Opinion Headlines

  1. Tax policy – “The Lose – Lose Tax Policy Driving Away U. S. Business” 6-12-14
  2. Tax. “Obama’s Tax Law Rewrite.” [Where’s the law that gives Jack Lew the power to raise taxes?] 8-7-14
  3. Taxes on corporations. “Beltway ‘Strip’ Club.” [Democrats imagine new ways to raise taxes…] 8-19-14
  4. Taxes, business impact, “With Businesses Fleeing America, Congress Must Act” 6-25-14
  5. Taxes, inversion. “Warren Buffett’s Tax Whopper” [Obama’s … front man finances…deserters.”] 8-27-14
  6. Taxes. “A Simple Tax Reform Can Help Families and Promote Economic Growth” by Amity Shiaes 8-25-14
  7. Taxes. “We’re Number 32!” [A new global index highlights the harm from the U.S. tax code.” 9-15-14
  8. Taxes. LTE. “The Free Lunches Should be Taxable.” 9-10-14
  9. Taxes. “More Tax Credits Not The Right Incentive.” LTE 9-15-14
  10. Taxes. Nevada Gets Musked. [Tesla’s billionaire extracts $1.3 billion in taxpayer subsidies.] 9-16-14
  11. Taxes. “A Pro-Family, Pro-Growth Tax Reform.” By Mike Lee and Marco Rubio. [Two simple income-tax brackets: 15% and 35%. End the marriage penalty and increase the child tax credit.] 9-23-14
  12. Taxes. LTE. “We’re for Tax Reform, but this One Isn’t the Right One.” [[See Lee and Rubio, 9-23-14, #11 here]] …child care tax credit…]] 9-26-14
  13. Taxes. “The Bipartisan ‘Inversion’ Evasion.” By Michael Graetz. [Neither the White House nor Congress seems interested in tax reform that would make companies want to stay here.] 9-26-14
  14. Taxes. “64 Days to a Tax Increase. ” [The end of the Internet tax moratorium would cost consumers billions.] 10-9-14
  15. Taxes. “Michigan’s Tax Referendum.” [The GOP’s reform Governors are on the ballot in November.] 10-10-14
  16. Taxes. “Washington Rakes It In.” [Tax revenues in fiscal 2014 hit a new record of $3.013 trillion.] 10-16-14
  17. Taxes. “Jack Lew, Investment Killer.” [Treasury stops a merger, ensuring fewer dollars will return to the U.S.] 10-17-14
  18. Taxes. LTE. “We Need Tax Reform, Not Stimulus.” 10-20-2014
  19. Taxes. “A Tax Reformer Rises in Arizona.” [Republican Doug Ducey takes his cues from Wisconsin and Indiana as he runs for a Sunbelt governorship.] 10-23-14
  20. Taxes. “States of Taxation.” [Wyoming has the best tax climate. North Carolina’s is most improved.] 10-28-14
  21. Taxes. LTE. “Jack Lew Is Right on Company Tax.” 10-31-14
  22. Taxes. “Jack Lew, Irish Hero.” [A case study in how Treasury abets foreign takeovers of U.s. firms.] 11-18-14
  23. Taxes. LTE. “Put a Spike in the Heart of the PTC” 12-10-14
  24. Taxes. “Top 10 Reasons to Abolish the Corporate Income Tax.” By John Steele Gordon. [Tax complexity disappears, the obsession with after-tax profit vanishes and stock prices climb even higher.] 12-30-14
  25. Tax Reform. “Uniting Behind a Pro-Grwoth Agenda.” By David McIntosh. [Tax reform (personal and corporate) and trade are two essential priorities for the GOP Congress.] 1-15-15
  26. Tax Reform. “Abolish the Gas Tax.” [A better way to fund roads and bridges than more pain at the pump.] 1-15-15
  27. Taxes. “Tax Reform Should Go Right Down Main Street.” By Brian Reardon [Large firms need relief, but smaller enterprises vital to the economy are often hit even harder.] 1-20-15
  28. Taxes. LTE. “The Gasoline Tax and Paying to Maintain Our Roads.” 1-22-15
  29. Taxes. “Obama’s Middle-Class Blind Spot.” By W. Bradford Wilcox. [His proposed tax credits reward two-earner families. Tough luck for the millions with a stay-at-home parent.] 1-22-15
  30. Taxes. LTE. “Don’t Trust the Government With More Gas Tax Money.” 1-27-15
  31. Taxes. “How Tennis Stars Handle the Tax Man’s Topspin.” By Allysia Finley. [Players like Nadal and the Williams sisters show excellent footwork when protecting their income.] 1-28-15
  32. Taxes. “ ‘Middle-Class Economics.’ “ [Obama’s new tax proposals flunk his own distrubtio0n test.] 1-30-15
  33. Taxes. “Brownback’s Tax Lesson.” [Why Brownback backtracked on his tax-cut schedule.] 1-30-15
  34. Taxes. “The Tax-Cutting Boon Sweeping the States.” By Stephen Moore. [With 31 governorships and dozens of statehouses in GOP hands, millions of Americans are finally getting ax relief.] 1-30-15
  35. Taxes. “Taxes Unlimited.” [The Terminator is out there. And he absolutely will not stop, ever.] 2-3-15
  36. Taxes. “A Sane Way to Upgrade Bridges, Ports, and Transit. By John Schmidt. [Congress should embrace Obama’s proposal to expand tax-exempt bonds for public-private partnerships.] 2-3-15
  37. Taxes. “What Democrats and the CBO Don’t Get.” By Michael Solon. [The numbers reveal that a robust economy, not higher taxes, is the most reliable way to increase federal revenue.] 2-3-15
  38. Taxes. “An Empire of Taxation.” By Daniel Henninger. [“The president’s annual budget reminds the Beltway tribes of what they do…” 2-5-15
  39. Taxes. (cf. 2-3-15) LTE. “Public Must Be Wary of Public-Private Partnerships.” 2-9-15
  40. Taxes. LTE. “We Don’t Need More Death Burdens.” 2-11-15
  41. Taxes. “Cheaper Gas? Politicians Want a Tax Fill-Up.” [The 34% drop at the pumps is stirring government appetite for your savings.] 2-12-15
  42. Taxes. LTE. “Gas Tax Is For All Transportation.” 2-18-15
  43. Taxes. “Pro-Growth, Pro-Family Tax Reform.” By Mike Lee and Marco Rubio. [Cut the corporate rate to 25%. For individuals and familites, reduce the current seven brackets to two: 15% and 35%.] 3-4-15
  44. Taxes. “Licensing Tax Preparers Won’t Help Taxpayers.” By Justin Gelfand [Even IRS employees tasked with answering a single tax question have high error rates.] 3-13-15
  45. Taxes. “Another Tax Increase Legacy From Martin O’Malley.” By Steve S. Hanke [The would-be presidential candidate created a loophole that could be used to bust local property-tax caps.] 3-21-15
  46. Taxes. “The Global VAT Craze.” [A new study shows how the value-added tax is rising world-wide.] 3-21-15
  47. Taxes. “The Out-of-State-Business Tax Grab.” By Steve Malanga. [Red state or blue, dozens of legislatures push the legal limits to fill the coffers.] 3-20-15
  48. Taxes. “Where the Rubio Tax Plan Falls Short.” By Amity Shlaes [The child credits and new rates pit groups against one another in a way that across-the-board rate cuts do not.] 4-3-15
  49. Taxes. LTE. “The Good and Bad Effects of Very High Tobacco Taxes.” 4-22-15
  50. Taxes. “The Tax Burden Rises.” [The share of income paid by workers keeps rising.] 4-27-15
  51. Taxes. “Michigan’s Road Kill.” [Voters demolish a $2 billion sales tax increase.­] 5-7-15
  52. Taxes. “The Tax Threat to Your Mutual Fund.” By Bill McNabb. [Regulators prepare to declare that large funds pose a ‘systemic’ financial risk. Investors will pay the price.] 5-7-15
  53. Taxes. “Seeded With Tax Cuts, Kansas Harvests the Benefits.” By Andrew B. Wilson. [Unemployment has dropped to 4.2% from 5.5% in 2013, and wages and job growth are steadily climbing.] 5-16-15
  54. Taxes. LTE. “Better Than Either the EITC or Higher Minimum Wage.”   5-28-15
  55. Taxes. “Waiter, There’s a Tax Dodge in My Soup.” By Cyrus R. Vance Jr., [‘Sales suppression software’ in underhanded New York restaurants is lending a new meaning to “prix fixe.”] 6-3-15
  56. Taxes. LTE. “Roads, Bridges, Buses, Bikes and the Federal Gas Tax.”  6-3-15
  57. Taxes. “The Tax-Cut Payoff in Carolina.” By Stephen Moore. [Even with lower rates, tax revenues have increased 6% this year, and the state has a $400 million budget surplus.]  6-4-15
  58. Taxes. Democrats. “Worse Than Illinois.” [Connecticut Democrats are raising taxes again after promising not to.] 5-30-15
  59. Taxes. “Connecticut Tax Boomerang.” [GE can best help the state by leaving it for better business climes.] 6-6-15
  60. Taxes. LTE. Connecticut’s Taxes and the State’s Future.” 6-9-15
  61. Taxes. LTE “Soup-Sales Fraud and Tax Demands.” 6-9-15
  62. Taxes. “The Brawl Over Tax Credits for Religious Schools.” By Avi Shick. [Such state aid to poor families doesn’t violate the separation of church and state.] 6-12-15
  63. Taxes. LTE. “The Dark Side of Carolina’s Tax Cuts.” 6-18-15
  64. Taxes. “Rubio’s Tax Mistake.” [His supersized child credit does nothing for economic growth.] 6-18-15
  65. Taxes. “Blow Up the Tax Code and Start Over.” By Rand Paul. [Apply a 14.5% flat tax to personal income and to businesses. Cut deductions. Watch the economy roar.] 6-18-15
  66. Taxes. “Schumer’s Carbon Tax Prediction.” [The future Senate Democratic leader floats a 2017 idea.] 6-25-15
  67. Taxes. LTE. “Rand Paul and the Quicksands of Income-Tax Reform.” 6-24-15
  68. Taxes. LTE. “North Carolina’s Tax Cuts Really Have Helped the State.” 6-30-15
  69. Taxes. “A Tax Reform for Highways Trade?” [The pros and cons of negotiating with Jack Lew and Obama.] 7-13-15
  70. Taxes. LTE. “Mixing Tax Code, Patent Regime Won’t Help Startups.” 7-21-15
  71. Taxes. “Max Tax Fury Road.” [In which we try to make sense of the highway bill’s bizarre politics.]  7-28-15
  72. Taxes. LTE. “Change Highway Trust Fund Source.” 8-1-15
  73. Taxes. “Abetting Foreign Takeovers.” [More evidence that the U.S. tax code is aiding overseas buyers.] 8-5-15
  74. Taxes. LTE. “It’s a Rough Road in Any Direction.” 8-6-15
  75. Taxes. “’Taxation by Citation’ Undermines Trust Between Cops and Citizens.” By Eric Schmitt. [Too often local officials demand that police write more traffic tickets to bring in additional revenue.] 8-8-15
  76. Taxes. “The GE Headquarters Sweepstakes.” [“…GE should consider both the long term and the short term costs of government…”} .”] 8-31-15
  77. Taxes. Economy. “Small Business And the Secret of Big Growth.” By Thomas F. ‘Mack’ McLarty. [Small firms are economic drivers – and need help. Tax reform would be a good start.] 9-3-15
