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  1. Jeb Bush. “Jeb Bush’s Conservative Immigration Agenda.” By Clint Bolick. [Pundits who claim he is for ‘amnesty’ are wrong. His goal is to bolster the economy and the nation’s security.”] 1-2-15
  2. Jeb Bush Was Right To Try to Save Terri Schiavo.” By Bobby Schindler. [The ‘right to die’ lobby is trying to tar him for his efforts on my sister’s behalf. If only he had succeeded.] 2-26-15
  3. Jeb Bush. “Sorry, Jeb, the Race Is Wide Open.” By Peggy Noonan. [Democrats may be ready for Hillary, but nothing is inevitable for the GOP.] 2-28-15
  4. Jeb Bush. “Jeb Bush Reboots.” [His pitch is that he can reform Washington as he did Florida] 6-16-15
  5. Jeb Bush. LTE. “Jeb Bush Does Need the GOP Base After All.” 1-9-16




Issue Headlines

Jeb Bush. [News headline] “The Florida Ties Behind the Rise of Jeb Bush.” Subhead: GOP candidate spent early years making his own path while tapping family network in business and politics. By Christopher S. Stewart and Beth Reinhard. Wall Street Journal , 6-17-15. Page A1.


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