18
  175. Climate Change..  “How Greens Humiliate Themselves.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Their latest lawsuit would have Exxon pretend that climate policy is succeeding.]  10-31-18
  176. Climate Change.  “Climate Change Is Affordable.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [A new assessment allows us to think about good policy without panicking.]  11-28-18
  177. Climate Change.  “Press Is the Enemy of Climate.”  By Homan w. Jenkins, Jr.  [It’s easier to tell a story of good vs. evil than to understand the science.]  12-5-18
  178. Climate Change.  “The Carbon Tax Revolt.”  [The French are the latest who refuse to sacrifice growth for green piety.]  12-4-18
  179. Climate Change.  “The Yellow Jackets are right About Green Policies.”  By George Melloan.  [They have distinguished company in questioning the science behind climate-change dogma.]  12-17-18
  180. Climate Change.  “Defeat in the Air at the Climate Conference.”  By Rupert Darwall.  [Reality has a way of fighting back.  Ask Emmanuel Macron.]  12-19-18
  181. Climate Change.  “Will 2019 See Climate Maturiy?  By Holman W Jenkins,  Jr.  [The left favors green socialism, while the right discovers the uses of a carbon tax.]  12-26-18
  182. Climate Change.  “The Lessons of ‘Dieselgate.’” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Insane amounts of political capital were spent trying to wring meaningless CO2 reductions from cars.]  1-5-19
  183. Climate Change.  “Have We Got a Carbon Tax ‘Dividend’ for you.”  By Mark P. Mills.  [Rent seekers, virtue signalers and green lobbyists will love it.  Taxpayers not so much.]  1-9-19
  184. Climate Change.  “Big Names Bake a Climate Pie in the Sky.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [They mean will, but eminent economists are pushing an unreal ‘carbon dividend’ plan.]  1-19-19
  185. Climate Change.  “Jay Inslee’s Climate Infomercial.”  [Washington’s Governor will run in 2020 on ideas his own state rejected.]  3-2-19
  186. Climate Change.  “On Climate, The Kids Are All Wrong.”  By Pau H. Tice.  [And a band of ignorant brats shall lead them:  Some things have hardly changed since 1212. ] 3-13-19
  187. Climate Change.  “Democrats Vote ‘Present’ on Climate.’  [Democrats are upset they had to vote on their own Green New Deal.]  3-27-19
  188. Climate change.  ‘The Case for a Green ‘No Deal.’”  By Steve Milloy.  [Climate alarmism isn’t popular with the public, so Republicans don’t need an alternative.]  4-12-19
  189. Climate Change.  “Another Carbon Tax Defeat.”  [Alberta conservatives oust the provincial left.  Is Ottawa next?]  4-18-19
  190. Climate Change.  “A climate change Drubbing.”  [The center-right rallies to win in Australia on taxes and energy.]  5-20-19
  191. Climate Change.  “Examining The Latest False Alarm On Climate.” By Bjorn Lomborg.  [High seas won’t displace 187 million people – and the claim isn’t even new.]  5-31-19
  192. Climate Change.  “Corporate Climate Coups Averted.”  [Exxon and Chevron shareholders vote to stay in business.]  6-2-19
  193. Climate Change.    California.  “California Greens Have a Cow.”  [Methane emissions expose some anti-carbon contradictions.]  6-10-19
  194. Climate Change.  “Hillary’s Hot Advice.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [They’re repeating her acknowledged biggest mistake with radical climate proposals.]  7-5-19
  195. Climate Change. “Now It’s a Climate ‘Emergency.” [Democrats are ready to use Trump’s precedent for their own purposes.] 7-15-19
  196. Climate Change. “A Kamikaze Climate Suit.” [Democratic states suing the EPA could hurt their own emissions cause.] 8-17-19
  197. Climate Change. “A Famine of Fact at U.N. Climate Panel.” By James Taylor. [The IPCC sounds an alarm about food production, but another U.N. agency’s data show its’s a false one.] 8-31-19
  198. Climate Change. “CNN Climate show Wasn’t Just Boring.” By Holman w. Jenkins, Jr. [Hint to green media: Voters might actually be more prone to act if told the truth instead of lies.] 9-7-19
  199. Climate Change. “The University of California Divests.” [Giving up higher investment returns for climate-change piety.] 9-23-19
  200. Climate Change. “How to Cut Emissions Without Wrecking the Economy.” By Christopher Crane and Ted Halstead. [A proposal for carbon dividends, backed by the broadest climate coalition in American History.] 9-23-19
  201. Climate Change. “Natural Gas Will Make Africa Greener.” By Ernest J. Moniz and Alain Ebobisse. [It’s more reliable than wind or solar, cleaner than wood or diesel.] 9-25-19
  202. Climate Change. “Greta Thunberg Has the Climate Alarmists’ Number.” By Barton Swaim. [If they believed what they claim to believe, they’d do a lot more about it. She’s right – how dare they?] 10-5-19
  203. Climate Change. “Lukewarm Bond Yields Belie Mayors’ Climate Alarm.” By Peter Schweizer. [If politicians believe what they say on the campaign trial, why don’t their cities disclose it to borrowers?” 10-29-19
  204. Climate Change. “Parody of a climate Trial.” [After three years, the New York AG drops two charges against Exxon.] 11-8-19
  205. Climate Change. “Labor Sides With Big Oil in a Feud with Pittsburgh’s Mayor.” By Salena Zito. [The dustup is a microcosm of Democrats’ difficulty with blue-collar voters, especially in Pennsylvania.] 11-8-19
  206. Climate Change. “Bankers Aren’t Climate Scientists.” [Powell says the Fed’s mandate doesn’t include reducing CO2 emissions.] 11-16-19
  207. Climate Change. “The Climate-Change Game.” [The privileged of Yale and Harvard disrupt a football afternoon.] 11-25-19
  208. Climate Change. “Pelosi Will Always Have Paris.” [‘We’re still in,’ the Speaker tells the U.N. climate conference.] 12-3-19
  209. Climate Change. “Requiem for a Climate Dream.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [If the world isn’t slashing C02, blame overreaction to the Fukushima disaster.] 12-4-19
  210. Climate Change. “A Nuclear Milestone for Climate.” 12-13-19
  211. Climate Change. “The Climate-Change Lawsuit Debacle.” By Curt Levey. [A New York judge rules in favor of Exxon Mobil and deals humiliation to the state attorney general.] 12-18-19
  212. Climate Change. “Why Down Under Is Burning Up.” By James Morrow. [Bush fires have many causes. The climate-change narrative is a gross oversimplification.] 1-8-20
  213. Climate Change. “Are Fires a Climate Wake-Up Call?” by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [If so, activists will realize that pie-in-the-sky and extreme makeovers aren’t a fix.] 1-22-20
  214. Climate Change. “How Bezos Can Influence Climate.” By Homan W. Jenkins, Jr. [His ‘just do it’ approach to space travel can also be used to cool the planet.] 2-26-20
  215. Climate Change. “Corporate Green ‘Disclosures’ Are Often Mere Marketing.” By Steve Milloy. [Companies tout their work on climate change in their filings but mislead the public about their impact.] 5-27-20