  78. Taxes. “The Granite State Groans: Texas, Stop Messing With Us.” By Andrew Cline. [The low-tax Lone Star State comes courting businesses in high-tax New Hampshire. Cue the Democratic complaints.] 9-12-15
  79. Taxes. “Yelling ‘Cut!’ for Moviemaking Tax Breaks.” By Chris Hudson and Donald Bryson. [States keep discovering that the dreamed –of benefits don’t materialize.] 9-19-15
  80. Taxes. LTE. “Cutting a Break for the Hand That Bits Them.” [cf. 9-19-15 “Yelling ‘Cut’…] 9-23-15
  81. Taxes. LTE. “The Red Granite State and Blue State Hordes.” 9-19-15
  82. Taxes. “City of Big Taxes.” [Chicago’s unfunded government pensions wallop homeowners.] 9-23-15
  83. Taxes. “How I’ll Slash the Regulation Tax.” By Jeb Bush. [As president, I’ll repeal the coal ash rule, the clean water rule, net neutrality and much more.] 9-23-15
  84. Taxes. “American Tax Exceptionalism.” [The U.S. again ranks near the bottom on competitiveness.] September 28, 2015
  85. Taxes. “Tax Reform for Security and Prosperity.” By Donald J. Trump. [Four tax brackets: 0%, 10%, 20% and 25%. No marriage penalty, no alternative minimum tax.] 9-29-15
  86. Taxes. “A Tax Boon for Working Women.” By Martin Feldstein. [Jeb Bush’s tax-reform proposal ends the ‘marriage penalty” by allowing spouses to file separately.] 10-6-15
  87. Taxes. “The Tax Break for Rich Liberals.” [Bush wants to cancel the deduction for state and local taxes.] 10-8-15
  88. Taxes. “A Flat Tax Is The Best Path to Prosperity.” By Rick Santorum. [My tax plan would let individuals pay a 20% rate and no longer punish saving and investment.] 10-12-15
  89. Taxes. “The Law That Makes U.S. Expats Toxic.” By Colleen Graffy. [A measure targeting tax evasion pushed Americans out of bank accounts – and jobs – abroad.] 10-12-15
  90. Taxes. “A Bad Tax Brainstorm.” [A new OECD plan tries to boost revenue from anemic economies.] 10-13-15
  91. Taxes. “Rubio’s Family Leave Gambit.” [Another tax credit for social policy that mucks up the code.] 10-13-15
  92. Taxes. LTE. “Rich Already Lose Deductions Via the AMT.” 10-13-15
  93. Taxes. LTE. “Fatca Crushes Minnows, the Sharks Do Better.” 10-16-15
  94. Taxes. “Washington’s Revenue Windfall.” [Taxpayers provide an 8% increase in revenue, but entitlements keep rising.] 10-19-15
  95. Taxes. “A Simple Flat Tax for Economic Growth.” By Ted Cruz. [A 10% income tax and a 16% business tax would put an end to the eight lean years of Obama.] 10-29-15
  96. Taxes. “American Tax Refugees.” [Why so many Yanks are renouncing their U.S. citizenship.] 10-31-15
  97. Taxes. “Britain’s Tax Warning for Marco Rubio.” [Pro-natalist credits don’t work and become new entitlements.] 10-31-15
  98. Taxes. “The Corporate Tax Political Divide.” [Democrats are driving U.S. companies and capital offshore.]   11-2-15
  99. Taxes. “A Tax Reform to Keep Seniors on the Job.” By Andrew G. Biggs. 11-4-15
  100. Taxes. “A Vote on Taxes – or a Tax Cut.” [Washington voters give lawmakers an ultimatum a the ballot box.] 11-7-15
  101. Taxes. LTE. “Both Parties Want to Reform Business Taxes.” 11-7-15
  102. Taxes. “The State Tax Bowl.” [Illinois is rising in the rankings by letting tax increases lapse.] 11-19-15
  103. Taxes. “The Tax Credit Sweepstakes.” [There’s one for you, and you, and you, and don’t forget him over there.” 12-1-15
  104. Taxes. “Here’s What Genuine Tax Reform Looks Like.” By John H. Cochrane. [The goal is to be simple and fair, with minimal damage. Step one would eliminate the corporate tax.] 12-23-15
  105. Taxes. LTE. “Tax Code is Opaque for Nefarious Reasons.” 12-31-15
  106. Taxes. LTE. “Most Golf Conservation Easements Are Legit.” 1-13-16
  107. Taxes. “GE Escapes Connectitax.” [The company flees the high-tax state that hates business.] 1-14-16
  108. Taxes. LTE. “Carson’s Flat Tax Isn’t That Flat – Hurrah!” 1-16-16
  109. Taxes. “Google and the Tax Bandits.” [The politicians, we mean – not the companies.] 1-26-16
  110. Taxes. “Low Gas Prices Have Politicians Pumped to Raise Taxes.” By Dave Schwartz and Justin Stevens. [Obama’s $10-a-barrel fee won’t go anywhere, but states too are eager to try to make drivers pay more.] 2-6-16
  111. Taxes. “The Carbon Tax Budget.” [Robbing consumers of the benefit of lower oil prices.] 2-10-16
  112. Taxes. LTE. “There’s No Uncertainty About Bad Tax Policy.” 2-10-16 [“…What happens when a company like Apple wants to buy an innovative new technology or innovative company? It will look overseas first…One can assume that Apple’s investment …is being done with that overseas money…”]
  113. Taxes. LTE. “Many States Have Already Raised Gas Taxes.” 2-17-16
  114. Taxes. “Ending the One-Two Corporate Tax Punch.” By Brian Reardon and Tom Nichols. [Jason Furman is right about the ‘stupid’ policy on overseas income. Domestic policy also isn’t so bright.] 2-26-16
  115. Taxes. “Those Sports Fantasy Sties Could Mean Real Revenue.” By Daniel A. Etna. [Congress should get FanDuel and DraftKings out of legal limbo – and reap billions in taxes.] 3-3-16.
  116. Taxes. “The Partisan Tax Policy Center.” By Marc Sumerlin and Noah Williams. [The media’s favorite tax policy shop uses outdated economic models to serve Democratic political ends.] 3-5-16
  117. Taxes. “The Trump-Obama Corporate Tax Reform Fail.” By Mihir A. Desai. [They both want a minimum tax on the foreign earnings of U.S. companies. That’s no ‘inversion’ cure.] 3-7-16
  118. Taxes. LTE. “Dynamic Scoring of Tax Models Invites Abuse.” 3-17-16
  119. Taxes. “Tennessee’s Senior Citizen Tax Is Ripe for Retirement.” By Andrew Ogles. [Nearly half of the residents who pay a 6% levy on investment income are age 65 or older.] 3-19-16
  120. Taxes. LTE. “Retire the Tennessee Income Tax on Retirees.” 3-25-16
  121. Taxes. “Taxing Yale’s Endowment.” [Liberal professors get an education in income redistribution.] 3-29-16
  122. Trump. “Yes, Donald Could Beat Hillary.” By William McGurn. [Conventional wisdom says he has no chance. But what if he blows up all the old rules?] 3-29-16
  123. Taxes. LTE. “It Wouldn’t Be Other People’s Money for Yale.” 4-4-16
  124. Taxes. “Jack Lew’s Corporate Tax Ambush.” [Another lawless attempt to scapegoat business in an election year.] 4-6-16
  125. Taxes. “Finding the Money for America The Fixer-Upper.” By George P. Schultz and John F. Cogan. [Roads and water systems need repair. Funding can be found by making needed government reforms.] 4-7-16
  126. Taxes. “Treasury Is Wrong About Our Merger and Growth.” [The broken U.S. tax system puts American companies like Pfizer at a competi8tive disadvantage.] 4-7-16
  127. Taxes. LTE. “Reagan Had, and Democrats Have, a Very Simple Message.” 4-15-16 (See April 7, #290, here, “Finding the Money for America the Fixer-Upper…)
  128. Taxes. LTE. “Taxman: There’s One for You, 19 for Me, Yeah.” 4-16-16
  129. Taxes. “America’s Coming Tax Increase.” By Edward P. Lazear. [With the deficit projected to hit 5% of GDP in only a decade, the choice is either spending cuts or tax hikes.] 4-28-16
  130. Taxes. Alaska. “Alaska’s Folly: Politicians Contemplate a State Income Tax.” By Stephen Moore. [Republicans in Juneau would sock the state economy rather than tap a $51 billion reserve fund.] 5-1-16
  131. Taxes. LTE. “No Light at the End of the Tax/Spend Tunnel.” 5-7-16
  132. Taxes. LTE. “Capital Gains Tax Hurts the Housing Market.” 5-18-16
  133. Taxes. “The GOP Plan for Tax Sanity.”  By Kevin Brady.  [To rev the economy, cut taxes on business, simplify the code and let American families file on a postcard.]  6-24-16
  134. Taxes. “’Relative Taxes Matter.’”  [Scientists like living in countries that don’t plunder their paychecks.] 7-5-16
  135. Taxes. LTE.  “Tax Reform Should Embrace Small-business S Corps, Too.”  7-6-16
  136. Taxes. “Oregon’s Regressive Tax Referendum.”  [A gross-receipts levy would punish the 99% to help public unions]  8-12-16
  137. Taxes. LTE.  “Raise the Gas Tax if You’re Serious About Infrastructure.”  8-15-16
  138. Taxes. LTE  “U.S. Sales Tax:  An Unfair Arbiter of Winners.”  8-17-16
  139. Taxes. LTE. “Debating Rep. Blumenauer on Gasoline Taxes.” 8-20-16
  140. Taxes. “Clinton’s Punitive ‘Exit Tax.’ [Trump’s plan would stop the corporate ‘inversions’ she deplores.] 8-22-16
  141. Taxes. LTE. “Taxes Make U.S. Companies Takeover Targets.” 8-22-16
  142. Taxes. LTE. “Wage Stagnation and Corporate Income Taxes.” 8-31-16
  143. Taxes. “A Stealth Death Tax Increase.” [Treasury again rewrites longstanding interpretations of law.] 9-6-16
  144. Taxes. LTE. “A Debt Proposal: Cut Taxes for Average Folks.” 9-10-16
  145. Taxes. “Return to JFK’s ‘Rising Tide’ Model. By Lawrence Kudlow and Brian Domitrovic. [Kennedy and Reagan both spurred growth through bipartisan tax cuts. That’s just what is needed now.] 9-12-16
  146. Taxes. “Europe’s Bite Out of Apple Shows the Need for U.S. Tax Reform.” By Jacob J. Lew. [Apple’s $14.5 billion European tax bill is another clear reason for corporate tax reform.] 9-13-16
  147. Taxes. “The Great State Sales Tax Grab.”  [Tax collectors assault out-of-state sellers, as Hamilton feared.]  9-17-16
  148. Taxes. LTE.  “An Internet Sales Tax, or a Prohibited Tariff?”  9-23-16
  149. Taxes. LTE.  “Incentives, the EITC and Helping the Poor.”  9-24-16
  150. Taxes. “Another Win for the Cowboys.”  [Wyoming still has the best business tax climate in the U.S.]  9-28-16
  151. Taxes. LTE  “The Death Tax and the Recycling of Wealth.”  10-20-16
  152. Taxes. “GOP Tax Reform – Just Not Yet.”  [Republicans try to undermine their 2017 agenda.]  12-3-16
  153. Taxes. “Seeing Eye to Eye on Corporate Tax Cuts.”  By Martin Feldstein.  [Trump and congressional Republicans agree:  boost productivity and wages by lowering corporate rates.]  12-13-16
