New York

Opinion Headlines

  1. New York. “Union Trouble Isn’t the Met’s Only Problem.” By Joseph Horowitz. 8-9-14
  2. New York. “Back to Mannahata.” [Mayor Bill de Blasio’s utopian plan to decarbonize New York.] 9-26-14
  3. New York. LTE. “Don’t Worry About deBlasio’s Plan” 10-4-14
  4. New York. “A Plan for New York Revival.” [Astorino’s tax reform would lift the state’s flagging economy.] 10-11-14
  5. New York. “The Gangs of New York.” [A union scam helps explain why Gotham hotels cost so much.] 12-1-2014
  6. New York. “Law and Protest in New York.” [The Big Apple gets its Ferguson, Missouri test.] 12-4-14
  7. New York. LTE. “New York City Hotel Wage Agreement Makes Good Sense.” 12-5-14.
  8. New York. “What De Blasio Won’t See.” [New York’s mayor doesn’t understand how police maintain order.] 12-30-14
  9. New York. “LTE. What the Police Did for New York.” 12-31-14
  10. New York. “A City of Mourning and Demonized Police.” By Dorothy Rabinowitz. [Shunned by cops, allied with Al Sharpton, incensed by criticism; New York’s mayor begins his second year.] 1-7-15
  11. New York. “Shelly Silver’s Asbestos Gold.” [A case study in the links between politicians and the plaintiff’s bar.] 2-2-15
  12. New York. “New York’s Licensing Barricade Against Military Spouses.” By Michael P. Richter [Professionals can lose years of income waiting for Albany to process the paperwork they need to work.] 2-14-15
  13. New York. “Andrew Cuomo’s East Berlin.” [“…Some 15 towns have announced they want to secede from New York and become part of neighboring Pennsylvania…”] 2-27-15
  14. New York. “Republican Crony Capitalism.” 3-3-15
  15. New York. “An Asbestos Silver Lining.” [Could Sheldon Silver’s arrest help clean up the New York tort racket?] 4-18-15
  16. New York. “De Niro v. De Blasio.” [The Raging bull demands a film festival subsidy.] 4-25-15
  17. New York. “De Blasio’s Gang Rationale.” [Whatever happened to ‘black lives matter’?] 6-3-15
  18. New York. “Waiter, There’s a Tax Dodge in My Soup.” By Cyrus R. Vance Jr., [‘Sales suppression software’ in underhanded New York restaurants is lending a new meaning to “prix fixe.”] 6-3-15
  19. New York. “Bipartisan Prison Reform.” [Jail isn’t meant to be a country club but it shouldn’t be a jungle.] 7-7-15
  20. New York. “How Uber Won the Big Apple.” By Holman w. Jenkins, Jr. [Believers in innovation and competition, alas, won’t always be able to count on incompetent opponents.” 7-25-15
  21. New York. LTE. “Mayor’s Embarrassing Stand on Uber Had Good Points.” 8-4-15
  22. New York. “The Judge Who Saved New York.” [Mayor de Blasio is barred from regulating banks. Crisis averted.] 8-14-15
  23. New York. “Times Squalid.” [A symbol of New York revival reverts to disorder under Bill de Blasio.] 8-22-15
  24. New York. LTE “New York City Scores an “Own Goal.” [minimum wage laws] 8-24-15
  25. New York. “Policing ‘Awful but Lawful’ Times Square Panhandling.” By William J. Bratton. [Costumed characters and topless women have rights, but so do citizens. The City is exploring its options.] 9-5-15
  26. New York. “Westchester Wronged.” [No Evidence the county discriminated against anyone.] 10-2-15
  27. New York. “New York’s Fantasy Spoilsport.” [The state’s top Puritan bars daily leagues from the No Fun State.] 11-13-15
  28. New York. “New York’s Shameless Attorney General.” By Ken Langone. 11-23-15
  29. New York. “Boss Tweed Goes Down.” [A jury convicts former Albany Speaker Sheldon Silver of corruption.] 12-1-15
  30. New York. “New York’s Fantasy Fraud.” “Schneiderman tries to protect the state gambling monopoly.” 1-7-16
  31. New York. “Cain and Abel, Michael and Fredo, Cuomo and de Blasio.” By Kyle Smith. [They were once brothers in liberalism, but now the governor regularly yanks the mayor’s chain, especially about homelessness.] 1-9-16
  32. New York.  “Muslims and the Police.” [New York City ignores the lessons of its antiterror success.] 1-9-16
  33. New York. “Oh, Great: Full-Time Crooks in Albany.” [Barring lawmakers’ outside income wouldn’t stop corruption, but it would increase state spending.”] 2-4-16
  34. New York. “Back to the Future in New York.” [The City Council embraces drinking and urinating in public.] 5-27-16
  35. New York. “A New York Vendetta That Harms Business.”  By Thomas J. Donohue.  6-30-16
  36. New York. “Bill De Blasio’s Progressive War on Uber.”  By Benjamin Parker.  [Archaic government regulation is the reason ride-hailing companies are flourishing in New York.]  8-4-16
