Opinion Headlines

  1. IRS  “Judging the IRS” 7-12-14
  2. IRS  LTE  “The Criticism of Comey is Unfounded”   7-16-2014
  3. IRS “About those missing emails” column by Kimberley Strassel  6-20-14
  4. IRS “IRS Email Jeopardy” [re: legal obligation to retain its records] 6-25-14
  5. IRS “Loss of Lerner Emails is Unfortunate – and Suspicious 6-20-14
  6. IRS “The IRS Memory Hole”  “The agency waited two months to tell Congress … 6-20-14
  7. IRS Contempt of Congress [The agency now admits it didn’t fully comply with subpoenas] 6-18-14
  8. IRS emails. “Where’s Jim Comey?” [The FBI dir.  didn’t tell Congress about the missing IRS emails.] 7-8-14
  9. IRS.  “Tax Collectors in the Cafeteria.”  [The IRS doesn’t like the way Silicon Valley does lunch.] 9-3-14
  10. IRS. “Covering for the IRS.” [New details on the Administration’s Spin and stall stategy.] 9-15-14
  11. IRS. “Stonewall Koskinen.” By Kimberley Strassel. [The IRS commissioner was supposed to clean up the mess. Instead, he’s running interference.]  9-19-14
  12. IRS. “At Last, a Chance to Get to the Bottom of the IRS Mess.” By Cleta Mitchell. [The Republican Senate takeover signals a new chapter in efforts to rein in the out-of-control tax agency.] 11-11-14
  13. IRS. ‘Lost’ IRS Emails Found. [An investigator locates what the tax agency claimed had vanished.” 11-28-14
  14. IRS. LTE. “Two Cheers for Recovered IRS Tapes.” 12-9-14
  15. IRS. The IRS is Not Here to Help You.” […”If the IRS continues to stonewall the political targeting investigation…then the only tool Congress has to express disapproval is the power of the purse…” 1-16-15
  16. IRS. LTE. “The Bureaucratic IRS Cuts Its Customer Service First.”   1-23-15
  17. IRS. “Failing Up in Obamacare.” [Agencies tend to get the contractor performance they deserve. Maybe the IRS and CGI are made for each other.] 1-29-15
  18. IRS. “End of the IRS Investigation?” 2-7-15
  19. IRS. LTE. “IRS Employees Have Cooperated.” 2-13-15
  20. IRS. “The IRS Gets Out the Vote.” [The President has another offer you can’t refuse.] 3-20-15
  21. IRS. “Checking the IRS Overseas.” [A pair of challenges to a tax law that harasses American expatriates.] 3-31-15
  22. IRS. “How Lois Lerner Got a Pass.” [The prosecutor absolved the IRS witness on his last day on the job.] 4-16-15
  23. IRS. “The IRS Goes to Court.” [The agency suggests it can discriminate for 270 days. Judges Gasp.] 5-7-15
  24. IRS. “How Congress Botched the IRS Probe.” By Cleta Mitchell. [Top officials repeatedly misled investigators without consequences. Congress needs to get tougher.] 5-15-15
  25. IRS. “Get the IRS Out of the Speech-Police Business.” By Scott Blackburn. [Tax collectors shouldn’t decide if an organization is a political committee or a social-welfare group.] 5-28-15
  26. IRS. “One More Chance for Justice at the IRS.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. […the largest abuse of government power in decades: the IRS targeting scandal. It’s now been two full years since…]   5-29-15
  27. IRS. “The IRS Loses Again.” [Z Street may soon get to see why the agency sat on it application.] 6-20-15
  28. IRS. “The IRS’s Ill-Gotten Gains.” [“…funds the IRS seized from law-abiding citizens are ill-gotten gains that ought to be returned – with interest and an apology.”] 7-16-15
  29. IRS. “The Taxman’s Politics.” [New evidence that IRS bias may have extended to tax audits.] 7-25-15
  30. IRS. “The Stonewall at the Top of the IRS.” By Ron DeSantis and Jim Jordan. [If the president doesn’t tell Commissioner Koskinen to go, then we in Congress should impeach him.] 7-28-15
  31. IRS. “Taking the IRS to Court.” [The 2010 Fatca law has made many Americans unbankable overseas.] 8-21-15
  32. IRS. LTE. “Fatca Can Catch Ya In the U.S., Too.” 8-27-15