  154. Taxes. “What Craft Brewers Want to Tap Next:  The Taxpayer.”  By Jeremy Bagott.  [Trendy suds are seen as a way to save city centers, never mind that beer sales have been sliding for years.]  12-31-16
  155. Taxes. “The House GOP’s Good Tax Trade-Off.”  By Martin Feldstein.  [Exempting exports from corporate income taxes would strengthen the dollar and raise revenue.]  1-6-17
  156. Taxes. “Policy Purity Is Bad Politics.”  By Hugh Hewitt.  [The home-mortgage deduction is a bad idea in theory.  People don’t live in theory.]  1-9-17
  157. Taxes. “For Free Traders, Trump’s Corporate Tax Cut Is the Better Way.” [Instead of making the tax ‘border adjustable,’ simply lower rates to 15%, as the president-elect proposes.]  1-18-17
  158. Taxes. “To Speed Job Growth, Cut Taxes Now.”  By Larry Kudlow and Stephen Moore.  [Like Reagan, Trump should act quickly – and with a bill that can achieve bipartisan support.]   1-27-17
  159. Tax. “What’s Behind the Border Tax Kabuki?” by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. 2-18-17
  160. Taxes. “How ‘Border Adjustment’ Poisons Tax Reform.” By Phil Gramm. [The house’s 20% import fee is political industrial policy that will convulse the economy. Better to follow the 1986 model.] 2-23-17
  161. Taxes. “The Illusory Flaws of ‘Border Adjustment.’ By Martin Feldstein. [Foreign exporters would pay for the Republicans’ proposed trillion-dollar corporate tax cut.] 2-27-17
  162. Taxes. “There’s Plenty of Hope for Tax Reform.” By David M. Smick and John D. Mueller. [Elbows are flying, and the situation seems ‘ominous.’ It’s beginning to look a lot like 1986.] 3-3-2017
  163. Taxes. “The Tax Reform Damage.” [The GOP health debacle makes pro-growth reform more important but also much harder.] 3-27-17
  164. Taxes. “The Oakland Raiders Pillage the Taxpayers.” By Steve Russell. 3-30-17
  165. Taxes. “How to Make Tax Reform Bipartisan.” By Jason Furman. [Focus on fixing the badly broken corporate-tax system, and commit to no loss of revenue.] 4-3-17
  166. Taxes. “A Corporate-Welfare Bonanza for Tax-Compliance Firms.” By Nigel Green. [Soon the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act will cost more to enforce than it recovers in taxes.] 4-3-17
  167. Taxes. “The Syria Success Creates a Chance for Bipartisan Tax Reform.” By David M. Smick. [Trump should reach out to Democrats and put a plan with four elements on the table.]   4-14-17
  168. Taxes. “The Border-Adjustment Sleight of Hand.” By Veronique de Rugy and Daniel J. Mitchell. [The double levy on U.S. companies’ overseas profits is the actual ‘Made in America tax.’] 4-17-17
  169. Taxes. “Complexity Is the Root of All Evil (at Least in the Tax Code.” By Nina E. Olson. [As Congress takes up reform, it should consider radically simplifying the rules for individuals.] 4-18-17
  170. Taxes. “Need Revenue? Try Slashing the Capital-Gains Tax Rate.” By Mark Bloomfield and Oscar S. Pollock. [Cutting it to 15% would induce investors to realize gains – and double what the government takes in.] 4-21-17
  171. Taxes. “Trump’s Tax Principles.”  [A pro-growth outline that focuses on weak capital investment.]  4-27-17
  172. Taxes. “Balancing Lost Tax Revenue the Reagan Way.”  By Martin Feldstein. [Gradually increasing the Social Security eligibility age can offset revenue loss from Trump’s tax cuts.]  4-27-17
  173. Taxes. LTE.  “Less Really Is More With Capital-Gains Taxes.”  4-29-17
  174. Taxes. “The White House Rejects Tax Reform for the Old Tax Cut Formula.”  By Alan S. Blinder.  [The system would remain complicated, unfair and inefficient.  But the richest would pay much less.]  5-1-17
  175. Taxes. Economy.  “It’s the Prosperity, Stupid.”  By Wm.  McGurn.  [The real debate is about making dreams come true, not just lowering taxes.] 5-2-17
  176. Taxes. “China’s Case for Trump’s Tax Cuts.”  [Chinese leaders fret that business may move to the U.S.]  5-2-17
  177. Taxes. “House of Lobbyists.”  [Why should the tax code subsidize home buyers over renters?]  5-6-17
  178. Taxes. “Tax Rates and Professional Losers.”  [A new study says high taxes could cost your team a championship.]  5-8-17
  179. Taxes. “Trump’s Tax Plan Would Spur Growth.”  By Edward P. Lazear.  [ By moving toward a consumption levy, it could generate a GDP gain of between 2.5% and 4.5%]  5-8-17
  180. Taxes. “Apple’s Case for Tax Reform.”  [The Treasury now gets little from the company’s $256 billion cash hoard.]  5-9-17
  181. Taxes. “On Tax Reform, Ryan Knows Better.”  By Laurence Kotlikoff.  [The House proposal beats Trump’s plan, which is more regressive and would induce huge tax avoidance.]  5-12-17
  182. Taxes. LTE.  “Is Mortgage-Interest Deduction the Best Way?”  5-15-17
  183. Taxes. “It’s the Great White North, Charlie Brown.”  By Todd Buchholz and James Carter.  [“…Still, America’s high corporate tax rate and its practice of taxing international income is out of step with the rest of the world…”]  5-27-17
  184. Taxes. “Trump’s Blue State Revival Plan.”  [Schumer’s choice:  Play on tax reform or lose the state and local deduction.]  6-3-17
  185. Taxes. “Connecticut’s Tax Comeuppance.”  [With the rich tapped out and Aetna leaving, the state may resort to Puerto Rico bonds.]  6-3-17
  186. Taxes. “Tax Revenge in Kansas.”  [Republicans and unions raise rates higher than in Massachusetts.]  6-10-17
  187. Taxes. “Tax Cuts That Last – With 51 Votes.” By Grover Norquist and David McIntosh.  [The ‘budget window’ has traditionally been a decade.  But the Senate could make it 25 years.]  6-14-17
  188. Trump. “How Trump Is Like Obama.”  By Josef Joffe.  [There’s more continuity than difference between ‘nation-building at home’ and “America First.’]  6-14-17
  189. Taxes. “Will Democrats Pound SALT?”  by Donald L. Luskin.  [Proposing to abolish the state and local tax deduction is the best GOP reform hope.]  6-23-17
  190. Taxes. “Junk by any Name in Illinois.” [Politicians and credit rates form a coalition for tax and spend.]  7-6-17
  191. Taxes. “American Once Led the World on Tax Reform.”  By Sarah H. Ketterer.  [‘We’re going to do what we have to do to remain competitive,’ a Canadian official said in 1986.]  7-6-17
  192. Taxes. “Governors and Mayors Should be Begging for Trump’s Tax Cut.”  By Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore.  [Expanding the economy means more revenue for states and cities – just as it did in Reagan’s day.]  7-14-17
  193. Taxes. “How to Make the Tax System Fairer and Save Social Security.”  By Martin Feldstein. [It’s time to expand the payroll tax to include health-insurance plans offered by employers.]  7-20-17
  194. Taxes. “Tax Reform Principles.”  [How to measure the progress of a pro-growth reform.]  7-28-17
  195. Taxes. “The GOP May Cut Taxes, but Don’t Call It ‘Reform.’”  By Alan S. Blinder.  [The health-care failure leaves Republicans hungry for a victory.  A path exists, but it’s rocky.]  8-3-17
  196. Taxes. “Reagan Cut Taxes, Revenue Boomed.” By Phil Gramm and Michael Solon.  [The model of tax-rate cuts and deregulation can work again to restore faster growth and lift incomes.]  8-4-17
  197. Taxes. “Europe’s Taxes Aren’t as Progressive s Its Leaders Like to Think.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [Thanks to the VAT and ‘insurance contributions,’ the lower and middle classes pay and pay.]  8-7-17
  198. Taxes. “Philadelphia’s Soda Tax Bust.”  [Fewer jobs, lower revenues, but a boost for beer sales.]  8-14-17
  199. Taxes. “The GOP’s Tax Reform Baseline.”  [Congress shouldn’t let Beltway process ruin good policy.]  8-31-17
  200. Taxes. “Tax Consumption Through a VAT, and Voila”  by John H. Cochrane.  [If the administration and Congress drop the income tax, it won’t be difficult to achieve 3% growth.]  9-5-17
  201. Taxes. “Why Corporate Tax Reform Is a Bipartisan Cause.”  By Laura Tyson.  [ The number of Forbes 500 companies that have their headquarters in the U.S. has fallen 25% since 2000.] 9-7-17
  202. Taxes. LTE.  “VAT Will Help some Problems, Create Others.”  9-11-17
  203. Taxes. “How Florida Saved Taxpayers.”  [Reforms helped a state-backed insurer weather the storm.]  9-13-17
  204. Taxes. “The Republican Tax Plan Better Be Audacious.”  By David M. Smick.  [If the GOP proposal isn’t aimed at helping workers, Trump will ask Democrats for a counteroffer.] 9-13-17
  205. Taxes. “The 30 Republicans Holding Up Tax Reform.”  By Karl Rove.  [The Freedom Caucus threatens to side with Democrats and block the GOP majority.]  9-14-17
  206. Taxes. “Cut Business Taxes for the 99.9%.”  by Juanita D. Duggan.  [Aim reform at small companies that make the economy hum.]  9-14-17
  207. Taxes. “Escaping the Tax-Reform Budget Trap.”  [Revenue neutrality on Beltway terms will defeat good policy.]  9-14-17
  208. Taxes. “Kill the Loopholes, Including the One for ‘Low-Income Housing.’”  By Chris Edwards and Vanessa Brown Calder.  9-19-17
  209. Taxes. “Give Us Real Tax Reform, Not a Pig In a Poke.”  By Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows. [Congress shouldn’t repeal the errors that killed the plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare.]  9-20-17
  210. Taxes. “Tax Reform Progress.”  [A Senate budget deal creates more space for cutting tax rates.]  9-21-17
  211. Taxes. “Tax Reform Transformed North Carolina.  Congress, Take Note.”  By Thom Tillis.  [After Tar Heels overhauled their code in 2013, the economy went on a tear – and so did state revenue.]  9-21-17
  212. Taxes. “A Grand Bipartisan Bargain on Tax Reform.”  By Edward Kleinbard.  [A levy on carbon would satisfy Democrats, while Republicans would get far lower corporate rates.]  9-25-17 (Mr. Kleinbard is a law professor at the University of Southern California.)