  37. New York. “The Schneiderman Rules.”  [America’s worst Attorney General abuses his office to aid Clinton.]  10-4-16
  38. New York. “New York Tries to Kill Airbnb.”  [Too many owners were making too many renters happy.]  10-22-16
  39. New York. LTE.  “Airbnbers Aren’t the Only Interest to Consider.”  10-31-16
  40. New York. LTE.  “Complex Homeless Problem Needs a Subtle Fix.”  10-31-16
  41. New York. “New York’s Second Coming.”  [A century late, the city’s first new subway opens.  What Trump can learn.]  1-4-17
  42. New York. “Hank Greenberg’s Vindication. [New York’s AIG fraud case sputters to a pathetic settlement.] 2-13-17
  43. New York. “New York’s Investigated Mayor Gets Away Scot-Free. By Elisha Maldonado. [Bill de Blasio seems destined for re-election now that prosecutors say he won’t be charged.] 3-18-17
  44. New York. “The De Blasio Standard.” [He gets off the hook for behavior progressives denounce on the right.] 3-18-17
  45. New York. “Tuition -Free College Is Nothing More Than a Political Ploy.” By Allysia Finlay. [New York’s plan makes no sense except as a way for Gov. Cuomo to pitch Iowa voters ahead of 2020.] 4-20-17
  46. New York. “What’s Bill Smoking?” [New York city’s mayor is the black market’s best friend.] 4-22-17
  47. New York. “Saving Gotham From Disaster.” (Bookshelf by Julia Vitullo-Martin) “Fear City” by Kim Phillips-Fein. [Koch was a business-oriented mayor not because he liked ‘the richies,’ but because he needed their taxes to pay for services for the poor.] 4-24-17
  48. New York City. “These Days, You Can’t Make It Anywhere in New York, New York.”  By Myron Magnet.  [Mayor Bill de Blasio has continued his predecessor Mike Bloomsberg’s war on automotive traffic.]   (“…As November’s mayoral election approaches, a powerful promise for some candidate would be to make traffic flow freely again:  rip out Times Square’s pedestrian mall (rarely full), rip out most of the bike lanes and evict Citi Bike, while policing vigilantly to keep pedestrians safe.  New York isn’t reserved for young people on bicycles.  It’s also for business people and old people, who take cabs…when they can’t take the subway – and who pay a lot of the city’s taxes.”)  5-13-17.
  49. New York. “Cuomo’s Nuclear short Circuit.”  [The Governor builds a progressive resume but ignores the law.]  5-19-17
  50. New York. “New York city Wants to Supersize the ‘Fight for $15’” by Michael Saltsman.  [Even if fast-food workers haven’t voted to unionize, a new proposal would let them pay pseudo-dues.]  5-20-17
  51. New York. “New York’s Mayor Junks Due Process.”  By Jonathan Lippman.  [Immigrants facing deportation will get lawyers – maybe.]  6-1-17
  52. New York. “The Albany School Sellout.”  [The politicians all get something, but poor kids are the losers.]  7-1-17
  53. New York. “New York’s Liberal Subway War.”  [Cuomo vs. de Blasio is a hoot but New Yorkers are paying the price.]  8-10-17
  54. New York.  “New York Attacks Success.” [Now the unions want to run Dan Loeb off the charter network’s board.] 8-23-17
  55. New York. “Cuomo’s Natural Gas Blockade.” [New York’s Governor is raising energy costs for millions of Americans.] 8-24-17 (With graph: Natural gas production in four eastern states 1995-2016)
  56. New York. LTE.  “Cuomo’s Fracking Opposition Hurts New York.”  9-2-17
  57. New York. “New York’s Mayor Gives Smokers Another Reason Not to Quit.”  By John Tierney.  [Bill De Blasio’s new rules on e-cigarettes show once again that ‘public health’ activists put politics first.]  9-9-17
  58. New York. “Can New York Reinvent Itself Again?”  by Andy Kessler.  [It risks becoming another Detroit if it keeps repelling entrepreneurs.]  9-11-17
  59. New York. (Bookshelf by Edward Kosner) “The Gotham Growth Spurt.”  “Greater Than Ever.”  By Daniel L. Doctoroff.  [As deputy to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Daniel Doctoroff oversaw the renewal of the Brooklyn waterfront and West Side railyards.] 9-12-17
  60. New York. Education.  “In New York, There’s No Alternative to a Free School Lunch.”  By Naomi Schaefer Riley.  [“…according to Ms. Farina and Mayor Bill de Blasio, well-off youngsters need a free lunch in order to keep poor kids from becoming social outcasts….”]  9-15-17
  61. New York. “A Confederacy of Dunces.” By Wm McGurn.  [Mayor Bill de Blasio goes hunting for ‘hate’ on New York City property.]  9-19-17