  216. Climate Change.  “Michael Moore’s Inconvenient Half-Truth.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The lefty filmmaker finds green energy a capitalist scam but learns nothing about climate science.]    6-6-20
  217. Climate Change.  “Snooze the Climate Alarms.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [A new study predicts population will drop sharply as developing economies grow.]   7-28-20
  218. Climate Change.  “If You Like Lockdowns, You’ll Love the Carbon-Free Future.”  By Paul Tice.  [Giving up fossil fuels would mean severe limits on mobility and economic activity – permanently.]   8-19-20
  219. Climate Change.  “Finally, Wildfire Sanity?”  by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [When houses are burning down, electric cars and solar panels don’t seem much of an answer].  9-12-20
  220. Climate Change.  “Tapping the Untappable.”  (Bookshelf by Joseph C. Sternberg.)  “The New Map.” By Daniel Vergin.  [The world’s energy map is no longer an accident of geology.  It’s been redrawn by technological, economic and political wherewithal.]   9-29-20
  221. Climate Change.  “When the Experts Fail, Everyone Else Pays the Price.”  By David Mamet.  [What happens when the most respected authorities get it wrong and ruin lives and economies?  Not much.]   11-28-20
  222. Climate Change.  “How to Stop the Paris Climate Accord.”  By Steve Milloy.  [Trump should submit it for the Senate to ratify, or rather reject.]   11-30-20
  223. Climate Change.  “Biden Is a Climate Dead End.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Green pork will do less good than getting out of the way for energy technology and investment.]   12-19-20
  224. Climate Change.  “USGS Get Politics Out of Climate forecasts.”  By Jim Reilly.  [My agency makes a significant advance in the government’s approach to science.]   12-22-20
  225. Climate Change.  “Biden’s Keystone Pipeline Kill.”  [On his first day he insults Canada and ends thousands of jobs.]  1-21-21  (“…Mr. Biden is sending an early signal that the climate panic will trump nearly everything else in his Administration.  The unstated but operative message from the Keystone kill is that he will use regulation and permitting to do the dirty work.”)
  226. Climate Change.  “Biden’s Fossil-Fuel Freeze.”  [Climate activists are now running federal oil and gas permitting.]   1-23-21
  227. Climate Change.  “Biden’s Age of Climate Decadence.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [H would literally do everything differently if he really cared about our carbon risks. ]   1-27-21
  228. Climate Change.  “The Cost of Climate Indulgences.”  [Portland may kill Oregon’s only glass-bottle recycling plant.]   2-1-21
  229. Climate Change.  “Will Biden Choose Paris Over Bismarck and Pierre?”  by Paul H. Tice.  [To hold his climate vows, he’ll have to downsize the fossil fuels industry aggressively – costing jobs.]  2-1-21
  230. Climate Change.  “Beijing Won’t Let America ‘Compartmentalize’ Climate Change.”  [Biden officials’ urgency about emissions makes them likely to sacrifice more-important goals.]   2-4-21
  231. Climate Change.  “EVs Are the Lowest Climate Priority.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [No matter how you slice the data, the car in your driveway is an emissions asterisk.]   2-10-21
  232. Climate Change.  “A Deep Green Freeze.”  [“…The Biden Administration’s plan to Banish fossil fuels is a greater existential threat to Americans than climate change.”]  2-16-21
  233. Climate Change.  “Texas Cold’Em.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Neither the blackouts nor their fixes teach anything useful about climate risks.]  2-17-21
  234. Climate Change.  “The Political Making of a Power Outage.”  [How bad energy policy led to rolling blackouts in freezing Texas.]   2-17-21
  235. Climate Change.  “Texas Spins Into the Wind.”  [An electricity grid that relies on renewables also needs nuclear or coal.]  2-18-21
  236. Climate Change.  “Biden Rescues Texas With … Oil.”  [The feds dispatch diesel generators to ease the Lone Star deep freeze.]   2-20-21
  237. Climate Change.  “The Polar Bear Paradox.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [As climate moves to the center of the world stage, activists will lose influence over policy.]   2-23-21
  238. Climate Change.  “More Green Blackouts Ahead.”  [Biden’s regulators are ignoring the electrical grid’s vulnerability.]    2-24-21
  239. Climate Change.  “California’s Climate Contradictions.”  [New Evidence that green policies punish the poor and subsidize the rich.]   2-27-21
  240. Climate Change.  “’Net Zero’? More Like Not Zero.”  By Robert Hargraves.  [Companies buy indulgences, allowing them to continue burning fossil fuels.]   3-8-21
  241. Climate Change.  “Here Come Climate Reparations.”  [Democrats create a fund to offset the damage from their policies.]   3-12-21
  242. Climate Change.  “Biden’s ‘BackDoor’ Climate Plan.”  [Emails reveal the strategy behind the new regulation to come.]   3-18-21
  243. Climate Change.  “Texas’ Blackouts Blew In on the Wind.”  By Wayne Christian.  [The grid nearly failed because of an energy mix weighted toward unreliable sources of power.]   3-20-21
  244. Climate Change.  “Climate Media vs. Climate Science.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The good news is that scientists themselves have started to correct the record.]  4-14-21
  245. Climate Change.  “A Climate Back Door to Watch.”  [Keep a skeptical eye on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.]   4-15-21
  246. Climate Change.  “How a Physicist Became a Climate Truth Teller.” (The Weekend interview with Steven Koonin by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.)  [After a stint at the Obama Energy Department, he reclaims the science of a warming planet from the propaganda peddlers.]   4-17-21
  247. Climate Change.  “ExxonMobil’s Plan to Capture Carbon.”  By Darren W. Woods and Joe Blommaert.  [How to create new jobs by the thousands while ameliorating climate change.]   4-20-21
  248. Climate Change.  “John Kerry’s Climate Kowtow.”  [How much will Biden trade away in exchange for empty promises?]  4-20-21  (“…But, Mr. Kerry has shown, in Iran and elsewhere, that he will leave no concession unmade in his pursuit of a bad deal…”)
  249. Climate Change.  “Biden’s 10-Year Climate Plan.”  [He’s committing the U.S. to a far-fetched CO2 goal without a vote of Congress.]   4-23-21
  250. Climate Change.  “The ‘Consensus’ On Climate.”  (Bookshelf by Mark P. Mills.)  “Unsettled.”  By Steven E. Koonin.  [A top Obama scientist looks at the evidence on warming and C02 emissions and rebuts much of the dominant political narrative.]   4-26-21
  251. Climate Change.  “Alaska’s Energy Industry Is as Clean as It Gets.”  By Mike Dunlevy.  [Biden’s climate plan will kill American jobs and enrich dirty producers in China and Russia.] 5-1–21
