Opinion Headlines

  1. Europe economic malaise. LTE. “They’re Young, Broke and European.”   8-19-14
  2. Europe, immigration. “The Ugly Tide Washing Across Europe” […Arab deaths …Jews] 7-30-14
  3. Europe. “The Draghi Default.” [Europe’s politicians want monetary easing …] 9-5-14
  4. Europe. “The Return of Europe’s Sleepwalkers.” By Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg. “…armed conflicts have come to Europe’s doorsteps again.” 9-4-14
  5. Europe, Eastern. LTE. “Different Pasts and Different Paths for Poland, Ukraine.” 9-6-14
  6.  Europe. “A Bad Week for Free Europe.” [Putin Wins in Ukraine, and NATO doesn’t rise…] 9-6-14
  7. Europe. “Great Britain Sticks Together – Heading Where? [So that’s the end of the Salmond run. Cameron still has a long way to go.] 9-20-14
  8. Europe. “Enough With European Austerity, Bring on the Stimulus.” By Alan S. Blinder. 10-30-14
  9. Europe. “Polish Candor for Europe.” [A useful warning from the new head of the European Council.] 12-2-14
  10. Europe. “The Upside of Europe’s Ebbing Inflation.” By Michael Heise. [Declines in prices spurred by cheaper oil can help economies rebound.] 12-3-14
  11. Europe for Hamas. [The European Court of Justice objects to the Palestinian group’s terror designation.] 12-18-14
  12. Europe. “Germany’s Bad Tax Inheritance.” [Creating inefficiencies in the allocation of talent and capital.] 12-23-14
  13. Europe. “Quantitative Easing Won’t Lift Europe’s Economy.” By Hamish McRae. [London is packed with young Europeans doing entry-level jobs. They’ve fled labor markets tied up by red tape.] 12-23-14
  14. Europe. “Greece’s Bad Political Choices.” [Responsible stagnation or reckless collapse. No wonder Greeks are mad.] 12-30-14
  15. Europe. “European Economic Errors for the U.S. to Avoid. [The story of the Continent’s moribund economy began long before the European Central Bank was founded.] 12-30-14
  16. Europe. The Weekend Interview with Marine Le Pen, by Sohrab Ahmari. “The Champion of French Anxiety.” [The National Front leader says ‘we are the only ones to solve the problem’ of the country’s Islamist threat.] 1-17-15
  17. Europe. “The World’s Monetary Dead End.” By David Malpass. [The European Central Bank embraces quantitative easing despite the sorry track record of ‘helicopter money.’] 1-22-15
  18. Europe. “Europe’s QE Salvation.” [Devaluation becomes the eurozone’s default growth policy.] 1-22-15
  19. Europe. “Greece’s Fatal Mistake, and Europe’s.” By Joseph C. Sternberg. [Voters could pull the plug on efforts to reconcile the eurozone’s need for growth with its inability to reform.] 1-23-15
  20. Europe. “The Greek Warning.” [Radical parties rise when mainstream leaders tolerate stagnation.] 1-26-15
  21. Europe. “Greece’s Last Evasion” by Bret Stephens. [“…Elections have consequences. The Greeks are about to discover theirs.”]   1-27-15
  22. Europe. “Want a Friend, Greeks?   Buy a Dog.” By Holman W Jenkins, Jr. [Europe’s strategy was always to buy time at Greece’s expense.]   1-28-15
  23. Europe. LTE. “Demographics Rule Europe’s Likely Future.” 1-28-15
  24. Europe. “British Justice vs. Kremlin Impunity.” By Sohrab Ahmari. [Th polonium-poisoning murder of a Russian exile and Putin critic in 2006 finally gets a public inquest.] 1-31-15
  25. Europe. “Now Markets Get to Vote on Greece’s New Government.” By Charles W. Calomiris. [Depositors continue to flee the banks, and Greek 10-year bond yields rose roughly two percentage points this week.] 1-31-15
  26. Europe, Greece. LTE. “It’s Finally Time to Cut Greece Loose.” 2-6-15
  27. Europe. “From Munich to Munich.” By Bret Stephens. [How Germany chooses to remember its past has always been crucial to Europe’s future.] 2-10-15
  28. Europe. “The Greek Re-Vote.” [Depositors send euros abroad lest they become worthless drachmas.] 2-18-15
  29. Europe. “France’s Anti-Terror, Free-Market Socialist.” By Sohrab Ahmari. [Prime Minister Valls talks about ‘Islamofascism,’ his personal experience with rising anti-Semitism, and the necessity of economic reform.] 2-28-15
  30. Europe’s Defense Wanes as the Putin Threat Grows. By Ian Birrell. [Most NATO members are going to fail to meet pledges to stop declines in military spending.] 3-4-15
  31. Europe. European Central Bank. “Mario Draghi’s Yield of Dreams.” [ QE has been better on the promise than it might by in execution.] 3-6-15
  32. Europe. “Europe Needs Pro-Growth Policies, Not Stagnation Sympathy.” [Reform, not easy money, is the only fix for a slowdown that started before 2008.] 3-12-15
  33. Europe. “Japan’s Devaluation Warning for Europe.” [Monetary easing without reform has reduced real wages.] 3-17-15
  34. Europe. LTE “Ideology Smothers Growth in France.” 3-18-15
  35. Europe. “A Greek Surprise.” [Creditors no longer fear that Athens might leave the euro.] 3-25-15
  36. Europe. LTE. “Learning From Europe’s Low Growth.” 3-28-15
  37. Europe. “Greece’s Achilles’ Heel.” By William R. Rhodes. [The banks are bleeding billions in deposits while the Greek government stonewalls its creditors.] 4-9-15
  38. Europe. “The Case for Letting Greece Go.” [The risk now is political contagion from rewarding non-reform.] 4-9-15
  39. Europe. LTE. “Reforms Aren’t Going to Save Greece.” 4-13-15
  40. Europe. “Don’t Blame Germany for Greece’s Profligacy.” By Jeremy Bulow [Greece would have faced far greater austerity had Germany and the rest of the EU not come to its rescue.] 4-17-15
  41. Europe. “On Greece, Europe Bluffs Itself.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [“Greece’s new leader and his ministers are behaving like fools in their debt showdown with the European union…”] 4-22-15
  42. Europe. “Putin Marches, Europe Sues.”   [In lieu of more energy production, the EU files a lawsuit.] 4-23-15
  43. Europe. “Google’s Looming Battle Over Search.” By Geoffrey A. Manne. [The EU frets about search competition as the market fractures and Amazon and Facebook join the fray.] 4-29-15
  44. Europe. “The Wildest Card in Britain’s Wild Election.” By Kyle Peterson. [David Cameron scrambles after Conservative voters entices by UKIP’s hard-line anti-immigration message.] 5-2-15
  45. Europe. “Britain’s Anti-Election.” [The Tories should win on their record. So what’s the problem?]   5-6-15
  46. Europe. “Greece at the Cliff’s Edge.” [Creditors warn Athens not to expect a better offer.] 6-12-15
  47. Europe. LTE. “Euro Helped Germany, Hurt Greece.” 6-19-15
  48. Europe. “Greek Suicide Watch.” [Athens has itself to blame if it defaults and leaves the euro.] 6-29-15
  49. Europe. “Why Greece Puts a Gun to Its Head.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Ask Mario Draghi: Bailouts are the only solution allowed in the eurozone.] 7-1-15
  50. Europe. “The Greek Crisis Is About More Than Money.” By Robert D. Kaplan. [Greece was critical to the Cold War policy of Soviet containment. It is no less so in the age of Putin.] 7-1-15
  51. Europe. “The Greeks Say No.” [Better a euro exit than the risk of anti-reform political contagion.] 7-6-15
  52. Europe. Greeks. LTE. “The Greeks Finally Run Out of Other People’s Money.” 7-6-15
  53. Europe. “Suicide Isn’t Painless.” [Europe and financial markets call Greece’s bluff on default.] 7-2-15
  54. Europe. “Greece and the Flight From Reality.” By Bret Stephens. [A people who want wealth without work will have neither.] 7-7-15
  55. Europe. “Greek Political Contagion.” [Parties of the left across Europe are looking to Syriza as an anti-reform model.] 7-7-15
  56. Europe. “A Grecian Formula for Courting Disaster.” By Jeremy Bulow and Kenneth Rogoff. [Greece’s position is now much worse. Voters seem not to have realized how much pain Europe’s help averted.] 7-7-15
  57. Europe. “Twilight of the Euro Welfare State?” by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [“…The example of a successful exit from the Eurozone would potentially be catastrophic to Germany and the other creditor countries –…”] 7-8-15
  58. Europe. LTE. “Oil Development Best Hope for Greece.” 7-8-15
  59. Europe. LTE. “Keep Bulgaria Independent and Free.” 7-8-15
  60. Europe. Greece. “The Lesson Greece’s Lenders Forgot.” By John B. Taylor. [“…Don’t lend to a country with an unsustainable public debt…”] 7-10-15
  61. Europe. Greece. “Debt Isn’t Killing Greece. Its Leaders Are.” By Holger Schmieding. [The country was poised for 3% grwth before Syriza took power. More debt relief would reward loony policies.] 7-18-15
  62. Europe. LTE. “Ukraine’s Farm Economy is Growing.” 7-13-15
  63. Europe. “Another Greek Can-Kicking.” By Holman W Jenkins, Jr. 7-15-15
  64. Europe. “The Greek Solution Solved Nothing.” By Alan S. Blinder. [Three essential problems remain, and leaving the Eurozone may be the answer.] 7-17-15
  65. Europe. LTE “Eurozone Needs Fiscal Integration.” 7-24-15
  66. Europe. LTE. “Georgia Reaches Toward the West.” 8-11-15
  67. Europe. “Europe’s Latest Export: Internet Censorship.” By James L. Gattuso. [If French regulators have their way, the ‘right to be forgotten’ will go global, stifling speech.] 9-12-15
  68. Europe. “Europe’s Ayatollah Gold Rush.” [The business spring to Iran means sanctions will never ‘snap back.’] 9-13-15
  69. Europe. “Greece and the Global Sell-Off.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [One reason growth hopes are unraveling is Europe’s failure to get serious about its bigger troubles.] 8-22-15
  70. Europe. “The Middle East Diaspora Descends on Europe.” By Sohrab Ahmari. [They are fleeing the war in Syria – and turmoil in Iran, Afghanistan and beyond.] 8-31-15