  33. IRS. LTE. It’s Time to Hold the IRS Accountable for Unfairness.” 12-21-15
  34. ISIS. “Terror Takes No Holiday.” [Islamic State has officials on New Year’s alert around the world.] 12-31-15
  35. ISIS. “Islamic State’s Deep, Poisonous Roots.” By Andrew Hosken. [The group’s forerunner was Tawhid Wal Jihad, founded in 1999 by Abu Musab al Zarqawi.] 1-2-16
  36. IRS. “An IRS Retreat on Charity.” [The agency pulls its proposal to sweep up small-donor records.] 1-8-16
  37. IRS. “An IRS Class Action.” [A judge certifies that a suit for some 200 groups can proceed.] 1-13-16
  38. IRS. “Chipping Away at the IRS Stonewall.” [A federal court scores the agency for its ‘continuous resistance.’] 3-24-16
  39. IRS. LTE. “What Does the Stonewall Cost anyone at the IRS?” 3-29-16
  40. IRS. “You’ve Got Mail and Uncle Sam Read It.” [Congress moves to protect your email from federal snoops.] 4-27-16
  41. IRS. “The IRS’s Donor Lists.” [“…The real progressive interest in donor disclosure is to use the information as a political weapon…”] 5-16-16
  42. IRS. “The IRS’s Ugly Business as Usual.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [How much has really changed” a judge asks. Answer: not much. The scandal goes on] 5-20-16
  43. IRS. “Instant Document Destruction at the IRS.” [A new lawsuit asks a federal court to force the agency to obey the law.] 5-24-16
  44. IRS. “The IRS Hit List.”  [The agency finally discloses the groups it politically targeted.] 6-7-16
  45. IRS. “Why Does the IRS Need Guns?”  by Tom Coburn and Adam Andrezejewski.  [After grabbing legal power, bureaucrats are amassing firepower.  It’s time to scale back the federal arsenal.]  6-17-16
  46. IRS. LTE.  “Why Your IRS Auditor Needs a Machine Gun.”  6-23-16IRS. “The dissembling IRS.”  [Documents show the agency misled about its political targeting.]  8-6-16
  47. IRS. “The IRS Loses in Court Again.”  [An appeals panel revives bias cases the agency tried to kill.]  8-8-16
  48. IRS. “A Dangerous Rush to Impeach John Koskinen.”  By John Conyers.  [First, the House must prove that the IRS commissioner acted in deliberate bad faith.]  9-23-16
  49. IRS. LTE.  “An Impeachment, the IRS and Accountability.  9-28-16
  50. IRS. “The Cold Clinton Reality.”  [Why isn’t the IRS investigating the Clinton Foundation?]  10-28-16
  51. IRS. “How to Fix the Johnson Amendment.” By Erik Stanley. [The IRS has crated a chilling effect on some religious speech. Time for a thaw.] 2-10-17
  52. IRS. “My Big Fatca IRS.” [Why assume that Americans overseas are tax cheats?” 3-2-17
  53. IRS. “’Media Attention and IRS Abuse.” by John J. Vecchione. [A simple rule fix could end partisan targeting tomorrow.] 3-22-17
  54. IRS. “Obama IRS Abuse Should Unite Trump and Sessions.  By Jerome Marcus.  [Career Justice Department lawyers are still defending the old administration’s indefensible positions.]  7-27-17
  55. IRS. “Trump’s IRS Swamp.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [Obama-era lawyers are still obstructing lawsuits to hold the agency accountable.]  8-11-2017
  56. IRS. “(Still) Seeking IRS Accountability.”   8-22-17
  57. IRS. “The Better IRS Reform.”  [Sessions decides not to prosecute Lois Lerner.  The GOP has options.]  9-12-17
  58. IRS. “Koskinen’s Parting Gift From the IRS.”  [Obama’s tax man rolls Mnuchin to enforce the ACA’s employer mandate.]  11-8-17
  59. IRS. “Lois Lerner Doesn’t Trust You.”  By Wm McGurn.  [‘You can’t handle the truth,’ the former IRS official tells the American people.]  11-21-17
  60. IRS. “Lois Lerner’s Secrets.”  [“…American taxpayers who will fork out $3.5 million for Ms. Lerner’s actions have a right to hear how she justified what she did at the IRS.”]  12-4-17
  61. IRS. “The IRS Evades Accountability – and Its Excuse Is Ridiculous.” By John J. Vecchione and James Valvo. [It claims its rules lack a ‘significant’ economic impact’ because they’re ‘derived from’ statutes.] 1-10-18