  62. New York. “New York Get Lucky Again.”  [Three homegrown jihadists have struck the city in 14 months.]  12-12-17
  63. New York. “Andrew Cuomo Goes to War.” By Wm. McGurn. [It’s a battle between the blue and the red, says New York’s governor.] 1-9-18
  64. New York. “New York’s Bid to Control Religious Schools.” By Avi Schick. [Local public districts would have the power to shut down private institutions.] 1-19-18
  65. New York. “The Andrew Cuomo Tax Campaign.” [The New Yorker’s idea of reform is to raise taxes again on high earners.] 1-26-18
  66. New York. Taxes. “Subsidies and the City” [Actress Cynthia Nixon targets New York film and TV tax breaks.] 3-24-18
  67. New York. “Cuomo’s de Blasio Budget.” [New York’s Governor continues his steady march to the left.]   4-6-18
  68. New York. “New Yorkers, Meet the New Nixon.” By Wm. McGurn. [The ‘Sex and the City’ star running against Cuomo is tanned, ready and rested.] 4-10-18
  69. New York. “Cuomo Loots a Catholic Charity.” By Bill Hammond. [Fidelis planned to devote billions to health care for the needs. New York’s governor had other ideas.] 4-10-18
  70. New York.  “Why N.Y. Pols Aren’t World Class.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Too much conformity makes it easy for the Empire State’s fakers and role players.]  5-9-18
  71. New York.  “’I Am the Law’.”  [Schneiderman was abusive in his public and private conduct.]  5-9-18
  72. New York. “New York’s Green Energy Roulette.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Gov. Cuomo uses up his state’s electricity margin of safety to advance his career.] 5-16-18
  73. New York. “Andrew Cuomo’s Wind Farm Won’t Fly Without Fracking.” By Robert Bryce [New York’s governor touts turbines while closing a nuclear plant. To fill the gap? Natural gas.] 5-19-18
  74. New York. “From Rats to Rainwater, a Tour of New York Public Housing.” By Howard Husock. [What began as a utopian New Deal dream is now a nightmare. Government should leave this business.] 6-9-18
  75. New York. “Will New York’s Mayor Erase Real Diversity?” by Maximilian Ximenez. [‘Asian’ is a broad category, covering the planet’s largest continent with the majority of its population.] 7-3-18
  76. New York. “The Taxi Empire Strikes Back.” 7-10-18 [“If you can’t beat them, hamstring them with regulation…proposing a $17.22 per hour minimum wage for ride-hailing firms like Uber and Lyft…”] 7-10-18
  77. New York. “Where New York Goes to Think.” [Larry Mone will retire from the idea shop that helped to revive the city.] 7-13-18
  78. New York. “Albany’s Millionaire Tax Revolt.”  [High-tax states sue to protect their richest taxpayers.]  7-19-18
  79. New York.  “New York’s Latest Uber Assault.”  [Mayor de Blasio and the city Council try to rescue the taxi cartel.]  8-8-18
  80. New York.  “New York Can Earn the money to Pay for Better Subways.”  By Dag Detter.  [Public agencies are sitting on enormous real-estate assets – a gold mine if managed professionally.]  9-1-18
  81. New York.  “No Debate in New York State.”  [Cuomo, Gillibrand and the arrogance of one-party rule.]  10-22-18
  82. New York.  “A Tale of Two New Yorks.”  [Billions for Amazon but rats, lead paint and mold for public housing.]  11-17-18
  83. New York.  Education.  “New York State Targets Jewish Schools..”  by Elya Brudny and Yisroel  Reisman.  [Albany bureaucrats want to commandeer our curriculum.  We won’t have it.]  12-14-18
  84. New York.  “DeBlasio’s Privacy Invasion.”  [A federal judge says New York’s raid on Airbnb hosts violates the law.]  1-11-19
  85. New York.  ‘Money ‘in the Wrong Hands.’”  [Let’s compare who does more public social good with their money.]  (See New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s State of the City address, Jan. 10, 2019)  1-14-19
  86. New York.  “Why New Yorkers Flee For Florida.”  By Rick Scott.  [Our hearts go out to you for your sagging luxury real-estate market.  But you did this to yourself.]  3-21-19
  87. New York.  “Cuomo vs. New York.”  [The Governor cancels another natural gas pipeline.]  5-18-19
  88. New York.  “New York’s Subsidy for Striking Unions.” By Ken Girardin.  [Walk off the job and get unemployment benefits after a week.]  5-21-19
  89. New York.  “Albany Goes Wild.”  [The return of rent control to New York and other acts of insanity.]  6-14-19
  90. New York. “It’s Not Too late for New York to Start Fracking.” By Paul H. Tice. [Cuomo deprives his state of its economic benefits because of imaginary environmental risks.] 7-13-19