  213. Taxes. “Tax Reform, If You Can Keep It.”  [The GOP outline is a pro-growth boon, but rates can’t rise further.]  9-28-17
  214. Taxes. “Why Tax American Companies Twice?”  by David A. ricks.  [The GOP plan would end the 35% ‘repatriation tax’ that makes it harder to compete – and create jobs.]  9-28-17
  215. Taxes. “The GOP’s First Reform Test.”  [So long to low tax rates if Congress blinks on the state’s tax deduction.]  9-30-17
  216. Taxes. “Tax Policy Center Propaganda.”  [The media’s go-to think tank trashes GOP reform without evidence.]  10-2-17
  217. Taxes. “Tax Reform Isn’t a Popularity Contest.”  By Karl Rove.  [The arcane provisions are what juice growth, jobs, optimism – what the country needs.]  10-5-17
  218. Taxes. “Tax Reform Down Payment.”  [Without a House-Senate budget deal, reform has no chance.]  10-6-17
  219. Taxes. “Why America Needs Tax Reform.”  By Glenn Hubbard.  [Trump needs to stress the growth payoff and rebut falsehoods from critics at the Tax Policy Center.]  10-6-17
  220. Taxes. “The GOP’s ‘Tax the Rich’ Temptation.”  By Phil Gramm.  [The top 10% of earners already pay 71% of federal taxes on income – highest in the developed world.]  10-9-17
  221. Taxes. “Tax Reform and Deficits.”  [As fiscal 2017 shows, deficits will explode without faster growth.]  10-11-17
  222. Taxes. “tax Reform Will Give Workers a Raise.”  By Lawrence B. Lindsey.  [Expect 3.2% growth, mostly taking the form of higher real wages.  It happened in the 1960s.]  10-11-17
  223. Taxes. “Does New Jersey’s Next Governor Want to Live in Connecticut?”  by Regina Egea and Stephen Eide.  [The Garden State should learn from Harford’s bad example:  You can’t tax your way to prosperity.]  10-14-17
  224. Taxes. “How to Make a Good Tax-Reform Plan Even Better.”  By Edward Lazear.  [The GOP framework would boost growth and help the middle class – even more with one simple tweak.]  10-17-17
  225. Taxes. “Rand Paul’s Alternative Reality.”  [He’s willing to kill tax reform so he can make a futile political gesture.]  10-19-17
  226. Taxes. “No, the GOP Tax Plan Won’t Give You a $9,000 Raise.”  [The White House’s wild claims about the wage effects of corporate rate cuts don’t add up.]  10-23-17
  227. Taxes. “The Wages of Corporate Taxes.”  [Kevin Hassett earns the wrath of the left by showing how tax rate cuts will help workers.]  10-24-17
  228. Taxes. “Family Businesses Deserve a Tax Break.”  By Brian Reardon.  [‘S corporations’ are major job creators but get a bum rap.]  10-24-17
  229. Taxes. LTE.  “Death Taxes and the Capital-Gains Step-Up.”  10-24-17
  230. Taxes.  “A Turnabout on Corporate Taxes.”  By Casey B. Mulligan and Tomas J. Philipson.  [Economists who favored rate cuts under Obama suddenly deny they’d result in higher wages.]  10-25-17
  231. Taxes. “A Million-Dollar Mistake.”  [A defensive GOP flirts with raising the top income-tax rate.]  10-28-17
  232. Taxes. “The Winds of Tax Reform.”  [Two quarters of 3% growth and stronger business investment.]  10-28-17
  233. Taxes. “Europe Beats America.”  [French and Dutch tax reforms raise the stakes for Washington.]  10-31-17
  234. Taxes. “The Tax Credit Bidding War.”  [The Rubio-Lee child tax credit will sap growth from tax reform.]  11-1-17
  235. Terrorists. “The Terror in Tribeca.”  [The truck as murder weapon comes to New York City.]  11-1-17
  236. Taxes. California.  “High on Incentives.” [“…citizens now have a much clearer view of the unintended consequences that come from high tax rates.”]  11-2-17
  237. Taxes. “Half a Tax Reform.”  [A pro-growth business plan but no growth on the individual side.]  11-3-17
  238. Taxes. “The Stealth-Tax Republicans.”  [The House tax bill has a surprise rate of 45.6% on some earners.]  11-4-17
  239. Taxes. “Tax Rate Cleanup in Aisle Two.”  [The Senate needs to kill the House GOP’s stealth tax surcharge.]  11-6-17
  240. Taxes. “Tax Reform and ObamaCare.”  [How killing the individual mandate can finance rate cuts.]  11-6-17
  241. Taxes. “Corporate Tax Reform Is the Key to Growth.”  By Martin Feldstein.  [It could increase the U.S. capital stock by $5 trillion and cause a $500 billion rise in annual income.] 11-6-17
  242. Taxes. New York. “Please Pass the SALT.”  By Claudia Tenney.’’ [The deduction is New Yorkers’ only relief from Albany.]  11-7-17
  243. Taxes. “The Sorry State of New Jersey.”  [After Christie, Trenton is headed toward more tax-and-spend decline.]  11-7-17
  244. Taxes. “The College Tax-Reform Tantrum.”  [Higher ed howls at the modest cut in subsidies in the House bill.]  11-9-17
  245. Taxes. “The Middle-Class Tax cut that’s Really a Hike.”  By Jason Furman.  [Under the House plan, a family making $59,000 would pay more in 2024 than they did last year.]  11-9-17
  246. Taxes. “Tax Reform Momentum.”  [The Senate bill improves on the House on the top rate and businesses.]  11-10-17
  247. Taxes. “Tax Reform Passes the Fairness Test.”  By Laurence Kotlikoff.  [The usual assessments fail to account for the way liabilities change over a taxpayer’s lifetime.]  11-10-17
  248. Taxes. “Big Wind and Tax Reform.”  [House Republicans try to pare back a subsidy.  Senate GOP objects.]  11-11-17
  249. Taxes. “ObamaCare Tax Relief.”  [Killing the individual mandate can serve the cause of tax and health-care reform.”]  11-13-17
  250. Taxes. “The Individual Mandate is the Worst Tax Ever.”  By Chris Pope.  [It doesn’t even further the ACA’s core goal of helping people with pre-existing conditions get coverage.] 11-13-17
  251. Taxes. “The Great Progressive Tax Escape.”  [IRS data show an accelerating flight from high-tax states.]  11-14-17
  252. Taxes. “Trump’s de Facto Small-business Tax.”  By Violet Tran.  [My H-1B visa is under challenge, and it’s costing my employer.]  11-15-17
  253. Taxes. “The Democrats’ Kansas Distraction.”  By Ron Estes.  [They’re trying to make my state’s 2012 tax cuts into a cautionary tale, but there’s no comparison.]  11-15-17
  254. Taxes. “Two Tax Reforms Can Be Better Than One.”  By Karl Rove . [Differences between the House and Senate plans could be used to improve the final bill.]  11-16-17
  255. Taxes. “Will Republicans Raise Capital Gains Taxes?”  by Mark Bloomfield and Oscar S. Pollock.  [That would be an effect of abolishing the SALT deduction.] 11-16-17
  256. Taxes. “The Appeal of Mandate Repeal.”  [Killing the ObamaCare tax will make it easier to restore insurer subsidies.]  11-16-17
  257. Taxes. “Californians Worth Their SALT.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [Tax Reform passes the house, thanks to the support of 11 Golden State Republicans.]  11-17-17
  258. Taxes. “A Solution for Ron Johnson.”  [How to satisfy his tax concerns and ease the blue-state blues.]  11-17-17
  259. Taxes. “What Will Tax Reform Do for Puppies?”  by Adam O’Neal.  [The IRS shouldn’t favor Child Moms over Dog Moms.]  11-20-17
  260. Taxes. “Reducing Corporate Tax Games.”  [The GOP reforms are far tougher on income shifting than Obama was.]  11-20-17
  261. Taxes. “A Millionaire Tax Rethink?”  [Killing the state and local tax deduction has an impact in Trenton.]  11-20-17
  262. Taxes. “A ‘Carried Interest’ Rate for Everyone.”  By Vince Kolber.  [Congress should extend a successful low tax rate to all job-creators and entrepreneurs.]  11-20-17
  263. Taxes. “Why Philanthropies Needn’t Fear Tax Reform.”   By Suzanne Garment and Leslie Lenkowsky.  [Individual donations to charities grew 4% in both 2015 and 2016.  That rate will swamp any tax effects.]  11-21-17
  264. Taxes. “George Soros’s $18 Billion Tax Shelter.”  By Stephen Moore.  [The wealthy have tucked billions into private nonprofits – where the IRS can’t touch it.]   11-22-17
  265. Taxes. “Tax Reform, Growth and the Deficit.”  [A U.S. growth rate of 1.9% will never balance the federal budget.]  11-27-17
  266. Taxes. “How Tax Reform Will Lift the Economy.”  (by nine economists)  [We believe the Republican bills could boost GDP 3% to 4% long term by reducing he cost of capital.]  11-27-17
  267. Taxes. “An Income Tax by Any Other Name.”  [A court rules against Seattle’s ordinance targeting the rich.]  11-28-17
  268. Taxes. “The Senate Tax Bill Has a Cure for Corporate Inversion.”  By Kenneth C. Frazier.  [Other countries don’t tax their companies’ overseas profits.  That puts U.S. firms at a disadvantage.]  11-28-17
  269. Taxes. “A Trigger Warning on Taxes.”  [An automatic tax increase in year six if revenues don’t arrive.]  11-29-17
  270. Taxes. “What Would Jesus Do?”  by Daniel Henninger.  [The Senate’s six apostles can choose between Caesar and economic opportunity.] 11-30-17
  271. Taxes. “The Debt Is No Reason to Kill Tax Reform.”  By Karl Rove.  [That problem has one answer:  less spending.  In the meantime, fix the broken tax code.]  11-30-17
  272. Taxes. “The Rubio-Schumer Amendment.”  [Florida’s Republican tries to blow up the Senate tax reform.]  11-30-17
  273. Taxes. “When Dems Backed Tax Cuts.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [In 2001, bush won support from a dozen of them in the Senate and 28 in the House.]  12-1-17
  274. Taxes. “Think of Tax Reform as the Trump Family’s Christmas List.”  By Alan S. Blinder.  [Billionaires will find extravagant goodies in their stockings.  Everyone else gets lumps of coal.]  12-1-17
  275. Taxes. “The Senate’s Tax Advance.”  [A House-Senate conference can make the final bill better.]  12-2-17
  276. Taxes. “The Expense – Account Racket.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Why not abolish the tax deduction for business entertainment?]  12-4-17
  277. Taxes. “Tax Reform:  What’s in It for You.”  By Mitch McDonnell. 12-4-17
  278. Taxes. “The Trial Bar’s Tax Break.”  [Lindsey Graham preserves a carve-out for his plaintiff pals.]  12-5-17
  279. Taxes. “No Alternative, No Tax Problem.”  [The AMT deserves to die in the House-Senate tax conference.]  12-6-17
  280. Taxes. “How to Help the High-Tax States.”  [The solution is to offset the lost deduction with a lower tax rate.]  12-7-17
  281. Taxes. “The Adoption Tax Credit Saves Money.”  By Jedd Medefind. [The foster system costs over $25000 a year for each child.]  12-7-17
  282. Taxes. “End the Alternative Minimum Tax, don’t Mend It.”  By Richard Schmalbeck.  [It started as a levy on superrich tax avoiders.  It metastasized into something quite different.]  12-8-17
  283. Taxes. “Hispanic Entrepreneurs Need Tax Reform.”  By Steve Cortes and Javier Palomarez.  [Latino Democrats and Republicans ought to agree on that much.]  12-11-17
  284. Taxes. “Killing the Electric Car Credit.”  [Are Republicans really going to subsidize the Leo DiCaprio set?]  12-11-17
  285. Taxes. “The Apple ‘Windfall’ That Isn’t.”  [It’s hared to keep up with all the false tax claims, but this one is a doozy.]  12-11-17
  286. Taxes. “The GOP’s Capital-Gains Tax Hike.”  [The Senate bill would make you sell long-held stocks first.]  12-12-17
  287. Taxes. “Round Up the Usual Tax-Reform Suspects.”  By Clifford Asness and Michael Mendelson.  [Hedge=fund managers are an easy target, but we don’t even benefit from the status quo.]  12-12-17
  288. Taxes. “Why Is Sen. Graham Helping Democratic Contributors?”  LTE  (“…Republican members should keep in mind that allowing Sen. Grahm’s trial lawyer tax give-away to stand is akin to funding their own defeat]  12-14-17
  289. Taxes. “A Tax Reform for Growth.”  [The GOP bill will spur investment and make the US. more competitive.]  12-16-17
  290. Taxes. “Kicking Bob Corker.”  [The press gives him the Beltway Skinner Box treatment.]  12-19-17
  291. Taxes. “The Tax Reform Promise.”  [The GOP delivers against long odds and Beltway opposition.]  12-20-17
  292. Taxes. “Tax Reform Means Your Paycheck Will Grow.”  By Paul Ryan.  [So will the economy, as the bill brings U.S. corporate taxes in line with the developed -world norm.]  12-20-17
  293. Taxes. “The Godfather of Tax Reform.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Ronald Reagan is the patron saint, but don’t forget Jack Kemp’s central role.]  12-21-17
  294. Taxes. “Tax Reform Take 2:  The States.”  [After federal success, the next reform targets are high-tax states.] (chart included showing rates of the 17 highest taxing states.)  12-21-17
  295. Taxes. “Now, Tax Reform Gets Real.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [The left and the press foretold disaster for the middle class.  Such claims will be tested.]  12-22-17.
  296. Taxes. “The Corporate Tax-Cut Dividend.”  [Workers get a $1,000 bonus.  Democrats call it ‘cruel’ and a ‘scam.’]  12-22-17.