  252. Climate Change.  “The Trouble With Biden’s ‘Green Bank.”  By Paul H. Tice.  [This stealthy infrastructure idea would create a mess of politicized lending.  Think Fannie and Freddie.]  5-24-21
  253. Climate Change.  “Climate Policy by Judicial Decree.”  [‘Sue and settle’ is back, this time to remake the U.S. economy.]   6-21-21
  254. Climate Change.  “Here Come the Climate Protectionists.”  [Europe starts the bidding on CO2 tariffs.  Will Biden follow?]  7-12-21
  255. Climate change.    “Europe’s Climate Awe and Shock.”  [Vast new plans that won’t happen but might fool the U.S.]   7-15-21
  256. Climate Change.  “The Climate-Change Agenda Goes Out With a Bang.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [Ambitious plans conceal growing voter skepticism.  Politicians will catch on sooner or later, and hard.]   7-16-21
  257. Climate Change.  “Illinois Democrats Play Politics With the State’s Electricity.”  By Allysia Finley.  [Their climate bill would raise prices and kill jobs in heavily Republican southern counties.]   7-17-21
  258. Climate Change.  “Green New Deal, Part I.”  [The infrastructure bill is a major step toward climate central planning.]   8-5-21
  259. Climate Change.  “Climate Change Doesn’t Cause All Disasters.”  By Bjorn Lomborg.  [Warming annually causes about 120,000 heat deaths but prevents nearly 300.000 cold deaths.]   8-6-21
  260. Climate Change.  “A Climate of Catastrophe.”  [The facts in the new U.N. report aren’t as dire as its advertising.]  8-10-21
  261. Climate Change.  “Climate Change Has Consumed Journalistic Standards.”  By Gerard Baker.  [Reporters used to be hard-bitten skeptics.  Now they aspire to be part of the authoritative expert class.]    8-10-21
  262. Climate Change.  “Same Climate Report, Different Day.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Beneath its alarmism, a new U.N. study adjusts downward its expected future warming risk.]  8-11-21
  263. Climate Change.   “Climate Change Brings a Flood of Hyperbole.”  By Steven E. Koonin.  [Despite constant warnings of catastrophe, things aren’t anywhere near as dire as the media say.]   8-11-21
  264. Climate Change.  “Media Can’t Handle the Climate Truth.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [If, after four decades, scientists see less warming and lower emissions, isn’t that good news?] 9-4-21
  265. Climate Change.  “Doctors Join the Climate Lobby.”  [Don’t they know that poverty kills far more people than heat does?]   9-8-21
  266. Climate Change.  “Europe’s Climate Lesson for America.”  [As wind power flags,  energy prices are soaring amid fuel shortages.]   9-15-21
  267. Climate Change.  “Congress’s Climate Crackup.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [The Democrats’ job-crushing green agenda is heading toward the ditch.]   9-17-21
  268. Climate Change.  “Even With Climate Change, the World Isn’t Doomed.”  By Bjorn Lomborg.  9-23-21
  269. Climate Change.  “Climate Policy Meets Cold Reality.”  By Allysia Finley.  [The rush to renewables causes severe energy price spikes and shortages in Europe, Biden’s policies would do the same.]   9-28-21
  270. Climate Change.  “Want to Lock Down for the Climate?”  by Bjorn Lomborg.  [Hitting environmentalists’ emission timetables would take fare more than even what the pandemic forced.]  9-30-21
  271. Climate Change.  “Climate Change Barely Affects Poverty.”  By Bjorn Lomborg.    10-7-21
  272. Climate Change.  “Biden’s Climate Ambitions Are Too Costly for Voters.”  By Bjorn Lomborg.  [“Editor’s note:  As November’s global climate conference in Glasgow draws near, important facts about climate change don’t always make it into the dominant media coverage.  We’re here to help.  Each Thursday  contributor Bjorn Lomborg will provide some important background so readers can have a better understanding of the true effects of climate change and the real costs of climate policy.”]   10-14-21
  273. Climate Change.  “Climate Change Calls for Adaptation, Not Panic.”  By Bjorn Lomborg.  [Catastrophic scenarios presuppose people will do nothing to adjust to differences in the weather.]   10-21-21
  274. Climate Change.  “Oops, Boris Johnson Told the truth About Climate.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [Voters are still in the dark about what they have to do to cut emissions.  Finally a politician is telling them.]   10-22-21
  275. Climate Change.  “Climate Activists Blow Smoke on Wildfire Fears.”  By Bjorn Lomborg.  [The amount of land burned has declined steadily since 1900, even with rising temperatures.]   10-28-21
  276. Climate Change.  “Methane and Other Climate Bargains.”  By Fred Krupp.  [Quit burning tropical forests and set up carbon markets.]  11-2-21
  277. Climate Change.  “Do You Know for Whom the Bell Tolls?  Climate Activists Don’t.”  by Bjorn Lomborg.  [Weather-related deaths have fallen dramatically even though global temperatures have risen.]   11-4-21
  278. Climate Change.  “Nuclear Power Is the Best Climate-Change Solution by Far.”  By Andrew I. Fillat and Henry I. Miller.  [Its total greenhouse-gas emissions are 1/700th those of coal – and one-fourth those of solar.]   11-5-21
  279. Climate Change.  “A Reasonable alternative to Preaching Climate Doom.”  By Bjorn Lomborg.  [A Nobel Prize-winning economist considers the balance between climate policy.]   11-11-21
  280. Climate Change.  “Glasgow’s Climate of Unreality.”  [The latest climate confab achieved little, which is for the best.]   11-15-21
  281. Climate Change.  “Climate and the Global Age of Shams.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [The intellectual and political disarray on display in Glasgow was terrifying.]   11-16-21
  282. Climate Change.  “’We Want Them to Go Bankrupt.’”  [Biden’s nominee for Comptroller has an idea on climate change.]  11-16-21
  283. China.  “Xi Jinping’s War on Tibetan Buddhism.”  By Dhondup T. Rekjong.  [Beijing wants future lamas and monks to learn the faith only in Mandarin.]   11-19-21
  284. China.  “On China, Women’s Tennis Beats the NBA.”  [The WTA calls for an investigation into a charge of sexual assault.]   11-19-21
  285. Climate Change.    “COP26 Prepared the World to Beat Climate Change.”  By John F. Kerry.  [We can bemoan that there is still a gap between our ambitions and actions.  Or we can work to close it.]  11-22-21
  286. Climate Change.  “After COP26, EVs Galore!” by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [What surging electric-vehicle stocks say about a favorite climate non-solution.]   11-24-21
  287. Climate Change.  LTE.  “John Kerry’s Phony Climate Accomplishments.”  11-27-21
  288. Climate Change.  “Many Climate Ambitions Will End With 2021.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [In the U.K., Germany and France, leaders walk back as their plans’ exorbitant price tag becomes clear.]  12-31-21
  289. Climate Change.  “A European Revelation on Climate.”  [The EU admits nuclear and natural gas are part of the energy solution.]  1-4-22