  91. New York. “Disorder Rises in de Blasio’s New York.” By Eugene O’Donnell. [Graffiti and petty crime are rampant again, as the mayor denies the justice system’s legitimacy.] 7-15-19
  92. New York. “Cuomo’s Power Outage Portent.” [Heat-wave blackouts are more likely thanks to his war on fossil fuels.] 7-23-19
  93. New York. “New York’s Public Housing Misery.” 7-27-19
  94. New York. “New Yorkers Could Use a Lyft.” By Gerard Gayou. [Regulators squeeze ride-sharing companies, while commuters enjoy stalled subways in sweltering hear.] 7-29-19
  95. New York. “How to Kill a Housing Market.” By Joshua Stein. [New York state tightens the screws on landlords, who will respond by letting apartments go vacant.] 9-28-19
  96. New York. “Good Riddance to Rikers Island.” [An opportunity to reform jails the way New York reformed policing.] 10-17-19
  97. New York. “Cuomo’s Carbon Contradiction.” [After blocking pipelines, he bullies a firm to deploy natural gas this winter.] 10-21-19
  98. New York. “New York’s Climate Show Trial.” [Exxon is charged with being too alarmist in public about the risk of global warming.] 10-22-19
  99. New York. “Three Tales of a City: Bloomberg, de Blasio and Trump.” [Each New York politician in his own way represents a facet of the Big Apple’s multiple personalities.] 11-14-19
  100. New York. “Cuomo’s Carbon Casualties.” [Ban pipelines and fracking and then blame business for shortages.] 11-18-19
  101. New York. “Of Gun Rights and a cup of Coffee.” [Never trust a politician in New York on the Second Amendment.] 12-3-19
  102. New York. “New York’s Stranded Exxon Case.” [A judge eviscerates the much ballyhooed climate-change suit.] 12-11-19
  103. New York. “Yale, Al Sharpton and the Attacks on New Yok’s Jew.” By Abigail Sheier. [Disdain for the ultra-Orthodox leads the elites to tolerate hatred, which turns into violence.] 1-4-20
  104. New York. “New York Tries Again to Muzzle Pro-Life Groups.” By Nicole Ault. [The state’s new ‘boss bill’ defies the spirit of a 2018 Supreme Court ruling in favor of a pregnancy center.] 1-18-20
  105. New York. “The ‘No Bail’ Fiasco in New York.” [Crime is breaking out again amid a get-out-of-jail-free law.] 3-7-20
  106. Coronavirus. “The Extreme State Lockdowns.” [The California and New York orders to stay at home are unsustainable.] 3-21-20
  107. New York.  “New York’s Ailing Hospitals.” 3-26-20
  108. New York. “New York’s Incurable Spenders.” [Coronavirus? Albany spends as usual as it awaits a federal bailout.] 4-13-20
  109. New York. “A Tax on Data Could Fix New York’s Budget.” By Eric Adams and Andrew Gounardes. [New revenue from information brokers to plug the Covid hole.] 6-2-20
  110. New York.  “New York’s Cop Out.”  [The city defunds police by $1 billion amid rising shootings and murder.]   7-3-20
  111. New York.  “New York Is No ‘Donor State.’”  By Matthew Schoenfeld.  [Cuomo’s claim that the Empire State ‘gives’ more than it ‘gets’ is based on  distorted measures.]   7-22-20
  112. New York.  “What Else Cuomo Crushed.”  [“…But he didn’t have to crush his state’s economy at the same time…]   7-25-20
  113. New York.  “New York Has Witnessed a Mortgage Strike Before.”  By Jeffrey a. Kroessler.  [In 1929, when some Queens residents stopped paying leaders didn’t share AOC’s view of government power.]   8-28-20
  114. New York.  “Cuomo Gets a Nursing Home Inspection.”  [A Justice Department probe will examine New York’s Covid-19 deaths.]   8-29-20
  115. New York.  “New York’s AG Lays a Rotten Egg.”  By Richard J. Sexton and Daniel A. Sumner.  [A lawsuit accuses farmers of price gouging during the pandemic.]   8-31-20
  116. New York.  “A Plea to Save New York.”  [Business leaders finally tell de Blasio to clean up crime and public order.]   9-12-20
  117. New York.  “New York Politicians Decide to Keep a Brooklyn Neighborhood Poor.”  By Howard Husock. [A proposed waterfront redevelopment would have created thousands of jobs and cost the city nothing.]   10-3-20
  118. New York.  “The Alternative to a Bailout for Fiscally Mismanaged States.”  By Jonathan Williams and Dave Trabert.  [If New York and Illinois spent like Florida and Texas, they’d save enough to put away the tin cup.]  10-17-20
  119. New York.  “New York’s Kids Aren’t All Right.”  [The teachers union and the mayor prepare to shut down schools again.]  11-14-20