  297. Taxes. “U.S. Tax Reform Has Europe Worried.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [Suddenly, the world’s biggest economy has lower corporate rates than the Continent’s giants.]  12-22-17
  298. Taxes. “Tax Reform’s Growth Whisperer.”  (The Weekend Interview with Pat Toomey by Kate Bachelder Odell) [The Pennsylvania senator worked behind the scenes to persuade this colleagues on the budget math and unite the GOP’s factions.] 12-23-17
  299. Taxes. “This Tax Bill May Do Some Good.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [But a dignified celebration would have been better than the embarrassing White House rally.] (“…This may be the last opportunity for business leaders to do what hasn’t been done in a generation, and that is defend the reputation of capitalism…”) 12-23-17
  300. Taxes. “The Uncharitable Charities.”  [The philanthropy lobby wins big but still trashes tax reform.]  12-26-17
  301. Taxes. “Almost Everything Is Wrong With the New Tax Law.”  By Alan S. Blinder.  [It’s not the biggest cut in American history, and it blows a large hole in the federal deficit.]  12-28-17
  302. Taxes. “Andrew Cuomo’s Tax Lament.”  [Sorry, Governor, the ‘double taxation’ in New York is yours.]  12-29-17
  303. Taxes. “Congress’s Gift to Blue-State Taxpayers.”  By Alfredo Ortiz.  [Limiting the SALT deduction will enforce fiscal discipline.]  1-2-18
  304. Taxes. LTE.  “The Tax Bill Won’t Hurt Charitable Giving.”  1-2-18
  305. Taxes. LTE.  “High Taxes in New York Are Your Problem, Gov. Cuomo.”  1-2-18
  306. Taxes. “Should Business Be ‘Grateful’?”  by Holman w. Jenkins, Jr.  [In fact, we should all be grateful when tax reform leads to better incentives.]  1-3-18
  307. Taxes. “Rubio’s Tax Lament.”  [The Florida Senator shows he doesn’t know how economies grow.]  1-3-18
  308. Taxes. “Happy New Year’s Tax.” [Like Mariah Carey, medical device tax has a second act.] 1-4-18
  309. Taxes. “Tax Reform Will Pay Growth Dividends.” By Robt J. Barro. [The effects will be even larger thanks to last-minute cuts in marginal individual rates.] 1-5-18
  310. Taxes. “GOP Tax Reformers Are Lousy Salesmen.” [Does #2059More make any sense to you? But #GOPTaxScam, everyone can understand.] 1-9-18
  311. Taxes. “Tax Reform Has Released the Bulls.” By Donald L. Luskin. [P/E ratios may seem high, but policy changes augur much better earnings in the coming years.] 1-12-18
  312. Taxes. “Good News You Haven’t Heard.” [more companies raising wages] 1-13-18
  313. Taxes. “Tax Reform’s Apple Dividend.” [$38 billion in taxes finances a lot of Social Security checks.] 1-19-18
  314. Taxes. “’Repeal and Replace’ the Trump Tax Cuts.” By Jason Furman. [With the deficit set to hit $1 trillion, the law isn’t stable. Reformers next time should aim higher.] 1-26-18 (Mr. Furman was chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers under Pres. Obama , 2013 – 17.)
  315. Taxes. “The Andrew Cuomo Tax Campaign.” [The New Yorker’s idea of reform is to raise taxes again on high earners.] 1-26-18
  316. Taxes. “Thank You for Tax Reform.” [Fourth quarter GDP shows the economy needed a growth boost.] 1-27-18
  317. Taxes. “The New Tax Law Should Spur Long-Term Growth, Too.” By David Malpass. [Many forecasting models lowball the effect buy ignoring the structural changes to the economy.] 1-29-18
  318. Taxes. “Stock Buybacks Are Proof of Tax Reform’s Success.” By John H. Cochrane. [Companiea help workers not by being philanthropic but by investing capital in profitable ideas.] 3-6-18
  319. Taxes. “Tax Reform Isn’t Only for Big Business.” By Joseph Semprevivo. [Small companies like mine are also crating jobs and raising wages.] 3-8-18
  320. Taxes. “Subsidies and the City” [Actress Cynthia Nixon targets New York film and TV tax breaks.] 3-24-18
  321. Taxes. “Tax Cut Growth Dividend.” [CBO says the economy will grow 3.3% this year, the most since 2005.] 4-11-18
  322. Taxes. “The Interstate Tax Grab.” [The Supreme Court mulls a rewrite of the Commerce Clause.] 4-16-18
  323. Taxes. “Please, Your Honors, Don’t Put Me Out of Business.” By Ann Whitley Wood. [The justices shouldn’t force small retailers to collect sales taxes across state lines.] 4-17-18
  324. Taxes. “The Wages of Tax Reform Are going to America’s Workers.”  By Kevin Hassett. [In a dynamic, competitive economy, what’s good for companies is good for their employees.] 4-18-18
  325. Taxes. “Sales Tax Revenue Isn’t Collapsing.” By Chris Cox. [South Dakota claims ‘massive’ losses from online sales. The data tell a different story.] 4-20-18
  326. Taxes. “So Long California, Sayonara, New York.” By Arthur B. Laffer and Stephen Moore. [Blue states will lose millions of people in the years to come – and they aren’t ready.] 4-25-18
  327. Taxes. “The Regressive State of America.” [Federal income data offer a tragic lesson in bad policy: Connecticut.] 4-26-18 (Graph: “Measuring Connecticut’s Decline”)
  328. Taxes. “Tax Reform Is Working, Sen. Rubio.” By Erik Paulsen. [Real earnings after taxes are up 3.4% thanks to corporate and personal rate cuts.] 5-7-18
  329. Taxes. “The IRS Bursts Cuomo’s Tax Illusion.” [About that California and New York charity work-around: Sorry.] 5-24-18
  330. Taxes. “Vermont’s Relocation Grant.” [As residents flee, the state has an offer you will probably refuse.] 6-9-18
  331. Taxes. “Trump Plots to Erase His Tax Cut” by Karl Rove. [Your paycheck may be bigger, but tariffs will take a bite out of it.] 6-28-18
  332. Taxes. “New Jersey’s Tax Gift to Florida.” [The wizards of Trenton decide to drive more residents out of state.] 7-2-18
  333. Taxes. “Trump alone Can Cut Taxes.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [A 2002 Supreme Court ruling sets the stage for indexing capital gains.] 7-13-18
  334. Taxes.  “Index Capital Gains, but Not Without Congress’s Consent.”  By Alan S. Blinder.  [Interest deductions and depreciation must also be indexed so as to not invite tax-shelter scams.]  8-2-18
  335. Taxes.  “Congress, Fix This Tax-Reform Glitch.”  By Mark Escamilla. [“…Unfortunately, a drafting error has prevented restaurants and other small businesses form attaining the full benefits…”]  8-17-18
  336. Taxes.  “Turning Arizona Into New Jersey.”  [Public unions fund initiatives to raise taxes and kill school choice.]  8-25-18
  337. Taxes.  “A Gas Tax Economics Lesson.”  [New Jersey raised the tax on driving, and got less driving – and revenue.]  9-11-18
  338. Taxes.  “A Tax Cut Democrats Can Back.”  By Ro Khanna and Ann O’Leary.  [Don’t favor the top 1%.  Help working Americans by expanding the child and earned-income tax credits.]  9-20-18
  339. Taxes.  “Clueless in Seattle.”  [“Seattle’s head tax is one for the annals of political regret…”]  9-24-18
  340. Taxes.  “Ignore Our Numbers – Please.”  [A liberal think tank makes the case for tax deductions for the rich.]  10-1-18
  341. Taxes.  “When the Fever Passes, Learn From Trump’s Taxes.”  By Holman W Jenkins, Jr. 10-13-18
  342. Taxes.  “Silicon Valley, New Jersey.”  [Gov. Phil Murphy fancies Trenton as a new Sand Hill Road.]  10-20-18
  343. Taxes.  “A Connecticut Rescue Plan.”  [The state’s economy has shrunk 9.3% since 2007.  Time for a change?]  10-26-18
  344. Taxes.  “High-Tax State Exodus.”  [Growth-friendly states gain population, and it isn’t just the weather.]  12-29-18
  345. Taxes.  “A Soda Tax and Consequences.”  [As shoppers flee Philly, a supermarket closes and jobs disappear.]  1-5-19
  346. Taxes.  “High Tax Rates Aren’t Optimal.: by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.”  [Nobody really thinks a top rate of 70% or 80% is a good idea in the real world.]  1-9-19
  347. Taxes.  “A California-Nevada Tax Brawl.”  [The Supreme Court gets another chance on state sovereign immunity.]  1-9-19
  348. Taxes.  “Visions of a 70% Tax Rate.”  [The new socialists need a refresher course in government math.]  1-16-19
  349. Taxes.  “The 2017 Tax Reform Is Covering Its Costs.”  By Edward Conard.  [Growth is on track to outpace rising debt in the next decade.]  2-5-19
  350. Taxes.  “Arkansas Tax Cutter.”  [Gov. Hutchinson wants to make his state more competitive.]  2-9-19
  351. Taxes.  Andrew Cuomo’s Tears of SALT.”  [He wants Donald Ttrump to repeal one of tax reform’s best features.]  2-12-19
  352. Taxes.   “Thank You, Tax Reform.”  [chart: Business Investment Takes Over.]  3-1-19
  353. Taxes.  “Tax Reform Unleashed the U.S. Economy.”  By Phil Gramm and Michael Solon.  [The surge in private investment has brought big returns for households as well as the government.]  3-5-19
  354. Taxes.  “A February Revenue Surprise.”  [Federal tax receipts rose 10% from a year ago, in case you haven’t heard.]  3-11-19
  355. Taxes. Illinois.  “Pritzker’s Illinois Exit Ramp.”  [The new Governor proposes blowing up the estate flat tax.]  3-16-19
  356. Taxes.  “A Tax on Robocalls Makes Plenty of Cents.”  By Roger Meiners.  [Human callers would pay it, too.  But the cost would be trivial.] 3-28-19
  357. Taxes.  “Soda Tax Fizz Out.”  [Philly politicians up for re-election have some regrets about the levy.]  3-28-19
  358. Taxes.  “Tax Reform Is No ‘Sugar High.’”  By Kevin Brady and Lawrence B. Lindsey.  [Despite unprecedented monetary tightening, the 2017 law breathed new life into the U.S, economy.] 3-28-19
  359. Taxes.  “The Muni-Bond Mania.”  [Look who’s benefiting from the limit on state-and-local tax deduction.]  4-5-19
  360. Taxes.  “Ron Wyden’s Plan to Drain Investors.”  [A new Democratic idea to grab revenue: Tax unrallied capital gains.]  4-11-19
  361. Taxes.  “Connecticut’s Tax Roulette.”  [Democrats in Hartford try to drive more hedge funds out of state.]  5-8-19
  362. Taxes.  “Tax Reform’s Blue-State Dividend.”  [“…a rising economic tide from tax reform and deregulation is lifting tax revenue in most states, including those governed by Democrats.]  5-11-19
  363. Taxes.  “Tax Revenue Keeps Rising.”  [The federal deficit is increasing, and the reason is spending.” 5-13-19
  364. Taxes.  “Illinois Does a Connecticut.”  [Springfield Democrats move to kill the state’s flat income tax.]  6-4-19
  365. Taxes.  “Goldman Sachsonomics.”  [“…never to trust a former Goldman Sachs executive who decides to run for elected office… New Jersey…”]  6-18-19
  366. Taxes.  “A Connecticut Tax Story.”  6-19-19
  367. Taxes.  “An Open Letter to Patriotic Billionaires.”  [Raise our taxes, they plead.  So why not start writing checks today?”]  6-27-19
  368. Taxes. “State Tax Collectors Want You.” [The Wayfair ruling has unleashed a revenue grab on small business.] 8-13-19
  369. Taxes. “A 100-Year Treasury?” [With demand high, now is the time to float a really long bond.] 8-23-19
  370. Taxes. “How Do You Tax a Baby Boomer?” by Joseph C. Sternberg. [A smaller labor force will force the taxman to turn to consumption and wealth to fund old-age benefits.] 9-13-19
  371. Taxes. “Unconstitutional Tax Tricks.” [The courts make quick work of liberal state legal stunts.] 10-4-19
  372. Taxes. “What’s a Wealth Tax Worth?” by Andy Kessler. [Warren and Sanders’s plans to pilfer savings would hurt investment with little benefit.] 10-14-19
  373. Taxes. “Tax Cuts for the Wealthy Make Inequality Worse.” By Alan S. Blinder. [As the rich have gotten richer, U.S. tax policy became more regressive.] 11-1-19 (Blinder was an adviser to Al Gore and John Kerry during their respective presidential campaigns in 2000 and 2004)