  290. Climate Change.  “Chicago’s Apocalypse Is a No-Snow.”  By Gregg Opelka.  [The ‘once in a lifetime’ blizzard, foretold amid climate-change scolding, delivered but a few inches.]  1-4-22
  291. Climate Change.  “Europe Climate Chaos Goes Global.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [To see politics turn really crazy, add energy shortages and high prices.]  1-5-22
  292. Climate Change.  “Today’s Soaring Energy Prices Are Only the Beginning.”  By Bjorn Lomborg.  [Current ‘net zero’ plans will cost many trillions while doing little to slow global warming.]  1-6-22
  293. Climate Change.  “Is Climate Change in Your Top 10?”  by Andy Kessler.  [‘Limitarianism’ may prove to be as deadly as other 20th-century isms.]   1-10-22
  294. Climate Change.  “BlackRock’s Climate-Crusade Doubletalk.”  By Vinek Ramaswamy.  [CEO Larry Fink says companies should have a ‘purpose,’ but pushes them to advance what he favors.]  2-7-22
  295. Climate Change.  “Greenland’s Melting Ice Is No Cause for Climate-Change Panic.”  By Steven E. Koonin.  [The annual loss has been decreasing in the past decade even as the globe continues to warm.]  2-18-22
  296. Climate Change.  “John Kerry’s Ukraine Emissions.”  [He frets that Russian brutality will distract from climate change.]   2-25-22
  297. Climate Change.  “Biden Is in Climate Denial.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.   [Even the European left understands what the Ukraine invasion means for fossil fuels.]   3-18-22
  298. Climate Change.  “U.S. Shale Is The Key to a Renewable Future.”  By Christopher James.  [The Permian Basin can be the cleanest hydrocarbon source in the world.]  3-18-22
  299. Climate Change.  “And Now, Gasoline ‘Stimulus’ Checks.”  [Democrats want to pay you to consume more fossil fuel.]  3-24-22
  300. Climate Change.  “”Climate-Change ‘Solutions’ That Are Worse Than the Problem.” By Jason De Sena Trennert.  [The political assault on fossil fuels comes at the expense of the poor, peace, and the environment.]   4-7-22
  301. Climate Change.  “Fossil Fuels’ Forthright Defender.”  (The Weekend Interview with Toby Rice.  By Allysia Finley.)  [When Elizabeth Warren denounced energy CEOs, the head of the largest U.S. natural gas producer wasn’t about to roll over.]  4-23-22
  302. Climate Change.  “John Kerry Says the Darndest Things.”   [Biden’s climate envoy sentences natural gas to death in a decade or less.]   4-23-22
  303. Climate Change.  “Biden’s Solar Tariff Brawl.”  [Democrats are fighting as demands rise for climate protectionism.]   5-23-22
  304. Climate Change.  “A Financier Tells Some Climate Truths.”  [And for doing so, Stuart Kirk was suspended by HSBC]   ]   5-24-22
  305. Climate Change.  “Post-Ukraine Climate Realism.”  [The problem isn’t ‘existential’ and green energy subsidies won’t fix it.]   6-4-22
  306. Climate Change.  “Climate Sanity Lost and Found.”by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [An email from a prominent New Yorker is a lagging indicator of a debate inching toward ratioinality.]   6-11-22
  307. Climate Change.  “Jared Polis Bucks the Climate Lobby.”  [The Colorado Governor vetoes costly EV charging mandates.]   6-13-22
  308. Climate Change.  “The Rich World’s Climate Hypocrisy.”  By Bjorn Lomborg.  [They beg for more oil and coal for themselves while telling developing lands to rely on solar and wind.]  6-21-22
  309. Climate Change.  “Sri Lanka’s Green New Deal Was a Human Disaster.”  By Tunku Varadarajan.  [An ill-advised national experiment in organic farming yield starvation, poverty and political chaos.]   7-15-22
  310. Climate Change.  “The West’s Climate Policy Debacle.”  [Utopian energy dreams are doing great economic and security damage.]   7-18-22
  311. Climate Change.  “All the Heat in Europe.”  [‘Net-zero’ goals for 2050 but nothing for mitigation today.]  7-19-22
  312. Climate Change.  “Hydrogen Isn’t as Green as It Looks.”  By Fred Krupp.  [The gas is prone to leak dangerously and often dirty to produce.]  7-20-22
  313. Climate Change.  “How the Climate elite Spread Misery.”  By Bjorn Lomborg.  [Most people are more worried about high gas and food prices, which green policies make worse.]  7-22-22
  314. Climate Change.  “The Upside-Down Logic of Electric SUVs.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The auto industry gambles its finances on big EVs for the rich and second-rate cars for everybody else.]   7-23-22
  315. Climate Change.  “Biden’s Unsustainable Climate Plans.”  By Stuart Gottlieb.  [The current White House agenda is so unrealistic it risks a backlash that will hurt the cause for decades.]   8-1-22
  316. Climate Change.  “Tilting at Climate Windmills.”  [Schumer-Manchin will have little effect on the world’s temperature.]   8-9-22
  317. Climate Change.  “The Spinning of Virginia’s Wind Farm.”  [If the weather doesn’t cooperate, Dominion wants consumers to pay.]   8-22-22
  318. Climate Change.  “The Inflation Reduction Act Does Little to Reduce Climate Change.”  By Bjorn Lomborg.  [Democrats are cheering, but by 2100 it’ll likely cut the temperature by only 0.0009 degree Fahrenheit.]   8-24-22
  319. Climate Change.  “Net Zero Bankrupts Britain.”  [And it could do the same in the U.S., which is following a similar path.]   8-27-22
  320. Climate Change.  “No Fun in the California Sun.”  [The state says don’t charge the EVs we’ll soon force you to buy.]   9-1-22
  321. Climate Change.  “CO2 Fight dies (Again) in Zaporizhzhia.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The consequences of nuclear accidents are bad, but not as bad as the public has been told.]   9-3-22
  322. Climate Change.  “Gavin Newsom’s Dirty Energy Secret.”  [California’s electricity woes result from man-made climate policies.]   9-8-22
  323. Climate Change.  “The Coming Global Crisis of Climate Policy.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [As central banks obsess over are-off dangers, a tsunami of energy-price bankruptcies approaches.]   9-9-22
  324. Climate Change.  “If Electric Vehicles Are So Great, Why Mandate Them?”  by Bjorn Lomborg.  [Car buyers prefer gasoline for good reason.  And the climate advantages are grossly oversold.]   9-10-22
  325. Climate Change.  “China’s Coal Power Boom.”  [Any U.S. CO2 emissions cuts will be dwarfed by Beijing’s plans.]   9-13-22
  326. Climate Change.  “The SEC Can’t Transform Itself Into a Climate-Change Enforcer.”  By Bernard S. Sharfman and James R. Copland. [It should junk its proposed disclosure rule, which is clearly unconstitutional as per West Virginia v. EPA.]  9-15-22
  327. Climate Change.  “Don’t Believe th Hype About Antarctica’s Melting Glaciers.”  By Steven Koonin.  [Two studies carefully explore the factors at play, but the headlines are only meant to raise alarm.]   9-20-22