  120. New York.  “School’s Out for Autumn in New York.”   By Seth Barron.  [‘Science’ and ‘the facts’ fall victim to the gargantuan political egos of Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo.]   11-21-20
  121. New York.  “DeBlasio Gets Schooled on Reopening.”  [He reopens some schools as public pressure beats the teacher’s union.]   12-1-20
  122. New York.  “New York, I Love You, but We Can’t Go On Like This.”  By Mark E. Kingdon.  [The Empire State and its biggest city need a financial and political intervention before it’s too late.]   1-16-21
  123. New York.  “Democrats in Albany Grab the Redistricting Pen.”  By  John J. Faso.  [Cuomo blocks funding for a constitutionally required, bipartisan commission to draw fairer lines.]       2-6-21
  124. New York.  “The Cuomo Covid Coverup.”  [His adviser admits to covering up New York’s nursing home deaths.]   2-13-21
  125. New York.  “Big Labor May Save New York From AOC’s Socialism.”  By Steven Malanga.  [Even public-sector unions favor old-style incumbent Democrats to radical insurgents like her.]   2-20-21
  126. New York.  “Why Cuomo Should Be Worried About a Federal Probe.”  By John B. Daukas.  [His administration appears to have engaged in a coverup to frustrate federal oversight.]   2-22-21
  127. New York.  “The Old New York Won’t Come Back.” By Peggy Noonan.  [The pandemic changed everything,’ wee say.  But we have yet to absorb fully everything that means.]   2-27-21
  128. New York.  “Andrew Cuomo in the Dock.”   3-1-21
  129. New York.  “Bill de Blasio Fights Success.”  ((Re-opening schools vs. charter schools.)) 3-11-21
  130. New York.  “Cuomo Becomes Expendable.”  [With Trump gone, the embarrassing Governor is no longer necessary.]   3-15-21
  131. New York.  “New York’s Hot Export:  People.  By Mark Kingdon.   [Some 65,000 families pay half the city’s income taxes, but they’ve fleeing high taxes and disorder.]   3-15-21
  132. New York.  “Andrew Yang Takes On the Unions.”  [The candidate for mayor dares to challenge the school lockdowns.]   3-20-21
  133. New York.  “Andrew Cuomo Plots His Survival.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Under scandal’s cloud and impeachment’s threat, New York’s governor decides not to go quietly.]   3-20-21
  134. New York.  “The Cuomo Scandals:  This Is CNN.”  By Carol Markowicz.  [The governor’s brother hyped his Covid case last spring.  Now it turns out he got special treatment.]   3-27-21
  135. New York.  “Does New York Still Want to Be the Capital of the World?  By Kenneth Jackson.  [A fight over a lower Manhattan development project pits the city’s future against its past.]   4-3-21
  136. New York.  “New York’s Tax Madness.”  [Despite a federal bailout, Albany wants to pile on record rate increases.]   4-5-21
  137. New York.  “New York Is In Trouble.”  By Richard Ravitch.  [“…we can’t recover here without renewed population growth and private investment.”]  4-7-21
  138. New York.  “New York Taxes Go Skyscraper High.”  [A weak and desperate Cuomo caves to the left on everything.]   4-8-21
  139. New York.  “Cuomo Finishes the Pandemic as He Started It, by Failing Seniors.]  by Allysia Finley.  [In prioritizing vaccines, New York put ‘equity’ and special interests ahead of the elderly and vulnerable.]   4-23-21
  140. New York.  “Beaten by Cops, I Became One.”  By Eric L. Adams.  [I’m running for mayor so New York can have both public safety and police accountability.] 4-26-21
  141. New York.  “Times Square as ‘the O.K. Corral.’”  [Cuomo’s analogy turns out to be apt, albeit for the wrong reason.]   5-10-21
  142. New York.  “Andrew Yang Wants to Be Like Mike (Bloomberg, That Is).”  By Tunku Varadarajan.  [The upbeat former presidential candidate is a frontrunner to become New York’s next mayor.]   5-15-21
  143. New York.  “NYPD Can’t Fight Crime on Its Own.”  By Ray McGuire.  [Officers need support form social workers, counselors, teachers and the community.]   6-1-21
  144. New York.  “Can the Next Mayor Make New York Safe Again?”  by Mene Ukueberuwa.  [Rising crime is the city’s biggest issue, but some Democratic candidates remain more worried about ‘overpolicing.’”]  6-5-21
  145. New York.  “Kathryn Garcia Is Fine with Second Place.”  By Tunku Varadarajan.  [The new ranked-choice voting system means New York’s next mayor may not win on the first count.]  6-12-21
  146. New York.  “Saving New York City.”  [The big Apple needs a turnaround – starting with crime control.]   6-19-21