  71. Europe. “The Cost of a New Life in Europe.” By Sohrab Ahmari. [The initial fee for refugees’ passage from Iran to Turkey can exceed $2,000. More costs, and dangers, follow.] 9-4-15
  72. Europe. “Britain’s Bernie Sanders May Be Labour’s Next Leader.” By Ian Birrell. [The Labour Party leadership race has been farcical, but there’s nothing funny about the rise of Jeremy Corbyn.] 9-5-15
  73. Europe. “Farewell to the Era of No Fences.” By Bret Stephens. [Europe’s openness rests on America’s strength. You can’t have one without the other.] 9-8-15
  74. Europe. “The West’s Refugee Crisis.” [What happens in the Middle East doesn’t stay in the Middle East.] 9-8-15
  75. Europe. LTE. “One Source of the Migrant Tsunami.” 9-9-15
  76. Europe. “British Labour’s Radical Turn.” [The party’s repudiation of Tony Blair’s legacy is dangerous for the West.] 9-14-15
  77. Europe. “Britain’s Unsettling Omen.” By Bret Stephens. [What Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party win means for the West.] 9-15-15
  78. Europe. LTE. “One Civilization Reacts to Another’s Crisis.” 9-19-15
  79. Europe. LTE. “The Syrian and Vietnamese Refugee Contrast.” [“…to provide an ultimate return for the great majority of these dislocated people.” 9-21-15
  80. Europe. “A Frontline Solution to Europe’s Refugee Crisis.” By Sohrab Ahmari. [The U.S. experience at Ellis Island a century ago offers lessons for easing the migrant chaos.] 9-25-15
  81. Europe. LTE. “Arabs weren’t the Only Middle East Refugees.” 9-28-15
  82. Europe. “In Defense of Christendom.” By Bret Stephens. [Having ignored its inheritance, Europe wonders why its house is falling apart.] 10-20-15
  83. Europe. LTE. “All Roads Led to Rome and Disintegration.” 10-24-15
  84. Europe. Migrants. “The Civil-Society Model for Refugee Assimilation.” By Sohrab Ahmari. [Educated, high-aspiring immigrants can help integrate their own communities.] [“…Can Germany integrate this many people, this fast? Each refuge initially costs the federal government between E10,000 ($11,036) to E12,000 a year in welfare aid. It will take three years for refugees to begin contributing revenue, according to government estimates, and 15 years for 70% of them to enter the workforce…”] 11-2-15
  85. Europe. “Europe’s Refugee Dodge.” [Green aid to Aftrica isn’t a solution for the migrant crisis.] 11-14-15
  86. Europe. “Paris Needs Silicon Valley.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [France’s surveillance is better than ours, yet it still failed. Upgrading the algorithms is vital.] 11-16-15
  87. Europe. “Europe’s Terrorist War at Home.” By Ayaan Hirsi Ali. [Learn from Israel, end the open-borders policy, and dig in for the a long war of ideas against Islamists.] 11-16-15
  88. Europe. “The Islamist Tantrum.” By Bret Stephens. [People are dead in Paris because Europe decided to make a fetish of its tolerance for intolerance.] 11-17-15
  89. Europe. “Europe’s Refugee Dodge.” [Green aid to Africa isn’t a solution for the migrant crisis.] 11-14-15
  90. Europe. “Paris Needs Silicon Valley.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [France’s surveillance is better than ours, yet it still failed. Upgrading the algorithms is vital.] 11-16-15
  91. Europe. “Europe’s Terrorist War at Home.” By Ayaan Hirsi Ali. [Learn from Israel, end the open-borders policy, and dig in for the a long war of ideas against Islamists.] 11-16-15
  92. Europe. “The Islamist Tantrum.” By Bret Stephens. [People are dead in Paris because Europe decided to make a fetish of its tolerance for intolerance.] 11-17-15
  93. Europe. NATO. “France Leads From the Front.” [The U..S. should support Hollande if he triggers NATO Article 5.] 11-19-15
  94. Europe. “France’s Other War at Home.” By Homan W. Jenkins, Jr. 11-21-15
  95. Europe. “An Obvious Unused Home for Refugees.” [The Arabian Peninsula’s oil-rich nations are oddly absent in talks about where those fleeing Syria can go.]   12-1-15
  96. Europe. “Britain’s Choice on Syria.” [Labour debates whether to bomb, not bomb, or self destruct.] 12-2-15
  97. Europe. “Draghi Agonistes.” [Europe won’t take the central banker’s yes for an answer.] 12-4-15
  98. Europe. “Behind the European Raid on McDonald’s.” by Michael J. Graetz. [Regulators take a dim view of tax breaks for U.S. firms and are levying big fines. Amazon, watch out.] 12-4-15
  99. Europe. “How Britain Got Its Mojo Back.” By George Osborne. [With economic security restored, we can project our values – values shared with the U.S. – abroad.] 12-7-15
  100. Europe. Defense. LTE. “Let EU Lead on Improving Europe’s Defense.” 12-9-15
  101. Europe. “Europe’s Closing Borders.” [Support for free travel is contingent on better law and order.] 1-9-16
  102. Europe. “The Cologne Portent.” By Bret Stephens. [In the spirit of Christian charity, Merkel has imported Muslim misogyny.] 1-12-16
  103. Europe. “Europe’s Feckless Secularism.” By William McGurn. “Must even the most moderate Muslims renounce their faith to be good Europeans.?] 1-26-16
  104. Europe. LTE. “Europe’s Secularism and Response to Islam.” 2-2-16
  105. Europe. “How Germany Will Cope With the Refugee Crisis.” By Peter Wittig. [My government has been very clear: Those who want to stay must adhere to our laws and respect our values.] 2-10-16
  106. Europe. “British Influence and Prosperity Depend on Staying in the EU.” By Ed Balls. [I opposed joining the single currency for the same reasons that I now support remaining in Europe.] 2-12-16
  107. Europe. LTE. “Germany’s Problem Absorbing These Refugees.” 2-18-16
  108. Europe. [Bookshelf: by Edward Lucas] “Trapped by the New Iron Curtain.’ (In Europe’s Shadow, by Robert D. Kaplan, Random House, 287 pages, $28.00) [Romania, having suffered under two of the nastiest dictators of the Soviet period, is now in the crosshairs of Putin’s new cold war.] 2-19-16
  109. Europe. “The British Brawl Over Europe.” [The case for EU membership isn’t as clear as it once was.] 2-22-16
  110. Europe. LTE. “Brexit Offers Many Advantages for the U.K.” 2-27-16.
  111. Europe. “Boris, ‘Brexit’ and Cameron’s Miscalculation.” By Ian Birrell. [The U.K. referendum on staying in Europe has been twisted into a struggle for the Tory party leadership.] 3-3-16.
  112. Europe. “Europe’s Migration Coma.” [Border controls offer a pause to contemplate more lasting action.] 3-5-16
  113. Europe. “Europe’s Protectionist Privacy Advocates.” By Roslyn Layton. [Activists unwittingly endanger privacy and undermine prosperity.] 3-10-16
  114. Europe. “Mario Drahgi’s Best Shot.” [Monetary policy isn’t the reason for Europe’s slow economic growth.] 3-11-16
  115. Europe. “The Real Tory Trouble.” [Resistance to economic reform is a bigger threat than the Brexit debate.] 3-30-16
  116. Europe. LTE. “Europeans Must Take Their Defense Seriously.” 4-9-16
  117. Europe. “Merkel’s Road to Moral Surrender.” [Germany’s recklessly humanitarian leader betrays her country’s liberal values.] 4-19-16
  118. Europe. “Fear of Speech in Germany.” [Merkel indulges Erdogan and it backfires on European rights.] 5-21-16
  119. Europe. “Springtime in Paris.”  [Unions hold France hostage to stop reform of the 35-hour work week.] 6-1-16
  120. Europe. “Northern Europe’s Argentina Imitator.”  By James K. Glassman.  [Iceland tells bondholders to take a severe discount, sending a chilling message to foreign investors.]  6-13-16
  121. Europe. Immigration.  “The Bedouin Billionaire for Muslim Integration.”  (The Weekend Interview with Mohed Altrad by Sohrab Ahmari)  [Migrants have to change for Europe, not the other way around, says the Syrian-born mogul behind a French business empire.].. 6-18-16
  122. Europe. “A Vote to Leave Europe Means a Lesser Britain.”  By John Browne. [The U.K. would lose its favorable trading terms and seat at the top table.]  6-20-16
  123. Europe. “A Brexit Fantasy.”  By Bret Stephens.  [Rarely do nationalist politics not end in statist economic prescriptions.]  6-21-16
  124. Europe. “Britain and Europe’s Fate.”  [A faltering Continent needs the U.K. more than vice versa.]  6-21-16
  125. Europe. “How the Malaise Will End.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Forget Brexit.  The Western growth crisis will only be tackled when inflation hits.]  6-22-16
  126. Europe. “The Business Case for Brexit.”  By Matt Ridley.  [Britain will thrive outside the EU, free from Brussels’ regulation and empowered to cut its own trade deals.]  6-22-16
  127. Europe. LTE.  “Iceland’s Terms Look Like a Default to Many.”  6-23-16 (See 6-15-16 #122      here)
  128. Europe. “Britain Declares Independence.”  [The Tories should now strive to make the U.K. a pro-growth model.]  6-25-16
  129. Europe. “A Peasant Revolt Upends Britain’s Ruling Elite.” By Quentin Letts.  [Politicians, academics, big-business leaders and journalists are aghast:  Democracy has spoken.]  6-25-16
  130. Europe. “Cameron’s Propitious Miscalculation.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [It’s increasingly hard to see how France and Italy will ever right themselves within the Eurozone.]  6-25-16
  131. Europe. “A New American Deal for Europe.”  [The next President can revive the commitment Obama abandoned.]  6-27-16
  132. Europe. “Britain’s Labour Coup.”  [Brexit’s first benefit:  A rebellion against Jeremy Corbyn.]  6-27-16
  133. Europe. “Who Will Be Britain’s Next Prime Minister?  By Toby Young.  [The most likely options out of several possibilities:  Safe-pair-of -hands Theresa May or the charismatic Boris Johnson.]  6-27-16
  134. Europe. “Of Trumpkins and Brexiteers.”  By Bret Stephens.  [Get what you thought you wanted.  Get the opposite of what you really want.]  6-28-16