  328. Climate Change.  “The West Mimics Mao, Takes a Green Leap Forward.”  By Helen Raleigh.  [The green scramble to transform energy is reminiscent of China’s fore industrialization.]   9-22-22
  329. Climate Change.  “Rashida Tlaib Wants a Climate Bank Run.”   9-23-22
  330. Climate Change.   “A Fore-Kerry Political Climate Hit.”  [They want the World Bank to guarantee climate lending losses.]   9-26-22
  331. Climate Change.  “Michael Bloomberg’s Charitable Gift to Donald Trump.”  By Allysia Finley.  [His campaign to ban petrochemicals would destroy tens of thousands of good-paying jobs.]  10-3-22
  332. Climate Change.  “The Climate Censorship Campaign.”  [The left is demanding that social media shut down political debate.]   10-6-22
  333. Climate Change.  “The Quagmire of Climate Diplomacy.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [The U.S. and its allies undermine their own interests with little environmental payoff.]  10-11-22
  334. Climate Change.  “Climate Doomsday is Nigh – Again.”  11-1-22
  335. Climate Change.  “Good Climate News is Fit to Print.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Slowly it’s percolating into the journalistic mind that recent research is upbeat.]   11-2-22
  336. Climate Change.  “The Lancet’s ‘Heat Death’ Deception.”  By Bjorn Lomborg.   [The journal claims lobal warming has killed people but ignores that tit appears to have saved far more.]  11-5-22
  337. Climate Change.  “Venezuela Joins the Great Climate Con.”  By Mary Anastasia O’Grady.  [Maduro want s rich-world reparations for the environmental damage he caused.]   11-14-22
  338. Climate Change.  “Biden Signs Up for Climate Reparations.”  [The latest shakedown will pay poor nations for our fossil-fuel sins.]   11-21-22
  339. Climate Change.  “Climate ‘Reparations’ Are a New Name for Foreign Aid.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The U.N. proves Donald Trump right about the climate lobby:  It’s all about the money.]  11-26-22
  340. Climate Change.  “Vanguard Defects From the Climate Club.”  [The index fund pioneer steps back from politicized investing.]   12-12-22
  341. Climate Change.  “All Biden’s Climate Job Losers.” [Green industrial policy is costing 1,350 jobs at Stellantis in Illinois.]  12-13-22
  342. Climate Change.  “Want to Save the Planet?  Where’s Your Union Card?”  by Ken Girardin.  [To find the green in New York state’s new climate plan, follow the money to organized labor.]   12-23-22
  343. Climate Change. “The Christmas Grid Emergency.”  [Strain caused by climate policies left too many Americans shivering.]   12-27-22
  344. Climate Change.  “The Cold Reality of Buffalo.”  [The storm death toll is a reminder that reliable energy saves lives.]   12-28-22
  345. Climate Change.  “Will Climate Change Really Put New York Underwater?”  by Steve E. Koonin.  [NOAA says the city’s sea level will rise a foot by 2050, but there are too many variables to know.]   1-5-23
  346. Climate Change.  “There’s a Climate Solution in Dairy Cows’ Stomachs.”  By Fred Krupp and Antoine de Saint-Affrique.  [A new partnership will work to reduce methane emissions from production of milk around the world.]   1-17-23
  347. Climate Change.  “John Kerry Lays It All Out on Climate.”  [Biden’s envoy calls for a World War II-like mobilization.]  1-20-23
  348. Climate Change.  “The Campaign to Ban Gas Stoves.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [Biden and the media deny it exists, but the effort is calculated and well-funded.]   1-27-23
  349. Climate Change.  “Banning Gas Stoves by Regulation.”  [New Energy Department rules would eliminate most current models.]   2-4-23
  350. Climate Change.  “All Gore and the End of Climate Policy.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [He gave us only climate pork and propaganda, but it’s OK because the science is looking up.]  2-4-23
  351. Climate Change.  “The Green Subsidy War Accelerates.”  [The EU crafts its own version of Biden’s industrial policy.]  2-6-23
  352. Climate Change.  “The climate Crusaders Are Coming for Electric Cars too.”  By Allysia Finley.  [A new report makes clear the ultimate goal: tiny uncomfortable apartments and bicycles for all.]   2-13-23
  353. Climate Change.  “Emission Cuts Will Fail, What to Do Then?”  (The Weekend Interview with Nathan Myhrvald by Tunku Varadarajan.)  [A leading technologist outlines the possibilities for ‘geoengineering’ to cool the Earth and remove CO2 from the atmosphere.]   2-18-23
  354. Climate Change.  “Net Zero?  Never Mind!”  by Steve Milloy.  [A small agency in the Energy Department admits the administration can’t reach its goals.]  3-18-23
  355. Climate Change.  “A Wrench Thrown Into Capitalism.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Giving money away seems noble, but it rarely boosts economic growth.]   4-17-23
  356. Climate Change. “Biden and Media Are EV Grifters.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.   [If the president succeeds, global emissions will be 0.18 % lower.]   4-19-23
  357. Climate Change.  “The Carbon Tariff Wars Arrive.”  [Europe imposes the first climate border tax,  but more will follow.]  4-21-23
  358. Climate Change.  “Europe Worries That America Fights Climate Change Too Much.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [Companies are crossing the Atlantic to soak up green subsidies, prompting fears of a new trade war.]   4-21-23
  359. Climate Change.  “Biden Cracks Down on Gas Stoves – and Much More.” By Ben Lieberman.  [The administration’s climate crusade is also coming for dishwashers, furnaces and light bulbs.]  5-11-23
  360. Climate Change.  “Macron Calls for a Green ‘Pause.’”   5-16-23
  361. Climate Change.  “Montana Kids Claim a Right Not to Worry About the Weather.”  By Tunku Varadarajan.  [A lawsuit backed by an out-of-state nonprofit may provide a road map for futures climate litigation. ]  5-20-23
  362. Climate Change.  “Your Coming Summer of Blackouts.”  [The grid monitors say two-thirds of the U.S. risks electricity outages.]   5-27-23
  363. Climate Change.  LTE.  “Why Incur So Much Pain for NO Climate Gain?”   6-3-23
  364. Climate Change.  “Can the Climate Heal Itself?”  by Andy Kessler.  [Dissenters from the catastrophe consensus on warming are worth listening to.]   6-5-23
  365. Climate Change.  “The Other Green-Energy Crisis.”  By Allysia Finlay.  [A lack of transformers has led to a housing shortage, frequent power outages, and dependence on China.]   6-5-23
  366. Climate Change.  “Wildfires and Progressive Climate Deniers.”   [CO2 emissions from fires overwhelm the cuts from regulation.]   6-8-23
  367. Climate Change.  “That’s Smoke, Not Climate Change.”  By Mary Anastasia O’Grady.  [Canada’s forest fires provide fresh fuel for a familiar simplistic political narrative.]   6-12-23
  368. Climate Change.  “Rotten Luck, Not Climate Change.”  By Clifford Mass.  [Extreme weather results from a combination of random factors in a complicated system.]   6-13-23