  147. New York.  “NTC Voted.  It Was About Crime.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Progressives can win elections, but there’s a problem:  They don’t now how to govern.]    6-24-21
  148. New York.  “New York Democrats Take a Stab at Reality..”    [Results in the primary suggest the next mayor is unlikely to be an AOC-style extreme progressive.]   6-26-21
  149. New York.  “Attacking the Press couldn’t Make a Winner Out of Shaun Donovan.”  By Barton Swaim.  [He evidently decided a show of hatred was his only hope.  But he proved unable to pull it off.]   6-29-21
  150. New York.  “New York’ Ranked-Choice Fiasco.”  7-1-21
  151. New York.  “Breaking Bill de Blasio’s Windows.”  [“…it’s not too late for the next mayor to learn from his mistakes.”]  7-29-21
  152. New York.  “The Andrew Cuomo Standard.”  [If Democrats take sexual harassment seriously, they’ll move to impeach.]   8-4-21
  153. New York.  “Your Vaccine Papers, Please.”   [New Yok’s mayor will punish you until you get the Covid-19 shot.]   8-4-21
  154. New York.  “New York’s Capital Is Crazytown.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [The report on Cuomo finds credible allegations of sexual harassment – and a deep weirdness.]   8-7-21
  155. New York.  “De Blasio Banishes My Kids From New York.”  By Ray Prisament.  [His vaccine decree relegates them to second-class status.]   8-10-21
  156. New York.  “Cuomo Should Have Made Albany Vote.”  [If he’s innocent as he says, he deserved a chance to defend himself.]   8-11-21
  157. New York.  “Cuomo Is Gone, His Economic Mismanagement Not Forgotten.”  By E. J. McMahon.  [He offered ‘startup’ tax breaks to General Electric, which started in 1892 and chose Boston anyway.]   8-11-21
  158. New York.  “Kathy Hochul’s Charter Opportunity.”  [New York’s next Governor can stand for children over unions.]  8-24-21
  159. New York.  “Will New York Come Back?  Will New Yorkers?”  (The Weekend Interview with Eric Adams by Tunku Varadarajan.)  [The likely next mayor says he’ll lobby all those exiles in Florida to come back, and explains how he’ll reduce crime while restoring trust in police.]   9-4-21
  160. New York.  “How to Gerrymander the Empire State.”  [New York’s redistricting commission is headed for failure.]  9-20-21
  161. New York.  “New York’s ‘New Penn Station’ Is a Train Wreck.”  By Richard Zaglin.  [The Moynihan Train Hall has dazzled tourists and critics, but it offers local commuters a rough ride.]   10-9-21
  162. New York.  “Bill De Blasio’s Parting Gift.”  [On his way out, the mayor kills a program for gifted students.]   10-9-21
  163. New York.  “Meet Curtis Sliwa – a Big Apple Republican in a Red Beret.”  By Tunku Varadarajan.  [How can he get elected mayor in a city that’s 7 to 1 Democratic?  I think it’s 8 to 1 he corrects.]   10-23-21
  164. New York.  “Will Noncitizens Pick New York’s Mayors?”  [The city council wants to let some 800,000 vote in local elections.”   11-27-21
  165. New York.  “Bill De Blasio’s Parting Insult.”  [He mandates vaccines for all workers in one last swipe at New York.]   12-7-21
  166. New York.  “DeBlasio’s Vaccine Mandate Looks Unlawful.”  By Eugene Kontorovich.  ]The Supreme Court has approved only far milder measures.]  12-8-21
  167. New York.  “New York Schools With de Blasio Out of the Way.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Mayor-elect Eric Adams makes a promising choice to run New York City’s public education system.]   12-15-21
  168. New York.  “Hallelujah, a New Mayor for New York.”  [Bill de Blasio leaves Eric Adams a mess, but he can’t do any worse.]   12-31-21
  169. New York.  “New York’s Trump Inquisition.”  [AF Letitia James better have good justification for her investigation.]  1-5-22
  170. New York.  “Eric Adams Should Remember David Dinkins’s Legacy.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [For the sake of New York City, the tales of its first two black mayors need to have different endings.]  1-5-22
  171. New York.  “A Sanctuary City for Criminals.”  By Charles Fain Lehman..  [Manhattan’s new district attorney undercuts Mayor Adams’s initiative to make New York safe again.]   1-7-22
  172. New York.  “New York’s Race-Based Preferential Covid Treatments.”  By John B. Judis and Ruy Teixeira.  [New guidelines say whites may not be eligible for antibodies and antivirals, while nonwhites are.]  1-8-22
  173. New York.  “Brad Raffensperger vs. Noncitizen Voting.”  [New York Democrats hand the GOP a winning political issue.”  1-11-22