  135. Europe. “Who’s the Xenophobe Now?”  by Wm. McGurn.  [The anti-Trump and anti-Brexit forces share a snobbery toward ordinary voters.]  6-28-16
  136. Europe. “Winner’s Remorse May Loom for Brexit Backers.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [The Leave leaders will need to explain that many of the U.K.’s economic ills are made at home, not the E.U.]  6-28-16
  137. Europe. “Spain to Europe’s Relief.”  6-28-16
  138. Europe. LTE.  “Fed Up U.K. Voter Exit the European Union.”  6-29-16
  139. Europe. “Out of the Brexit Turmoil:  Opportunity.”  By Henry Kissinger.  “Europe should not treat Britain as a prison escapee but as a potential compatriot.  And the U.S. has a vital role to play.]  6-29-16
  140. Europe. “The Overblown Brexit Market Panic.”  By Robert Greifeld.  [Stocks are already settling down.  Maybe people realize that Britain could become a free-trade model.]  6-30-16
  141. Europe. LTE.  “Brexit:  Opportunity for Anglophone Nations.”  7-2-16
  142. Europe. Brexit.  “A World in Crisis, and No Genius in Sight.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [An old order is being swept away, and political leaders everywhere seem lost.]  7-2-16
  143. Europe. LTE.  “Subversion of Two U.K. Political Traditions.”  7-8-16
  144. Europe. “Why Britain Belongs in a New Nafta.”  By Robert B. Zoellick.  [After Brexit, the U.S. must help prevent Europe from slipping into nativism and protectionism.] 7-8-16
  145. Europe. “The Earthquake That Upended British Politics.”  By Ian Birrell.  [We watch with mouths agape the rise and fall of our big beasts.  The two-party system may be done.]  7-9-16
  146. Europe. “Britain Is Open for Business.”  By George Osborne.  [For the first time in 40 years, the U.K. will set its own trade terms.  The conversation starts with the U.S. and NAFTA nations.]  7-11-16
  147. Europe.  “Terror in France, Again.”  [A truck mows down innocents in Nice on Bastille Day.]  7-15-16
  148. Europe. LTE.  “A Souffle From U.K.’s Basket of Broken Eggs.”  7-16-16
  149. Europe. “Europe’s Terror Storm.”  [Francois Hollande declares war on ISIS.  Does he mean it?]  7-27-16
  150. Europe. “Europe’s Terror Subsidies.”  [The Continent’s jihadists plot attacks while on the dole.]  8-6-16
  151. Europe. “Britain is Europe’s Reverse Domino.”  By Pierpaolo Barbieri.  [Post-Brexit there is less risk that other countries will follow the U.K.’s example and leave the EU.]
  152. Europe. “France’s Presidential Choices.” [Economic-reform candidates are emerging in the major parties.] 8-30-16
  153. Europe. “Europe’s Apple Tax Ambush.” [The EU rolls over the U.S. treasury and Irish tax law to punish an American company.] 8-31-16
  154. Europe. LTE. “Another View of the EU’s Apple Tax Ambush.” 9-6-16
  155. Europe. “Harmonize This, Eurocrats.” By Holman W. Jenkins , Jr. [The tax attack on Apple serves the EU’s dream of never having to change.] 9-7-16
  156. Europe. LTE.  “Lew Is Right on EU Tax but Lacks Credibility.”  9-16-16
  157. Europe. “British Labour’s Socialist Consensus.” [Coryn and the hard left retain control of the U.K. opposition.]  9-26-16
  158. Europe. “Better Brexit, Greater Britain.”  [Forget ‘hard’ or ‘soft.’  The U.K. should aim to be a free-trade mecca for capital and talent.]  10-5-16
  159. Europe. “Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, Seven Years Later.” By Sohrab Ahmari. [Europe got the kind of transnational American president it wanted.  What it didn’t get was peace and security.”  10-7-16
  160. Europe. “A Pound of Warning.”  [Brexit reality and a feeble Tory response wear on the markets.]  10-8-16
  161. Europe. “Courting Brexit in Parliament.”  [The May government will have to make a better case for Leave.]  11-4-16
  162. Europe. “Europe’s Trump Anxiety.”  [The President-elect is the leader who wants to spend more on defense.]  11-15-2016
  163. Europe. “France’s New Center-right.”  [Fillon is betting on a platform of economic reform and nationalism.]  11-29-16
  164. Europe. “The Impossible Italian Job?”  [Voters want real economic change, not procedural fudges.]  12-6-16
  165. Europe. “Saving Europe From Itself – Again.”  By Mark Helprin.  [A Russian aggressor could drive through NATO’s weak center or bit off its edges piece by piece.]  12-15-16
  166. Europe. “A Terrorist Truck in Berlin.”  [Germany needs a debate about migration and surveillance.]  12-21-16
  167. Europe. U.K.  “Theresa May’s Honest Brexit.”  [A clean British break from the single EU market makes sense.]  1-19-17
  168. Europe. “Incompetence Is the Norm.”  by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Amid Trump’s visa storm, a German reminder of what bad policy looks like.]  2-1-17
  169. Europe. “Trump Isn’t the EU’s Problem.” [Some Europeans want to use the U.S. President as a political excuse.] 2-22-17
  170. Europe. “The ‘Cult of Lying’ and France’s Presidential Campaign.” By John Vinocur. [Tromperie – deception – is the rule as centrist candidates vie to take on nationalist Marine Le Pen.] 3-1-17
  171. Europe. “Italy’s Ungracious CIA Pardon.” [A partial commutation for a U.S. spy will likely keep her out of jail.] 3-2-17
  172. Europe. “Trumping Europe’s Taxes.” By Joseph C. Sternberg. [Nations competing by lowering rates? The idea is making the Continent nervous.] 3-6-17
  173. Europe. “GM Says Au Revoir to Europe.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Even by modern standards, the Continent’s market is overregulated in its emphasis on small cars.] 3-11-17
  174. Europe. The Economic Winds Are at Europe’s Back.” By Ruchir Sharma. [A continent in crisis? Far from it. Unemployment is down; growth is up; even Greek banks are healthier.] 3-13-17
  175. Europe. “We Built the Russia Sanctions to Last.” By Edward Fishman. [Europe has stayed united behind them, and now Merkel seems to have brought Trump along.] 3-21-17
  176. Europe. France. “The Kremlin’s Woman in Paris.” [Marine Le Pen seeks – and gets – Vladimir Putin’s endorsement.] 3-27-17
  177. Europe. U.K.  “Theresa May’s Election Opportunity.” [Will she offer Britain a vision that meets the Brexit moment?] 4-19-17
  178. Europe. “French Political Roulette.” [The radical right and left square off against two centrist reformers.] 4-20-17
  179. Europe. “The Attack in France.” [Islamic State claims responsibility three days before an election.] 4-21-17
  180. Europe. “Gibraltar Braces for Life After Brexit.”  By Tunku Varadarajan.  [Spain wants joint sovereignty over the Rock, but the people adamantly oppose it.]  4-25-17
  181. Europe. “Europe’s French Reprieve.”  [Macron beats Le Pen, but without growth the extremes will be back.]  5-8-17
  182. Europe. U.K.  “Theresa May Is No Maggie Thatcher.”  By Rosemary Righter.  [The prime minister thinks government is the solution, not the problem.]  5-9-17
  183. Europe. “How Trump Can Save Europe.”  By Wm.  McGurn.  [By playing the British card, the president could advance free and fair trade.]  5-16-17
  184. Europe. U.K.  “Britain’s Manifesto Destiny.”  [The Tories may win a majority with a mandate for little.]  5-22-17
  185. Germany. “What Germany Owes Its Neighbors.”  By Taylor Dinerman.  [Why should the U.S. bear a greater burden in Eastern Europe?]  5-24-17
  186. Europe. Germany.  “Angela Merkel’s Lament.”  [A difference on climate doesn’t mean a U.S. retreat from Europe.]  5-30-17
  187. Europe. “Ireland’s Reform Example.”  [A change in leaders highlights the country’s postcrisis success.]  6-2-17
  188. Europe. “How Theresa May Led the Tories Astray.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [Britain’s Conservatives are forgetting at their peril that parties of the right must be  parties of growth.]  6-7-17
  189. Europe. “Britain’s Lesson for Conservatives.”  [Voters punish the Tories for ignoring the politics of economic growth.]  6-10-17
  190. Europe. “Europe’s Elites Seem Determined to Commit Suicide by ‘Diversity.’  By Douglas Murray.   [Politicians say with fury that their migration policies ‘must’ work.  What if they don’t?]  6-19-17
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  357. Europe.  “Belarus Has Finally Had Enough of the ‘Last Dictator in Europe.”  By Christopher Hartwell.  [Demonstrators aren’t pushing for closer ties with the EU.  They simply want free and fair elections.]   8-24-20
  358. Europe.  “Britain’s Military Prepares for New Threats.”  By Ben Wallace.  [World War II ended 75 years ago, and the U.K. is still the most reliable U.S. ally.]   9-2-20
  359. Europe.  “With Covid Brexit Matters More Than Ever.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  It may seem small amid a pandemic, but the political accountability at issue will make or break the U.K.]  9-11-20
  360. Europe.  “Can China Turn Europe Against America?”  by Andrew A. Michta.  [In this week’s summit, Xi seeks to play Nixon, luring new allies with cash and upending trade routes.]   9-14-20
  361. Europe.  “Pipeline Politics Tests Merkel’s Mettle.”  By Josef  Joffe.  [Alexei Navalny succeeds where Trump fell short.  In undermining the case for Nord Stream 2.]   9-16-20
  362. Europe.  “The EU Isn’t Built to Lead.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [No army and 27 vetoes make it hard to take decisions, much less execute them.]   9-29-20
  363. Europe.  “Germany Won’t Take Portugal’s EU Split.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [Prime Minister Costa veils his plan with pretty words about European values.]   12-1-20
  364. Europe.  “Look Forward to a Biden on the Rhine.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [Merkle’s successor will be a figurehead, but Germany will at least get a credible left-wing opposition.]   12-4-20