  374. Taxes. “Another Reason Texas Rocks.” 11-12-19
  375. Taxes. “The Tax Code Can’t Handle Negative Rates.” By Paul Kupiec. [Should the Fed go negative, the IRS will need to act to protect banks and savers from hidden levies.] 11-29-19
  376. Taxes. “Return of the Tax Games.” [Congress prepares for a gigantic, bipartisan subsidy giveaway.] 12-11-19
  377. Taxes. “Democrats’ SALT Sleight-of-Hand.” [The House wants to cut taxes on the liberal rich but can’t pay for it.] 12-18-19
  378. Taxes. “’Aloha’ Increasingly Means Goodbye Thanks to High Taxes.” [With an 11% top rate, many Hawaii residents are looking for two tickets out of paradise.] 12-28-19
  379. Taxes. “The Tax Increases to Come.” [Even Joe Biden would raise the top marginal rate on work to over 50%.] 1-27-20
  380. Taxes. “New Jersey’s Tax Abuse.” [Companies get needless credits, and legislators look the other way.] 2-3-20
  381. Taxes. “A Tax-Cut Idea for Trump.” By Stephen Moore and Adam Michel. 2-19-20
  382. Taxes. “Wealthy Americans Already Pay Their Share.” By Phil Gramm and John F. Early. [Arguments to the contrary spurn or wildly distort statistics and cherry-pick anecdotal examples.] 2-26-20
  383. Taxes. “Spendthrift Illinois Races Toward Default.” By Orphe Divounguy. [By trying to tax its way out of fiscal disaster, the state makes matters worse. There’s a simple solution.] 3-7-20
  384. Taxes. “The IRS Proves the Left’s Favorite Economists Wrong.” By Phillip w. Magness and Stephen C. Miller. [New Data contradict Saez and Zucman’s celebrated claim that the rich pay lower rates than the poor.] 3-13-20
  385. Taxes.  “Pandemic Unemployment Will Soon Bring Tax Hikes.”  By Mark Duggan and Andrew C. Johnston.  [Levies will rise as workers return, hindering the recovery.  Two reforms would ease the problem.]   9-14-20
  386. Taxes.  “New Jersey Does It Again.”  [Trenton raises taxes on the millionaires it desperately needs.]   9-18-20
  387. Taxes.  “An Illinois Tax Crossroads.”   [A new progressive income levy would speed the state’s decline.]   10-6-20
  388. Taxes.   “Biden’s Tax Whopper.”  [“Joe Biden got a pass from the media for the myriad whoppers he told about his policies in Thursday night’s town hall…”]   10-17-20
  389. Taxes.  “The Martini Lunch Tax Code.”  [Trump and the GOP revive the loophole for business meals.]   12-22-20
  390. Taxes.  “A Multistate Remote Tax Brawl.”  [New Hampshire tries to protect workers from a pandemic revenue grab.]   2-1-21
  391. Taxes.  “The NYSE Isn’t Moving – Yet.”  By Stacey Cunningham.  [A revived stock-transfer tax that is moving in Albany could force us to find a new home.]   2-10-21
  392. Taxes.  “Warren’s Tax Enriches Foreign Billionaires.”  By Scott A. Hodge.  [Guess who’d get a bargain when wealthy Americans have to unload their assets.]   3-9-21
  393. Taxes.  “Tax Forgiveness for Loan Forgiveness.”  [Democrats grease the budget wheels for writing off student debt.]   3-9-21
  394. Taxes.  “Confiscation in Paradise.”  [Move to Hawaii, pay the nation’s highest state income-tax rate.]  3-12-21
  395. Taxes.  “New York’s Hot Export:  People.  By Mark Kingdon.   [Some 65,000 families pay half the city’s income taxes, but they’ve fleeing high taxes and disorder.]   3-15-21
  396. Taxes.  “the Spending Bill Cometh.”  [The free lunch is over as Yellen signals major tax increases ahead.]   3-16-21
  397. Taxes.  “The Tax Cut Ban and the Constitution.”  [Ohio sues to overturn Congress’s takeover of the states’ fiscal policy.]   3-19-21
  398. Taxes.  “The Taxman Cometh, Again.”  (Bookshelf by Daniel Akst.)  “Rebellion, Rascals and Revenue.”  By Michael Keen and Joel Slemrod.  [The history of civilization can be told through taxes – assessing them, collecting them, resenting them and avoiding them.]   4-5-21
  399. Taxes.  “New York’s Tax Madness.”  [Despite a federal bailout, Albany wants to pile on record rate increases.]   4-5-21
  400. Taxes.  “A Better Corporate Tax for America.”  By Janet Yellen.  [Our plan reverses the mistakes of 2017 and puts the U.S. on a path to sustainable prosperity.]   4-8-21
  401. Taxes.  “About That Tax ‘Race to the Bottom.”  [Democrats try to sell Biden’s plan with a tax-competition myth.]   4-9-21
  402. Taxes.  “The Biden Plan for Economic Sclerosis.”  By Kevin Hassett.  [American workers would suffer under his proposal to tax capital and subsidize green energy.]   4-9-21
  403. Taxes.  “Jerry Nadler’s Taxation Lesson.”  [He unwittingly calls to abolish the corporate and estate taxes.]   4-21-21
  404. Taxes.  “The Dumbest Tax Increase.”  [Biden’s capital-gains rate of 43.4% would reduce federal revenue.]   4-26-21
  405. Taxes.  “A Tax Break for the Rich to Bail Out Profligate States.”  By Tomas J. Philipson.  [Regressiveness plus moral hazard:  there’s nothing to like about deductibility of state and local taxes.]   4-28-21
  406. Taxes.  “Biden’s Move-Research-Abroad Tax.”  [Raise the levy on U.S. intellectual property and you’ll get less of it.]   5-1-21
  407. Taxes.  “Capital Gains and Tax ‘Fairness.’”  [[chart listing 12 states with highest proposed taxes]]   5-3-21
  408. Taxes.  “Biden Wants Higher Taxes Than China’s.”  by Mark A. Bloomfield and Oscar S Pollock.  [How can a communist country treat capital gains more favorably than the U.S. does?]  5-5-21
  409. Taxes.  “The Capital-Gains Revenue Illusion.”  [House Democrats are already asking for death-tax exceptions.]   5-7-21
  410. Taxes.   “The Corporate Tax and American Sovereignty.”  By Thomas J. Duesterberg.  [European states have long ceded authority to a transnational technocratic elite.  The U.S. knew better.]   5-7-21
  411. Taxes.  “Washington Has No Authority to Dictate State Taxes.”  By Robert Alt.  [Ohio and 20 others are suing to challenge an unconstitutional poison pill in the Covid relief law.]   5-8-21
  412. Taxes.  “Family Policy Shouldn’t Penalize Married and Stay-at-Home Parents.”  By Mitt Romney.  [To leave behind a plan that lasts, Biden needs to reach across the aisle.]   5-8-21
  413. Taxes.  “The Biden Tax Mirage.”  By Phil Gramm and Mike Solon.  [Marginal rates have been a lot higher, but the actual share the top 1% pay stays remarkably constant.]   5-13-21
  414. Taxes.  “Bernie’s SALT in Biden’s Wounds.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [A tax deduction for the rich puts the Vermont socialist on the side of the angels.]  5-18-21
  415. Taxes.  “A Judicial Blow to Biden’s Tax-Cut Ban.”  5-18-21
  416. Taxes.  “Europe Balks at Biden’s Tax Plan.”  [Countries don’t want to punish themselves to rescue bad U.S. policy.]   5-20-21
  417. Taxes.  “New Jersey Is No. 1, Alas.”  5-25-21
  418. Taxes.  “Ireland’s Tax Lesson For Biden.”  [The country used a low corporate rate to become a Celtic tiger.]   5-28-21
  419. Taxes.  “Forget Companies – the Global Taxman Wants the Middle Class.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [Big-spending politicians will have to go where the money is – in citizens’ purses and wallets.]   6-4-21
  420. Taxes.  “Yellon’s Global Tax Surrender.”  [U.S. workers and consumers will pay for the new minimum tax.]   6-7-21
  421. Taxes.  “Lawmakers’ Hypocrisy In Blasting ‘Loopholes.’]  by Bill Cassidy and Jeff Hoopes.  [They write exceptions into the tax code, then blame Big Business for them.]   6-9-21
  422. Taxes.  “Biden’s New Death Tax and a New York Widow.”  By Hank Adler and Madison Spach.  [His proposed levy on unrealized capital gains would hit some modest estates especially hard.]   6-14-21
  423. Taxes.  “ProPublica’s Plan for a Poorer America.”  By Phil Gramm and Mike Solon.  [A federal wealth tax would only make it harder for people with big dreams to make them a reality.]  6-17-21
  424. Taxes.  “The Hight Costs of a Tax Hike o Dividends.”  By Pinar Cebi Wilber.  [Biden wants to soak the rich, but the middle class will notice when firms return less to shareholders.]   6-17-21
  425. Taxes.  “Arizona’s Almost Maybe 2.5% Flat Tax.”  [Gov. Ducey’s plan is being stymied by a few Republican holdouts.]   6-21-21
  426. Taxes.  “Biden Pushes for Wartime Tax Rates.”  By Jay Starkman.  [Unlike the levies of the world wars, his would be permanent and without extensive deductions.]   6-24-21
  427. Taxes.  “Ducey’s Flat Tax and Arizona’s Future.”  [Undoing an 8% top rate, while flattening the tax code, is a big deal.]   6-29-21
  428. Taxes.  “The GOP Should Love SALT Deductions.”  By John Tamny.   (SALT = state and local tax deductions.)   6-29-21
  429. Taxes.  “Two Wins for Tax Cutting in Ohio.”  [Columbus cut its income-tax rate while a judge upholds its right to do so.]  7-6-21
  430. Taxes.  “It’s Still a Bad Global Deal.”  [Congress should look at the anti-competitive details before signing on.]   7-9-21
  431. Taxes.  “Congress Goes AWOL on Global Taxation.”  [The Yellen ploy at the OECD threatens a core constitutional power.]   7-16-21
  432. Taxes.  “The Inflation Tax on Capital.”  By Araron Friedman and Stephen Miran.  [Biden’s capital-gains rate hike is worse than it looks.  Under rising prices, it could eat 112% of a return.]   7-19-21
  433. Taxes.  “Americans Should Root for the Irish Fighting Higher Taxes.”  By Mick Mulvaney.  [The ‘global minimum tax’ battle may set an example for those who consider low U.S. state levies ‘unfair.’]  7-21-21
  434. Taxes.  “A Distorted View of Wealth Inequality.”  [“Americans may be richer than they think and less unequal than they’ve been led to believe…”]   7-31-21
  435. Taxes.  “A ‘Death Knell’ Tax threatens Family Farms and Businesses.”  By Chuck Grassley.  [Democrats want to dismantle a century-old tax law that has protected American agriculture.]  8-12-21
  436. Taxes.  “A Tax Plan to Destroy Farms and Ranches.”  By Max Baucus.  [When owners die, their heirs depend on the step-up basis for capital gains.]   9-2-21
  437. Taxes.  “Can Congress Tax Wealth by ‘Deeming’ It Income?”  by David b. Rivkin Jr. and Andrew M. Grossman.  [A challenge to a 2017 law could shut the door to Elizabeth Warren’s far more ambitious levy.]   9-2-21
  438. Taxes.  “Biden’s Tax Changes Won’t Hurt Family Farmers.”  By Tom Vilsack.  [Updates to the step-up in basis are necessary o ensure that millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share in taxes.]  9-9-21
  439. Taxes.  “Here Comes the Biden Tax Bill.”  [Pelosi marches House Democrats to the political gallows.]   9-14-21
  440. Taxes.  “Democrats Blink on Carried Interest.”  9-14-21
  441. Taxes.  “Towns and Cities Should Use Their Stimulus Windfalls to Cut Taxes.”  By Judge Glock.  [States can’t do it, but there’s nothing stopping local governments from issuing refunds.]   9-15-21
  442. Taxes.  “Green Welfare for the Rich.”  [Democrats plus up he EV tax credit – and more for union-made cars.]   9-18-21
  443. Taxes.  “Tax Me, I’m From New Jersey.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Rolling back the cap on the federal SALT deduction would be a tax break for the rich.]   9-21-21
  444. Taxes.  “Kevin Brady’s Charge on Tax Hike Hill.”  By Karl Rove.  [From special interest handouts to higher utility bills, the GOP has lots of ammo.]   9-23-21
  445. Taxes.  “House Democrats Miss Some Necessary Tax Increases.”  by Alan S. Blinder.  [The breaks on carried interest and capital gains at death should be eliminated to hit the rich.]  9-27-21  (Blinder was an adviser to Al Gore and John Kerry during their respective presidential campaigns in 2000 and 2004.)