  174. New York.  “Assassinating Police in New York.”  [Cops are increasingly a target, as two more die in the line of duty.]  1-26-22
  175. New York.   “Congrats, You’ve Won a Higher Electric Bill!”  by James Hanley.  [Yonkers, N.Y., pulls a green-energy fast one on residents.]   1-31-22
  176. New York.  “’Bail Reform’ Is Killing New Yorkers.”  By Wm. J. Bratton and Rafael A. Mangual.  [Albany lawmakers refuse to reconsider legal changes that are putting dangerous criminals on the streets.]  2-17-22
  177. New York.  “Andrew Cuomo on Cancel Culture.”  3-7-22
  178. New York.  “The Buffalo Bills’ Stadium Subsidy Is a Hand-Off to Unions.”  By Peter Warren.  [Hochul’s giveaway comes with a ‘prevailing wage’ provision that will inflate construction costs by 20%.]    4-9-22
  179. New York.  “It’s Albany as Usual for Kathy Hochul.”   [“…Ms. Hochul is Andrew Cuomo without the self-restraint.”]   4-12-22
  180. New York.  “A New York State of Fear.”  4-14-22
  181. New York.  “Can New York Save Its Subways?   By Hannah E. Meyers.  [Uncontrolled crime had pushed ridership way down.  Then came the Tuesday mass shooting.]   4-14-22
  182. New York.  “Can Farmers Duck a New York Legal Attack?”  by Megan Keller.  [The City Council aims to shut down upstate foie gras makers.]   5-20-22
  183. New York.  “Trump Looms Over the New York Primary to Face Kathy Hochul.”  By Tunku Varadaragan.  [Unpopular in the state, the ex-president has refrained from endorsing any of the four GOP candidates.]   6-25-22
  184. New York.  “Fentanyl Use Is Empowering?”  by Kevin Sabet.  [New York’s Health Department delivers a deadly message.]   6-30-22
  185. New York.  Education.  “The Campaign Against Our Yeshivas.”  By Sheva Tauby.  [Bureaucrats in Albany are undermining the very education we want for our children.]   9-16-22
  186. New York.  New York Seeks Marijuana Dealers ‘With Experience.’” By Jonathan Turley.  [High taxes and licensing preferences for ex-cons make a has of the state’s market for legal weed.]   9-24-22
  187. New York.  “How to Survive on New York’s Subways.”  By Carine Hajjar.  [Overwhelmed police pass out pamphlets telling us how to protect ourselves.]   10-31-22
  188. New York.  “Lee Zeldin’s New York Republicans Party Like It’s 1994.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Democrats acted as if they wee unopposed.  They may end up paying the price in the governor’s race.]   11-2-22
  189. New York.  “New York City’s Looming Pandemic Cliff.”  [A warning about what will happen when the federal largesse ends.]   11-9-22
  190. New York.  “New York State Wants to Conscript Me to Violate the Constitution.”  By Eugene Volokh.  [A new law requires me to post a policy for dealing with ‘hate speech’ in comments on my blog.]   12-2-22
  191. New York.  “’Inconvenient Anti-Semites’ in New York’s War on Hate.”   By Elliot Kaufman.  [Three blind spots render incoherent the promises of liberal politicians to protect Jews from attack.]   12-17-22
  192. New York.  “Now New York Democrats Tell Us.”  [They finally have second thoughts on taxing the rich – a little late.]   12-19-22
  193. New York.  “A Reprieve for Epicures and duck Farms.”  By Megan Keller.  [A New York City ban on foie grs fails to pass muster with the state’s Agriculture Department.]  12-20-22
  194. New York.  “Kathy Hochul’s Latest Brainstorm.” [The governor wants to ban natural gas in all New York buildings.]  1-11-23
  195. New York.  “Assailing an Hispanic Judge in New York.”   1-13-23
  196. New York.  “The New York – Mexico Border.”  1-18-23
  197. New York.  “The Left Shows Hochul Who’s Boss.”  New York progressives reject the Governor’s judicial nominee.]   1-20-23
  198. New York.  “New York Keeps Piling on Taxes.”  [More reasons for workers and employers to flee to Florida.]   2-3-23
  199. New York.  “How Legalizing Pot in New York Became a Farce.”  By Jason L. Riley. [New York can’t abide illegal marijuana shops, but neither can it get its licensing up to speed.]   2-15-23
  200. New York.  “How Biden Bailed Out California and New York.”  By Allysia Finley.  [The real motivation lies in the states’ budgets, which depend on the success of green startups.]   3-20-23
  201. Trump.  “Alvin Bragg’s Political Charge.”  [An indictment of a former President must be for serious offenses.]   3-20-23
  202. New York.  “Eric Adams Wants to Send Illegal Immigrants to College.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Most want to make a living.  It would make more sense to make it easier to obtain work permits.]  3-22-23