  365. Europe.  “Britain Already Is Beyond Brexit.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [Despite tough talks over a trade deal with Brussels, the real excitement in the U.K. is now domestic.]        12-18-20
  366. Europe.  “Brexit Arrives, for Better of Worse.”  By Walter Russell Mead  [With Britain gone, the U.S. will find it even harder to influence EU policy.]   1-5-21
  367. Europe.  “Migrants and the Threat to Women’s Rights in Europe.”  By Ayaan Hirsi Ali.   [The lack of frank debate feeds Islamists and the far right, who would impose illiberal solutions.]   2-23-21
  368. Europe.  “Italy’s Populists Join the Establishment.”  [Trusted technocrat Mario Draghi heads a coalition that includes former Euroskeptics.]   2-25-21
  369. Europe.  “The Swiss Won’t Miss the Burqa.”  By Tunku Varadarajan.  [Voters ban the ‘face’ of Islamist separatism in Western society.]   3-10-21
  370. Europe. Germany. “Angela Merkel Has Lost Her Pandemic Touch.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [The qualities that made her a perfect anti-Trump count against her now that a vaccine has arrived.]   3-26-21
  371. Europe.  “Let Alta Fixsler Go.”  By Wm McGurn.  [Jewish law and values come up against the U.K. National Health Service.]   8-10-21
  372. Europe. “Biden Deals Europe a Tough Lesson in Realpolitik.”  By Gerard Baker.  [Why protect France and Germany as they seek opportunity in China heedless of the danger?]   9-21-21
  373. Europe.  “Climate of Strategic Vulnerability.”  [Putin is exploiting Europe’s dependence on Russian natural gas.]   10-11-21
  374. Europe.  “Europe’s Complacency Heightens the China Challenge.”  By Anders Fogh Rasmussen.  [The Continent can’t be a bystander in this battle and expect Uncle Sam to pick up the tab.]   10-11-21
  375. Europe.  “In Europe, Confusion Reigns About the U.S.”  by Walter Russell Mead. [America’s pivot to Asia has stirred the most significant misunderstanding.]   10-26-21
  376. Europe.  “More Russian Energy Bullying.”   [“…Putin can smell weakness like a wolf, and these days he’s preying on Europe…”]  10-29-21
  377. Europe.  “Germany’s Energy Surrender.  [Rarely has a country worked so hard to make itself vulnerable.]   12-23-21
  378. Europe.  “A Dangerous Moment for Europe.”  [What will Biden give Putin to avoid an invasion of Ukraine?}  1-8-22
  379. Europe.  “Boris Johnson’s Other Disaster.”  [His woes are a warning to conservatives who indulge green illusions.]  1-15-22
  380. Europe.  “Boris Johnson’s Partygate Is About the Economy.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [Tacking leftward was supposed to attract the working class, but that agenda hasn’t delivered.”  1-28-22
  381. Europe.  “The EU Brings a Lawsuit to a Trade Fight.”  [“…Talk about bringing a quill pen to a gun fight…”  1-29-22
  382. Europe.  “Why Boris Johnson’s Reversal of fortune Was So Swift.”  By Gerard Baker.  [Lockdown scandals and an embrace of big government leave Conservatives with little reason to back him.]   2-8-22
  383. Europe.  “The U.K. Stands With Its Central European Allies.”  By Boris Johnson.  [Every natin has the right not to have its foreign policy and alliances dictated at gunpoint.]   2-10-22
  384. Europe.  “Europe’s Net-Zero Carbon Crackup Begins Ahead of Schedule.”  [Politicians everywhere will rue the day they tried to enlist financial markets to do their green bidding.]  2-11-22
  385. Europe.  “Russia’s Looming War on Europe.  [If Biden is right about Putin, the world will enter an ugly new era.]   2-19-22
  386. Europe.  “Europe Stays in Bed After Its Ukraine Wake-Up Call.”  [Leaders understand what’s at stake in the conflict but are in denial about what a solution requires.]   2-25-22
  387. Europe.  “Ukraine Changes Everything.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Europe’s long failure to deter Putin was the equivalent of ‘defund the police.’]   3-3-22
  388. Europe.  “Lithuania Is Shaken but Not Surprised by Its Rogue Neighbor.”  By Adam O’Neal.  [The Baltic State, which joined NATO in 2004, has warned for years about Putin’s imperial designs.]  3-5-22
  389. Europe.  “NATO Needs More Guns and Less Butter.”  By Glenn Hubbard.  [Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will require a jolting shift in the West’s spending priorities.]   3-8-22
  390. Europe.  “Chancellor Olaf Scholz Could Save Germany, and Europe.”  [His energy and foreign-policy revolution requires even more-radical shifts in p0olitics and culture.]  3-11-22
  391. Europe.  “Putin’s War Unifies Europe.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [The conflict positions Germany to be the military and economic power house of the EU.   3-29-22
  392. Europe.  “Emmanuel Macron’s French Squeeze.”  [Marine Le Pen’s surge raises the stakes for Europe’s Russia Policy.]   4-11-22
  393. Europe.  “NATO Needs Frontline Defense.”  By Michael O’Hanlon.  [To deter a Russian attack, the alliance will have to shift the balance of its military power eastward.]   4-14-22
  394. Europe. “Germany Has a Hungary Problem.”  By Dalibor Rohac.  [Berlin’s complicity with Viktor Orban imperils European unity against Russian aggression.]   4-18-22
  395. Europe.  “Why Europe Welcomes Ukrainian Refugees.”  By Jillian Kay Melchior.  [Unlike the 2015 wave, they are mostly women and children who long to return home to their families.]   4-19-22
  396. Europe.  “Finland’s Big NATO Step.”  [Helsinki wants in, and accepting it would make the alliance stronger.]   5-13-22Europe.  “Brexit Bites Britain, and Europe, Again.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [The borer compromise between Northern Ireland, the EU and the U.K. is proving unworkable.]  5-20-22
  397. Europe.  “Why Europe Hedges Its Support for Ukraine.”  By Ralph Gert Scholihammer.  [Paris and Berlin worry that an EU with Ukraine could lead to a competing Warsaw-Kyiv axis.]   5-23-22
  398. Europe.  “Boris Johnson Goes Bernie Sanders.”  [After this week he’ll struggle to explain why anyone should vote Tory.]   5-27-22
  399. Europe.  “Europe Hits Putin Where It Hurts.”  [A ban on most oil imports from Russia will hit his war financing.]   6-1-22
  400. Europe.  “Queen Elizabeth II’s Reign of Dignity.”  By Dominic Green.  [Links between the U.S. and U. K. have intensified at every level since her majesty’s accession in 1952.]   6-2-22
  401. Europe.  “The U.S. and Europe Have Different Inflation Problems.”  By Jason Furman.  [It’s more painful on the Continent but more persistent and demand-driven in America.]  6-7-22
  402. Europe.  “The Beginning of the End for Boris Johnson?  Probably Not.”  By Dominic Green.  [Thatcher was driven out after winning a similar vote.  But circumstances are different today.]   6-8-22
  403. Europe.  “Angela Merkel’s Limited Regrets.”   6-9-22
  404. Europe.  “Sweden and Finland Will Help NATO Counter Russia in the Arctic.”  By Arthur Herman. [Putin seeks domination of the increasingly imortant region, and the Chinese are also trying to muscle in.]   6-10-22
  405. Europe.  “Boris Johnson’s Tax Trials.”  [More temporary, targeted gimmicks won’t save the Tories.]   6-13-22
  406. Europe.  “The Very Preventable Economic Disaster Overtaking Britain.”  By Joseph c. Sternberg.  [Policies are almost never truly stupid, but that’s the best term to describe the Tories’ recent decisions.]   6-17-22
  407. Europe.  “End of the Berman Idyll.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [Its industrial prowess, cheap Russian energy, and access to global markets are at risk.”  6-28-22.
  408. Europe.  “The Rise and Fall of Boris Johnson.”  [He campaigned from the right but governed from the left.  Voters noticed.]   7-8-22
  409. Europe.  “Why British Voters Lost Patience With Boris Johnson.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [They thought the political elites were the butt of his grand joke.  Then they realized they were.]   7-8-22
  410. Europe.  “Britain’s Conservatives Rise Above Identity Politics.”  By Gerard Baker.  [The list of candidates to replace Boris Johnson refutes woke myths about women and minorities.]   7-12-22
  411. Europe.  “The Political Agony of the Euro’s Parity With the Dollar.”   By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [The currency’s slide is an effect of a fundamental yet barely acknowledged change in its purpose.] 7-15-22
  412. Europe.  “Who’ll Replace Boris Johnson?  Maybe Boris Johnson.”  By Dominic Green.  [He’ll remain in office until September.  What if Sunak or Mordaunt fails to buoy the Tories in the polls?]  7-18-22
  413. Europe.  “Germany’s Gas Surrender.”  By Homan w. Jenkins, Jr.  [Putin won’t shut off the country’s supply because he already has what he wants.]  7-20-22
  414. Europe.  “How to Stiffen Europe’s Resolve on Iran.”  By John Bolton.  [Israel and its Arab friends should visit the Continent’s capitals and deliver a message about the danger.]   7-21-22
  415. Europe.  “The ECB Raises While Draghi Falls.”  [Italy loses a reformer and a strong EU voice for Ukraine.]   7-22-22
  416. Europe.  “John Kerry’s British Election Meddling.”  [The U.S. climate envoy offers his usual bad advice to U.K. Tories.]   7-26-22
  417. Europe.  “Winter in Europe May Be Springtime for Putin.”  By Daniel Yergin and Michael Stoppard.  [Russia’s energy war deploys high prices to promote social turmoil and empower populist parties.]   8-4-22
  418. Europe.  “Europe Heads for Stagflation.”  [Leaders have few good ideas other than waiting for growth elsewhere.]  8-24-22