  446. Taxes.  “A Tax Loophole for Greenwich.”  [“…the $3.5 trillion tax and spending bill includes myriad tax carve-outs and credits for liberal special interests…”]  9-28-21
  447. Taxes.  “Democrats’ Plan to Tax the Poor.”  By Tom Giovanetti.  [Doubling the excise tax on cigarettes won’t make a dent in millionaires’ wallets.]   9-29-21
  448. Taxes.  “Democrats Plan to Soak Main Street.”  By Brian Reardon. [Their tax proposal would hit family businesses hard.]  10-1-21
  449. Taxes.  “The Taxing Governor Says No More.”  10-1-21  [Re:  New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy.]
  450. Taxes.  “Offshore Finance for Beginners.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [What the tax-dodging exposes leave out is a story of geopolitics as well as greed.]   10-6-21
  451. Taxes.  “The Pandora Papers’ Secret: Everyone Already Knows This Stuff.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [The media uses these leaks to push for tax hikes, which are bad policy – as is the existing tax code.]   10-8-21
  452. Taxes.  “The Global Tax Damage.  [Biden wants higher tax rates on U.S. firms than others will impose.]   10-9-21
  453. Taxes.  “The Democrat’s Tax-the-Rich Ruse.”   By Phil Gramm and Mike Solon.  [The wealthy already bear far more of the burden in the U.S. than they do in other developed countries.] 10-15-21
  454. Taxes.  “Dodging the Constitution for a Global Tax.”  [Treasury plans to adopt a new treaty without a proper Senate vote.]   10-23-21
  455. Taxes.  “Smearing South Dakota.” [“…progressives want to stigmatize states that break from the high-tax and heavy-regulation Washington preference…”]  10-23-21
  456. Taxes.  “Democrats’ Tax Plan Would Sink Real Estate.”  By Dan Palmer and David Williams.  [We’ve seen it before.  The 1986 reform led to the savings-and-loan crisis and the 1990-91 recession.]   10-26-21
  457. Taxes.  “Pelosi’s SALT Scheme.”  [House Democrats raise a deduction that goes mainly to high-tax states.]  11-5-21
  458. Taxes.  “A Tax Break for Trial Lawyers.”  [The House budget bill would let them write off contingency-fee costs.] 11-8-21
  459. Taxes.  “Read My Lips, Says Kathy Hochul.”  [Now that the top rate is 14.8%, she vows not to raise taxes again.]  11-8-21
  460. Taxes. “Elon Musk Joins the Tax Debate.”  By Holman W Jenkins, Jr.  [The billionaire’s contribution is more lyrical than coherent, but what else is new?]   11-10-21
  461. Taxes.  “Elizabeth Warren’s War on Accounting.”  By Scott Dyreng.  [Her ‘Amazon tax’ plan would undermine the FASB and ultimately harm small investors and workers.]   11-15-21
  462. Taxes.  “America Will Be Number One – in Taxes.” [The House plan will let the U.S. leap over Italy, and even France.]  11-16-21
  463. Taxes.  “Louisiana’s Tax Reform Breakthrough.”  [The state cuts tax rates in return for closing a distortionary deduction.]   11-16-21
  464. Taxes.  “A Tax Cut for the Tarheel State.”  [Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper heeds the message from Virginia.]   11-22-21
  465. Taxes. “A Tax Break for Union Dues.”  [The House budget bill includes a $250 per worker write-off.]   11-26-21
  466. Taxes.  “The Stealth Home-Heating Tax.”  [The House methane ‘fee’ is a tax on consumers who use natural gas.]   12-10-21
  467. Taxes.  “Randi Weingarten Says Pass the SALT.”  [The teachers union chief wants to give millionaires a tax break.]  12-13-21
  468. Taxes.  “Washington Cashes In on Inflation.”  [Individual income tax receipts rose 55% in the first fiscal quarter.]  1-18-22
  469. Taxes.  “Iowa’s Bold Tax Reform.”   [“…an average Iowa family will pay more than $1,300 less in taxes,,,’}   1-20-22
  470. Taxes.  “If You Got the Child Tax Credit in 2021, You May Pay in 2022.”  By Leslie Lenkowsky.  [The temporary expansion led to overpayments and many families will soon face surprise tax bills.] 1-29-22
  471. Taxes.  “States Get Serious About Tax Cuts.”  By Grover Norquist.  [Eight states have no levies on income, and lawmakers in a dozen others are moving toward that goal.]   2-14-22
  472. Taxes.  “The Super Bowl of Sin Taxes.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [State legalizations of betting and pot prove government is about taking, not helping.]   2-17-22
  473. Taxes.  “The State Flat-Tax Movement Grows.”  [Georgia is the latest to suggest a reform with a single rate on income.]   3-14-22
  474. Taxes.  “A Big Taxpayer Victory in Arizona.”  [The state will soon have a flat 2.5% income tax, after flirting with 8%.]   3-16-22
  475. Taxes.  “Mississippi Joins the Tax Cutters.”  [A new plan cuts the top rate on income and may preview future cuts.]  3-28-22
  476. Taxes.  “Biden’s Better Plan to Tax the Rich.”  By Jason Furman.  [His budget proposes a levy on unrealized capital gains for high-net-worth households.]   3-29-22
  477. Taxes.  “Biden’s Big New Wealth Tax.”  [He pivots left again, with a 20% tax on unrealized asset gains.]  3-29-22
  478. Taxes.  “Washington’s record Tax Windfall.”  [Biden’s new budget shows the political class is rolling in revenue.]   3-29-22
  479. Taxes.  “How Inflation Raises Your Taxes.”  By Wm. F. Ford and Daniel J. Smith.  [Dollars don’t go as far as they used to, while the government takes more of them.]  3-30-22
  480. Taxes.  “Taxes, Taxes and More Taxes.”  [The Biden budget proposes $2.5 trillion in tax increases.]   3-30-22
  481. Taxes.  “Ditch the Global Minimum Tax Grab.”  [It would mean less revenue for the U.S. Treasury and will never get past a Republican Congress.]  3-31-22
  482. Taxes.  “The High Cost of Not Being Wisconsin.”  By Carol Platt Liebau.  [Connecticut hits its taxpayers with a huge payoff to unions.]  4-6-22
  483. Taxes.  “Biden Wants to Be No. 1 – in Taxes.”  [Will the U.S. leapfrog the OECD in individual and corporate rates?]   4-7-22
  484. Taxes,  “Kentucky’s Tax Turnaround.  [Rate cuts are coming despite past reluctance in both parties.]   4-16-22
  485. Taxes.  “Corporate Tax Reform Worked.”  [Revenue is surging, exceeding what CBO and skeptics predicted.]   4-20-22
  486. Taxes.  “Tax Increases Won’t Cure Inflation.”  [Another bight idea from the folks who brought you Modern Monetary Theory.]   4-28-22
  487. Taxes.  “A Biden Tax Proposal Would Help Nobody but Tax Lawyers. ” By Travis Nix.  [What could be wrong with giving the IRS more time to audit omissions of income?  Quite a bit.]   4-28-22
  488. Taxes.  “The Inflation Tax Bites.”  [Private pay and benefits are booming, but they can’t keep up with prices.]  4-30-22
  489. Taxes.  “Germany’s Tax-Cut Inflation Cure.”  [Democrats, take note:  Berlin is cutting energy levies as prices rise.]  4-30-22
  490. Taxes.  “Spare America From Yellen’s Global Tax.”  [Other countries aren’t following a plan meant to hide U.S. tax hikes.]   5-9-22
  491. Taxes.  “The 2017 Tax Reform Delivered as Promised.”  By Tyler Goodspeed and Kevin Hassett.  [Our predictions about the law’s effects on business investment, wages and tax revenue were correct.]   5-9-22
  492. Taxes.  “Why the Budget Deficit Is Falling.”  [Tax revenue is booming, with individual tax receipts rising 68%.]  5-13-22
  493. Taxes.  “The Government Corporate Tax Cartel.”  [The U.S. Treasury bullies Hungary to go along with a global tax.]  7-14-22
  494. Taxes.  “A Tax Increase on Everyone.”  [Schumer-Manchin hits U.S. manufacturing and those making less than $400.000 a year.]   8-1-22
  495. Taxes.  “Are Democrats Worth Their SALT?”  [House Democrats drew a red line on taxes.  Now they may fold for Pelosi.]  8-1-22
  496. Taxes.  “Trading One Bad Tax for Another.”  [The stock buyback levy will hurt shareholders far more than CEOs.]  8-6-22
  497. Taxes.  “Middle Class Won’t Escape the Audit Wave.”  [A CBO analysis belies a White House claim about new IRS funding.]   8-15-22
  498. Taxes.  “There Is No Bright Line on Carried Interest.”  By Mitchell Petersen.  [The debate over how to tax such gains won’t go away soon.]   8-16-22
  499. Taxes.  “The SALT Democrats Surrender.”  [Northeast House Members break their tax-deduction pledge.] 8-16-22
  500. Taxes.  “Citizens United Bought …Nothing?”  8-19-22
  501. Taxes.  “Arizona’s Tax Future Is on the Ballot.”   9-9-22
  502. Taxes.  “Remember ‘Taxachusetts’?  Voters Are Being Asked to Bring It Back.”  By Jim Strios.  [A proposed millionaire tax would accelerate the exodus of wealth to New Hampshire and Florida.]   9-10-22
  503. Taxes.  “The Justices Can Restrain the Taxman.”  By Travis Nix.  [Apply the Excessive Fines Clause to the IRS and state revenue collection authorities.]   9-28-22
  504. Taxes.  “Missouri Joins the Tax Cutters.”   10-5-22
  505. Taxes.  “State Tax Winners and Losers.”   [List of top ten best and worst tax climates]   11-8-22
  506. Taxes.  “The Parable of the Child Tax Credit.”  [Democrats hope to expand this bad policy in the lame-duck session.]  11-29-22
  507. Taxes.  “The Child Tax Credit Is a Failed Experiment.”  By Scott a. Hodge.  [I introduced the idea in a 1993 Heritage foundation paper.  It was a lot better in theory than in practice.]   11-29-22
  508. Taxes.  “Gavin Newsom’s Latest Tax Increase.”  [He says a tax is really a ‘penalty’ so he can duck a super-majority rule.]   12-12-22
  509. Taxes.  “Weaponizing Tax Returns.”  [Releasing Trump’s records would set an awful precedent.]   12-17-22
  510. Taxes.  “The Coming Tax Revenue Reckoning.”  [Politicians aren’t ready as signs point to slower growth in receipts.]   12-19-22
  511. Taxes.  “The Democratic Trump Tax Dump.  12-22-23
  512. Taxes.  “Unhappy New Tax Year.”  [U.S. employers are getting hit with higher taxes on investment.]  1-3-23
  513. Taxes.  “Californians Aren’t the Only Tax Refugees.”  [Smaller states show the same pattern:  Americans vote with their feet against onerous government.]   1-12-23