  369. Climate Change.  “’Just Stop Oil’ Won’t Stop Its Vandalism.”  [Wimbledon and Van Goh aren’t political.  Will the left ever say so?]   7-6-23
  370. Climate Change.  “The White House Tells the Truth on Climate.”  By Steven E. Koonin.  [A report reveals that global temperature changes barely affects economic growth.]   7-7-23
  371. Climate Change.  “Hottest Days Ever?  Don’t Believe It.”  By Steve Miller.   7-8-23
  372. Climate Change.  “New Jersey’s Wind Giveaway Gets Worse.”  [Trenton is rescuing an offshore project at the expense of ratepayers.]   7-10-23
  373. Climate Change.  “Climate Clashes Split the Left in Germany – and Beyond.” By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [Europe’s moderate liberal parties are struggling to please eco-activists and their blue-collar bases.]  7-14-23
  374. Climate Change.  “Climate Change Obsession Is a Real Mental Disorder.”  By Allysia Finley.  [Alarmist stories about the weather, not the warm air itself, are behind the left’s anxiety and dread.]   7-31—23
  375. Climate Change.  “Climate Change Hasn’t Set the world on Fire.”  By Bjorn Lomborg..  [It turns out the percentage of the globe that burns each year has been declining since 2001.]  8-1–23
  376. Climate Change.  “Geopolitical Climate Denialism.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [Officials start to see the world is more dangerous than they thought in 2021.]   8-8-23
  377. Climate Change.  “Why Are Carbon Emissions Up?”  by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Green subsidies aren’t working when CO2 is growing faster than energy consumption.]   8-16-23
  378. Climate Change.  “A CEO Who Doesn’t Equivocate About Climate.”  (The Weekend Interview with Peter Huntsman by Barton Swaim.)  [Why do so many corporate leaders accept the false premises of global warming catastrophism?]    8-19-23
  379. Climate Change.  “Maui’s Fires and the Electric Grid.”  [Utilities are spending more on the green energy transition than resilience.]   8-19-23
  380. Climate Change.  “Gretchen Whitmer’s Experiment Threatens the Right to Drive.”  By John J. Miller.  [Owners of electric cars don’t pay gasoline taxes, so Michigan considers tracking them with GPS.]   8-26-23
  381. Climate Change.  “Industrial Policy Follies:  Solar Edition.”  [The contradictions of subsidies and taiffs pile up, as taxpayers lose.]   8-26-23
  382. Climate Change.  “The Real Electric-Vehicle ‘Choice.’  [New Jersey bans gas cars by 2035 but says you can always buy a used one.]   8-26-23
  383. Climate Change.  “Why Our EV policies Are So Extremely Stupid.”  [Blame laws and rules enacted when nobody was thinking abut electric vehicles or climate change.]   8-26-23
  384. Climate change.  “Maui Sees Off the Climate Ambulance Chasers.”   By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [For once, a weather-related disaster is too important to cheapen for the sake of the ‘narrative.’]  9-2-23
  385. Climate Change.  “Gary Gensler Tells A Climate whopper.”  [The SEC Chairman fibs to Congress about his pending disclosure rule.]   9-18-23
  386. Climate Change.  “Climate Policy and World Order.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [Greens forget the insight that crude interventions often make things worse.]   9-19-23Climate Change.  “The Great Northeast Wind Bailout.”  [The politicians ae already demanding more green corporate welfare.]   9-22-23
  387. Climate Change.  “California Wants to Know Your Emissions.”  [Sacramento moves to enforce CO2 disclosures nationwide.]   9-25-23
  388. Climate Change.  “How ‘Preapproved Narratives’ Corrupt Science.”  By Allysia Finley.  [Especially in climate and Covid research, abuse of peer review and self-censorship abound.]   10-2–23
  389. Climate Change.  “Phoenix Is in No Danger of Running Out of Water.”  By Sarah Porter and Kathryn Sorensen.  [Farmers in Arizona use far more of it than residents do, so demand declines as the population grows.]  10-7-23
  390. Climate Change.  “Will the World bank Choose Climate Change Over Poverty?”  by Bjorn Lomborg.  [A new G-20 report calls for raising $3 trillion and spending only a fraction of it to help the poor.]   10-7-23
  391. Climate Change.  “Climate Change and ‘Poor’ South Korea.”  By Dvid Barker.  [A stud claims heat suppresses economic growth.  It falls apart under scrutiny.]   10-13-23
  392. Climate Change. “Glenn Youngkin’s Plan to Save Gas Cars.”  [Voters in Virginia will decide if the GOP can repeal an EV mandate.]  10-19-23
  393. Climate Change.  “The Green Power Grad Isn’t Coming.”  10-20-23
  394. Climate Change.  “Brace for the Wind and Electric-Vehicle Bailouts.”  By Allysia Finley.  [Government is too invested to let these companies go bust, and taxpayers will be charged for the repair job.]   10-30-23
  395. Climate Change.  “The Earth Is Warming, but Is CO2 the Cause?”  by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Norway‘s  government commits a no-no by letting statisticians pose the most inconvenient question.]   11-4-23
  396. Climate Change.  “Phil Murphy’s New Jersey Wind Flop.”  [Roughly $1 billion in credits couldn’t save a green energy project.]   11-6-23
  397. Climate Change.  “To Slow Climate Change, Curb Methane First.”  By Fred Krupp.  [It can trap 80 times as much heat as CO2 in the first 20 years after being emitted.]   9-17-23
  398. Climate Change.  “’New Zero’ Fails the Cost-Benefit Test.”  By Bjorn Lomborg.  [Two new studies show that extravagant climate promises are far more wasteful than useful.]    11-30-23
  399. Climate Change.  “Berlin Gets Honest About What Net Zero Will Cost.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [A court forces Germans to debate what they’re willing to sacrifice for climate.  Answer:  Mayb not much.]   12-1-23
  400. Climate Change.  “First They Came for the Cars, Then the Cows.”  By Allysia Finley.  [The climate lobby is now aiming to use taxes and regulation to restrict your meat consumption.]   12-4-23
  401. Climate Change.  “Congress Takes on the EV Mandate.]   [Republicans want to get Democrats on record on the costly rules.]   12-5-23
  402. Climate Change.  “Climate Hypocrisy Is a Fair COP for Dubai Conferees.”  By Gerard Baker.  [Many of them came in carbon-spewing private jets.  Some were snowed in at the airport in Munich.]   12-5-23
  403. Climate Change.  “John Kerry and CO2 Emissions Reality.”   12-8-23
  404. Climate Change.  “The Phony Climate Promises of COP28.”  [Don’t believe the hype that government are phasing out fossil fuels.]   12-14-23
  405. Climate Change.  “The Impossible Energy ‘Transition.’”  By Mario Loyola.  [Do Dubai delegates propose to reduce supply or demand?]   12-19-23
  406. Climate Change.  “COP28 and the Climate Fail.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.”  [While the press grasps nothing Republicans creep closer to a carbon tax.]   12-20-23
  407. Climate Change.  “Treasury Drops a Hydrogen Bomb.” [Behold the brawl between green groups over a new tax credit.]   12-28-23