  419. Europe.  “How the Ukraine War Is Transforming Germany.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [Chancellor Olaf Scholz promised a ‘turning point’ six months ago and – surprise! – it’s happening.]   8-26-22
  420. Europe.  “Net Zero Bankrupts Britain”  [And it could do the same in the U.S., which is following a similar path.]   8-27-22
  421. Europe.  “Europe’s Winter of Living Bravely.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Vladimir Putin has a short window to prove his energy intimidation strategy.]   8-31-22
  422. Europe.  “Boris Looms, Trumplike, Over British Politics.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [A divided party, a nation beset by an air of crisis, Americans may find the situation familiar.]  9-3-22
  423. Europe.  “Liz Truss to the British Rescue.”  [Britain’s new leader faces an energy crisis and failing economy.]  9-6-22
  424. Europe.  “Can Britain’s conservatives Find Their Way Again?”  by Gerard Baker.  [Liz Truss campaigned on low taxes, production of energy, and a repudiation of wokeness in culture.]  9-6-22
  425. Europe.  “Liz Truss May Be Just the Prime Minister America Needs.”  By John Bolton.  9-7-22
  426. Europe.  “Queen Elizabeth II.”  [Over seven decades, the monarch offered steady, self-effacing leadership.”   9-9-22
  427. Europe.  “Her Reign Spanned the Age of Giants.”  By Dominic Green.  [Measured words and quiet deeds made the queen the most recognizable person in human story.]   9-9-22
  428. Europe.  “Queen Elizabeth’s Old-School virtues.”  By Peggy Noonan. [Britain’s longest-reigning monarch always accepted her responsibilities with grace and humility.]   9-10-22
  429. Europe.  “An American Mourns His Queen.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [When I became a British citizen, I reluctantly swore allegiance to her majesty.  The idea has grown on me.]  9-10-22
  430. Europe.  “King Charles Has Big Sensible Shoes to Fill.”  By Tunku Varadarajan.  [He’ll be good, but it’s rare to have two great monarchs in a row.]   9-12-22
  431. Europe.  “Europe’s Rightward Trend Has Reached Sweden.”  by Dominic green.  [The new consensus calls for tighter immigration, stronger policing and cultural integration.]   9-14-22
  432. Europe.  “Olaf Scholz Tanks his Credibility.”   [Re: delaying arms deliveries to Ukraine.]   9-16-22
  433. Europe.  “Tories Struggle to Get Britain’s Economic Mojo Back.”   By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [Prime Minister Liz Truss has a plausible revival plan, but her party has forgotten how to sell it.]   9-23-22
  434. Europe.  “What Really Went Wrong in Britain.”  [Truss grapples with the crisis big-government conservatism made.]   9-30-22
  435. Europe.  “Liz Truss Is a Human Sacrifice to the Inflation Fires.”  Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [trace it back to the silence of the economists on the inflationary effects of Covid lockdowns.]   10-1-22
  436. Europe.  “Liz Truss’s Tax-Cut Plan Meets the Big-Government Ratchet.”   By Gerard Baker.  [Her modest proposed reductions draw howls from Biden, the IMF and leaders of her own party.]   10-4-22
  437. Europe.  Britain.  “Who Blew Up Britain’s Pension Funds?”  [A crisis probably was inevitable after a decade of too-low interest rates.]   10-13-22
  438. Europe.  “Germans See Affluence Ahead.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [Russia’s peril and the rejection of fossil fuels look to them like opportunities.]  10-18-22
  439. Europe.  “Boris Johnson May Be the Last Best Hope of the Conservative Party.”  [Today’s Tories are riven into factions and united around no principle apart from the pursuit of power.]   10-22-22
  440. Europe.  “Britain’s Decline From Winston to Liz.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [It’s domestic politics aside, England has never been more formidable.]  10-25-22
  441. Europe.  “Populism Is Behind the British Conservative party’s Downfall.”  [Working-class and free-market supporters had irreconcilable differences.  Republicans, take note.]   10-25-22
  442. Europe.  “Britain’s Prime Minister is India’s Pride.”  By Tunku Varadarajan.  [Meanwhile leftists at home dismiss Rishi Sunak as inauthentic.]   10-26-22
  443. Europe.  “Europe’s ‘New Right’ Looks a Lot Like Its Old Center.”  By Dominic Green.  [Voters are responding to familiar promises of economic prosperity and national cohesion.]   11-12-22
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  446. Europe.  “How a Real-Estate Entrepreneur Saved Britain From Itself.”  By Daniel Yergin.  [David Young (1932-2022) joined Margaret Thatcher’s government and made things happen.]   2-4-23
  447. Europe.  “A Coming defense Boost in Europe?”  [NATO’s 2% of GDP target isn’t adequate as threats multiply.]  2-18-23
  448. Europe.  “Britain Is Getting Back of Track.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [Success in Ukraine and the Pacific shore up standing lost to Brexit and Covid.]   3-7-23
  449. Europe.  “Coal Keeps Germany’s Lights On.”  3-10-23
  450. Europe.  “China Embarrasses Macron on Europe.”  [Beijing’s ambassador reveals China’s real views on sovereignty.]   4-24-23
  451. Europe.  “The Mad Winds That Drove the Riots in France.”  By Bernard-Henri Levy.  [My country faces a trial.  Neither illiberalism from the left nor the right will deliver justice and peace.]  7-6-23
  452. Europe.  “Old-Fashioned Conservatism Stirs in Spain.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [The center-right Popular Party offers an agenda for growth and a one-nation cultural message.]   7-18-23
  453. Europe.  “A Spanish Lesson for Europe.”  [The Popular Party shows how centrist conservatives can win.]   7-21-23
  454. Europe.  “Spain’s High-Stakes Election Stalemate.  [A left-wing coalition with separatists could imperil the country.]   7-25-23
  455. Europe.  “Europe Learns Its Electric Cars Wil be Made in China.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [The EU can’t afford the subsidies that the U.S. can, and it has more free-market scruples.]    9-29-23
  456. Europe.  “Hamas’s Violence Is Another European Policy Failure.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [The EU hoped to influence the world via economic clout.  It didn’t work with China and Russia either.]   10-13-23
  457. Europe.  “Greece’s Great Economic Comeback.”   [Europe’s former basket case is becoming a model fiscal citizen.]   10-24-23
  458. Europe.  “A Mideast War Becomes A European Crisis.”  By Dominic Green.  [The failure to assimilate immigrants and control borders brings violence and chaos to the streets.]   11-1-23
  459. Europe.  “Rishi Sunak and the Strange Death of conservative England.”  By Dominic Green.  [Like the Liberals in the early 20th century, the party is cracking up after a long period of dominance.]   11-15-23
  460. Europe.  “A Secessionist Crisis in Spain.”  By Jose Maria Aznar.  [The Socialists make a deal with the fringe group behind the seditious 2017 effort in Catalonia.]   9-17-23
  461. Europe.  “Erdogan’s Turkey Doesn’t Belong in the EU.”  By Enes Kanter Freedom.  [He tried to charm his way in, but it’s obvious he’s an extremist. ]   11-20-23
  462. Europe.  “Europeans Step Up but Still Need U.S. Leadership.”  By Joe Lieberman.  [The alliance is more united and determined than at any time since the end of World War II.]    2-21-24
  463. Europe.  “On Europe’s Defense Take Yes for an Answer.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [Allies are already stepping up military spending, but leaders need cover for hard political decision.]   2-23-24
  464. Europe.  “Postcards From a Reviving NATO.”  [Memo to Mr. Trump:  Europe is moving to meet military targets.]   2-24-24
  465. Europe.  “Europe Hs More to Fear than Trump.”  By Jakob Grygiel.   [Decades of complacency have left the Continent vulnerable and dependent on American protection.]   2-26-24
  466. Europe.  “Germany Should Have Listened to Trump.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [He was right about Berlin’s self-defense and risky energy dependence on Russia.]   2-27-24
  467. Europe.  “War Crimes and Remembrance.”   (Bookshelf by Ian Brunskill.)  “Out of the Darkness.”  By Frank Trentmann.  [The postwar reckoning in Germany focused on its own suffering and its own guilt.  Pride in not being proud turned easily to self-satisfaction.]   2-27-24
  468. Europe.  “Please Boycott My Country.”  By Torkel Brekke.  [If universities in Norway are going to target Israel, they should pay a price.]   2-28-24
  469. Europe.  “Tories Forget the Purpose of Tax Cuts:  Economic Growth.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [By overemphasizing fiscal balance, they conditioned the public to be skeptical of supply-side proposals.]  3-8-24
  470. Europe.  “The Dangers of a Rearmed Europe.:  by Aaron MacLean.  [NATO kept its promise to keep “the Germans down.’  The U.S. shouldn’t assume that success is permanent.]   3-12-24
  471. Europe.  “Germany Proves It’s Serious About Defense Spending.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [No mainstream politician seems to think cutting the military budget is the way out of a fiscal crunch.]   4-12-24
  472. Europe.  “Liz Truss Diagnoses Britain’s Malaise.”   By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [She’s the only one offering a coherent economic and political theory.  Her critics might try to do the same.]   4-26-24
  473. Europe.  “U.K. Loal Elections Yield Ominous Islamist Success.”  By Gerard Baker.  [In places as far apart as Oxford and Manchester, independents won seats on an anti-Israel platform.]   5-7-24