  62. IRS. “The IRS Campaign Against Israel – and Us.” By Lori Lowenthal Marcus. [It took seven years for Z Street to learn the truth about why our tax-exempt status was delayed.] 2-2-18
  63. IRS. “Tax Reform and IRS Resistance.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [Getting it through Congress was the easy part. Now come the regulations.] 2-16-18
  64. IRS. “New Jersey Lawmakers Try to Fool the Federal Taxman.” By Mene Ukueberuwa. [‘Charity’ begins at home, but the IRS is likely to book askance at a scheme to avoid a deduction cap.] 3-17-18
  65. IRS. “Lois Lerner’s Last Laugh.” By Wm. McGurn. [If Congress did its job, nobody would be talking about another special counsel.] 3-27-18
  66. IRS. “About That IRS Computer Crash.” [The Obama tax man blames you because his e-filing system failed.] 4-19-18
  67. IRS. “The Unresolved IRS Scandal.” By Bradley A. Smith. [Congress should take tax collectors out of the business of regulating political activity.] 5-10-18
  68. IRS. “The IRS Bursts Cuomo’s Tax Illusion.” [About that California and New York charity work-around: Sorry.] 5-24-18
  69. IRS. “Protecting Nonprofit Donors.” [The IRS may kill a form that exposes donors to political harassment.] 5-25-18
  70. IRS.   “An IRS Advance for Speech Privacy.” [The Trump Treasury exempts charities from donor data disclosure.] 7-17-18
  71. IRS.  “Another IRS Free-Speech Scandal.”  By David B. Rivkin and Randal John Meyer.  [The tax agency tries to suppress advocacy for the legalization of marijuana.] 11-23-18
  72. IRS.  “A Minor IRS Miracle.”  [A new rule exempts more nonprofits from filing donor data.]   6-6-20
  73. IRS.  “Return of the IRS Scandal.”  [Someone leaked the tax data of individuals to serve the left’s agenda.]   6-9-21
  74. IRS.  “Elizabeth Warren’s IRS Entitlement.”  [She and Biden want to put the agency beyond annual appropriations.]  6-14-21
  75. IRS.  “A Bipartisan Pact to Supersize the IRS.”  [The infrastructure deal would unleash auditors on millions of taxpayers.]   6-26-21
  76. IRS.  “Defund Joe Biden’s IRS.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [The president calls the extra $80 billion for the agency an ‘investment.’]   7-6-21
  77. IRS.   “The IRS Is ProPublica’s Accessory.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Doesn’t the agency owe taxpayers a warning that their data were stolen?]  7-7-21
  78. IRS.  “Biden’s Dream of an IRS Strike Team.”  [He says more tax audits can recover $700 billion.  Not even close.]   9-4-21
  79. IRS.  “The IRS Gets Window Dressed.”  [A higher threshold for collecting bank data would change nothing.]   10-8-21
  80. IRS.  “The Internal Revenue Leak Service.”  [The tax agency still can’t say how taxpayer files were stolen.]   12-14-21
  81. IRS.  “Face Time With the IRS.”  [The agency that can’t protect tax records has a new biometric ID plan.]  2-5-22
  82. IRS.  “The IRS Does a Face Plant.”  [The Tax agency scraps its biometric ID plan to see personal records.]  2-9-22
  83. IRS.  “Good News, Tax Cheats!  The IRS Can’t Keep Up.”  By Jay Starkman.  [The agency needs more auditors, greater efficiency and computer systems that weren’t made in the ‘60s.]   2-16-22
  84. IRS.  If You Dread the IRS Now, Wait Until You Get a 1099-K.”  by Ryan Ellis.  [Under a new law, many more transactions are being tracked.  Next tax season will be a nightmare.]   4-1-22
  85. IRS.  “The IRS Is About to Go Beast Mode.”  [The Schumer-Manchin bill has $45.6 billion to audit the middle class.]   8-3-22
  86. IRS.  “Middle Class Won’t Escape the Audit Wave.”  [A CBO analysis belies a White House claim about new IRS funding.]   8-15-22
