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  1. Retirement income: “Miscalculating the Retirement Income You’ll Need”  7-15-2014
  2. Retirement Plans “LTE “Multiemployer Retirement Plans Respond to the Threat”  7-16-2014
  3. Retirement. “State-Run Retirement? Better to Go Private.” By Paul Schott Stevens. 2-8-16
  4. Retirement. “They Want Your IRA.” [The White House pushes investors toward government accounts.] 4-7-16
  5. Retirement.   LTE. “You’ll Pay Your Adviser One Way or Another.” 4-25-16
  6. Retirement. “Memo to Trump: There Is No Looming ‘Retirement Crisis.’ By Andrew G. Biggs. [Retirement incomes are rising. The president ought to rethink his pledge not to touch Social Security.] 8-25-17
  7. Retirement.  “The Phony Retirement Crisis.”  By Andrew Biggs.  [Contrary to the alarms, household savings are growing.  But government plans are underfunded.]  3-1-19
  8. Retirement.  “Congress Is Coming for Your IRA.”  [The Secure Act would upend 20 years of retirement planning and stick it to the middle class.]  7-10-19
  9. Retirement. “IRAs in Political Sights.” [Forcing some heirs to empty accounts in 10 years will raise revenue but it’s a bad precedent.] 7-17-19
  10. Retirement. “The IRA Bail and Switch.” [Congress changes the rules – unless you die before New Year’s Day.] 12-23-19
  11. Retirement.  “Your New Woke 401(k).  [Biden proposes to rewrite Erisa to steer investment choices.]  10-21-21

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