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  1. Nevada Gets Musked. [Tesla’s billionaire extracts $1.3 billion in taxpayer subsidies.] 9-16-14
  2. Nevada . Book review: “What Stays in Vegas” by Adam Tanner. By Marc Levinson. 9-8-14
  3. Tesla Breaks the Auto Dealer Cartel. By John Kerr.   [Nevada lets the electric car maker sell directly to consumers. Too bad everyone else still can’t.] 9-17-14
  4. Nevada. LTE “Nevada, Taxes, Elon Musk, Crony Capitalism and Jobs.”    9-25-14
  5. Nevada. “Brian Sandoval’s Billion-Dollar Tax Somersault.” By Allysia Finley. [The Nevada governor vowed no new taxes as he campaigned. But that’s so yesterday.] 2-7-15
  6. Nevada. LTE. “Gov. Sandoval and the Reform of Nevada’s Tax System. “ 2-12-15
  7. Nevada. “Nevada’s Voucher Breakout.” [Unions and the ACLU fight universal statewide school choice.] 9-2-15

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