  87. IRS.  “If You Like the IRS, You’ll Love the Global Revenue Service.”  By Aharon Friedman.  [Janet Yellen urges pother countries to tax U.S. companies in violation of the Constitution.]  8-18-22
  88. IRS.   “This Is Your IRS at Work.”  [Official audits show a record of incompetence.  It still gets $80 billion.]   8-20-22
  89. IRS.  “Democrats Plan to Audit the Middle Class.”  By Karl Rove.  [Team Biden spun the new IRS funding as well as they could, but the truth is clear.]   8-25-22
  90. IRS.  “Another Week, Another Leak at the IRS.”  [The newly supercharged agency can’t protect taxpayer info.]   9-3-22IRS.  “Another Week, Another Leak at the IRS.”  [The newly supercharged agency can’t protect taxpayer info.]   9-3-22
  91. IRS.  “The IRS and the Eighth Amendment.”  By Travis Nix and Tyler Martinez.  [The Supreme Court takes up a case of a $2.72 million fine for a taxpayer’s error.]   11-2-22
  92. IRS.  “The IRS Grants a Harassment Reprieve.”  [The $600 payment rule is postponed for a year, after a pubic uproar.]   12-24-22
  93. IRS.  “Putting the IRS on Notice.”  1-10-23
  94. IRS. “A Modern IRS?  Careful What You Wish For.” By Jay Starkman.  [Electronic filing has made things more complex, not less. And better computers could mean worse abuses.]   3-8-23
  95. IRS.  “The IRS Makes a Strange House Call.”  [An agent shows up at the home of Twitter files journalist Matt Taibbi.]   3-28-23
  96. IRS.  “IRS Snooping at the Supreme Court.”   3-29-23
  97. IRS.  “Cooking the IRS Study Books.”  4-27-23
  98. IRS.  “Congress Gave $80 Billion to a Lawless IRS.  “By Travis Nix.  [It intends to use some of the money to enforce regulations that the courts have struck down.]   4-29-23
  99. IRS.  “How the IRS Snoops on the Innocent.”  [The Justices say it can secretly get bank records for a debtor’s lawyers.]   5-20-23
  100. IRS.  “IRS Needs a Cage, Not More Cash.”   By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [Matt Taibbi’s ordeal shows why the GOP should claw back that $80 billion infusion.]   5-26-23
  101. IRS.  “The IRS Wants to Prep Your Taxes.”  By Jason Altmire.  [‘Direct file’ is a waste of time and money.  Private companies and nonprofit organizations do just fine.]   6-1-23
  102. IRS.  “The IRS Makes Another House Call.”  [The House GOP wants to know about the case of the talented ‘Bill Haus.’]   6-17-23
  103. IRS.  “Biden’s IRS Chases Chump Change.”   By Phil Gramm and John Arrington.  [The amount of improper pandemic payments dwarfs what its new agents stand to recoup for taxpayers.]   8-11-23
  104. IRS.  “Meet the New IRS, Same as the Old IRS.”  By J.D. Vance.  [Even with $30 billion in new funding and 87,000 new agents, the agency is as dysfunctional as ever.]   8-18-23
  105. IRS.  “A Case of Tax Fraud – at the IRS.”   [Agents backdated documents to punish legal deductions.]  9-30-23
  106. IRS.  “Finally, a Tax leaker Is Charged.”  10-2-23
  107. IRS.  “Going Easy on a Tax-Return Heist.”  [After stealing thousands of records, Littlejohn could get eight months.]   10-18-23
  108. IRS.  “Ken Griffin vs. the IRS.”  [The Citadel CEO wants the agency to fix its security protocols.]   11-1-23
  109. IRS.  “The IRS’s Act of $600 Mercy.”   11-22-23
  110. IRS.  “IRS Agents Shouldn’t Work From Home.”  By Ron Estes.  [Since the pandemic, my constituents have reported far more service complaints.]   3-4-24
  111. IRS.  “IRS’s Most Wanted:  the $200,000 Man.”  [63% of new audits last year were aimed at middle-class filers.]   4-3-24
  112. IRS.  “The IRS Is Here to Help, Oh No.”  [The tax man wants to file your taxes for you.  What could go wrong?]   4-12-24



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IRS refuses to fire employees for cheating on taxes…

More than 100 cheaters later promoted, given raises…


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