  514. Taxes.  “Wisconsin Bids for a Flat Income Tax.”  [The GOP proposal would take the top rate to 3.2% from 7.65%]   1-17-23
  515. Taxes.  “The State Wealth-Tax Alliance.”  [You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.]   1-25-23
  516. Taxes.  “The Ninth Circuit Upholds a Wealth Tax.”  By Christopher Cox and Hank Adler.  [The Supreme court should review the ruling, which ignores constitutional limits on the taxing power.]   1-26-23
  517. Taxes.  “The State Tax-Cut Movement.”  [By year-end, about half of the states will have cut rates on income within three years.]   1-31-23
  518. Taxes.  “The Fair Tax’ Is the Shock Our Broken System Needs.” By John H. Cockrane.  [Consumption taxes fund the government with fewer economic distortions than estate and income taxes.]   2-3-23
  519. Taxes.  “Federal Revenue Did Well Under the Trump Tax Cut.”  by Mike Crapo.  [Democrats are touting a GAO report as evidence that corporations don’t pay up.  They’re wrong.]  2-10-23
  520. Taxes.  “Biden’s 2026 Tax Agenda.”  [He’s reprising Sen. Warren’s wealth tax on unrealized asset gains.]   2-11-23
  521. Taxes.  “Biden’s Stock Buyback Tax Would Hit the Little Guy.”  By Burton G. Maikiel.  [Mutual-fund investors would pay, and the result would be less-efficient allocation of capital.]   2-13-23
  522. Taxes.  “West Virginia’s Tax-Cut Crossroads.”   2-21-23
  523. Taxes.  “How America Soaks the Affluent.”  [The income tax code is steeply progressive, as 2020 IRS data show.]   3-4-23
  524. Taxes.  “The ‘Hotel California’ Wealth Tax.”  By Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore.  [If you can never escape, why would you want to live there in the first place?”  3-6-23
  525. Taxes.  “A flat Tax in Fargo?  You Betcha.” [North Dakota considers a 1.5% income tax, plus a phaseout by 2028.]   3-6-23
  526. Taxes. “West Virginia Joins the Tax Cutters.”  3-7-23
  527. Taxes .  “Yellen’s Tax Is a Boon for Beijing.”  By Aharon Friedman.  [The proposed global levy would exempt state-owned entities at the expense of capitalist competitors.]   3-9-23
  528. Taxes.  “All the President’s Tax Increases.”  [Graph “Budget outlays and receipts, 1993 – 2033, as a percentage of GDP.”]   3-10-23
  529. Taxes.  “Congress Enacts a Tax Nobody Can Understand.”  By Travis Nix.  [Lawmakers improperly delegated the power to define the levy, and the IRS hasn’t figured it out.]   3-10-23
  530. Taxes.  “Taxes Have Made New York Into an Empire of cigarette Smuggling.”  By Todd Nesbit and Michael LaFaive.  [Hochul’s plan to raise the levy by $1 a pack will make the problem worse and do nothing to deter smoking.]   3-11-23
  531. Taxes.  “Biden’s Big Wealth Tax?  Unconstitutional.”  [His 24% minimum tax on asset gains runs into the 16th Amendment.]   3-11-23
  532. Taxes.  “Washington Judges Redefine Income.”  [The state Supreme Court rewrites the law to dodge the constitution.]   3-27-23
  533. Taxes.  “It’s Destructive an Unfair to Tax ‘Unrealized Capital Gains.’]  by Richard B. McKenzie.  [They reflect expected profits, which often fail to materialize, and the levy wouldn’t hit only the rich.]  3-31-23
  534. Taxes.  “U.S. Expats Face Taxation Without Representation.”  By James E. Lieber and Peter Spiro.  4-3-23
  535. Taxes.  “The Global Minimum Tax Shakedown.”  By Phil Gramm and Mike Solon.  [Biden is holding Congress hostage:  Impose the levy, or see foreign nations seize America profit anyway.]   4-7-23
  536. Taxes.  “Minnesota’s Global Tax Grab.”   5-5-23
  537. Taxes.  “A Texas-Sized Property Tax Cut.”  [“Property taxes are the sore point in otherwise low tax Texas…”]   5-26-23
  538. Taxes.  “Connecticut May Cut Taxes, of All Things.”  6-5-23
  539. Taxes.  “Congress’s Global-Tax Revolt.”  [GOP lawmakers warn the world they’re not on board with Yellen’s plan.]  6-6-23
  540. Taxes.  “Nebraska Joins the Tax Cutters.”  [Gov. Jim Pillen is taking the top tax rate down to 3.99% from 6.64%.]   6-7-23
  541. Taxes.  “Is a Wealth Tax Constitutional?”  [A bad Ninth Circuit ruling needs Supreme Court review.]   6-15-23
  542. Taxes.  “Yellen’s Global Tax Gets Opposition.”  6-20-23
  543. Taxes.  “A Tax Deduction Won’t Save U.S. Charities.”  By Leslie Lenkowsky.  [Adjusted for inflation, donation fell 10.5% last year from 2021.]  6-23-23
  544. Taxes.  “A Wealth-Tax Watershed.”  [The Supreme Court will decide if ‘income’ can be an unrealized gain.]   6-27-23
  545. Taxes.  “Republicans Return to the SALT Mines.”   [Eight Members want to subsidize high taxes in Democratic states.]   8-4-23
  546. Taxes.  “Why Lawmakers Should Pass the SALT.”  By John Tammy.  [Keep unchecked government in New York and California.]   8-16-23
  547. Taxes.  “Takin Back a Michigan Tax Cut.”  [Taxpayers are suing to preserve a reduced levy on income.]   8-30-23
  548. Taxes.  “An American Warning on the Global Tax.”  9-1-23
  549. Taxes.  Colorado’s Back-Door Tax Hike.”  [A ballot measure disguises a revenue grab as a property-tax cut.]   9-13-23
  550. Taxes.  “AOC Redefines the Term ‘Rich.’”  By Tim Hoefer.  [Forget about the 1%.  She wants to raise taxes on households earning $250,000.]   10-3-23
  551. Taxes.  “Iowa’s Tax-Cut Triumph.”  10-4-23
  552. Taxes.  “State Tax Masochism by the Sea.”  [A state tax ranking shows why business is fleeing the coasts.]  10-30-23
  553. Taxes.  “The Return of Taxachusetts.”   10-31-23
  554. Taxes.  “Ireland’s Tax-Cutting Success Story.”   By Stephen Moore and Steve Forbes.  [It slashed its levy on corporations and became a magnet for business and jobs.]   11-2-23
  555. Taxes.   ‘Coloradans Turn Down a Tax Grab.”  [Voters gave Democrats a rare defeat by preserving state funding limits.]   11-9-23
  556. Taxes.  “A New Approach to Taxes That Pays Its Own Way.”  By Brian Deese and David Kamin.  [Two decades of unpaid-for tax cuts have eroded the federal government’s revenue base.]   11-20-23
  557. Taxes.  “Five Tax Loopholes for Mike Johnson’s Chopping Block.”  By George Callas.  [The GOP should advance these free-market reforms and test the left’s commitment to ‘fairness.’   ]   11-21-23
  558. Taxes.  “Colorado’s Zombie Tax Increase.”  [Democrats are reviving policies that voters recently shot down.]   11-28-23
  559. Taxes,  “Georgia’s Flat Tax Advances.”  [Gov. Kemp wants to accelerate a planned tax reform.]   12-7-23
  560. Taxes.  “The Wealth Tax You May Already Owe.”  By Ilya Shapiro.  [If the Supreme court rules in the government’s favor, all unrealized gains will be taxable under existing law.]   12-7-23
  561. Taxes.  “Youngkin’s Worthy Tax Bargain.”  [He’d raise Virginia’s sales tax to offset cuts to income-tax rates.]   12-29-23
  562. California.  “California’s Wealth Tax Arrives.”  [Democrats want to tax assets to fill the state’s $65 billion budget hole.]   1-10-24
  563. Taxes.  “Mr. Smith’s Lousy Tax Deal.”  [Small tax breaks for business aren’t worth a worse child tax credit.]   1-18-24
  564. Taxes.  “A Tax Bill for Gucci Gulch.”  [House Republicans repeal part of their 2017 tax reform.]   2-2-24
  565. Taxes.  “Beware of E-Filing Your Tax Return.”  By Jay Starkman.  [It raises security risks and can lead o unfavorable treatment from the IRS.]   2-6-24Taxes.  “A progressive California Epiphany.”  [Democrats now want to repeal their graduated income tax on electricity.]   2-7-2
  566. Taxes.  “In Defense of the Child Tax Credit.”  By Timothy P. Carney.  [A break for working families is a matter of basic fairness.]   2-8-24
  567. Taxes.  “Republicans’ Chance for Real Tax Reform.”   By Christopher Jacobs.  [Time to push for lower rates and less federal spending.]   2-9-24
  568. Taxes.  “The Senate Should Reject the Wyden-Smith Tax Bill.”  By Thom Tillis.  [House Republicans let themselves get played by Democrats seeking to expand the welfare state.]   2-29-24
  569. Taxes.  “The Global Tax Carve-out Parade.”   3-5-24
  570. Taxes.  “Washington State’s Conservative Rollback.”  [Democrats and Republicans join hands against income taxes.]    3-10-24
  571. Taxes.  “All the President’s Medicare Taxes.”  [Including state taxes, tax rates under Biden would hit nearly 60%]   3-16-24
  572. Taxes.  “The U.S. Already Soaks the Rich.”    3-30-24
  573. Taxes.  “The Senate Can Skip the Tax Deal.”  [Republicans are being lobbied to pass a bill that unde4rmines work.]      4-2-24
  574. Taxes.  “IRS’s Most Wanted:  the $200,000 Man.”  [63% of new audits last year were aimed at middle-class filers.]   4-3-24
  575. Taxes.  “The Tax Revolt Returns.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [From California to New York, people who pay for government are pushing back.]   4-11-24
  576. Taxes.  “Let Americans Bank Again.”  by Kevin Donovan.  [A 2010 US. tax law can make it almost impossible for expats to open accounts.]   4-12-24
  577. Taxes.  “The IRS Is Here to Help, Oh No.”  [The tax man wants to file your taxes for you.  What could go wrong?]   4-12-24
  578. Taxes.  “Expiring 2017 Trump Tax Cuts Create a Chance for Reform.”  By Kevin Bray and Douglas Holtz-Eakin.  [The law created a fairer code and encouraged growth.  Congress should now go even further.]   4-12-24
  579. Taxes.  “Milton Friedman’s Worst Mistake.”  By Jason De Sena Trennert.  [Employes never should have become tax collectors.]   4-15-24
  580. Taxes.  “Watch Out for a Global Wealth Tax.”  4-29-24

Issue Headlines

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“Biden Tax Plan Would Hit Tech.”  [BofA study cites increase in corporate rate, higher levy on foreign income.]  Wall Street Journal, 10-5-20 p. B1

“New Global Tax Set to Raise Billions.”  “US. Won’t benefit because Congress hasn’t changed law to conform to deal.”  [15% Minimum international corporate tax rate took effect this year.]   2-2-24  (WSJ 2-2-24, p. A16)




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