Issue Headlines

Weakening EU Prices Stir Fears of Deflation [news, not opinion] 6-17-14 Wall Street Journal.



Europe. News. “The Eurozone’s Failed Promise of ‘a Wonderful Life.’ By Stephen Fidler. Wall Street Journal, 8-7-15. P. A12

  • Europe.  Migrants. 8-28-15


Hundreds die as desperate immigrants head for Europe…

Boats packed with refugees… 


Desperate tide of humanity… 

Austria inspects trucks for migrants, creates 18-mile backup… 

Train carrying hundreds stopped at border…

Czech President Calls for Army to Defend Border…

Europe. 9-2-15 >>

Italy ready to impose border controls…

Migrants defiant as Hungary blocks train links for 2nd day…

Eurostar passengers threaten to smash train windows to escape…

Protesters climb on roof…

‘The system is collapsing’…

Czech police haul migrants off trains, ‘write numbers on arms in ink’…


Migrants 9-4-15 >>

Migrants Fleeing Hungary Start a Long March Toward Germany


News. Europe. Migrants. “Gains Inspire More Migrants.” Wall Street Journal, 9-8-15, page A1. Subhead: “Iraquis join Syrians in heading for Turkish coast and Europe, expecting welcome.”

News. Europe. Migrants. “Migrants Should Be Distributed, Merkel Says.” Wall Street Journal, 9-8-15, page A8. Pullquote: “Concerted European action to deal with the crisis appeared to be as distant as ever.”

News. USA / Europe, refugees. Refugee Organizations Call For U.S. To Take In 100,000 Syrians 9-8-16

Europe. Refugees. News. 9-9-15:  >>


Backups at borders across Europe…

German tabloids print Arabic refugee welcome guides…

Crisis adds to anxiety about Islam…



Europe. Refugees. 9-9-15:  >>


Video shows refugees fed ‘like animals in pen’ in Hungary camp… 

Soldiers given shock powers to use rubber bullets…

Islamists in Germany trying to recruit young refugees… 

French ex-minister: ‘Took our Jews and gave us Arabs’…


Saudi Arabia offers to help with Europe’s refugee crisis — by building 200 mosques in Germany!