  408. Climate Change.  “Electric Mandates Have California Truckers Charging Overtime.”  By Dan McClain.  [They haul lighter loads and spend hours plugged in.  Consumers will ultimately foot the bill.]   12-30-23
  409. Coronavirus.  “Francis Collins Has Regrets, but Too Few.”  [The promoter of Covid lockdoens now says his view was too ‘narrow.’]   12-30-23
  410. Climate Change.  “Connecticut Hits a ‘Speed Bump’ on the Race to Mandate EVs.”  By Bryce Chinault.  [State officials pushed a California-style ban on gas-powered cars,  voters waved the caution flag. ]   1-6-24
  411. Climate Change.  “Angry German Farmers Win a Street Fight Over Climate.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [Radical environmentalists pioneered aggressive protest techniques, but they didn’t have tractors.]   1-12-24
  412. Climate Change.  “The Electric-Car Cheating Scandal.”  By Michael Buschbacher and James Conde.  [A government rule makes them look nearly seven times as efficient as they are.]   1-17-24
  413. Climate Change.  “John Kerry’s Climate-Change Flop.”   1-18-24
  414. Climate Change.  “The E.V. Backlash Builds.”  [Companies cut output amid flagging demand.  Could it be the product?]   1-20-24
  415. Climate Change.  “Biden Toys With an LNG Permitting Ban.”   [How to hurt allies and the U.S. economy to please the climate lobby.]   1-23-24
  416. Climate Change.  “How Climate Policy Went Wrong.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [A scientist’s aerosol research nits at why America’s energy suicide isn’t’ helping.]   1-27-24
  417. Climate Change.  “An EV Charger for Everyone.”  [Treasury rewrites subsidy rules so nearly everyone qualifies.]   1-29-24
  418. Climate Change.  “Michael Mann Overboard.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [A climate scientist has dragged his critics through the D.C. courts for 12 years.]   1-30-24
  419. Climate Change.  “Now the Climateers Want Your Tires.” [“…A new bill in Washington state would give regulators the ability to ban tires that  create a drag on fuel efficiency….”]   2-5-24
  420. Climate Change.  “Britain Dumps Another Net-Zero Gimmick.”   2-6-24
  421. Climate Change.  “Net Zero Becomes All Dissonance and no Cognition.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [Politicians have trapped themselves into waging a crusade voters say they want but won’t pay for.]   2-9-24
  422. Climate Change.  “More Soup for the Mona Lisa.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Activists demanded heavier regulations on food as farmers protested the rules.]  2-12-24
  423. Climate Change.  “The NRC Needs a New Direction.”  By Ted Nordhaus.  [The agency that regulates nuclear power is hostile to it.  That’s a problem for Biden’s climate agenda.]   2-12-24
  424. Climate Change.  “Climateers Neuter an Energy Watchdog.”  By Robert McNally.  [The International Energy Agency once provided solid information.  Its reports can no longer be trusted.]   2-13-24
  425. Climate Change.  “Big Climate Tries to Censor Opponents.”  [Progressives move to block TV ads opposing the Biden EV mandate.]   2-17-24
  426. Climate Change.  “LNG Export Ban Is Atrocious Politics.”  By Tim Ryan.  [It’s bad policy and a betrayal of working -class voters who are crucial to Biden’s re-election.]   2-22-24
  427. Climate Change.  “Canada’s Climate Plan:  Nuclear Power.”  By James Hansen and Chris Keefer.  [It’s essential for keeping a clean-energy electrical grid.]   2-23-24
  428. Climate Change.  “The Day Our Tesla Deflated.”  [By Kikka Fountain.  [We mapped out all the charging stations, but the car didn’t come with a spare tire.]   2-27-24
  429. Climate Change.  “EV Madness and the Chinese Menace.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [How green-energy policy upholds an evolutionary theory about why stupid ideas win support.]   3-2-24
  430. Climate Change.  “Digging For Minerals.”  (Bookshelf by Mark P. Mills.)  “The War Below.”  By Ernest Scheyder.  [Governments seek an expansion of global mining as part of the transition away from oil and coal.  It’s a disruptive undertaking.]   3-4-24
  431. Climate Change.  “GM Doesn’t Tell the Truth About Electric Vehicles.”  By Holman W Jenkins, Jr.  [If the U.S. and allies become failed states, blame their energy and climate delusions.]  3-10-24
  432. Climate Change.  “’Follow the Science’ Leads to Ruin.”  By Bjorn Lomborg.  [Climate policy needs to take into account the costs of draconian measures, which are enormous.]  3-14-24
  433. Climate Change.  “Biden’s EV Mandate Blows Its Cover.”  [The EPA’s new tail pipe emissions rule is a plan to eliminate gas cars.]  3-21-24
  434. Climate Change.  “Can We Power the EPA’s EV Fantasy.”  By Jonathan A. Lesser and Mark P. Mills.  [The overhaul of electrical grids and distribution would require labor and resources we don’t have.]   3-27-24
  435. Climate Change.   “The Coming Electricity Crisis.”  [AI and climate rules are pushing the power grid to the breaking point.]   3-29-24
  436. Climate Change.  “Climate Alarmists’ Bad Science.”    4-4-24
  437. Climate Change.  “Saving Climate From the Greens.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [A pro-fracking, pro-nuclear CEO takes on ‘ridiculously naïve’ energy policy.]   4-10-24
  438. Climate Change.  “SEC Pauses Its Climate Disclosure Rule.”  By Steven P. Lehotsky.  [The commission backs off while courts review the regulation.]   4-10-24
  439. Climate Change.  “Biden’s Greene-Energy Price Shock.”  [The cost of electricity has climbed by 29.4% since January 2021.]  4-12-24
  440. Climate Change.  “Climate Advocates Must Use the Market.”  By Fred Krupp.  [Constraints on flexible solutions like carbon credits limit investment.]   4-22-24
  441. Climate Change.  “Gone With the New York Wind.”  [three more offshore windmill projects hit the rocks, despite subsidies.]   4-23-24
  442. Climate Change.  “Biden’s Plan to Ration Electricity.”  [New rules are designed to eliminate fossil-fuel power plants.]   4-27-24
  443. Climate Change.  “Good-bye to Permitting Reform.”  [Biden’s new rule gives green projects a pass but no public works.]   5-2-24
  444. Climate Change. “EPA’s Climate Deception Won’t Stand in Court.”  By Chris Horner.  [If the major-questions doctrine doesn’t kill it, the ‘rule against pretext’ will.]   5-2-24
  445. Climate Change.  “Europeans Ditch Net Zero, While Biden Clings to It.”  By Joseph Sternberg.  [Unaffordable climate commitments have two leftist British parties racing to exit stage left.]   5-3-24
  446. Climate Change.  “Biden Is Coming for Your Air Conditioner.”  By Ben Lieberman.  [New regulations will drive up the costs of units and refrigerants.]   5-7-24
  447. Climate Change.  “When the Only Problem Was Climate.”  By Bjorn Lomborg.  [After the Cold War, the West took a vacation from history.  Now it’s urgent that we get back to work.]   5-9-24