  203. New York.  “Albany’s Toxic Rent Control Plan.”   [The ‘good cause eviction’ plan would crush property values.]   3-23-23
  204. New York.  “Alvin Bragg’s Whirlwind.”  By Kimberley a. Strassel.  [Imagine a new Trump Justice department if politicians are fair game for prosecution.]   3-24-23
  205. New York.  “Republicans Take the Bragg Bait.”  [The probe of the New York prosecutor is bad law and worse politics.]   3-24-23
  206. New York.  “An Ex-Liberal Saw New York Fall and Rise.”  By Steven Malanga.  [Fred Siegel’s ideas informed Giuliani’s reforms in the 1990s.]   5-10-23
  207. New York.  “New York’s Migrant Influx Tests the Sanctuary City’s Limits.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Already Mayor Eric Adams is asking a judge to excuse the city from the court-approved ‘right to shelter.’]  5-31-23
  208. New York.  “New York’s Boost for Chinese Creditors.”  [Albany progressives want to mess with the sovereign debt market.]  6-1-23
  209. New York.  “Why New York Is a Draw for Migrants.”  By Carine Hajjar.  [When lax enforcement of the border meets the ‘right to shelter,’ the result is an unmanageable crisis.]   7-6-23
  210. New York.  “Albany’s Map Drama Could Make Hakeem Jeffries Speaker.”   By John J. Faso.  [New York Democrats try everything they can to replace fair districts with gerrymandered ones.]   8-12-23
  211. New York.  “A Reprieve for Charters in New York.”   8-12-23
  212. New York.  “Eric Adams and the Self-Imposed Crisis of a Sanctuary City.”  By Allysia Finley.  [High-tax, overregulated New York is too costly for the middle class and now asks migrants to stay away.]   8-14-23
  213. New York. “New York Came Back in the ‘90’s – Then It Fell Again.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Strong leaders delivered safer streets and better schools.  Their successors proved weak or worse.]   8-23-23
  214. New York.  “New York’s Leadership Wants Washington off Its Back.”  By \Jason l. Riley.  [The governor and mayor are dealing with the migrant crisis by trying to hand out work permits.]   9-20-23
  215. New York.  “Across the Border and Into the Parks.”  By Bruce Westerman.  [Officials plan to house migrants at the Gateway National Recreation Area.]    9-28-23
  216. New York.  “Wallet, Keys, Cellphone…Narcan?”  [New York tells citizens to get equipped with overdose medication.]  9-29-23
  217. New York.  “Legal Weed for (almost) Everyone.”  [Step right up and get your pot license, if you check the fright boxes.]  10-7-23
  218. New York.   “New York Jews Embrace Gun Rights.”  By Max Raskin.  [Yarmulkes abound at a concealed-carry class in Manhattan.]   11-15-23
  219. New York.  “Jamaal Bowman’s 9/11 Truther Poem.”  [Are his New York constituents fed up with this guy yet?]   2-2-24
  220. New York.  “Welcome to New York.  That’ll Be 100 Bucks.”  By Mike Lawler and Josh Gottheimer.  [The Midtown Manhattan congestion pricing plan is a cash grab at the expense of our constituents.]   2-2-24
  221. New York.  “Hochul Can Stop Another NYPD Assault.”  [Migrants freed after beating cops?  Fire the Manhattan DA.]   2-3-24
  222. New York.  “A New York Rent-Control Bank Panic.”  [Investors fret about NYCB’s multi-family housing portfolio.]   2-12-24
  223. New York.  “Concrete Jungle where Bad Dreams Are Made Of.”  By Allysia Finley.  [Migrants have learned that there’s nothing they can’t do in New York, from shoplifting to assault.]  2-12-24
  224. New York.  “The Words On the Street.”  (Bookshelf by Timothy Farrington.)  “Language City.”  By Ross Perlin.  [New York is home to some 700 languages, many of which have only thousands or hundreds of speakers worldwide.]   2-23-24
  225. New York.  “New York’s Gerrymander Hijacking.”  [Albany kills a bipartisan map to try to wring out more political gains.]   2-27-24
  226. New York.  “The Letitia James Business Model.  [The New York AG sues a meat company because it sells too much meat.]   3-6-24
  227. New York.  “How to Kill New York’s Rental Market.”  [Albany’s Good Cause Eviction proposal is universal rent control.]   4-2-24
  228. New York.  “New York Prunes Its Illegal Weed Crop.”   4-25-24
  229. New York.  “The Trump Trial, Columbia Anarchy – and Hope for New York.”  By Gerard Baker.  [The view from Ninth Avenue is of a city that has gone crazy.   But statewide there are signs of sanity.]   4-30-24


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