Europe. Migrants / Refugees. “Germany Mobilizes to Settle Migrant Wave.” “Hungary Braces for Thousands More.” Wall Street Journal, 9-9-15 p. A14

Europe. Migrants / Refugees. “Mass Migrant Exodus Grew After Obscure German Tweet.” Wall Street Journal, 9-11-15 p. A1

Europe. Migrants / Refugees. 9-12-15:  >>

Thousands flock to anti-migrant demos in E.Europe…

‘Abandon plans to welcome Muslims’…

‘Islam will be death of Europe’… 

New Rift Emerges as East Resists Quotas… 

Hungary threatens mass arrests… 

Europe. Migrants / Refugees. 9-13-15: >>


‘We can’t take any more!’ Germany stops ALL trains from Austria as they reintroduce border controls and temporarily suspend Schengen Agreement  Read more:  Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Europe. Migrants / Refugees. 9-15-15: >>


Serbian official: ‘We are not concentration camp’…

Egyptian Billionaire Identifies Islands for Refugee Haven…

Europe. Migrants / Refugees. 9-16-15 >>



Europe.   Migrants.   9-18-15 >>

GET OUT!  EU nations pull welcome mats… 

Farage warns EU using crisis to expand powers… 

Hungary Plans Longer Fence… 

35 MILLION heading to Europe? 

Europe. Migrants. 9-19-15: >>

East European leaders in war of words as migrants pour across borders… 

Hungary mobilizes reserve troops…  

Europe. Migrants. 9-20-15: >>

Thousands more pour into Austria as EU immigration crisis deepens… 

Leaders in war of words… 

GOLDEN ARCHES: MCDONALD’S Leads Corporate Effort on Migrants’ Plight…

PAPER: Four out of five migrants are NOT from Syria: EU figures expose the ‘lie’…

Europe. Migrants. 9-21-15:  >>

ART GARFUNKEL: Muslims transforming Europe; mass migration dangerous…

Thousands more pour into Austria as EU immigration crisis deepens… 

Hungarian army given right to use weapons… 

Summit of divided leaders…

War of words… 


Europe. Migrants. 9-24-15:  >>

EU chief fears union will collapse… 

Migrant stream shows no sign of slowdown…

‘Greatest tide yet to come’…


Europe. Migrants. 9-30-15:  >>

Tempers flare in Germany’s crowded refugee centers…

Constitution printed in Arabic…

Half a million cross Med… 

Europe. Migrants. 10-4-15:   >>

Germany faces logistical nightmare as refugee inflows hit record…

Europe. Migrants. 10-13-15:  >>

German anti-Islam protesters slam ‘dangerous’ Merkel… 

‘Hang’ Chancellor from gallows…

VIDEO: Masked Migrants Chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ Rally in Germany With Sticks, Pipes… 

Refugee influx set to shake up Muslim community…   

Europe. Migrants. 10-15-15  >>

Asylum seekers SUE Germany for not paying them benefits FAST ENOUGH… 

Parents outraged after schoolchildren asked to make beds, cook for migrants…

Refugees taunt police by posting pics of stolen goods… 

Fears mount that Europe sheltering Syrian torturers… 

Hungary says fence finished…   

Europe. Migrants. 10-16-15 >>>


Turkey pours cold water on EU plan…

Migration chief warns of refugee relocation risks… 


Europe. Migrants. “Merkel Faces Near-Revolt Over Migrants.” Wall Street Journal p. A5, Saturday, 10-17-15. Subhead: “German leader’s conservative allies call her out for open-door policy; ‘You have failed.’

Europe. Migrants. 10-16-15  >>

German anti-migrant rally highlights European backlash…

As winter looms, struggle to find homes…

Thousands stranded on borders…

VIDEO: Brawl with police…

Muslims condemn Britain’s plans to combat extremism…

Austrian Town Drowns in Feces and Garbage… 

Turkey ‘not concentration camp’, won’t host permanently…

Uruguayans see Syrian refugees as rude, ungrateful guests…

Anti-immigration party wins Swiss election in ‘slide to the Right’… 

Europe. Migrants. 10-21-15  >>

VIDEO: Latest Wave of Muslim Migrants Flooding into Europe — ALL MEN… 

Merkel says influx a fallout from globalization… 


Europe. Migrants. 10-22-15  >>

Torch tents in protest of ONE DAY transfer wait… 

Outcry in over-run English village…


Sweden Almost Triples Estimates as System Buckles…

UN criticizes Czech detentions and strip-searches…    

Europe. Migrants. 10-24-15  >>

NO END IN SIGHT: Huge inflow of migrants into Slovenia continues despite cold weather… 

PM threatens to CLOSE borders with FENCE… 

Europe. Migrants. 10-24-15 >>



Europe. Migrants. 10-26-15 >>

DOCTOR: Refugees pushing German hospitals to ‘breaking point’…

AIDS, syphilis, open TB and many exotic diseases…

FT: End of Merkel era within sight… 


Europe. Migrants. 11-1-15 >>

 ENDLESS…  Thousands of Muslim migrants ‘disappear’ from camps…

German Village of 102 — Braces for 750 Refugees!  Disputes over crisis ‘pushing people to far-Right’…

‘Islam Coming and Your Daughters Will Wear Hijab’… 

 Europe. Migrants. GERMANY ‘SLIDING TOWARDS CIVIL WAR’ ^  From the November 03, 2015 16:42:10 GMT edition of the Drudge Report.

Europe. Migrants. 11-4-15 >>

Migrant crisis sparks worst spate of violence since Nazi era…

 Europe. Migrants. 11-5-15 >>




Europe. Migrants. 11-7-15 >>

 Row over refugees’ status reopens divisions in German government… 

Flashpoint in Berlin as anti-immigration protesters clash with police…


Flashpoint: Berlin…

Clashes with police…

Refugees’ status reopens divisions in govt…

Europe. Migrants. 11-7-15 >>

Row over refugees’ status reopens divisions in German government… 

Flashpoint in Berlin as anti-immigration protesters clash with police…


Flashpoint: Berlin…

Clashes with police…

Refugees’ status reopens divisions in govt… 

Europe. Migrants. 11-12-15 >> 



Open border system ‘about to collapse’… 

Fences sprout up across Europe…

Europe. Migrants. 11-13-15. “Young Migrants Go Solo Into Eruope.” Wall Street Journal. P. A14.. Subhead: “Thousands are believed to be flowing into Greece, overwhelming the ability of authorities to detect them.”

Europe. Migrants. Paris atrocity. 11-14-15   >>>>

…In addition, a Syrian passport found near the body of another attacker was linked to a man who entered the European Union through a Greek island last month.

…Officials in Greece said the passport’s owner entered in October through Leros, one of the islands that tens of thousands of people fleeing war and poverty in Syria and elsewhere have been using as a gateway into the European Union. Molins said the Syria-linked attacker was not known to French intelligence services.

…If the attack does involve militants who traveled to Europe amid millions of refugees from the Middle East, the implications could be profound.

Europe. Migrants. Paris atrocity. 11-14-15  >>>



LE PEN: France must ‘annihilate’ Islamist radicals…


Anxiety grows over ISIS recruits in USA…  


Merkel Open-Arms Stance Tested as Europe Goes on Alert… 


Poland to Shun Refugees…

Europe. Paris attack. 11-15-15   >>>

Paris attack puts dagger through heart of liberal Europe… 

Hollande wants 3-month state of emergency… 

Anti-Islam protests break out across France…

FLASHBACK: ISIS claims thousands of jihadis smuggled in as refugees…


Europe 12-1-15                                                                                  >>>>>> 

HUNGARY PM: Germany Struck ‘Secret’ Refugee Deal With Turkey…

500,000 More to Flood EU! 

ISIS Brags About Exploiting Refugee Program to Send ‘Sleeper Cells’ to Europe… 


PAPER: ‘Mummy Merkel’ followed her heart — and lost Germany…

Europe. Germany.         1-7-16                               >>>>>

Germans questioning migrant welcome in wake of New Year’s Eve chaos… 


‘You have to treat me kindly. Mrs Merkel invited me’… 

Vigilante Groups Form to Fight Back!