Issue Headlines


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141 year old cold record falls in FL…

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Minnesota Coldest Thanksgiving — Since 1930!

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Earth’s sea ice expands to record high… 

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HISTORICSNOW JOB…Meteorologist apologizes…

Weather Service to ‘evaluate modeling’…

Residents Lash Out… 



6,000+ flights canceled…

Grocery stores cleaned out…

CHRISTIE: Be Home By 9…

Mayor Thanks Sharpton for ‘Climate Change’ Work…

Climate Change

Official records systematically ‘adjusted’ to show heating…

Meteorologist: ‘In the business world, people go to jail for such manipulations of data’…


Snow for all 50 states forecast in next week… 

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Boston 2 inches from snow record…

Fish freezing to death in superchilled water…

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Gore unleashed: We Need to ‘punish climate change deniers’…

Film portrays skeptics as ‘loathsome, scary, sadistic’…

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GREENPEACE Co-Founder: ‘Why I’m a Climate Skeptic’…

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PAPER: NOAANASA deceptive temp record claims…

Climate Change: 9-24-15:

Another Climate Prediction Fizzles: DC Climate Rally for Pope shrinks from expected 200,000 people to just ‘hundreds’

By: Marc Morano – Climate Depot  September 24, 2015 3:50 PM with 74 comments

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Climate change. 11-4-15                                                                               >>>>

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POLL: 27% of Democrats favor prosecuting ‘global warming’ foes…

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An Inconvenient Review: After 10 Years Al Gore Film Still Alarmingly Inaccurate…

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Experts said Arctic sea ice would melt entirely by Sept ’16…

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CLAIM: 100% Of USA ‘Warming’ Due To NOAA Data Tampering…

 First Week of ’17: Record Cold, 48 States Below Freezing…

Climate change. 12-28-16

CLAIM: 100% Of USA ‘Warming’ Due To NOAA Data Tampering…

First Week of ’17: Record Cold, 48 States Below Freezing…

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CLAIM: Arctic Sea Ice Same Thickness As 1940…

Climate Change. 1-18-17


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New Mexico Most Snow in CENTURY…

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NOAANASA claim record heat in locations where no thermometers?

‘Apocalyptic’ SNOWSTORM blasts Middle East…

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UPDATE: ‘NOAA cheated and got caught’ on ‘global warming’…

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Gore ‘INCONVENIENT SEQUEL’ to Be Recut; Make Trump Bigger Villain…
Left Melts… 
Hollywood Ballistic… 
Tech world blasts… 
Vatican sees exit as slap in face…
List: Most Unhinged Reactions… 
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Scientists warn of unusually cold Sun…

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Climate fizzle: UN Paris pact ‘starting to look like fantasy’…

Climate Change. 3-26-18

Climate fizzle: UN Paris pact ‘starting to look like fantasy’…

Campaign Consideration

Talking Points

Climate Change. Video.   By the Heritage Foundation. From CPAC 2015.


Local News

Storm Fails To Live Up To Predictions In Some Areas As National Weather Service Meteorologist Apologizes

January 27, 2015 12:40 PM

NEW YORK (CBS Connecticut/AP) — A howling blizzard with wind gusts over 70 mph heaped snow on Boston along with other stretches of lower New England and Long Island on Tuesday but failed to live up to the hype in Philadelphia and New York City, where buses and subways started rolling again in the morning.

Gary Szatkowski, meteorologist-in-charge at the National Weather Service in Mt. Holly, New Jersey, apologized on Twitter for the snow totals being cut back.

“My deepest apologies to many key decision makers and so many members of the general public,” Szatkowski tweeted. “You made a lot of tough decisions expecting us to get it right, and we didn’t. Once again, I’m sorry…”

Science News | May 16, 2015, p. 16  Climate change.   “Earth & Environment” “Giant magma pool beneath Yellowstone: The supervolcano lurking under Yellowstone National Park belches up 45,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide every day – much more than could be produced by the known magma chamber that lies just below the surface…”


Climate Change. 41 Climate Doomsday Predictions That Haven’t Come True… 9-22-19


As Americans Struggle Financially, Climate Agenda Set to Spark New Food Price Hikes, Analysts Say | The Epoch Times

As Americans Struggle Financially, Climate Agenda Set to Spark New Food Price Hikes, Analysts Say


By Kevin Stocklin


February 15, 2024


February 16, 2024


…A recent report by the Buckeye Institute attempts to quantify the cost of Bidenomics to farmers.


…According to the Buckeye report, the biggest drivers of the current price hikes are the increased cost of fertilizers, many of which are derivatives of natural gas, and the increased cost of diesel and propane.

“After recommitting the United States to the net-zero climate-control agenda, the president and Congress revived significant misguided features of the once-failed ‘Green New Deal’ through the Inflation Reduction Act,” the report states.

This includes using executive orders to restrict oil and natural gas supply, blocking drilling leases on federal lands, canceling pipelines, blocking exports of liquid natural gas, and enacting a Securities Exchange Commission mandate to require audited reports of greenhouse gas emissions, which would apply to farmers.

“These federal initiatives and requirements will prove expensive and economically destructive here—just as they have been in Europe,” the report states.