Europe. Germany.         1-9-16                               >>>>>



Merkel toughens tone…

VIDEO: Migrants in Berlin Shoot Guns, Throw Fireworks…

Europe. Migrants. “Germany Says Attackers Include Refugees.” Wall Street Journal 1-9-16 p. A12


Europe. Germany.         1-11-16                               >>>>>

GERMAN OFFICIAL: 10 Million More Migrants Headed for Europe… 

Pope warns influx risks overwhelming values, traditions…

Vigilante revenge attacks for sex assaults…

Swedish Police Under Investigation for Cover Up… 

French Tensions: Slashing, Church Fires, Profaned Mosque…

Europe. Germany.         1-11-16                                                                       >>>>>

GERMAN OFFICIAL: 10 Million More Migrants Headed for Europe… 

Pope warns influx risks overwhelming values, traditions…

Vigilante revenge attacks for sex assaults…

Swedish Police Under Investigation for Cover Up… 

French Tensions: Slashing, Church Fires, Profaned Mosque…

Europe.               2-14-16.                                         >>>>

Europe gives up on American leadership against Russia…:

Europe. 2-17-16

Tony Blair accused of conspiracy over mass immigration… 


Europe. 4-14-16: Sicily flooded with 2,000 migrants EVERY DAY…


EU Plans $290,000 Per Person Fine on Countries Refusing “Fair Share” of Refugees; Case For Brexit Crystallized

by mishgea

“The European Commission plans fines of $290,000 per person on countries refusing to take in their fair share of refugees. This plan is aimed straight at Poland, Slovokia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Austria. The UK, Ireland, and Denmark all have opt-out policies, but the UK  cannot expect that to last forever unless the vote […]”

Read more of this post:

Europe:   8-18-16                >>>>

All-out war threat in Ukraine as Putin places 40k troops on border…

Europe. 7-10-17  Israel backs Hungary, says financier Soros is a threat


Sweden on the Brink of a Legal Crisis Posted: 2017-06-30 01:09:00-04
A Swedish report has been leaked that concludes the Refugee Crisis is destroying Europe. The report has revealed that the number of lawless areas (commonly referred to as, “no-go zones”) in Sweden have now reached 61, rising from 55 in just one year. This increase includes, not only the total number, but also the geographical […]

Europe.  10-27-17

Catalonia declares independence…

First for European Union…

Violence erupts in Barcelona…

Madrid Crackdown…

Hungary Orders Spies to Target Soros ‘Empire’…

Campaign Consideration

Europe. Migrants. Mike Shedlock blog: 11-7-15 >>  

Talking Points


What’s Driving the Influx of Migrants and Refugees to the West?

Rescued migrants in Augusta, Sicily, April 2015.


June 4, 2015 12:00 AM @VDHANSON Tuscany

— Northern and central Italy are not on the southern Mediterranean. But somehow thousands of refugees from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East are everywhere here — as is true of much of the European Union. Some sleep on park benches. Many peddle knock-off electronic goods and counterfeit watches. Angry Italians shoo away refugee beggars from tour groups. The Greek islands near the coast of Turkey are likewise flooded this summer with dispossessed refugees from countries such as Afghanistan and Syria. Apparently a bankrupt Greek government lacks the resources to patrol its vast coastline. Some beleaguered Greeks assume that thousands of boat people and homeless refugees will eventually leave their makeshift camps and head northward to the wealthier homelands of Greece’s Northern European creditors. A similar rush has overwhelmed America’s southern border. In the last two years, tens of thousands of Central American and Mexican citizens have sensed that the Obama administration has suspended border enforcement. Illegal entry into the United States won’t result in punishment, but instead in an array of social services unimaginable in Latin America. RELATED: The Migrants’ Tragedy: How Europe Must Cope with the Influx So, what explains this constant rush of the world’s poor families into the West? And why aren’t China, Russia, Iran, and Cuba, for example, flooded with illegal entrants? The human exodus to Western countries is not always explained by a lack of natural wealth elsewhere. Iraq and Venezuela, for example, are awash in oil. Mexico has lots of oil, minerals, and fertile soil. Wars may have driven scores of Afghans, North Africans, and Syrians from their homelands to the West, but most of Latin America is at relative peace. The allure of the West is certainly not due to Europeans’ and Americans’ constantly brainwashing the world about their supposedly superior culture. Just the opposite is true. American media and universities constantly harangue about the race, class, and gender shortcomings of Western civilization. President Obama has retold countless Western historical sins and offered apologies for them while abroad. RELATED: The Strange Case of Modern Immigration: The West Is too Cowed by Guilt to Look Honestly at the Issue Nor are Western economies currently booming and thus short of labor. The European Union faces massive debt. America never quite recovered from the Great Recession of 2008–09 and is currently experiencing negative economic growth. Many immigrants arrive without expectation of joining the labor force. Nor do millions of refugees hear nice things about the West from their own governments. Refuges flood the West not just for economic opportunity but also for Western-style freedom. State media throughout Latin America routinely trash Yanqui neo-imperialism and arrogance. The Middle East is one big anti-American megaphone that constantly ridicules Western decadence as the antithesis of Islamic decorum. So why, then, do millions risk their lives to get into America, Europe, and other Western nations by hook or by crook? The Western poor enjoy a level of state support and access to technology, health care, and security that would make them relatively rich in the Third World. Even a poor foreign-born peddler in Florence, Italy, has access to clean water and is safe in a way unknown to most residents of Syria or Afghanistan. RELATED: Our Illiberal Immigration Policy Leads to Chaos In the West, sexism means something like the glass ceiling that makes it harder for professional women with children to match the career trajectories of their alpha corporate male counterparts. Not so in the non-West, where women are not always even guaranteed a right to vote or to divorce. At worst, gender bias is a matter of genital mutilation, arranged marriages, and sexual slavery. Gays demonstrate over the right to marry in the West; in Iran they can be stoned to death. There may be riots in Baltimore and soccer thuggery in Britain. But that is child’s play in comparison to the medieval environment elsewhere in the world. Boko Haram has carried out massacres and other atrocities in North Africa. The Islamic State films its near-daily prehistoric beheadings. Critics of the North Korean government end up dead. RELATED: Yes, Amnesty Leads Encourages More Illegal Immigration  Refuges flood the West not just for economic opportunity but also for Western-style freedom. The state restricts free speech in China and in much of the Middle East. Academics in the West may preach past U.S. sins to impressionable 18-year-old students. But refugees from Latin America assume that once they cross the border into the U.S., they will have freedoms, legal protections, compassionate social services — and respect — of the sort that is impossible at home. MORE IMMIGRATION OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS SHOULD SCREEN OUT ISLAMISTS, NOT ALL MUSLIMS ANGELA MERKEL – PERSON OF THE YEAR I’VE CHANGED. THIS IS WAR. SEAL THE BORDERS. STOP THE VISAS. Millions have decided that it is far better to be immigrants of illegal status in America than native-born citizens inside Mexico. What, then, explains the magnetic attraction of the often-criticized West? Add up the right to free expression, human rights, religious tolerance, constitutional government, an independent judiciary, separation of church and state, free-market economics and the protection of private property — and everyday life becomes simply far better. There is one final irony. The richer, freer, and more technologically pampering that life becomes for self-critical native Westerners, the whinier they become — as if their West is not good because it is not perfect. — Victor Davis Hanson is a classicist and historian at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, and the author, most recently, of The Savior Generals. You can reach him by e-mailing © 2015 Tribune Media Services, Inc. Read more at:


Europe. Migrants. Mike Shedlock blog: 11-5-15 >> 

Merkel Reaffirms “Refugees Welcome” Policy Over Her Own Party’s Objections

Europe / U.K. 6-24-16             >>>






France, Italy, Netherlands Now Want Referendum…



Plunge Protection Teams Mobilize…

Global banks seek to reassure…


UK Richest Lose $5.5 Billion!

GREENSPAN: ‘Just tip of the iceberg’…

Lawyers Feel The Boon…


BORIS IN? Merkel warns against kneejerk reaction…


‘Europe will fall very soon’…

Final nail in coffin for U.S.-EU trade deal…

Despite ‘Remain’ Scaremongering Germany, USA, Canada Want Trade Partnerships…

Hillary, Obama on WRONG side of history…

PAPER: Her worst nightmare…

Second MAJOR BLOW to Obama in as many days…

Brexit could signal Trump winning White House…

Unlikely Brits Who Caused Revolution…

Leaders failed to sway anger at immigration…



Europe. Brexit.  “Britain Fires a Shot Heard Round the World.”  Wall Street Journal, 6-25-16 p. A1

“The implications of Britain’s vote to leave the European Union will reverberate… as the most powerful demonstration yet of a rising populist tide transforming the established order across the West…

… the single largest blow the British populace has delivered to its establishment in modern history…

…Voters defied the impassioned – and united – opposition of the leadership of all five major political parties…rejected the advice of more than 1,200 corporate CEOs…

…Banks in the City of London…and most of its influential think tanks and academic institutions, had warned of the risks… A procession of eminent foreigners…President Barack Obama …telling British voters that Britain would go to “the back of the queue” in negotiations for trade agreements…

…This unprecedented establishment campaign of persuasion failed…

…Turnout in the referendum was unusually high in pro-Leave districts, while in the areas of the country that backed Remain…the turnout was much lower…

…victory has…also demonstrated that anger that is not addressed by the existing party leaderships can be harnessed to propel an improbable campaign to victory over the forces of an establishment…

Europe. 2-11-17

Merkel Will Pay Migrants Millions To Leave Germany…

Europe. 6-12-17

No Let-Up for European Migrant Influx…